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  1. That issue only applies to Federal pollies not State pollies
  2. You offended him by saying he was a racist halfwit. He provided an alternative viewpoint from the other, moderate, side of the argument and then you rejected it. I thought you were better than that hence why I jumped in. Play on
  3. What FKT said. BadL - FKT is not a racist halfwit and neither am I. The points he raised are very valid and many moderate informed Aussies would agree with most of them. The author of the piece you quoted has a very biased view against our system and doesn't appreciate the underlying reason for it, which is to stop the people who profit from sending vulnerable refugees in leaky boats to cross from Indonesia to NW Australia.
  4. Alhadder

    TDF 2020

    Wow just read this on CyclingNews...Pogacar did not wear HRM for entire TT and he did not use Power meter on the road bike up the climb to La Planche des Belles Filles. Big risk, big reward strategy...and it worked I just sooo hope he's clean
  5. Alhadder

    TDF 2020

    Wow indeed. Didn't see that coming. And i don't mean the Pogacar Mailot Jeune raid, I'm talking about the Ritchie raid on Lopez for final podium spot. He smashed it, or maybe more the point that Lopez cracked, although Ritchie smashed Landa too. Top performance by Porte for podium, especially considering the couple of dramas he had losing time on Stage 3? in the crosswinds and then the puncture on Thursday and subsequent chase back to GC group. Chapeau Ritchie Porte. Fitting way to end his TDF career.
  6. Alhadder

    TDF 2020

    Excellent chase back on by Ritchie Porte, with help from WVA & Dumoulin, after his puncture to get back to Mailot Jeune group before final short climb to finish. Still within striking distance of Lopez for podium spot pending result from ITT tomorrow night (my time). #pedalforporte and #roarforritchie apparently trending high in Australia according to SBS.
  7. Alhadder

    TDF 2020

    If only Richie was two or three years younger. He's certainly the best of the old guard with Uran not far behind. That was brutal last night.
  8. Alhadder

    TDF 2020

    Well it won't be Bernal attacking coz he's withdrawn from the race ahead of today's stage!!! It'll be on like Donkey Kong up the Col de la Loze between Roglic & Pogacar with Porte, Uran, Lopez, Yates & Landa battling for the last podium spot with 42 seconds between them. Bring it
  9. Alhadder

    TDF 2020

    So...any theories why Bernal bonked? I have one...wasn't there a member of the support team who tested positive to a certain virus last week? I really hope that's not it. I guess we'll find out more overnight my time.
  10. Alhadder

    A pandemic cure

    Living in Western Australia is doing it for me
  11. Alhadder

    Best Porsche 911??

    In my late teens my best mate's neighbor had one of these but Lime Green. Said best mate got to drive it a few times. Jealousy factor was very high
  12. Alhadder

    TDF 2020

    Was wondering about that. Won't bother posting them anymore. Good win by Hirschi overnight. Good to see him get one after being so close twice already before.
  13. Alhadder

    TDF 2020

    Just watched this call from Matt Keenan & Robbie McEwen of last night's stage win by CE. Had to share it
  14. Alhadder

    TDF 2020

    Not just race director positive... Staff from 4 teams positive !!! Including Ineos Grenadiers!! + Mitchelton Scott, AG2R & Cofidis One more positive from either of them and team is out.
  15. Alhadder

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    WA is a special case when it comes to border closure. It works so effectively because we don't have any significant population centres close to our border with SA & NT. We can control the flow of people in and out of our state very effectively. Mr 91%, aka our Premier, has almost universal support for the stance that he's taking re maintaining the border closure. Sure there are voices of discontent and it's mainly from the ag sector atm, and quite rightly too because we rely on seasonal workers from over east, NZ, South Pacific and backpackers to do that seasonal work coz the snowflake late teen and 20 somethings in Perth aren't interested in getting their hands dirty. State govt finally released some incentives last week for unemployed metro workers to take seasonal regional harvest (horticulture and broadacre cropping) jobs to hopefully make up that shortfall. Plus we're contributing a huge amount to National GDP per capita compared to rest of the country and keeping our Trade account in surplus coz thankfully the Chinese can't source such high quality iron ore from anywhere else in the world at the volumes they need. If they could then the country would be f@#ked.