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  1. jerryj2me

    Heat gun recommendations?

    Get the accessory kit: That wide flare nozzle and a putty knife will make quick work of paint and varnish.
  2. jerryj2me

    Stainless Steel Tubing - Small Quanities gets it done...
  3. jerryj2me

    Wild Eyes found after eight years

    Long time ago in a land far far away... She wrote her book with a ghost, and probably made a little money off of it. I read it and it was a pile of BS, with her dad's influence all over it.
  4. jerryj2me

    Recommend a ratchet crimper

    No matter what crimp tool you get - Pull test every crimp after you make it. My personal preference is to use connectors without the plastic covers on the connector, just the metal, crimp the connector, pull test the wire, and then cover the connector with heat shrink.
  5. jerryj2me

    Miami boat show will be short one Beneteau

    RTFA - It's still floating around out there with a tracking device on it.
  6. jerryj2me

    How much speed am I losing?

    Minor details there - I see the use of mass-less pulleys, friction-less planes, and the premise that the cow is spherical. Need to improve the model.
  7. jerryj2me

    Do you Race in FOG ?? How thick ??

    The SD fog wasn't that bad, at its worse we had 100 feet of visibility. Under light wind sailing conditions that's plenty of time and distance to avoid collisions. SFO and New England get a lot worse.
  8. jerryj2me

    Fire at Everett Marina
  9. jerryj2me

    Lightning protection or no?

    On that we can agree most certainly.
  10. jerryj2me

    Lightning protection or no?

    Reminder, it takes time for something to melt, that surge current comes and goes pretty fast, but generally the current pulse is over in under 200 us, so the wire can take a lot more juice than a DC situation before it melts.
  11. jerryj2me

    Race Boat Websites

    I see a lot of Facebook pages-groups for specific boats. I still just run an email list.
  12. jerryj2me

    Shore power gfi tripping

    If there is any current between neutral and ground the GFI will trip. That means that the currents in Hot and Neutral are not equal and opposite. Most GFI circuits are designed using a current transformer that uses Hot and Neutral to cancel each other out.
  13. jerryj2me

    Shore power gfi tripping

    A gentle reminder. The AC breaker switch only opens the Hot line, while ground and Neutral remain connected. This won't isolate any leakage between ground-neutral on those branches. What you are suggesting will not hurt, but it does not answer the question where the leakage path is between ground-neutral. An AC breaker switch can be open, Hot is disconnected on that branch of the system, but the leakage path between ground-neutral within that branch is still tied to all the other Ground-Neutral circuits in the system.
  14. jerryj2me

    Shore power gfi tripping

    Maybe, but that is doubtful. The AC side feeds a switching downconverter that is isolated by a transformer, generally a toroid (donut magnet) with an input and an output winding. That donut with the two wires wrapped on it would have to fail to do what you are describing. There's not a lot there to fail. That's the reason I suspect a leakage between neutral and ground on the AC side. That trips the GFCI, and there's a bunch of circuits there that can fail or leak and cause the problem. That's my motivation for suggesting disconnect all three AC leads into the charger and see if the problem still exists.
  15. jerryj2me

    Shore power gfi tripping

    I am suspecting a leakage path between "Neutral" and "Chassis Ground" on the AC side of the charger. Even if the "Hot" going into the charger is open (switched off) a leakage path will do this. Disconnect all three wires (Hot, Neutral, Ground) on the AC input to the charger and see if the problem then goes away. Here, something I wrote on this a while back - read the section on AC Power and grounding safety. The rest is not applicable: