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  1. What goes wrong with opti sails?

    I am using an old one as a shower curtain right now and it works pretty good for that.
  2. What boat to buy?

    Here is a BB 30, mentioned earlier, now on ebay and looks to be quite a bargain. Really wish I was in the market: ( item # eBay item number 122992967552) I have a BB Dragon and the build quality is amazing. Beat the heck out of this boat and it does not waver, likes a strong chop, not the best in light air, I must say and not super easy to single hand the way it is set up but it could be adapted to single hand or you just get good at single handing it. A Sheilds is just as beautiful and longer on the water line, easier to single hand, since the small jib can be tacked easily. Might want to add roller furling to anything you single hand, it's a nice luxury.
  3. what is it?

    I need to go work on my Dyer Dhow...
  4. A case against colored lines?

    White is also a color, btw. Colors are a gift if you know how to use them.
  5. why am i here?

    On LI Sound before I owned a drysuit, whenever I capsized, throughout January, February or March it always sort of sucked.
  6. Proper technique for single handed jibes?

    Like others have said haul in your main, boom to center as you turn the bow, then feed out the main a bit with help from the breeze. When your all good & pointed in proper position, let the boom out all the way or as far as you need for the best speed.
  7. UK City Island Loft

    I have a Ratsey and Lapthorn sail for a Dyer, it's kind of charming.. didn't know it was a City Island production, Doyle is there too.
  8. Agreed : cool thread lots of breath-taking boats from Regenboog's in NL to The Northern Michigans /17's Not to mention all the great one -off, weird things in Great Briton and Ireland, the gossamer Thames A Raters and the Norfolk Punt. Also, the Cape Cod Frosty looks like something you would bring to a sledding hill in Maine, not a harbor in February. As for Cook 11's I have only heard them sailing, and seen the tops of the masts when I frostbite a Dyer Dhow on the other side of Hen Island in Mamaroneck Harbor. They look self rescuing and a bit faster. Glad all these little classes exist keeps it interesting. A previous poster (1st page) mentioned the Dragon: NOT rare Dragons are globally plentiful and in North America, I hear a class is starting in Miami! There be Dragons here! West Coast Royal Vancouver Yacht Club - Vancouver BC. Fleet Racing on Wednesday nights Great Lakes Edgewater Yacht Club - Cleveland OH. Fleet Racing on Wednesday evenings and Sundays. Royal Canadian Yacht Club - Toronto ON. Etobicoke Yacht Club - Humber Bay, Toronto ON. South Alabama Fleet - Magnolia Springs AB.
  9. Pulling your sail boat out for the winter

    A few degrees warmer makes all the difference, there is risk if you get an even colder winter than you have ever had (possible) or you might get a nice warm week in February and get to take a valentine sail (romantic) Think of all the money you are saving by not hauling out. Boat is for pleasure, not racing it, you are probably fine. So many old f/glass boats are pretty cheap these days..
  10. That's a big mast. Looks like it's 185' tall.
  11. Swede 55

    Chance of a lifetime, how often does a Swede 55 come up for sale? Not in the market, but I would love to have this boat.... heck the steering wheel alone is probably a rare item as well.. The Dragon is hard enough to single-hand, is it possible to single-hand Swede 55?
  12. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    J24 ... so many around and racing, or a J27? just guessing.
  13. strict class

    They should specify: " FRITZ sails only" that will confuse people. Actually they make a really nice sail....
  14. Schock 35 with lifting keel

    Appears to be a heck of a lot less than 3 and change with the keel all the way up. So, the rudder draws more than the keel, when it's all the way up? Sweet looking boat. In PHRF, I betcha could make a lot of rich guys miserable around here with that thing.