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  1. Last Post

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    F O S Fucking Our Sailing...
  2. Last Post


    Art for Art's sake?
  3. Last Post

    Comanche sold again?

    You're only as good or bad as your last race. WOXI was dicked, big time. Even they admit that. Back to the drawing board or has that particular dead horse been flogged one too many times?
  4. Last Post

    Comanche sold again?

    Unravelling the great WOXI myth wasn't interesting enough for you? Has he sold Brinders yet?
  5. Last Post

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Some of that crew at the Customs House in H-town were squealing like stuck pigs about being screwed by the IJ out of 3rd. Ain't Karma a Kunt? And from what we hear, she's only just warming up.
  6. Last Post

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Something to ponder for the experts and otherwise. The Hobart can throw up all sorts of weather and sea conditions and rapidly changing tactical scenarios making it possibly the hardest of all offshore races to win. Ignoring the 5 x 100ft attention whore Super-Maxipads and leaving aside for one moment the all conquering TP-52s, what other boats in the 166 boat fleet do you reckon are capable of taking the win in this 75th Hobart?
  7. Last Post

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Ad price says $AUS455K Excluding Govt Charges?? I wonder if that means Import duties / GST are still payable? If so, she's way dearer than good TPs To quote the great Daryl Kerrigan, "Tell 'im 'es dreamin' "
  8. Last Post

    Windward Passage

    Agree, No 2, the preferred choice for fit and comfort. The other two handles shown were not around in 1985 although the recipient probably would have been able to "handle" either of them, such was her capacity. Still makes my eyes water to think about it after all those years.
  9. Last Post

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Very astute of you to notice. The point is FoS only got around to posting it on FB yesterday, probably because of lagging entries for their annual Geelong FunFest and Price Gouge and I did acknowledge that as the source in my post. A+ for reading but a big F for comprehension. Do try harder.
  10. Last Post

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Realising that you cannot beat a well sailed, well funded TP 52 under IRC and that just might scare off potential entries, Festival of Sails just posted this gem on FB
  11. Last Post

    Windward Passage

    Interior of Passage looking magnificent these days; much nicer than when I last saw it at the infamous 1985 Dock Party in Hobart. There were clouds of white dust and winch handles disappearing before my very eyes on that night. If WP could only speak, what tales she could tell.
  12. Last Post

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Nice work HB, slippery little suckers those RP36s in moderate breezes. Looks like a gift AMS rating for the new W N at .997 but then, its a relatively old design. Will be interesting to see how it rates IRC. Funny to still see boats heading way west of the rhumbline in this race. Has been happening for decades, someone always does it, never pays.
  13. Last Post

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Last time I saw someone lying on the floor of Seaquesta was too many years ago, in Geelong. The young lady concerned was a bit older than that one and she wasn't in very good condition. Blonde chick, sister of one of Alfies crew IIRC. Long time ago now so no names to protect the guilty. To her current owner: congratulations you've got her looking really nice now, shame about her older Dubois sister Police Car.
  14. Last Post

    Eating the "Other" Meat

    Nothing wrong with a bit of carnal Cannibalism. I quite fancy a tasty bit of Y-Bone from time to time.
  15. Last Post

    HIRW 19

    I can't see many of the serious programs wanting to do this regatta anyway. Usually they can't wait to get the fuck outta Dodge (ok, Hobart) and head for home as soon as they can. There's not a lot of appeal in this regatta, particularly in that absurd NOR, to entice them to hang around for the better part of another week. Pissing off from the family for a few days right after Christmas and then getting the boat home is one thing but stretching it out further than that is not going to go over too well in many homes. So far, its hard to imagine how those morons at AS could have fucked this up more. Just like they did with last years AYC debacle. Seeing a pattern here?