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  1. Kraftwerk

    A Really Cool 30' Daysailer

    Curious, will that Wylie be set up for single handed sailing? 60 ' is a lot...
  2. Kraftwerk

    International Dragon question

    ..and if you want my opinion of the v6, I bet the other Dragon sailors feel it's a bit of a 'cheater - boat' many damn advancements - can you tell I am jealous... I am not really... the cock-pit launched spin.. is THAT actually an advantage though? It certainly doesn't seem as "classy" ..
  3. Kraftwerk

    International Dragon question

    ^ 2016 full wood Bootswerft Markus Glas Dragon : wow.. Breathtaking. Nice to see these are still being built ^ Since you are in Ireland I guess it wasn't impossible to find a nice used Petticrows ! Congrats on the 2004 teak deck, glass hull Petticrows Dragon. .. That is probably the best of both worlds in looks & performance, I have a lovely 1978 Borg Børresen. All fiberglass with some wood accents. There are no other Dragons in the area to compare it to, so mine is automatically the BEST and fastest Dragon around. Newer Dragons are safer, with a raised floor full of foam or air, so when they tip over they don't sink, if mine tips over the crew and I will be swimming for shore in less than 4 min. More often than not I sail solo, so there is no crew to worry about. As others have mentioned, it's totally NOT set up for single handing, so it takes some contortions to get it all going in the correct direction and to make smooth tacks so the people watching your beautiful boat from shore don't think its an out of control mess. The jumpers ( running back stays) are a pain, too, mine has those but they help considerably in tuning the mast and keeping the main sail an alright shape. The traveler divides the cockpit ( who designed this thing!?) which takes some more contortions and getting used to and makes the genoa winches harder to reach if you are also helming, some cheat and use the little spinnaker winches, but better to lean over the traveller and do the tack properly. Some newer Dragons have done away with winches altogether, so theres that advantage, too. One last thing: The raised floor makes for a shallower cockpit but it's not what you would call a 'trade-off' since you will be able to keep you boat (and your head) above water.. If you will be needing a crew let me know if there's an opening, I always wanted to go to Ireland.
  4. Kraftwerk

    How to make foils...any 'how to' out there?

    Hey Thanks. For this season, will continue to make foils out of marine-ply and West System so Epoxyworks link is perfect, eye opening and frightening...Good reading! Eventually will explore cnc and carbon fiber.
  5. Looking to make a few rudders and c/boards for a few small dingy's.. any instructional videos or " how to's " out there ?
  6. Kraftwerk

    The watch of a yachtsman? Which one...

    Tudor Pelagos over here...
  7. Kraftwerk

    Multiple Boats in Distress, Sinking at Trump Parade

    I heard there was a run-aground in the Massachusetts MAGA event, nearby Coast Guard helped them out. First responders have enough to worry about w/o these Boatniks.
  8. Kraftwerk

    My brother's Perkins

    Ann Perkins!
  9. Kraftwerk

    Boat stuck under Roosevelt Island bridge

    ..or a nice breeze might have let him sail through.
  10. Kraftwerk

    Looking for a new watch...

    Rolex Yacht Master is enviably slick but costs more than my boat. Never buy a watch that costs more than the boat. I have aTudor Pelagos so I am on thin ice...
  11. Kraftwerk

    Probably a bad idea: super cheap Farr 39 ML

    Looks like it's easily trailerable ...always look for the good in people's boats.
  12. Kraftwerk

    When to go out, When to stay in

    If I can't row to the mooring, impossible wind and huge waves, I don't sail, it's a pretty good sign. You gotta look for the 'signs'. Is all the litter is stuck to the chain -link fence? Don't go out etc... depending on where you are. If I am already sailing in similar weather I usually learn a lot -if things don't start to breaking. I try not to go out over 25 mph gusts..but sometimes its tempting...things always break in the big wind.Sometime very bad things happen like a sail gets caught and torn. ..or BOTH sails tear ( that was just stupid : the day before Sandy hit we moved the boat, should've done it the day before THAT ) I don't have a reefable main sail, but am thinking of having one built out of an old 'work-horse ' sail I have laying around.
  13. Kraftwerk

    Shields for sale cheap at auction

    Beautiful boats, you could do a lot worse. Since a boom is needed, one could be adapted from another make of boat. These are pretty simple. Lovely, there is one in the harbor here & it's not slowest thing on the bay.
  14. This is maddening... B.S. The motor boat driver should be named, too , at least.
  15. Kraftwerk

    Race boat flooring

    What ever you do don't use King StarBoard AS Marine Lumber it is VERY heavy 24" x 54" claims a "shipping weight" of 35 lbs but it seems to be double that. I used 24" x 24" (and smaller) for removable floor boards and it seems 2 to 3 times heavier than the marine-ply it replaced and is less structural, meaning I had too ADD a wood strip beneath each piece in fear it would snap in half. It flexes a bit, droops even... Obviously designed for industrial fishing ships placed on a solid surface. It will get me through this season, but seriously wish I had found this thread earlier.....