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  1. Heck yes. But you first have to get past the idea that fast is the only criteria to have fun. J24 is an awesome all-arounder 24 foot sailboat. If speed is all you want, buy a Donzi. If it turns you on, go for it. If you have doubts, find something that turns you on.
  2. Ed could show them he's a real bad ass by taking responsibility for his actions, forgiving others for their faults, and working to help everyone move on to better things. Given the attitudes that have taken over Washington lately, that would be the new anarchist course of action. But who am I kidding. We're all just here to watch the shit show. Do whatever the hell you want, Ed.
  3. Wife gave me these Leatherback Design Deck Socks advertised on the homepage. Pro: Well made and comfy Nice for walking around the house on wood floors. Con: Horrible if the boat is heeled over. The socks can/will roll on your foot and send you flying in a heartbeat. Get soaking wet with even dew on the deck.
  4. I went to Batteries Plus and they had such a good selection of sizes in deep cycle batteries on hand that I was able to up-size to a slightly larger battery and pick up 30% more capacity for $10 extra cost. The person behind the counter actually knowing something about what they sold was also a a big plus. The guy at Napa knew a little, and we all know the guy at the bigbox store was clueless. I considered the fancy marine batteries, but since switching to LED and solar my battery needs are nil.
  5. I'm racking my brain trying to understand why anyone would buy an AIS plb instead of a DSC handheld radio. The radio will reach ANY boat within a similar range with a radio, and you can actually talk to that boat. There's no 7 year lifespan, it gets weather, you'll use it daily and take care of it, and even if it's not DSC you can still scream mayday into the microphone and give verbal directions. . Seems like a no brainer. Why don't safety advocate suggest taking this super simple solution off the nav table and putting it in your pocket.
  6. My point is that I struggle to understand what AIS offers that a DSC VHF doesn't. Similar range and gps positioning, but how many boats actually have AIS compared to virtually every boat with a VHF on channel 16? Even if you don't have DSC, you can hail mayday and communicate two way, which neither AIS or 406 offer. The MOB in the Mac last weekend had an AIS stick, but nobody within 4 miles had AIS. Useless. They found him because of a plastic whistle that cost 99 cents and had no battery to expire in 7 years. I'm just thinking out loud here.
  7. For what it's worth, this is advertised as broadcasting to USCG and all DSC equipped vessels. There's no mention of only broadcasting to a mother-ship. While not perfect for all situations, having a replaceable battery that doesn't die in 7 years, the ability to transmit a gps location to AIS, DSC, or any VHF equipped boats, and two way communications seems pretty tempting. It also works as a radio and gives you weather reports. Honestly, reading this thread is very depressing. Sad that safety is made so complicated and expensive. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/icom--m93d-floating-handheld-vhf-radio-with-gps-and-dsc--17935487?cm_mmc=PS-_-Google-_-Dynamic%20Search%20Ads%20-_-Null&adpos=1t1&creative=99997543804&device=c&matchtype=b&network=g&gclid=CjwKCAjw2NvLBRAjEiwAF98GMYtTZUGhzq5vC8JSIt-XpP6dtn1E_D0UfgYU4fWbxtEErdv-I6DO-RoCO0UQAvD_BwE
  8. If you plan to do any over night anchoring, a late 70's-early 80's McGreggor is a great option if you find an older pop-top model. The extra space from the pop-top at anchor is wonderful. Beware of older boats with rotten fiberglass. I sold mine out of embarrassment from my racer friends, but it was an awesome get out and go sailing type of boat. I never had a bad day of sailing on that boat, and I bought nearly all my repair parts at the hardware store. Catalina 25 with a pop-top is, actually, an even better option. Not sporty boats, but roomy and lots of cheep thrills.
  9. Scratch Sheet: https://yachtscoring.com/event_scratch_sheet.cfm?eID=4080
  10. P.M. me if any of this looks like your future. We also rebuilt the mast step.
  11. Shrink wrap tape, clear packing tape, or duct tape.
  12. Try lightly rolling with a dry(ish) foam roller to tip instead of tipping with a brush. More orange peel, but much easier. Instead of tipping with a foam brush, use a good fine bristle brush. The vertical glass thinner test is good. Getting the thinner right is very important. Use as much thinner as you can. Lower your expectations, because anyone looking at your boat that closely needs to step back from your boat.
  13. Not harder, just less forgiving. Very much worth the effort. Youtube is your friend, mostly. Perfection will show any faults in your surface. Fix them well. Or use flattening agents. After sanding, vacuum with shop vac and brush to remove dust. Tipping with a dry roller, as opposed to a brush, can work well with Perfection. A practice project is a cheep investment, especially if it's a friend's boat. 2333n brushing liquid is your friend. If you're not terrified of runs, it's too thick. Thin to win.
  14. Wait. The boat never actually sank, they had a liferaft on deck, a $30,000 tender on davits, and land was just a couple miles away? I'm thinking someone could have at least gone over the side with some duct-tape to try and patch up the hole. If you really want a ride in a helicopter, just go to Las Vegas and take the tour. I don't want to judge, but since this is Sailing Anarchy, why not.
  15. People who blindly say you should always wear a life jacket are an automatic red flag. People who have a reason for wearing a life jacket are typically just fine.