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  1. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

  2. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    Looks like the CEO and maybe the Chairman of NAB may be committing Harikari. Good riddance to both of them, although must admit I did respect Ken Henry when he was Treasury Secretary and the work he did with the Henry Tax Review, which Wayne Swan & Kevin Rudd basically ignored because to implement much of it was too difficult, other than the Mining Super Profits Tax, which they completely stuffed up.
  3. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    I find this article more telling Banks may face criminal charges after final royal commission report. In fact of all the reports that I've read since the RC report was released this is the best. Specifically these paragraphs Hayne recommended 24 cases of misconduct be referred to the financial regulators for consideration of civil or criminal action. The referrals involve almost all of the major banks except Westpac. Asic says it has “prioritised” the cases, but would not comment in further detail. Hayne also revealed he wrote to the corporate regulator late last year to invite them to “consider whether criminal or other legal proceedings” should be taken against unnamed banks involved in the fees-for-no-service scandal, in which customers were knowingly charged for financial advice they never received. AMP, ANZ, CBA, NAB and Westpac are already expected to pay $850m in remediation over the scandal. “Examination of these issues by Asic is still continuing, and it would not be right for me to anticipate the outcome of those deliberations,” Hayne said. “Nor would it be right for me now to name the entities I identified in my communication to Asic.” The threat of criminal charges hanging over a few of the Bank and Financial Services Executives heads is quite significant and I hope ASIC take the necessary action to prosecute some or all of these individuals. I note Haynes has not named anyone individual or company in particular but I can certainly guess who a few of them are, but like Haynes will not name them.
  4. Remind me how the England cricket team are doing in the Windies
  5. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    Royal Commission into Banking & Financial Services due for release in 10 minutes. CBA's Financial Planning arm has already had an Enforeceable Undertaking enforced this morning by ASIC due to non-compliance in producing a report into their remediation of their "fees for no service" issues. They are not allowed to charge ongoing service fees for all existing or new clients until the report has been produced.
  6. albanyguy

    Spindrift 2 Jules Verne 2018

    By the look of their track they're heading for Fremantle but maybe I could get the traction beam fired up and pull them a bit further east to Albany
  7. And one more should tick it over to page 38. Well done all. Is that the bell ringing for the final round?
  8. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    You must be using the wrong bait!!
  9. albanyguy

    WTF Australia

    Yeah no stinging jellies on South Coast of WA, although you do get them around the corner in Geographe Bay.
  10. albanyguy

    WTF Australia

    And Drop Bears, you can't forget to mention the Drop Bears (or maybe that's what's meant by Man eating Koalas)
  11. So that'll be about another 24 hours or so at the going rate? Honestly can't believe it's gone on for so long already.
  12. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    Back to the Australia Day issue. And on cue comes the Australian Lamb 2019 Summer ad - not one of their best in my opinion
  13. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    Yet again you are wrong Mikey. I live opposite a highly regarded reserve very close to downtown Albany. Cats are not welcome in the reserve, neither are unrestrained dogs. Would someone shoot an unrestrained dog or free-roaming cat in that reserve? Most likely no, however if i came across one and knew who the owner of said cat or dog was then I'd have a few harsh words with said owner.
  14. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    Yep you simply don't get it. I won't bother explaining it to you any further coz you're just digging a deeper hole for yourself.
  15. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    Now, back to an old chestnut between Bent and myself from a few months back. Will she or won't she? Julie Bishop staying on and contesting the upcoming Federal election that is. Interesting opinion piece in The West today. According to the journo Julie is barely speaking to any of her fellow WA pollies (quite rightly too imho). Journo also speculating she might leave it late so the party has limited time to spruik a new candidate, preferably female, prior to the election. Another option not canvassed is that Bishop could resign from Liberal party and run as an Independent. Now that'd really stick it up the Federal Libs!! If she really is that pissed off with the WA Liberal Party then don't rule that option out.