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  1. port tack


  2. port tack

    Cape 31 OD

    Boat by mills, looks pretty awesome. Any intel? Mills designed the C & C 30, this boat looks much cooler and faster. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMdzoQyFMak&feature=youtu.be Whats it rate???
  3. port tack

    Sydney 38 in Annapolis

    Funny, been wondering why that Farr boat was so (seemingly) Cheap. Guess that answers that.
  4. port tack

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    Funny thing is back around 2008 or so these boat were considered flops (kind of) and could be had for pennies on the dollar through donation or straight out sales. I looked at one back then and could have bought it for 170k. Then someone on the west coast figured out that they are totally awesome downwind. from there the prices just went up and up.
  5. port tack

    Baltic 45 custom

    I have always loved the look of this boat since it was originally launched in Maroon as Bodacious. I cannot speak to its speed or performance but to my eye its Sexy as hell. Now some one give me the cash to buy it and run it. Ill let you know if its fast.
  6. port tack

    what is it?

    Looks a little impulse 26 like from the angle. although they had windows I believe.
  7. port tack

    PHRF is not run by self-interested clowns

    So here is the problem, as seen above. 1. Sailor Quality. Joe Weds night can't understand why he gets beat by the guys and gals that travel and sail one design. They figure its got to be the rating. Tough Job, I help do it and I can't wait to get off of the committee.
  8. port tack

    Boat search..

    Nope, wrong Mambo (not quite) King. You are incorrect. A M24 is faster up and downwind than a Viper 640 in under 6 knots period. In the interest of full disclosure I own both boats. Both boats are awesome respectively. As for your second point, both can be wet. A more important point might be that the M24 has more room for and ice chest of beer.
  9. port tack

    Meet the Swan 36

    No shit, wonder if it has some type of retrieval system.
  10. port tack

    what is it?

    Quite obviously it is a whachama doodle. Bunch of Simple Jacks on this site.
  11. port tack

    Heavy Metal

    You are thinking of Gauntlet.
  12. port tack

    Is sailing cool?

    Only cool to other sailors. Very few others get it.
  13. port tack

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    I am not saying its not possible, I just have a hard time believing that a J92 could ever go faster downwind than a Viper or a Melges 24.
  14. port tack

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    On a J92 really ??
  15. Last Call on the Gulf Coast. Has had this graphic on all the boats through the years.