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  1. Interesting Motion #4 put at SYC AGM last night. Went over like a curry fuelled fart in a phone box.
  2. Wouldn't bet on that happening for JS. Not held in particularly high regard down here. Barker is a nice bloke but seen as a spent force in AC circles.
  3. It was really really dark
  4. Nice breeze today for them to get out of Melbourne, blowing oysters off the rocks
  5. Nixon, the peoples President
  6. JFP, nice move...
  7. Flaregun?
  8. World domination? Many have tried, all have failed. Those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. Marketing madness in these times.
  9. Must be about time to rename this thread with Primitive C the only "big" 50+ boat left on this puddle. And they're not exactly worth a thread of their own. On the "Melbourne A Bit Smaller Boat Fleet" theme, hearing one of the very few Soto 30s built back when that projects driver Long Tim was inhabiting these pages is heading our way from somewhere in Asia. Maybe they can help revitalise the more affordable 30ft sport/keelboat that isnt competitive under AMS or IRC scene? Meanwhile, the brand spanking new Shaw 'Little Nico' clone parked in the yard at Sandringham continues to be a bustling hive of inactivity.
  10. That Jaguar, we talking the 4 wheel panty remover or 4 paws and a nasty demeanour?
  11. Thanks for the affirmation.
  12. Sold or what? It heads north about this time nearly every year.
  13. Affirmative, Faze it is. Not sure this one is going quite the way he may have planned. No progress in the last 2 weeks, rumours abound... but you get that in boatyards. Agreed, he does have great taste in fine yachts. His 60 fter Belle has sat for weeks / months at Sandy without her mast in yet another case of yachtus interruptus, for which he is well known. He has developed a bit of a habit of mothballing good boats.
  14. +1