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  1. Thanks for the advice, you are obviously conversant with Lady Boys which we should have known, what with your give-away handle initials L B. Is the '15' your age or your daily client tally? Sorry to disappoint you but I am heading to Weston Ma, (Boston) tomorrow to farewell my sister who has terminal leukaemia, but please, don't let that bother you. Might manage a brief sail over there with my BIL if he's up for it but probably not under the circumstances. Happy caravaning with the Rich and Famous glitterati at Hammo and best of luck in the beer tent. Back on topic for a moment, FFS, Hoppy, while I am gone, just buy a fucking boat. Even a caravan.
  2. Once again your powers of deduction have failed you. No, not sailing in the ditch, in fact I haven't left Aus yet but I will be O/S during Hammo. I haven't done Hammo since 2011 and couldn't be less interested. Sailing on shit courses among throngs of caravans with back verandahs and BBQs is not particularly appealing and the rampaging hordes of blustering egos that gather there to self-inflate are even less so. Surely even you don't believe the shit that Mumbles writes to promote that annual Oatley cash-grab? Be sure to have fun in the beer tent.
  3. Last Post

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Selling his boats on the same basis as he pays his bills?
  4. I wasn't aware there were standards required here. No evidence of that in your previous 18,744 posts, why start now? Enjoy your BBQ boat racing at Hammo, won't be back in time this year. Better class of beer tents here...
  5. Looks like LBs ideal Beer Tent crowd.
  6. Grasping at straws? How the fuck you can read in to my post that I have claimed to be a better sailor than Sorro is beyond comprehension. What I clearly wrote was that he had a bad regatta by his usually high standards, nothing more. Plenty of others saw the same thing unfold and it was a topic of conversation at that regatta. I guess we shouldn't expect any more than drivel from an internet keyboard warrior who invites other blokes to suck him off in a beer tent. Time to up your Meds sunshine.
  7. He never got that boat to go like he did with the Syd 36. Came to Melbourne in January 2017 and got flogged, sailed well below par for him and got DSQd from 2 consecutive races in Geelong, then went out and won the next race easily before dropping rapidly from the heights again after that. Angry man and angry crew in that particular regatta. Don't think it was the boat, those C40s are weapons when they get it right. Collective time-of-the-month?
  8. Last Post


    At the rear of the throat actually, which is why they named the movie. But we can excuse your ignorance of physiology. As for your offer to provide complimentary dental work, I doubt you are qualified, in any respect.
  9. I think Hoppy's original plan was to spend $80k or thereabouts on his next boat, not $80k a year with his sail maker.
  10. Last Post

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    You mean like white-anting? Cats away and all that. God I love ocean racing. All the boys go away and all the girls stay home. As they say, its too high up to eat grass.That's the price you pay I guess.
  11. Last Post

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Wouldn't you be better off talking with someone who actually knows something about yachts?
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    Says he with 18000 + imaginary point seeking posts and that's just on this site, lord knows how many on Tinder. Never had any need to wank since my teenage years and they are long gone. Say hi to your wifes tonsils for me.
  13. Last Post

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    Thanks for your kind offer pal, but I really don't like standing in long queues.
  14. Last Post

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    were? Are you related to Snaggy?
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    You call that a life?