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  1. PaulK

    what's in a name?

    That was a Lightning. Her (the skipper's) father was the publisher for the James Bond books in the US.
  2. PaulK

    Caption Contest

    Flush deck racers have a wide following.
  3. PaulK

    A big project!

    You're right. The big hole I thought was the shaft must be a drift or bolt with its head sunk. The holes look to be about the same diameter. Good thing I'm not building this.
  4. PaulK

    Jules Verne Trophy 2020

    Article explains that they need westing in order to avoid turbulence caused by Madeira and Canaries, which would mess them up. Anticipating movement of arriving High... a delicate balance.
  5. PaulK

    A big project!

    That plank is obviously planned for easy removal in case they need to get to the propeller shaft. Everything on Tally-Ho is on purpose. Just like 'Handley Cross or Mr. Jorrocks's Hunt' (which may have graced the shelves aboard Tally-Ho in earlier times) : absolute English order in all things, as they have always been.
  6. PaulK

    Champlin’s sold $19m

    Champlin's probably owns the tug. That's why they anchor it out - so other people can't anchor and have to use the marina. In the winter it doesn't cost them anything to use the dock.
  7. PaulK

    Australian Laser speed rivalry

    If you dropped the watch off the end of the pier at low tide it would be going pretty fast when it hit the water too.
  8. PaulK

    Will it Fly? - Front Page

    Looks like it's foiling in 3 knots of wind. Pretty quick, eh?
  9. PaulK


    So... if you fall off your boat in Australia, they send out a plane and drop you a liferaft for you to get into? And then a boat comes out to pick you up and bring you in? Great!! And after that they track your boat and let you know where it is? So you can go out and fall off again? Sounds like job security for the SAR teams, for sure. Glad they got this guy in any case. If they think those recovery conditions were rough, they're not the Australians we've come to know from the SYD/Hobart, but that's in SE Australia, not N. Hope his boat is OK.
  10. PaulK

    Tethers - Quick Release or Not?

    If you're the captain, perhaps you want to go down with the ship. All others: quick release, please.
  11. PaulK

    Sail cargo for real

    What would you do with that much guano?
  12. PaulK

    Maritime Art Anarchy

    I picked this up in France and have it hanging in the living room. I can see how trimming the sails like that might help to keep flow attached. Might also help to keep the flax from stretching so much. Or maybe it has stretched, and that's why they look like that.
  13. PaulK

    Maritime Art Anarchy

    After seeing how they weld stuff at Bath Iron Works, have to ask... which way is up?
  14. PaulK

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Article today in the New York Times about Brazilians going vegetarian. Maybe this is why?
  15. PaulK

    Craigslist Finds

    Why do you think they put the centerboard in the Craigslist boat backwards?