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  1. PaulK

    HPDO- Why cancelled?

    Learned today that the High Performance Dinghy Open in Rye, NY on OCT 6 & 7 was cancelled by the RC due to insufficient entries. It has been an annual staple for more than a dozen years. Why so few sign-ups? What brought this about?
  2. Sounds like yacht design isn't the only job you were good at. We all try as best we can and sometimes we succeed despite the odds. Sometimes good work is rewarded. Congratulations!
  3. I'd vote for Derecktor's. Close by, easy to get to (less than a day under power from NJ) and they know what they're doing. We had family friends who had a Hunt sportfisherman built there in aluminum. No visible welds or unfair lines anywhere. Steel is even easier. Get it done right.
  4. How hard did you look? Europeans also do a lot of sailing in dinghies off the beach when there's no harbor nearby.
  5. PaulK

    What's your boat beer?

    beers, hops, and caps We O CONTENT ABOUT We try to keep this on board, but keep running out... Berkshire Lost Sailor IPA Ahoy matey Lost Sailor IPA Berkshire Brewing Company – South Deerfield, Massachusetts ABV: 5.8% IBU: 40 Beer Advocate: 87 Rate Beer: 63 BEER, BERKSHIRE, BERKSHIRE BREWING CO, CAN, CRAFT BEER, HOPS, INDIA PALE ALE, IPA, LOST SAILOR, MASSACHUSETTS We try to Post navigation « Previous Post Next
  6. PaulK

    Which Topside Paint?

    Brightsides is great if you like to paint. You'll be painting again soon because it holds up about as well as house paint. 2-part polys last a LOT longer. The trick to applying them is to not mix more than you can use in the time it takes to set - and that varies according to temperature and how you mix it, so you have to think ahead. Prep for both is about the same, so you get to decide how much you like painting.
  7. PaulK

    Lightning vs CL16

    A Lightning is a much bigger boat than the CL16. It's pretty comfortable, with seats or side decks for sitting, and a foredeck for stretching out. It sails well in light air (it has a large sail area) and has a stable hull form that helps it handle quite heavy conditions. (They'll continue racing in more than 20 knots of wind.) For you, singlehanding it in any sort of breeze could be quite a challenge. Even if you lead the jib sheets back to the helmsman to make it possible, in more than 12 knots of wind it might be hard for just one person to hold the boat down. They were designed to sail with three people on board. Righting it by yourself after a capsize might not be possible. Since the Lightning is a good bit heavier, at 700 lbs, than the 365 lb CL16 , launching it would be more work, too, along with the question about stepping the mast solo. While the 39.46 SA/displacement ratio of the Lightning might make it a "sportier" boat to sail than the 44,2 SA/disp. ratio of the CL16, the CL might be the safer route if you can't find at least one other person to sail with you. P.S. In either boat, PLEASE sit forward to reduce wetted surface!
  8. PaulK

    DQOTD cloth weights

    Jamestown Distributors might be closer than Hawaii. Their product descriptions & videos might help you decide what weave & weight would work best in your situation. There's bound to be something like J.D. closer to you in FL or LA. You'll have to look.
  9. PaulK

    Oops. Now Everyone is Without Power

    From 7:54 to 8:09? Fifteen minutes of fame?
  10. PaulK

    Fast affordable dinghy for 2

    420 might work for now, but teenager is likely to grow. 470... are there any in/around Houston? 505 fits the bill for price & performance, but could be too much to handle at this stage now if the breeze piped up. OTOH it appears that light air is not rare in HOU, and the 505 performs well in heavy or light air. Are there other 505's in HOU to race with? Caveat: Poster owns International 505 US 8172
  11. PaulK

    6 new wooden optis complete....need a bit $ to rig them up

    'Way to go! We noticed that the wood Optis in our fleet were faster, maybe because they're stiffer than the 'glass ones.
  12. All he has to do is coat the inside of the gutter he's cut in the log. Just "painting" epoxy onto the groove may not seal the cracks and stop the leaks. He may need to mix up a (big) batch of filler for that. But once he's gooped up the gutter and smoothed it, (running his gloved finger down the slot?) it should work fine after it kicks.
  13. PaulK

    Lightning Strike

    Maybe you're grounded better than they were. Maybe they took the hit because they offered the fastest route to ground. Don't complain. Don't change your slip!
  14. PaulK

    Sail Track

    Are you looking for curtain track, or is this for a sail's luff groove? The "Flex-a Rail" only seems to come in 44" sections, which would be too short, even for a Blue Jay. This might be better: It comes in 12' lengths and is ready to be screwed on. The plastic "Flex-a-Rail" might crack if it were screwed in. The screw heads might also interfere with the luff/foot tape slipping by them, along with the joints, so it might need to be glued - and not hold well.
  15. Stevens are nice boats that seem to have held up well. Don't know the Cavalier