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  1. Kraftwerk

    Loick Peyron and his yellow tri

    Just finished reading Moxie, so I am happy to hear about these early Tri's. We used to see Phil Weld screaming around Gloucester Harbor.
  2. Kraftwerk

    Gunwale damage on high performance dinghy

    Yeah, I am with the 'fix the crack now' crew , even while 'on the road' just need a few things: epoxy, thickener if you want ... and some clamps. On the gel-coated areas maybe lay-in /patch some epoxy just below the gelcoat surface so the fiberglass doesn't absorb much water. . Be sure to leave space for gel coat later. Then worry about the cosmetics this winter. Looks like a bit of Gel Coat. .. and paint to match.
  3. When ever I slide up to a slip, solo, with just an eyelash of space between hull and dock, step off and tie up, no one is there to see it..
  4. Kraftwerk

    Scammer in the Classifieds

    don't streets youself
  5. Kraftwerk

    Dyer Dhow Resto Under Seat Storage Question...

    You need the floatation under the seats these things will sink if they turtle... You need all the floatation you can get actually.. I would put the anchor behind the centerboard trunk and maybe lead the chain and line to the bow, rest the anchor on a rubber or some pad so it doesn't wear a hole, that fiberglass is pretty thin... on these Dyers. Nice boats tho.. some how come to love them.
  6. "You can purchase a water hose fitting that mates to a tire valve to do this" .... the things I learn here...
  7. Kraftwerk

    What goes wrong with opti sails?

    This one was competition approved, "1997 Olimpic Sails Italy". No longer has it's window. The kid who had it later campaigned for the olympics ( didn't make the cut ) I found it nailed to a tree in his back yard. Now it keeps water off the bathroom floor.
  8. Kraftwerk

    What goes wrong with opti sails?

    I am using an old one as a shower curtain right now and it works pretty good for that.
  9. Kraftwerk

    What boat to buy?

    Here is a BB 30, mentioned earlier, now on ebay and looks to be quite a bargain. Really wish I was in the market: ( item # eBay item number 122992967552) I have a BB Dragon and the build quality is amazing. Beat the heck out of this boat and it does not waver, likes a strong chop, not the best in light air, I must say and not super easy to single hand the way it is set up but it could be adapted to single hand or you just get good at single handing it. A Sheilds is just as beautiful and longer on the water line, easier to single hand, since the small jib can be tacked easily. Might want to add roller furling to anything you single hand, it's a nice luxury.
  10. Kraftwerk

    what is it?

    I need to go work on my Dyer Dhow...
  11. Kraftwerk

    A case against colored lines?

    White is also a color, btw. Colors are a gift if you know how to use them.
  12. Kraftwerk

    why am i here?

    On LI Sound before I owned a drysuit, whenever I capsized, throughout January, February or March it always sort of sucked.
  13. Kraftwerk

    Proper technique for single handed jibes?

    Like others have said haul in your main, boom to center as you turn the bow, then feed out the main a bit with help from the breeze. When your all good & pointed in proper position, let the boom out all the way or as far as you need for the best speed.
  14. Kraftwerk

    UK City Island Loft

    I have a Ratsey and Lapthorn sail for a Dyer, it's kind of charming.. didn't know it was a City Island production, Doyle is there too.