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  1. Maker Space/DIY Boat Repairs?

    Down here in San Diego: http://makerplace.com/ Full end to end wood and metal shop, 3D printers, CNC cutter machines CNC laser cutter tables, a professional paint booth, and a whole lot more. Costs me $170 month as a member, and it works well for those people who don't have a huge garage space for a shop.
  2. Batteries losing water at an alarming rate

    Due to running the batteries dry, I would say that the batteries are now destroyed. Reading the specification on that battery charger did not impress me. When you replace the batteries I would suggest getting a better charger as well. I suspect that the charger did not properly transfer to a float-maintain profile and thus boiled the electrolyte off in the batteries.
  3. Hoping to crew - San Diego/October

    See FB listing for crew pool below.
  4. Got over a thousand sailors on the FB page now. Link below.
  5. Portable ouboard fuel tank as an emergency diesel tank

    Having gone dead in the water due to a clogged fuel filter, one of the things I installed on my prior boat was a parallel double filter filter system. One fuel filter clogs, flip the valve and you are going through the other filter. Two filters, one diverter valve, easy peasy...
  6. One more time - Take a look at whats there. You got magnetic latched valves there that run at very low power.
  7. How to remove First 40.7 Rudder

    While you have it out suggest getting new rudder bearings installed. Both 40.7 and 36.7 have a reputation for bad rudder bearings. http://www.jefa.com/rudder.htm they can fix you up with the parts
  8. http://www.asco.com/ASCO Asset Library/asco-low-power-valves-complete-catalog.pdf Take a look at what they have to offer.
  9. Gun Recommendation

    This guy is in CA, anything he can buy here has to be on the CA approved list. That limits his selection quite a bit. http://certguns.doj.ca.gov/ If its not there you can't buy it without heroic measures. That said there are a bunch of revolvers and semi-autos CA approved. I don't write the laws and most knowledgeable people see this approved list as a bad joke.
  10. Help!....Time for new batteries

    no problem, BCI numbers don't reflect amp hours or CCA ratings, but due to the physics of the beast if its in the same BCI group it will have similar numbers.
  11. Irma

    https://twitter.com/i/moments/905487561182908416 Read the above link. The pilot put the plane down in 12-22 knots of wind, and then got out in 30 knots of wind, threading the needle on the way out. From wheels touching down, empty plane, fill plane to wheels off the runway was 52 mins. Amazing turnaround. A bunch of other flights turned away.
  12. Help!....Time for new batteries

    http://www.batteryweb.com/bci.cfm Take a look at the table there - the battery group is better known as a BCI number. It defines the outside dimensions, where the connections are, what kind of connection is there, and which connection is positive and negative.
  13. Shelter Island BY works for me. Have brought them 3 different boats over the last 10+ years. For stuff that can be done with the boat in the water, talk to Rigworks, they are a good crowd of people. rigworks.com
  14. Beneteau First 36.7 - Where to attach jack lines

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeneteauFirst36p7/ Need to join the above. About 500 owners and sailors of the 36.7 and a good resource for questions.