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  1. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    What's it rate???
  2. There are interior pics in with the advert. So what is this thing worth realistically? The mechanicals are likely toast, the wiring would be suspect at best, the woodworking is water stained and mildewed... a big hull that needs modifications and repair?
  3. Hmm... well, I love your diagnosis, I will have a look at that. Cable is much easier than a transmission rebuild.
  4. disconnected and shifted by hand, no - I will do that. gear oil - level is good, no leaks, didn't sniff it. Terror - what locking switch?
  5. Yanmar 3GM, Kanzaki transmission, Kiwi prop So my transmission, when the engine is running, will not come out of reverse without a lot of force - enough force that I usually end up putting it in forward, can't stop in time. When the engine isn't running it shifts in/out easily, as normal. Linkage is smooth, not loose. Forward is fine. No noise or noticeable vibration. Had the cones lapped 6 years ago as it wouldn't grab in forward, no issues 'til now. Plan is to haul for the winter soon, at which point I will get it pulled and looked at, but before then I figure I should ask if there are any things I should check?
  6. Opinions on basic/cheap wind instruments ?

    Sailtimer wireless?
  7. My newest project

    Line up a half dozen different types of vodka and have a little sip of each of them, you will change you mind about taste. It will be influenced by what the vodka is distilled from, and by when the distiller made the cuts - when they stop discarding heads, and when they stop collecting hearts. The most economical production has the hearts run go long, which results in a much more bland flavor, and may include more heads - giving it a more medicinal bite.
  8. " Would I be hounded off the forum? " I think that is a "Fuck yes!" to that question.
  9. My newest project

    "Aural Exciter" sounds like something Frank Zappa would have said.
  10. GeekZone

    Just as well, I'm not sure you'd look good with 'em...
  11. The only sailing videos I've paid for have been Dylans, because to me there is value in them - and that is how the system should work. If you find value in LaVag, "donate" to them - essentially pay them for the entertainment. Just as finding a really good street performer is a joy, and worth contributing to the continuation of the performance. I've made a bit of coin writing how-to articles for a boating magazine, does it cheapen my sailing? I'm getting paid to take some pictures of something that I'm doing anyway. Same diff...
  12. Making the perfect cockpit table - or not

    Here is a small child stress testing my table. Folds flat, about 2" thick x 10" wide x 36 long.
  13. Tom Scott and UnTom

    Stay safe!
  14. Origami Boat Thread

    You can bribe Ruby with fish heads... that's what I've heard anyway.
  15. CATARI comes along at Pacific Seacraft

    That is wicked! I love it. First time I saw Primus they blew the top off my head. Once we got past the audience chanting "Primus Sucks!!". Les is amazing.