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  1. albanyguy

    Trump throws Kurds under the bus

    Maybe he's one of the few that isn't
  2. albanyguy

    Portable filtered water bottles

    Actually it comes from the clouds
  3. albanyguy

    EPL 19/20

    7 from 7 although they did it the hard way v Sheffield. Equal best start to an EPL season. Keep winning boys and keep City at bay.
  4. albanyguy

    International Talk Like A Pirate Day

    Arrrggghhh...easy for me me hearties...i talk like a pirate where's the rum??
  5. albanyguy

    ASHES 2019

    I hope in 18 months we've sorted out an opening pair that can make a lot more than 18 runs as their highest opening stand for the series!!. This series the bowlers were definitely on top.
  6. albanyguy

    EPL 19/20

    OK so we're 5 weeks into the season and things are rolling along well for The Reds so far as they're 5 for 5 and our main rival, Man City, have already dropped 5 points with a surprising loss to Norwich last night. It's early days yet and there's a looong way to go but hopefully this is the season we finally get our hands on that elusive EPL title.
  7. albanyguy

    ASHES 2019

    Since we've now retained the Ashes our only interest now is whether Smith can better Bradman's average of 1948. Only getting 80 last night didn't help but if he scores more than 50 in the 2nd innings and does not get out he will
  8. albanyguy

    ASHES 2019

    Stokes gone. No heroics for him today. And Cummins has all 4 wickets. I know I said this last Sunday but surely it's just a matter of time now with minimum 71 overs left today...if the light holds
  9. albanyguy

    ASHES 2019

    Great scoreline to wake up to. Smith once again a class or two above everyone else. Warner will surely be dropped for final test. Let's hope Stokes doesn't do a Headingley repeat.
  10. I gave you a downvote the other day for the pusstralian comment but have given you an upvote for that one
  11. albanyguy

    ASHES 2019

    Wow. It got better . Yep Smith is a machine. But what about Starc!! Smashed 50 then bowled 2 overs for no runs. Aussies with Poms on the ropes, and no Stokes to get them out of their hole.
  12. albanyguy

    ASHES 2019

    Well well well...342/5 with Smith on 155no & Paine on 49no. Think it's time for bed. Should hopefully get a good sleep knowing things are going along quite well.
  13. Some of the vegan activists in this country have just gone super crazy. Staking out farms and intimidating farmers for growing lambs and beef cattle, protesting at saleyards. It's stupid., and no Jeff it's not the pussification of Australia it's just a bunch of minority crazies thinking they can impose their ideology on the majority. They are NOT winning by a looong shot. A community BBQ outside this crazy's house sounds like a fantastic idea.
  14. albanyguy

    ASHES 2019

    Yep didn't start too well at all. Smith v Archer battle started a lot earlier than expected but looks like Smith won and Aussies would be fairly happy with 170 on the board with 3 down and Smith still out there. And yeah that rain was frustrating. I heard it was a bit chilly too. Hopefully tonight/day will be better.
  15. albanyguy

    ASHES 2019 we are on the cusp of the start of the 4th Test. It looks like it's not raining in Manchester this morning and Paine has won the toss and decided to bat. With Smith and Starc coming into the team that lost the unloseable test I hope the Aussies can bounce back and come away with a win and retain the Ashes before heading to the Oval for the final Test. Bring it!!