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  1. Lars Schrøder d 13

    A-Class foiling sailors

    Dear Bimmer - you seem to have some kind of personal issues regarding flyinggorilla, maybe you could use the messaging system to communicate directly with him. Without hidding behind nicknames. Best Lars
  2. Lars Schrøder d 13

    A-Class foiling sailors

    Storms - look up weather forecast and if necessary stay on shore;- ) else try to survive. Traveller can be sensitive, so don't release further than 10-20 cm out from center, to keep the pressure on both foils. Trapezing, some northern europeans try to go low.. it works well in a stable breeze, but can make life harder in less wind. But your flying looks good on the videos, so keep up the good work. And that F1x is cool cool boat.
  3. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Hervey Bay A Class Worlds

    DNA don't do their own mast now, transfered the mold to fiberfoam. Flying is possible from low windspeed, hard part is to get better VMG. Some can do downwind from 4-5-6 knots, upwind from 12-14 (from what I've seen - few can make it work, but it gets better). It seems like some updating to winglets but else nothing revolutionary. I guess sails also will evolve, but that's normal. And best sailor will win, designpace seems to plateauing a little, good, so it's more levelled playing ground. For a while at least.
  4. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Hervey Bay A Class Worlds

    Australians don't help each other? Odd.
  5. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Hervey Bay A Class Worlds

    Always fun to look at numbers in spreadsheet, if somebody will supply them. But for most the basic settings supplied from builders are a good starting point (neutral on rudders, lift on boards till it doesn't jump to much) then fiddling with the settings to get it better (problem is that it's hard to tell whether something and what should be changed..). The boats are hard to build accurate, so numbers are also mostly a guideline anyway. But when the boat works is pure joy, raced this weekend in wonderful (for northern Europe in October) weather, 10-18 knots, flat water, warm, sun. Whatsnottolike:- )
  6. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Dragonfly 40

    Makes good sense to have boat for inshore racing, when you live inshore:- ) Skærbæk, home of dragonfly
  7. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Umm, tiller?

    Use a round carbon or grp sailbatten, 10 mm. Find a stiffer one, some of them are rather soft. They can be had in any length and are flexible, so don't break when in use. So go and ask you local sailmaker, these battens cost hardly anything.
  8. Lars Schrøder d 13

    A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Some classics at the Europeans - room for more And some Polands, Dutch, Spaniards, Suiss, Danes, German or Italians will probably win, itll be fun.
  9. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Foilers: brushing off seaweeds?

    ventilation / caviation ..... bubbles in the water creates frustration!
  10. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Foilers: brushing off seaweeds?

    Step 1 Sail backwards (you are slowed down anyway) Step 2, Lift rudders, boards. Havent seen anything simpler. Making them more slibbery can increase caviation, you dont want that.
  11. Lars Schrøder d 13


    400 $ ?? - sick price..
  12. Lars Schrøder d 13

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    What a tragedy. Vestas was just out playing with water and then... bang ... someone dies. Horrible. And some of you are pretty hard on the VOR organisation. In this situation they can only supply very limited information, to protect all involved. And the organisers are involved in the accident.
  13. Lars Schrøder d 13

    2017/18 Australian A Class Championships

    It's happens rather frequently that the slowest are being lapped (even I have lapped some). If they are slow enough, it will happen. Level seems pretty high at these nationals, and even better pilots makes the speed differences even bigger. And good to see that the Australian fleet still is competitive, and don't get wiped out totally by some AC-sailor;-)
  14. Lars Schrøder d 13

    Ian Farrier

    how sad - Ive been following the f-22 development, and he was also doing a really good job with that design. A pity he misses it being sold at big scale.
  15. Lars Schrøder d 13

    TF10 foiler... what could possibly go wrong!?.....

    But that's the same for any boat, you need to practice to get fast! And this one can be sailed by newcomers, they can even choose not to fly by setting the foils in neutral, and get back to the harbour. I've only been doing a-cats and there is no need to sail it everyday. If you know how to trapeze and helm, you can probably fly it right out of the box. But more time on the water always works. And it's probably the same with this tf10.