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  1. Lars Schrøder d 13

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    Ita16 you should join some more a-cat-regattas with you interesting design! Stats from up north: +80% of the a-cats in Denmark are foiling 100% in Norway Sweden stays with the marstrøms (maybe in their articles?), mostly nonfoiling Don't know on any boats in Finland
  2. Lars Schrøder d 13

    A cat trailer

    Look up harbeck-trailers, they do customized cat-trailers in Europe. A polish factory do an enclosed trailer - I can't remember the name of the company.
  3. Lars Schrøder d 13

    2015 DNA a class Queries

    Tillerextension - try this one Bends a little, so way less risk of breaking (i haven't broken one in years). Is it flying or non flying? And if you can sail another dinghy/beach at, an a-cat is easy. On foiling boats settings are really important, so get them right. Have fun.
  4. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    - my own name (why don't you all do dat?) + my lucky sail number
  5. Lars Schrøder d 13

    How has the coronavirus COVID-19 affected your sailing?

    All sailingsclub are closed in Denmark, access denied, prohibited otær illegal to do sport inside any sporting facility.. So very limited dinghy sailing for now.
  6. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Used cat market

    I talked to a billionaire who was into horses. He was puzzled on how much the horses was worth when he wanted to buy them, and how little the market was, when he should sell... I guess the same go for some boats.. And cool threads - I feel like buying a way bigger catamaran:- )
  7. Lars Schrøder d 13

    best new foiler for beginner?

    A-cat catamaran, because its so much cooler than every other boat! (at least outside other flying boats;- ) They've gotten better, so flying on a-cats is actually pretty stable these days, both up and downwind - we are still working on flying jibes and tacks though. Around a race course a-cat will probably beat most other foiling boats, but its more important to have similar boats to race than being faster... also importantly the a-cat is way more fun in nonflying conditions than all the others flying boats.
  8. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Building an A-class Catamaran

    Or buy 2hand (they're pretty cheap). Then you can try all you ideas and you are getting all bits and pieces along for a lower price and way less time wasted (boats are the best way to waste time though:-)
  9. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Team NYYC

    On all 4 boats the grinders are pretty active all the time, so that might indicate that continuously adjustments are being made on settings on all boats? For sure at different levels of efficiency and that's what decides who's faster. But go try yourself - theres good access to simple flying boats everywhere. And it's good fun as well:-)
  10. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Team NYYC

    Some of you should go trying a flying boat ... especially the knowitallnz's You need to adjust everything almost all the time, else you're out of speed, that's just the dynamics of a flying boat.
  11. Lars Schrøder d 13

    ETNZ out of Americas Cup?

    This is funny:- ) and it's just some excess pixels and bits gone missing, too many on the internet anyway.
  12. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Carbon3 trimaran coming to Hong Kong

    masts that breaks are never any good - and saw it sailing here in Denmark, nice peace of toy:- ) Hopefully you will get it back sailing soon.
  13. Lars Schrøder d 13

    DNA vs. eXploder - buying new A Cat

    I think it can be added that both designs have had the reliabilty problems at different scale (that can be expected with the fast development). Jakub at exploder are usually very keen on solving problems and replaces bits and pieces very fast. DNA and Mischa should maybe invest some more resources into this part of their business (i haven't had a DNA, that's only what I've heard on the slipway). But on the racecourse I wont be able to tell the difference, both designs are good, fast and stable while flying. Scheurer is in there somewhere as well, are doing pretty good job, and Sandro C does push the developmentl.
  14. Lars Schrøder d 13

    DNA vs. eXploder - buying new A Cat

    Exploders are like Skoda's, where DNA's are more like an Alfa;- )
  15. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Fast singlehander for 60 yo's for messsin' about

    Yeah, go for the a-cat (i'm totally non-biased;-) Trapeze has been invented, so why choose a boat without? And in Europe some still sail flying boats at almost 70:- ) If wind limit is 15 a-cat make even better sense, its overpowered at 12 knots of wind. And I raced Elvstørm outside Hellerup - he had a speciel seat fitted to his Finn, because of back problems.