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  1. Last Call on the Gulf Coast. Has had this graphic on all the boats through the years.
  2. port tack

    Melges 24 vs Seascape 18

    Ok seriously a VX-1 vastly superior to a M24? Maybe with just 2 crew in over 12kts a breeze. Give me under 8kts of breeze and 1 other friend and I'll beat a VX up down and around the course every time.
  3. port tack

    SA Front Page has gone

    Hey boys keep the politics out of sailing. The only left or right we should worry about is the shift that is about to come in. Just my .02 cents. Have a Great day!
  4. port tack

    Kiwi 35 v melges 30

    All I'll say is if you were still upright and moving upwind in 40+ gusting to 50 in a Kiwi 35. Than you guys were most definitely Experts and had Balls of Steel that I am sure helped hold that winged see-saw of a sailboat down. Congrats for you. Although my Buddy Ben in St. Martin has had a lot of fun with his highly modified Kiwi 35. Done well with it.
  5. port tack

    Kiwi 35 v melges 30

    Kiwi can only go upwind in light-mod air with no chop, none. You need just the right amount of friends that know how to balance things for that. Fast downwind until it becomes dangerous. Not your normal whip outs. Go for the Melges it is a better boat in every way shape and form.
  6. port tack

    Beneteau 38.1 Performance Version

    No need to say anymore. No fucking Traveler and you want to call it a performance boat? Crazy
  7. port tack

    J121 impressions

    Thanks for the info. We have one by us, look like they are still trying to figure things out.
  8. port tack

    J121 impressions

    The 121 has sailed in a few regattas now, and new opinions? Great boat, bad boat, or just a typical Jboat?
  9. port tack

    video evidence

    You could then say the same thing about the J121. Give them time to figure out rig tune, sails, etc.
  10. port tack

    NYYC One Design

    The GYA just adopted the Viper as its club boat. Looks like it checks most of your boxes.
  11. port tack

    Classic Airstream motor home for sale

    Nice, The bus is sexy in a classic sort of way. Good luck!!
  12. port tack

    Classic Airstream motor home for sale

    What it rate? And how much for the tank?
  13. port tack

    J121 PHRF rating?

    Yep 30 seems like a gift as a 122 rates that or lower in many places.
  14. port tack

    J121 PHRF rating?

    I followed that thread for awhile, thought I would try the lazy route. Oh Well.
  15. port tack

    J121 PHRF rating?

    Has any area rated one of these yet? Jboats has not updated their site on what they think it should rate? Will plane or just surf well? Flame away.