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  1. Cruel but fair. As the CDC says: The prevalence of obesity was 40.0% among young adults aged 20 to 39 years, 44.8% among middle-aged adults aged 40 to 59 years, and 42.8% among adults aged 60 and older. Those are some scary data.
  2. sculpin

    American Dumbass

    You are no Hunter S. Thompson...
  3. sculpin

    American Dumbass

    Nah, he just used them all up. He's kinda on the watch list, only trekkies actually claim him. And don't get me started on Justin Beiber. Hey, could you guys take Nickleback? Do us a solid? Please???
  4. sculpin

    American Dumbass

    Ajax - What good would it have done if you'd owned it at the time of the incident? Might have helped, might have escalated and you might be dead. If nobody has guns it is harder for the escalation to happen. Kinda like atomic bombs, since Russia has them the USA has to have them... If I lived in the USA I might well own a gun, I don't know. Here - none of my close friends own a gun, and I can count on one hand my extended friends who do. One is a target shooting fanatic and owns crazy sniper rifles, one loves shooting handguns. A couple hunt.
  5. sculpin

    American Dumbass

    Hey, that wasn't an eastern Canadian. We don't identify with those Ottawa types! And given that > 1/2 my family has moved to Vancouver - I can't say bad things about it...
  6. I have that exact unit. I have it connected direct into my NEMA2000 backbone for the B&G instruments, that backbone connects to a Ray a75 plotter and Evo pilot (essentially I have two backbones). You will need an adapter cable to go between the NEMA2000 and "Seatalk II" for the Raymarine.
  7. sculpin

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Is it possible to be named Edward without being called "fast eddie" at some point?
  8. sculpin

    A request regarding acronyms & abbreviations

    They could deliver the S&M, but I was doing cutting edge research!
  9. sculpin

    A request regarding acronyms & abbreviations

    I had an engineering summer job in the Structures and Materials lab... we really, really, really should have had t-shirts that said S&M Lab. If I had merited business cards I'd have insisted.
  10. Mine is 12 years old. Runs great. Not setting any speed records with two adults and a teen, but I can lift it with one hand. Last year Hurricane Dorian flooded the boathouse where I'd carefully stashed the dinghy and outboard, some idiot who happens to have the same name as me left the engine sitting on the boathouse floor which meant it was a couple of feet underwater. Got it the next AM, cleaned it out well, started and ran in a barrel of water for 1/2 an hour. We'll see this year if there was any lasting damage, but hopefully not - and if there is the fault is mine, not the engine's.
  11. Halifax harbor hasn't frozen in my lifetime (54 yrs). The basin - the remote ends of it do (drags the fucking moorings all over the place) but the main part is ice free.
  12. sculpin

    What happened to Willin's Thread of crazy?

    I hear ya. My previous boat, owner put it on jack stands, which fell over, hacking up the hull and cracked the mast. Insurance company totalled it. Good thing I re-wired that boat!
  13. sculpin

    Crazy furling jib cover idea - work with me here

    I've got one, I used it when I was runnin a 3DL on the furler and didn't want to take it down. 45 foot long zipper, and some cinching cord x-ing back and forth all the way up. Worked well.
  14. sculpin

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    @Bull - needs bacon. @Sloop - there are a few posh reservations, for the most part one would prefer not to life there. Potable water is indeed an issue on reserve, as is overcrowding, with 3 generations common in a building. If / when COVID-19 gets in there will be havoc. @Ajax - where does the buck stop? Why talk about a set of guidelines that should be used in re-opening activities and then follow that up with a tweet about "liberate" states? WTF?
  15. sculpin

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    That's the one, thanks Monkey! What a fucking idiot. From the article: Did he go too far? Not in his mind. "The only people on a boat that you can count on is your crew. There's no 911. No ambulances. You count on the people around you," Jackson said. "So, why do I filter? Because I want the right people around me." What, so next time I'm out racing I should fake a heart attack to test the reactions of my crew? And what, the people watching on youtube are his crew? That is fucked up. I was OK with his occasional rant about people being afraid to take risks and shit like that, but faking a massive injury is bullshit. So I'm out.