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  1. albanyguy

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    Only just saw this post. Hey LB since when did you hold a coup and appoint yourself PM. I nominated myself over a week ago in the I Still Call Australia Home thread and nominated you Foreign Minister given your recent travels to Europe?
  2. albanyguy

    COVID 45: Picture's Worth 1000 Rolls of TP

    Talking about blowjobs
  3. Boris Johnson has now too apparently
  4. No more panic buying of guns and ammo in Western Australia...and I'm thankful for that.
  5. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    Could you imagine if one of the State Government's in the States did this? State Government has also instituted travel bans between the regions from Tuesday midnight next week. Bloody good move i reckon. Keep those bloody infectious Perthites away from our Aussie salmon. More for us Southies to catch and eat...not that they're the best tasting fish but protein is protein.
  6. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    I like the way you think FKT I really must get back to Tassie one day and have that beer I missed out with you when I was there 18 months ago.
  7. albanyguy

    Australian Sailing

    Well Tubs don't come to WA coz the Govt here introduced takeaway alcohol restrictions too!!! Only 1 carton of beer, 3 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of spirits per person per day. Needless to say that's caused a few derogatory comments on the Premier's Facebook page. On Sailing related matters - I'm now glad I missed out on the job as Manager of my now ex-Club, however I do feel for the guy who did get the job. His hours will be reduced significantly as there will not be much to do in the next few months and income will drop away.
  8. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    Yes and i managed to buy some pea, bean and carrot seeds yesterday. Next step is create the patch to plant them in, by digging out some lawn, and then planting them with her. Also need a trellis for the peas and beans once they start growing.
  9. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    I don't think I'd survive a total lockdown thanks to a highly spirited almost 4 year old who is starting to get a bit antsy about not being able to go out except to places where there are not many people. Playgrounds out of bounds for her too. Will hopefully get out for a walk tomorrow. One thing i am missing is my riding but after a small procedure last week in my groin area I've still got at least a couple more days before i can go for a ride
  10. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    We shut our library yesterday, and Leisure Centre, Visitors Centre, Arts Centre, National ANZAC Centre, basically all community facilities. I'm thankful for our Premier announcing earlier today that intrastate travel will be restricted soon including moving between regions. Details to be worked out in coming days but will mean police roadblocks on major highways between regions. Only essential travel allowed through. Edit: Just saw new announcement from ScoMo - amongst others "galleries, libraries, community & recreation centres to be closed by midnight tomorrow"
  11. albanyguy

    I still call Australia home

    You got to be freaking kidding me. At the same time BoJo was talking about more draconian messages to ban public meetings of more than 2. What a joke!!
  12. albanyguy

    COVID 45: Picture's Worth 1000 Rolls of TP

    It's all OK I just remembered what the entry price for newbies is in these forums. All I have to do is tell her that and she'll run a mile...thankfully I can't believe none of you lot thought of that one!!!
  13. albanyguy

    COVID 45: Picture's Worth 1000 Rolls of TP

    Hehe...that has crossed my mind
  14. albanyguy

    COVID 45: Picture's Worth 1000 Rolls of TP

    She especially cannot become aware of the National Cleavage Thread
  15. albanyguy

    COVID 45: Picture's Worth 1000 Rolls of TP

    My SO is now coming to the understanding that there are gems of gold on this site. Almost to the point where she wants to become a member!!! Help what do I do?????