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  1. DC Designs

    David uses Carbon sweep oars for a bunch of his boats. It's about as strong a carbon shaft as you'll find. Goose neck - I think he just shoved a steel bar in the thick end with a fitting on it. He can say more though.
  2. DC Designs

    Updates from a really fun week of IC sailing in Wales: Robin sailed a wonderful regatta and took home his fourth IC World Championship, edging out Chris who had a couple tough moments which cost him. Robin has bought Chris' boat Black Betty, so may be getting even faster! The rest of the IC fleet trembles at the thought of it. Meanwhile Chris will be building another new machine. The only thing that has been determined is the color (electric orange). Garreth sailed two absolutely terrific races to take home the New York Cup. Chris and I fought hard with Alistair, but Garreth was out of reach. He's going really well in his Maas design put together by Andy Patterson, and sailed a great regatta before a breakdown in the final race cost him a potential spot on the podium. Colin Brown is also fast as ever in his Maas/Patterson boat. Guy could pass me on a reach in his sleep. Further updates from the UK - the new Morrison design looks pretty flash. Dave Timson, Chris Hampe, and Steve Clarke are all going well. Meanwhile Alistair's Dragonfly design seems to be getting better every year. He has gotten even faster down reaches. Furthermore he and Phil never seem to capsize. Three 3rds in three tries for Alistair. Charlie Chandler and Mike Fenwick are making their M1s go fast. Finally John Ellis' design is pretty sweet and points like a demon. As for the Germans - Peter Ullman is as fast as ever. Flies down reaches, and seemingly sails directly into the wind on the beat. He's fast AF. And he just bought himself a new hull from Chris. Annette did well in String Theory (boat still beautiful). Meanwhile a bunch of the younger Germans (Anton, Emma, Hauke) are all making strides. All competed well. And Freddy spent the week measuring everything in sight so he can build himself a new design. The Aussies - Brett "The Thunder from Down Under" Holly may have had more fun than anyone at the regatta (both on shore and on the water). And in between capsizes Stefan was f---ing fast in Hellcat (borrowed from Lt. Steve Gay of the USA). Lots of excitement from Oz for the next Worlds. And finally, for the USA - Chris had some brilliant moments. Had a couple of unfortunate setbacks which cost him. Todd was a force in the heavy air. Struggled a bit with the chop in the light stuff. Dad was quick in the light stuff in Machete. Not as quick in the heavy air. I meanwhile suffered the expected new boat breakdowns which happen when you show up to a regatta with a boat you've never sailed. These issues were compounded by me twisting my ankle falling off Anton's skateboard on Wednesday (I'm too old to be this stupid. Was having too much fun). In the times when I had my act together, the boat felt really really fast. But obviously it wasn't much of a regatta for me. Knew it going in, and had a good time in spite of it all. We're thinking of pulling a mold off Bagheera (Carbon version of Dance Commander). Those interested in a pulling a hull let me know. Also Dance Commander and Machete are for sale to the right buyer (we'd love to keep them on the east coast if at all possible). My overall thought on designs is - it seems that they've gotten close enough together that it's mostly down to the quality of the sailors, which is what you'd want. Different designs and different sailors excel in different conditions. I'm currently posted up at Alistair Alsdair's home for wayward canoe sailors in Manchester with Freddy and Charlotte waiting for my flight tomorrow morning. Great week. Went by too fast. Can't wait for 2020 in Australia. Best, Willy
  3. DC Designs

    I'll be there with my new boat Bagheera. May not have sailed it much (if at all) so this could be a weird regatta for me.
  4. New IC sailor

    Lot of things covered, but one more piece of advice - don't both dry capsizing. A lot of sailors are tempted to do so, as it's very easy to just step from the dagger board into the boat, forward of the seat, as the boat comes upright. However, the sprint back across the deck to the tiller is fraught with peril. I simply pull the boat upright, work my way aft towards the tiller while hanging on to the seat, then climb in over the gunnel. When it works, the dry capsize maneuver is pretty cool. But when it blows up in your face it's not pretty. Overall I think it's best to not bother. Best, Willy
  5. DC Designs

