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    Navy Luders 44 - Alert

    Although we tend to think of sheerlines as aesthetic, if one uses a seakeeping computer program to determine the local freeboard necessary to maintain a specified level of deck wetnesses, for a vessel in head seas, the line looks much like the traditional sheer, curved with ends up and raised more in the bow that the stern. Karl
  2. klkirkman@aol.com

    Barn Find Cal 40

    We called it sleeping in the ventillation ducts because of the cold air flow
  3. klkirkman@aol.com

    ORR rating

    A study I did back in the 70s of published weights vs weighed weights showed a fairly consistent: Weighed Weight = Published *1.15 +100 , all in pounds For your case that would make the 14, 900 about 17, 200 if I can still do math. Pretty close to your result. Karl
  4. klkirkman@aol.com

    Another How Could it Happen

    Before casting too many stones, take a look at an AIS screen of that area of the world and blow it up. There are many places where there are 10 ships transiting a single square mile at once. In essence, we are talking about operating in such congestion that the safe keep-out maneuvering operating envelope of many ships are overlapped much of the time.
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    San Diegoans - Can Someone Give Me Carl Scragg's Number

    As a STEM type, you can appreciate the odds of the connection not happening.
  6. klkirkman@aol.com

    San Diegoans - Can Someone Give Me Carl Scragg's Number

    Carl is on Facebook. I do not have number, but try there.
  7. klkirkman@aol.com

    Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    When actual facts finally are found, a much different picture may emerge. Damage to port side of container ship may mean overtaking, and note vessels may have been in a traffic control system .
  8. klkirkman@aol.com

    2017 Beer Can Series {waiting for Scot) Photos Posted

    No big deal, but if the first event was 38 years ago, this is likely not the oldest of its kind in America. I know of a Club that was doing Wednesday Night Races this in 1960s.
  9. Custom boats require a HIN; The USCG even issues a special series of "homebuilt" numbers since they do not have normal manufacturers initials embedded. I know because I had to obtain one and carve it into the fiberglass hull. Karl
  10. klkirkman@aol.com

    Can you ID this half hull?

    At the risk of offending, I think it is fair to say this model shows some signs of being crudely made - in which case matching it to a precise vessel may not be possible because of differences in the hull form as modelled.
  11. klkirkman@aol.com

    Stainless SWL ?

    You might want to be cautious about using advice from a "any guru" to design your own rigging. In my experience, you are likely to get a wide range of answers, and then which one do you trust ? Karl
  12. klkirkman@aol.com

    Seeking previous owners of my 1973 Plastrend PT-32

    If I recall correctly, Arnie Gay sailed one called "Little Babe" in the Annapolis-Newport race in 1971 back when taking such a boat was widely considered not to be a good thing to do. Karl
  13. 1. Do not spend more on a new build than you can afford to lose. Not saying you want to lose, just be sure you are prepared to handle it. 2. The builders stability is everything. If you need to enforce a contract, you are behind the power curve already. Not an excuse not to have a good contract, but the best one is one you never need. 3.Contracts in foreign countries are a nightmare if anything goes wrong. Karl
  14. klkirkman@aol.com

    Gary W Mull

    It would be unfortunate if Gary's serviced to Rule & Measurement Committees were not acknowledged. Lots of time and money were given back to his beloved activity. Karl