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  1. jerryj2me

    Relay replacement help

    It's a 12V SPST relay, hundreds of similar ones out there. Walk into any automotive supplier with that in hand and they should be able to show you something similar to get the job done. Amazon and EBay has many options too.
  2. jerryj2me

    Heat gun recommendations?

    Get the accessory kit: That wide flare nozzle and a putty knife will make quick work of paint and varnish.
  3. jerryj2me

    Stainless Steel Tubing - Small Quanities gets it done...
  4. jerryj2me

    Wild Eyes found after eight years

    Long time ago in a land far far away... She wrote her book with a ghost, and probably made a little money off of it. I read it and it was a pile of BS, with her dad's influence all over it.
  5. jerryj2me

    Recommend a ratchet crimper

    No matter what crimp tool you get - Pull test every crimp after you make it. My personal preference is to use connectors without the plastic covers on the connector, just the metal, crimp the connector, pull test the wire, and then cover the connector with heat shrink.
  6. jerryj2me

    Miami boat show will be short one Beneteau

    RTFA - It's still floating around out there with a tracking device on it.
  7. jerryj2me

    Trump Campaign Promises

    Five days in from the election and he had already changed position on 9 key items of his campaign promises. Words of wisdom: "Be careful what you ask for because you may actually get it." And, an ancient Chinese curse, one of my favorites "may you live in interesting times" Or, Like they say in Dixie "I'll pray for you..." Nine times Donald Trump has already betrayed the US voters who put their faith in himWithin days the President-elect has rowed back or ditched a string of his bizarre promises
  8. jerryj2me

    Ronstan Clear Start Watch

    WD40? Um.... No. Plastic to plastic binding? Clean it all up and use some PTFE dry lubricant instead.
  9. somehow the FH ended up outside the GG, and about 120 miles offshore they hit the button on an EPIRB, and were rescued using your tax dollars by the USCG. 5 people I believe All the rest is conjecture and speculation.
  10. But, but! Fox does it all the time! So it's got to be the truth, right? LOL!
  11. Whats to scoop? Everything posted so far has been a re-write of the original USCG news release that I posted. Other than the USCG report and looking at the AIS path of the tanker that got diverted, there hasn't been anything new, jist a whole lot of conjecture, and the usual SA rhetoric.
  12. Looking at the path of the ship that got diverted I estimate that the FH went down (or abandoned) at: N 35 deg 43'49.65" W 123 deg 37' 05.39" plus or minus... Which fits with the CG news report of being offshore by 120 miles.
  13. Well, he made it 120 miles towards Hawaii, right? Got to give him that. No idea who the 5 people were however.
  14. Coast Guard rescues 5 people from sinking sailing vessel off the coast of MontereyALAMEDA, Calif. — The Coast Guard rescued five people from a sinking 65-foot sailing vessel approximately 120 miles off the Monterey coast, Saturday. At approximately 8 a.m. Saturday, the 11th Coast Guard District Command Center received a distress signal from a personal locator beacon. A C17 transport aircraft under Oakland Center Control, flying at approximately 5,000 feet, visually identified the sailing vessel in the vicinity of the alert location and confirmed that the sailing vessel Flyin’ Hawaiian was taking on water. The Coast Guard responded with one Coast Guard Air Station Sacramento HC-130H Hercules aircrew. The crew was able to contact and divert the Aqualeader, a tank ship that was 24 miles from the sailing vessel's location. Though unable to remove anyone off the vessel, the Aqualeader assisted by blocking seas and wind for the Flyin’ Hawaiian. Its all there go see it on the link.
  15. Never been on the ocean. Floating in a bay at anchor. Never been under sail, Never even been under engine on its own. If success is building a barge, that is setting the bar really low.