    Ask and you shall receive. Photos from IC North Americans this weekend courtesy of Luka Bartulovic and Sailing Shot! Results: 1) Mike Costello - USA 256 "Dance Commander - 1 2 2 1 (4) 2 - 8 pts 2) Dave Clark - USA 257 "Machette" - 7 (7) 5 2 1 1 - 16 pts 3) Todd Twigg - USA 247 "Groove Mooves" - 5 3 4 (7) 2 3 - 17 pts 4) Chris Maas - USA 259 "Black Betty" - 2 1 1 5 16 (16) - 25 pts 5) Willy Clark - USA 249 "Witzelschut" - 8 (9) 7 3 3 4 - 25 pts 6) Steve Gay - USA 245 "Hellcat" - 4 5 3 6 (16) 16 - 34 pts 7) Bill Beaver - USA 216 "Lust Puppet - 16 16 (16) 4 5 5 - 46 pts 8) Kenny Austin - USA 253 (CAN 39) - 3 4 9 (16) 16 16 - 48 pts 9) John Kells - USA 244 "Mayhem - 6 6 6 (16) 16 16 - 50 pts 10) Chris Converse - USA 250 "Smoke" - 10 8 8 (16) 16 16 - 58 pts 11) Russell Robinson - USA 228 "Cookie Monster" - 11 12 10 (16) 16 16 - 65 pts 12) Dave Breinig - USA 208 "NoGo55" - 12 11 11 (16) 16 16 - 66 pts 13) Bill Platt - USA 226 "Red Shift" - 9 10 16 (16) 16 16 - 67 pts 14) John Rawstron - USA 252 "Agent Orange" - (16) 16 16 16 16 16 - 80 pts 15) Willie Platt - USA 202 "Matilda" - (16) 16 16 16 16 16 - 80 pts Day 2 was SUPER challenging, 25 gusting to 30 with just enormous gust, shifts, and lulls, so a number of guys stayed on shore. Still, it was terrific to have 15 boats at the farm being raced in some capacity. Really fun weekend.
  6. DC Designs

    Ask and you shall receive. Photos from IC North Americans this weekend courtesy of Luka Bartulovic and Sailing Shot!
  7. DC Designs

    Amendment - Steve actually didn't beat Mike in a race, so it was a clean sweep. Yes, Mike dominated. Best, Will
  8. DC Designs

    IC Nationals results - Challenging conditions at Sail Newport. Two days of inconsistent northerlies with confused chop made it a difficult go for all concerned. 10 boats total in attendance. 8 racing. Basically a clean sweep for Mike Costello in 'Dance Commander' - straight bullets except for one close second. Was just about horizon jobbing the fleet all weekend. The bar has been raised. The rest of us have to catch up! Second place goes to Steve Gay, the only guy to beat Mike in a race. Very consistent. Third to John Kells after a very strong push on day two. Mayhem has always had terrific downwind speed. Very nice regatta hosted by Dave Clark despite a broken ankle. Thanks to all the volunteers! We'll be back to the same place next year for North Americans. Hoping for even better things! Onward and upward! -Willy
  9. ...IC kit...'machete'...'

    The 'Machete' user manual.
  10. DC Designs

    Excellent Canoe racing this weekend in Wickford. Saturday - good sailing, though not quite as much good racing. Fleet was still a little disorganized at our first home game of the season. Sunday- Absolutely fabulous day. Once the sea breeze filled in conditions were ideal. Racing was tight, fast, and fun. Dave and I ended up tied on points. He won the tie break. Thank you Wickford Regatta. We'll be back next season. Willy
  11. DC Designs

    Dave wanted me to have a go on Saturday, but I had to finish the trailer so I can get the boat out of the parents' house. Right now I'm taking up too much of Dad & Dave's space and time. Have lost a bit of weight, but it's true that I am an extremely aggressive sailor, and do still consider myself sort of the canoe class' version of the human stress test. However Dad is actually heavier than I am. And while he's not the walking version of Murphy's Law (anything that Willy can break he will break) that I sometimes, much to my chagrin, resemble, a seat and carriage that can handle him can handle me. Will hopefully get to take Machete for a ride next weekend in Gloucester. If not then then definitely in Wickford two weekends from now. Best, Willy
  12. DC Designs

    More: She'll cut you up!
  13. ...IC kit...'machete'...'

    It was awesome to be there. Fun race. Hopefully I'll be easier to see on the horizon with these new machete custom cut sails that I just got from Taylor Sails. More footage coming soon. Boom city
  14. CT River Dinghy Distance Race 2015

    I think I have now been put in a position where I have no choice but to sail this race next year. Can't let Dave win two years in a row. 2 IC's at least on the river next year! Best, Will