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  1. J/120 offshore cruiser

    J/120 at our club had trouble with his sprit when he apparently hit a whale while going about 12 kts one night sailing under main & genoa returning from doublehanded NPT-BDA race. (Sprit was not deployed.) Boat stopped dead with a BANG. They checked for keel & hull damage, leaks, and found none. Sprit had been rammed into its housing and the tackle for extending it had blown apart in the forward cabin, breaking the shackle off the splice on the end of it, and shooting it with enough force that it made the u-shaped impression of the shackle in the bulkhead. Someone standing in the forward cabin could have been killed. Boat continued on w/ no other issues, but could not extend sprit. Don't know if they were on port or starboard tack.
  2. 8 Bells - Chris Wentz

    Sorry to hear this. We worked with him for many years through several suits of sails.
  3. Yacht Club Safety Review

    The safety committee at our club does not concern itself with what the rules or regulations say. Our safety committee works out what has to be done when something bad happens. Lives and safety matter more than rules. If an accident occurs out on the water, does someone issue a general radio distress call or do they contact the club manager so he can call 911 (Emergency services)? Is the yacht club dock the quickest destination for the boat carrying the victim, or is there another place that might be quicker? Seconds count. The ambulance needs to be directed to the right place. People need to know what to do. Our safety committee has developed a series of protocols based on different possible problems. They test them by holding drills that involve yacht club staff (sailing instructors, launch drivers, managers), local police (two towns were included in our latest session, since we are near the border), club members and the Coast Guard. This past summer the drill scenario was a squall that capsized many boats at a regatta, leaving three sailors unaccounted for and boats drifting into the next town. A search pattern had to be initiated for one of the victims. (The others were found with their boats.) All the victims needed to have their medical conditions checked by EMT crews, and everyone had to communicate in order to know what was going on and what needed to be done. Afterwards there is a debriefing where everyone involved can comment on what worked well and what could be done better. We try to improve every year. Having protocols in place has been worthwhile. A club member walking along the beach one chilly day saw a capsized kayak, called the club, and a boat was sent out to investigate. The kayaker was unconscious by the time he was pulled from the water. Having the ambulance meet them at the closest point to the harbor entrance saved precious minutes in saving the hypothermic victim's life. Enforcing rules and regulations is not a club's job. Let the police and Coast Guard do that. A club is for ensuring people have a good time in a safe place. Perhaps calling for certain equipment or adhering to certain standards for your longer races would help make them safer places, but as noted above, each skipper needs to make sure his vessel is equipped and his crew prepared for the intended voyage. Things can happen that overcome any preparation or equipment , however. That is what the Safety Committee needs to prepare for. .
  4. What is considered a "prohibited event" ? Racing a OD under Portsmouth Yardstick? Going to the "wrong" kitesailing regatta?
  5. Eclipse in Marblehead is where we go too. Great range of items in a variety of materials. Quick turnaround and friendly people.
  6. 505 7772 - Upgrade & Refit

    That cutout, with the piece missing across the top where you want to make the mast able to move aft further, looks like it will weaken the boat a LOT. Right where your hopefully heavy crew will be levering around from side to side on the trap and the mast will be adding pressure to the mix. Are you considering some reinforcement in to keep the boat from becoming a candidate for the One Australia 1995 fold & dive contest?
  7. Found one on Craigslist in NJ (Barnegat Bay) #7799 for $3000. A newer one in CT (shoreline) #14342 asking $4900 posted 02OCT. Good luck.
  8. 505 7772 - Upgrade & Refit

    Worked w/Awlgrip here this past spring on our J/36. Make sure to get new filter cartridges for your mask - the vapors are nasty. If you recoat fast enough you don't have to sand & solvent wash between them. We rolled & tipped. (It was outdoors and didn't want to spray and have half of it blow away.) Looks great.
  9. 505 7772 - Upgrade & Refit

    For the spinnaker poles - Where do you buy the end fittings, or do you make them?
  10. J-36 Rod Rigging

    Makes me glad we switched out our rope/wire halyards.
  11. Salut à tous

    Ya ne panimaiou, Panoramix. Stcho oni govorit?
  12. J24 foredeck Hatch - Help!

    One possible reason for re-design of hatches is now sitting on the bottom of Long Island Sound. The J/24 was racing downwind with its hatch open and the bow dove into a wave - submarined - so the green water slid up the deck and right down the hatch. The boat sank out from under them in about 60' of water with the sails still full and the crew still in their positions on deck. Smaller hatch now allows crew more reaction time.
  13. Chines in yacht design

    I would think that having the topsides come up vertically from the chine would help to reduce wetted surface. Any angle to the topsides at a chine would tend to increase wetted surface. Angling the topsides outwards would also add weight, not only for the additional amount of topsides (hull) but also for the deck that would have to be extended to cover the now wider boat. Angling the topsides inwards might reduce the deck width and weight, but would still add to the hull weight (due to the extended sides of the hull) and the wetted surface. Angling the topsides inward might also lead to reduced buoyancy as the hull submerged more... not necessarily what you want if you're surfing down a wave and might get pooped.
  14. Lower boat size limit for climbing the mast?

    When I was about 10 I sent a friend up the mast on a Blue Jay in order to measure the distance from the top to the hounds. He dropped the ruler into the water and I went over to the side to get it before it floated away...
  15. Unless his "going missing" was to create more motivated SAR operation. Maybe he was staying in the Captain's quarters.