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  1. https://www.solosailors.org/
  2. C. Spackler

    Anarchy V autopilot

    An ST2000 is pretty much a self contained plug and play backup to a Palegic install. Makes a great backup if you're solo or offshore.
  3. C. Spackler

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    Sailboat manufactures around the world are closely following this thread whilst drawing up their plans for new models of cruiser friendly race boats...with under a 10' beam.
  4. C. Spackler

    identify this latch - win a valuable prize.

    Home Depot? Well, that makes perfect F'ing sense for a Wellcraft. Guess I shouldn't complain if it's only going to cost me $5. As a prize, I will be sending a note to the editor requesting you all receive an extra dot on your Anarchist ranking. Thank you.
  5. C. Spackler

    It’s time to replace PHRF once and for all!

    If only we had a national organization dedicated to advocacy and support of our sport.
  6. I thought replacing this was going to be an easy trip to Amazon for a Seafit replacement, but no luck. Now it's turning into a death march. Even a google image search failed. Any idea where to source a latch like this?
  7. C. Spackler

    windvane for boats with stern clutter??

    Looking at the design of the windpilot, I get the impression you could elevate the vane up higher. Say, above the solar panels and cockpit enclosure, up where the air if fairly clean. But I didn't see this option on the website.
  8. Any suggestions on a windvane for a live-aboard boat with an arch and solar and dinghy davits and all that long range cruisy trash hanging off a sugar scoop stern? The dinghy would be on deck for offshore passages when the windvane is used. So no problem if it's semi-removable for inshore sailing when the dinghy is on the davits and the electronic autopilot is just fine.
  9. C. Spackler

    Community Reputation

    Is having a high SA community rating actually a good thing that successful people aspire to? Seems like something you'd want to avoid.
  10. C. Spackler

    do big race boats depreciate?

    That was what I said, but the fuel economy on my Learjet has been killing me.
  11. C. Spackler

    do big race boats depreciate?

    Not to get political, but this is a prime example of the wealth inequality gap. Once the .01% have moved on, it's a big drop to the common guy.
  12. C. Spackler

    ePropulsion and Torqeedo experiences

    It would be nice to have ICE range with electric ease. I'm surprised nobody has figured out how to make a keel that's also a battery.
  13. C. Spackler

    2020 Hook Race

    I find it interesting that the news story said she opted for a foam life jacket given the weather, and she credited that as being a benefit over an offshore inflatable while she was in the water.
  14. C. Spackler

    Poor Mans/Womans Globe Beater

    I'm surprised this forum isn't all over the Globe 580's. Seems like an awesome idea.
  15. C. Spackler

    ePropulsion and Torqeedo experiences

    I'm astonished how many of the female boat owners at our small keelboat club opt for Torqeedo motors . They don't want to deal with the hassles of fuel, spark, and greasy small engine maintenance. What they lack in range, they make up for by always starting on the first pull. And since my motor only runs once or twice a year for short trips, I agree with them. I think the sailing community and industry are missing the point with small electrics. It's about reduced hassle factor for sailors who don't actually want a motor.