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  1. sculpin

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Maybe they stole some lines from a C&C... a halyard maybe, a jib sheet...
  2. sculpin

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I don't buy that POS being a C&C. A skeg rudder? The cove stripe is wrong. The hatches are wrong... etc. I like this pair of lines: "Custom Built Cutter designed for performance and blue water. More of these yachts built than any other of their design." 1) is it custom, or were more of this design built than any other of their designs? What? 2) if so many of them were built why is it the only one?
  3. sculpin

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Wow. Is that a swim ladder or a staircase? And I wonder what that seating platform weighs.
  4. Congrats Bob. And while you still have lots of boats to go, remember that nobody hands out 1/2 lifetime awards, it is an all or nothing thing...
  5. sculpin

    Little Inflatable Dink Advice Please

    I've had two, one with a rigid floor and one with an inflatable floor. Inflatable floor was great, but don't expect the boat to plane - the floor will flex too much. Rigid floor is great as well, but heavier and more of a pain to fold. So it depends on how you plan to use it...
  6. sculpin

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    Normally that would be a concern where a hit from a wave would push the window into the boat, but in this case...
  7. The sailors of the WW2 convoys were berserkly brave.
  8. Geeze man, it is a foreign country! You are looking for taquets...
  9. sculpin

    Valiant 39 or go with the 40?

    And Bob always has great advice about how to load up the back... solar, dinghy davits, BBQ, maybe a wind power generator...
  10. sculpin

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Fill it with ice and beer...
  11. sculpin

    Lamest sailing ad ever

    Geeze, what kind of wax do you use for those runs... Greg Stump did the dune skiing thing in the 80s 'tho, ride the Maltese Flamingo!
  12. Mister Canoehead wasn't the same crew as Kids in the hall, he was a running series by The Frantics.
  13. Mr Canoehead is a classic! That was my halloween costume one year. Awesome.
  14. sculpin

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Congrats on the anniversary Kim!
  15. sculpin

    The Graduate

    Congrats Will! And BJ, This is one of the milestones where it is appropriate to congratulate parents, so kudos to you and your wife for raising this fine young man. (it amuses me when people get congratulated for having a baby, the appropriate thing then is to say "good luck, hope it goes well"... this has gone well!)