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  1. PaulK

    Sketchy Yaquina Bar Rescue?

    Not clear from the article or the video what the problem was with the boat. Wave height in the video looks like about 5 to 6 feet, what with the hull of the sailboat not being hidden all that much. A bit rough for coming alongside to take people off, especially if there might be any lines in the water from a sailboat in disarray/being abandoned. Conditions could not have been horrendous if the USCG was able to tow a 50’ sailboat (unmanned?) into a safe harbor (two miles away?). Interesting that it seems there were survival suits on the sailboat for everyone aboard. At least they were prepared in that sense.
  2. PaulK


    Maiden is being shown in CT at the Fairfield Theater Company (FTC) at 7:30 PM on 20 NOV. Dawn Riley, who crewed in the 1989 race, will host a Q&A session afterwards. Student admission is free.
  3. PaulK

    3D iso Rotomoulding?

    Found this interesting report on another site and didn’t see it mentioned here anywhere: Are they still looking for a new Laser builder?
  4. PaulK

    Shrink Wrapping

    We used heavy canvas tarps with frames (plastic, pipe, wood...) underneath for years and years. Every year the price of shrink wrapping went up, and we laughed. Last year we finally bought a measured canvas cover from these guys: It uses the boom, so doesn’t need other support unless we pull the mast. At current rates, it should pay for itself in three years, and last for about ten. Every year the price of shrink-wrapping goes up...
  5. PaulK

    Gorilla Tape great for temp fix

    And the HD stuff lasts almost a week, too!
  6. PaulK

    When to go out, When to stay in

    So how was it? Are there pictures?
  7. PaulK

    Lifeline lanyard

    Also just read in another thread that the rules appear to limit the lashings to not being more than 4” long. You might want to check this.
  8. PaulK

    Lifeline lanyard

    We use lashings and don’t worry too much about “how many loops”. Two loops of dyneema is probably stronger than the ss lifeline itself. We use polyester seine twine and tape the ends; it doesn’t have to be fancy. A WWII Destroyer Commander I sailed with suggested that having lashings at the ends of lifelines instead of turnbuckles allowed you to cut them away if the rig fell and got tangled in them, or if you needed to get a MOB back on deck, without having to go over them. Works for us.
  9. PaulK

    Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    Quite easy, actually, at 70 mph if you don’t get stopped. 1/1
  10. PaulK

    When to go out, When to stay in

    And the forecast could be wrong.
  11. Jack doesn’t have to be hydraulic, BTW. A screw jack would work, too. Lucky they had one aboard the Mayflower when one of the deck beams cracked.
  12. PaulK

    505 Resto

    Everything I read about Bondo is to avoid using it on boats because it is hydroscopic - it absorbs water. Even on car repairs it is deemed less than optimal because of this - the moisture it absorbs leads to the eventual rusting of the sheet metal it is spread on. Covered by paint and kept dry, it may take a while, but rust never sleeps. The epoxy coats you’re putting over it may prevent problems in your case, but since you’re using epoxy anyway, it might have made more sense to mix a batch with microballoons or fine sawdust/sanding dust and use that instead of the Bondo. As the spots aren’t that large, hopefully the board won’t delaminate because of the Bondo.
  13. PaulK

    Stuck Seacock

    Make sure you’re hauled out before messing with it.
  14. PaulK

    How is this not over early?

    You’re also assuming that the starting line is where the screen says it is. The line on the screen looks like it’s ten feet wide. Is the actual line in the middle of it, at the near side, or the far side? Maybe the starting line is actually the bottom of the letters that say “START”? Where is the Committee Boat?
  15. PaulK

    Show your dingy sailing....

    broke hiking stick, or we’d be flatter.