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  1. Didn't read through this whole thread yet ( but looking forward to it ) Add to level of difficulty : "ability to self-rescue" after you capsize.... for ex. I'd rate the slow Dyer Dhow as 'close to impossible' to self rescue, whereas Sunfish is very easy-peasy. Number system? there should be five numbers for each boat: 1. Speed 2. Ease to sail 3. Ease to launch 4. Ease to self rescue 5. Something else I forget ... # 5 could be fragility / durability of the craft ..or cost of ownership / expense of gear, sails etc. ...or type of person the fleet attracts nice people vs. total DB
  2. I used love seeing 210's racing on Gloucester Harbor, envious from our Columbia 22, I was about 10 yrs old.. Rockport must have a Star class or something, I know there are Herreshoff Doughdish racing near by too, but they cost way too much. The two-boat answer sounds good to me. I would stay away from anything too 'wet' ie. Hobie 14 since the water is might be too cold there for your 'crew'
  3. Go 1/2 way around the world to get away from it all... you can't get away from it all.. http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/05/15/528470657/millions-of-pieces-of-plastic-are-piling-up-on-otherwise-pristine-pacific-island If you see plastic near your local waters...pick it up so it gets properly processed.
  4. Really nice boat, congrats.
  5. Ahh, whenever I see a Hinckley my heart beats faster. You know they are just so well appointed inside... Capt. Bob: My boat was made in Copenhagen, and it says hello!
  6. If you can unstep your mast easily you will be way ahead of the game. Despite all the plastic, the Harken under-deck looks like a great design and hoist-able swivel is a plus. Would be surprised of they didn't have great phone support and easily available parts if something breaks or you order the wrong thing etc. I wouldn't mix different brands and parts or kluge it together, well maybe I would but then there is the probability of having to do it twice or as in my case, "learning too much"
  7. I just installed a furler on my BB Dragon. I used a small, relatively unknown company, Bartels which makes a furler like no one else and the majority of the Dragon class uses in Europe. Communication and distance was a p.i.t.a. but the quality is unsurpassed, handmade in Bavaria, Germany, zero plastic, simple operation, continuous line, < all good things. The person I dealt with, Ulrike Hofelzer was very helpful and patient in answering all my questions. I am sure they had never dealt with someone who knew so little. Furlers are a pretty involved & complicated thing to install. Especially in my case where I had to re-drill the deck-hole. My advice to you is start from the bottom, and work your way up. I removed the old one and learned a lot. A Harken below deck furler seems to be the way to go for you. The idea posted above to M O V E your boat to where they have the most competent rigger is a great idea , not everyone knows / or cares how to do this, find someone who does this ALL the time, someone who knows rigging to advise you and make sure they are nearby. If you want to do it yourself gather as much information as you can ahead of time. Find a Melges and go tale pictures of the set up, talk to the owner. maybe measure the sail if its the same size as your jib you are way ahead of the game and can just copy their install exactly. Even better to find someone who has your same boat and has a furler. At some point you will have top get someone to go to the upper part of the mast to install your swivel, or if you use a hoist-able swivel there will still be some fidilly reason to go up there, you can be sure.Helps to have a yard with a cherry picker /platform at your disposal. You will also have to shorten your headstay so you will need access to a swage tool, a pro rigger is needed for that since they are teh only ones who own such a tool. Good luck . Take pictures and let us know how it goes.
  8. Kids shouldn't sail ever at all, but they can 'stand their ground' and shoot at any kid who steps on their lawn. FLA is sinking...
  9. A Mamaroneck Frostbiter, checking in. We sail out of Beach Point Yacht Club every Sunday in the winter. On January 1st 2017, New Years Regatta, there were about 16 boats total. No photo's, you will have to take my word for it.
  10. I am currently.... attempting... to install a BARTELS furler on my Dragon. Under deck and tensioned from below. Ordered from the factory, as a custom one-off fabrication. Total p.i.t.a. ..no instructions (!) Though I must say, everything looks very well constructed.
  11. Regardless, a good ad for PLB
  12. Why do I want one of those so much? Wait, didn't that design get shut down last time...? Was it " lifted " ? hmmmm? Why not just pay Gibby and be done with it? He could use the money. I have his number if you want to reach out to him..
  13. The yard is big enough and there are always boats out of the water for repairs, and did I mention my boat is as sexy as a naked woman? Anyway-went for a great sail yesterday on a classy old Shields and tomorrow crewing on a J11 so I feel human again..
  14. To not sail in the summer is a unique punishment all its own...