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  1. sculpin

    Stainless Steel Surrounding for Origo stove?

    Our favorite bacon method for the boat is to pre-cook it at home (415°F 18 minutes in the oven on a tinfoil covered tray) and then re-fry it on the boat. Our first boat had an Origo, only thing annoying was waiting for it to cool before refilling it.
  2. sculpin

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Or a bronze one!
  3. sculpin

    How long did it take to find/buy your boat?

    Our current boat is our second, we'd owned the first for 6 years and wanted something bigger. Looked for 4 months. My wife goes off to a conference, and the next day it pops up on Kijiji (Canada's version of Craigslist?). So off I go to look at it. Call my wife later - "so, is it bad to buy a boat while one's wife is out of town?". Luckily her response was "what kind of boat". I'd have been a dead if it had been a Grampian...
  4. sculpin

    When is it time to transition?

    Use it or lose it... after a major health issue one of the team commented to me that "maybe soon I could try sailing again"... followed by "that's an interesting facial expression". I said "that's the physical manifestation of 'you can pry the wheel out of my cold dead hands...'". I will keep sailing, and sail solo, so long as I'm comfortable doing it, not stopping based on an arbitrary judgement.
  5. sculpin

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    "my grandmother never wanted to sell" - mission accomplished. Very sad.
  6. sculpin

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    FKT, from what little we know about you, I'm pretty damn sure that you don't have the average "home workshop"...
  7. sculpin

    Splicing rode to chain

    I've been running the shovel splice for about 8 years now, been happy with it. It was looking dodgy at about year 5, I chopped it off and re-spliced it - cost me a foot.
  8. sculpin

    Need more space add a room

    a pergola? Plant some grape vines...
  9. sculpin

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Could be 405 D, "Manky". It's Grotty with an extra half shot of Mildew. I do NOT want to see that color wheel...
  10. sculpin

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    The pic is before the installation of the turbo encabulator. Turbo Encabulator
  11. sculpin

    Laura and Sally

    I tried redrawing the cone, now I need a new computer monitor - that sharpie shit is really permanent! And sorry Salazar, I was kidding - I hate it when my bad jokes actually happen. Hopefully the track will go even further east...
  12. sculpin

    Laura and Sally

    Sorry Salazar, but I am hoping it keeps bending east. We had Juan and Dorian was pretty much bang on, you guys can have Teddy. What kind of frickin' name is Teddy for a hurricane, how can you fear that. Teddy is coming to get me - sounds like something Stephen King would write.
  13. sculpin

    HDPE water tank repair

    My water tank under my port settee is held in place by the seat framework above it, not glued in. I'm happy with that, it allowed me to pull the tank and clean it by pouring a bunch of javex in and rolling it around on a dock to spread it about. I wouldn't glue it back in, I'd beef up the retaining system.
  14. sculpin

    trouble in the NW Passage..

    Eberspacher = Espar. Those things are great, they sell the same units for marine use. I use a small one on my boat - hydronic heat and I also run it through the coils in the hot water tank. Heats up wicked fast, quiet, I can have hot water in the AM without running the engine. I'm off on an overnight Sunday, I'm sure the heater will be wanted in the morning. And yes, living soft.
  15. sculpin

    Used EPIRB- Would you ever?

    Having built the electronics for ELTs, EPIRBS, and PLBs I can assure you that they are assembled the same way with the same care (at least by the folks I worked with). IPC Class 3 assembly standards are IPC class 3 no matter what acronym is applied to the end product.