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  1. As long suggests, grinding is low-skill & dirty. Maybe you can reduce costs by doing that part yourself. Just make sure the hull is well supported - you don't want to grind the keel off the boat and find out there's nothing holding the hull up. Makes fairing in the repair a tad difficult.
  2. On our J/36 we find gybing end for end starts to get too exciting at around 25kts of breeze, so that's when we revert to dip-pole gybes. Don't know what alloy our aluminum pole is, but are thinking of repainting it over the winter - it's 37 years old now.
  3. Hearing the "play by play", even if you don't understand Norwegian, was fascinating. It really appears that there was no communication between the radio room and the bridge about the actual situation they're in. Both traffic control AND the tanker were warning the frigate of the impeding problem. Each department on the warship (radar, radio, watches, bridge, mess, engines, etc.) seems to just focus on it's tiny piece of the puzzle and no one seems to be coordinating it so as to come to an overall understanding. Was this what happened in the 7th fleet's collisions too? It was interesting to hear that the frigate was able to report their number of crew to traffic control immediately, while the tanker had to stop to count them up before replying. The time lapses between transmissions - as things are happening on board each vessel - make for great suspense-building. Thanks, nolatom.
  4. PaulK

    How many lines are on your boat?

    I have a 505, so I lost count.
  5. PaulK

    RIP - Stuart Walker

    Raced against him in Solings. Wish I'd been faster.
  6. Ouch. Fixable, but won't be cheap. With the exterior damage showing that much, surprised you didn't haul immediately.
  7. Found a link showing the AIS path of the tanker. It is fascinating (and instructive) to see the huge turning radius, and how the ship's track continues in one direction despite their heading and the tugs pushing it in another. Keep clear of these guys - they can't turn or stop!
  8. PaulK

    505 vs. 470

    That does not look like a CLC. What is it?
  9. PaulK

    505 vs. 470

    If it's her fourth accident in two years, aren't you already paying for this one? (Insurance companies like to look ahead, to make sure their numbers are always positive.)
  10. PaulK

    Our Daily Bread...

    That way you know its ready without having to peek (which might cause it to fall).
  11. PaulK

    505 vs. 470

    On a two-mile lake at 14 knots, would that mean gybing about every five minutes?
  12. PaulK

    505 vs. 470

    Reaching in 8-12kts back & forth on the lake should be no problem in either boat, with either person steering or crewing. For the gybes, I'd want the automatic spin poles on the 505. This video shows how it works...
  13. PaulK

    Painting a racing dinghy

    How long is the Brightsides actually lasting in use? It looks great following application, but does it stay that way? How soon before repainting is necessary?
  14. PaulK

    Our Daily Bread...

    If you're trying to bake in rough weather, this approach using coffee cans might be good: 1 hour of rising (with the lid on the can so it won't spill easily) and a little more than a half hour of baking
  15. PaulK

    Funny Comments while Racing

    " 'Could be worse. How? It could be raining."