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  1. The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    Inglis. Jim Inglis. Clever yacht designer way back when. I did a SCOR series with him on the Boundary Rider back when dinosaurs roamed the seas. That thing was wicked fast in its day.
  2. Team Australia

    Its not so much about how they raised it, its all about how they spent it last time. Once bitten...
  3. Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Whats the weather doing?
  4. Team Australia

    Interesting utterance from John Bertrand at Sandringham Yacht Club last night where he was doing a Q and A with yacht design legend Ron Holland in front of a sizeable audience. A question was asked about the next Americas Cup and Bertrand took the opportunity to espouse his view ahead of that of Ron Holland to whom the question had been directed. Bertrand stated quite categorically that there will not be an Australian challenger because Corporate Australia doesn't see the benefit and doesn't have the stomach for that sort of cost ((c) $170Mill Aus) with such a low return on offer in a promotional or marketing sense. He failed to mention how Corporate Australia got its arse reamed last time they stumped up for a tilt at The Cup.
  5. Vestas 11th Hour recovery

    Thats how officialdom works up there pal. Massive VOR cover up going on over this.
  6. Vestas 11th Hour recovery

    Highly unusual in that circumstance, particularly in that part of the world. Someone died there. That's pretty fucking serious in Chinese eyes. Begs the question; how many shillings may have changed hands to the authorities and/or to the bereaved family left without a breadwinner? Allowing the damaged VOR boat to leave so quickly when surely a crucial piece of evidence with regard to the death of the fisherman, is also odd. Smells fishy.
  7. Vestas 11th Hour recovery

    Just wondering where the Vestas crew are while all this is going on. Have any been detained or had their movement restricted by Chinese authorities. (The collision was in Chinese waters, not Hong Kong waters and yes, there is a BIG difference)
  8. The steering 'cable' on the original 40.7 beachballs used to be dyneema or some similar synthetic cordage with a spliced loop and a pin securing it to the quadrant. It only took a tiny amount of stretch and the pin fell out. Coombsy should remember that, I think it happened to nearly all of them here in Australia from the late '90s. Not sure what they did to fix the problem but you don't hear of it happening these days and there a lot of them out there.
  9. Old Cup Posters and Artwork

    Twenty-Fifth Defense = The First Loss. Defence, de dividing structure between adjoining residences.
  10. Jon Sanders 10th Circumnavigation

    At least the WA sheep population could safely graze without interference while he was at sea
  11. Team NZ surrogate, secret development spotted?

    You might be on to something there. Bunnings the Boat Builders?
  12. Still a number of (YW) Diamonds racing out of Royal Yacht Club of Victoria here in Melbourne, Aus. Photo credit to RYCV site & Daffy Wallace. Photographer and former Diamond sailor (and just about everything else sailor)
  13. Anarchy III For Sale ??

    Choice of social media output, choice of life partner, choice of behaviour, choice of which boat to sail on. Choice bro... Hope he gets his shit together. Not looking good there right now.
  14. FP: Another “tumultuous relationship”?

    His latest FB rant posted a few minutes ago on his Scooter Tempesta page, apparently the last we will ever see, invites us all to:
  15. FP: Another “tumultuous relationship”?

    That's the point. He chucks grenades as a first resort response and then bemoans the mess he has created. What I wrote was what I saw on his FB page before she had it taken down. Apologies on my part, it might have been better if I had simply written that he revealed something she had done with another partner rather than quoting the full details as published.