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  1. Any new owners take photos of the trolly or video of launching?
  2. Looks good Mika. You mention the join in the two parts, but I didn't see it in any pictures of it. Love to hear more from anyone else who is at Gardasee. Apparently, a demo boat may be coming to Newport this summer.
  3. On a slightly different subject, and maybe one we have already broached (there are over 500 replies after all), what do the Waszp 100 guys and gals on the east coast of the US think a regatta schedule may look like? Off the top of my head, and attempting to go in chronological order: Mid-winters: Florida, panhandle (Sta Andrews Bay YC, Ft Walton, Pensacola?), Tampa/ Clearwater?, US Sailing Center in Stuart?, Miami?, Keys? The earlier the event, the further south it would need to be. June (early): West River Sailing Club Dave Irey (near Annapolis); SSA would probably need some persuading and the NOOD a little earlier may not be a good fit. Spring= seabreeze there. July (late): Hyannis Annual Regatta: the class would have to get an invite and juniors racing the boat would definitely help. Then again, 5o5s and F18s sail, so it may work. Better: Marblehead Race Week, open classes (never sailed there, but sea breeze seems likely) August (middle): Blackbeard Sailing Club OD Regatta. Shameless plug for my home club. 2 circles, junior regatta or Sept: Outer Banks of NC. Several good venues, out of season makes housing affordable. Oct (Columbus Day) HPDO in American YC Rye, NY. Brr, but I love the regatta and the venue. Winter training camp in Florida somewhere? Just some ideas. Folks getting boats in NY and NE will probably have better regattas in mind in those areas
  4. SimonN, ever the voice of reason and insight.
  5. Inserted below: Add quick turnaround from in the dinghy park to on the water.
  6. Well, if a strong dollar means that there will be better fleet growth here I can't argue with that. That, and the total cost for a full on moth is a little gonzo, imho.
  7. Very cool! and just a hop, skip and a jump away
  8. IC Interclub dinghy, to be specific http://interclub.org/
  9. Am I the only person who had to look up what these slow 2 person ICs might be? Dude, all you have to know is bathtub and 3ksb and you have the IC understood
  10. 25 knots is semi fast? When I was a kid we used to think double digits was smoking. Back to talking about extremes, let's compare 2 one design classes that are fairly popular on gt he east coast of the US. Now that winter is upon us, fleets of ICs will be rolling out of garages in New York, Annapolis and other spots. These 2 person bathtubs have maybe a top speed of 3knots. Close, tactical racing, sure. Do I want to race in that fleet? Not really. When May rolls around some of these same sailors in some of the same places will pull out their other boat, a 5o5. Totally different boat-fast, tunable on the fly and a tinkerers dream. Similarities between the 2 are that they are both 2 person and, yes, both tactical. The limited development nature of the 5o5 keeps someone from radically changing something and obsoleting the rest of the fleet. Fast and tactical is possible and a model for success that I think the Waszp can follow. Another similarity between the 5o5 and Waszp- when I had my Hamlin, me and other guys with Lindseys and other older super boats lusted after the latest Rondars winning races. What we didn't have was the 2x to 3x size budget to make it happen. These numbers are almost the same for the Waszp. So kids may lust after the latest Mach 2 once they feel like they have mastered it, but I don't think many parents will plunk down the extra cash to make the leap to that level. I suspect that there will be some old fit blokes that will be beating the kids for a while anyway
  11. It makes a lot more sense for the boat to just a cheap Mach2, basically the same idea as the FX. The price barrier probably takes up 70% of the reason people don't sail moths, and the rest can be addressed without coming up with a totally gimped 'moth' like the Waszp. The FX was US$12,750 in today's money. Surely better design and process can produce a modern version of that for a similar price??? It makes a lot of sense to come out with a brand new product for noobs when evaluating the Waszp from a marketing standpoint, but it looks like this thing has gone from molehill to mountain pretty quickly. Gimped moth? Really? And the side schlepp method of launching and stays slicing you up when you stuff it of a "cheap" Mach 2 still have no appeal to me.
  12. Not too late for our summer in the. US, or Europe for that matter. The delay will mean that you Aussies won't have a chance to work the bugs out before we can get our hands on a boat though. And yes, terribly short term thinking. The costs of releasing a product that isn't sorted out vs. a delay of a couple of months are much worse. Much better to wait a little while instead of getting frustrated