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  1. We’re talking about Canada. Not US rules. % of nonmember liquor sales is not an issue. The OP has pointed out that the club board has been underpricing food & beverage services that are provided to all members, but seems to want the racing sailors to make up the difference. Does not make sense logically or financially. People will, and should, walk with their feet, as has been suggested.
  2. PaulK

    Yipes - Look at the North Atlantic

    Picking up in France now, though it seems England got hit firstest with the mostest. P.S. If it’s dark, it’s because it’s night there.
  3. People are getting fined for going out off Ile de Ré in their windsurfers or other craft and having to get rescued.
  4. PaulK

    Caption Contest

    Guess you have to sit to pee. Makes it easier to keep clean.
  5. PaulK

    Safety of small lithium-ion batteries aboard

    Full page ad from LG in the New York Times Business Section today warning about the fire and burn hazards of Li/ion “bare-cell” batteries (#18650 and #21700) , which need to be in battery packs with protective circuitry. Be careful out there!
  6. PaulK

    Ro Ro Rolls Over in Georgia

    Bet it’s a lot noisier than using a wire to cut cheese. Hope the people on St. Simon’s Island have earmuffs.
  7. Then have "guests” pay for a bar membership, not for sailing. In the U.S., the percentage of non-member sales allowed by “club” liquor licences varies according to state law. The OP in this thread is in Canada, so this issue may not exist there. AFAIK, the OP has not advised us why his club’s board thinks this is necessary or desirable. We have only heard that race-boat owners are upset at a possible $25/yr increase in racing fees and it appears the board is trying to find another funding source.
  8. This thread’s focus on the big, heavy boats in the PHRF fleet ignores the other fleet of 5.5 meter boats also scheduled to race, as well taking a cavalier attitude towards all the smaller and lighter PHRF boats : Olsen’s, Merit’s, and Santana’s (and a J/24?) , which might have considered the conditions dangerous At the time the decision was made to cancel, the wind was up. The fact that it died down after that indicates that the RC was wrong to have made the decision when the wind was up and they thought it was going to increase further, according to the forecast? If the wind had increased would this thread have been started? We had a race cancelled this past season due to hurricane winds forecast. The forecast was wrong: winds were SW 10-15 knots. Too bad. Race another day. As others have suggested, if your crew is there but the race isn’t going to happen, go out and practice.
  9. PaulK


    That’s why Maiden didn’t win any of the legs of the Whitbread? Not enough bulk? Did you see the movie? Maybe the lighter and weaker women tried harder and sailed smarter. Managed to take good video as well.
  10. Sounds like a great way to drive people away from sailing and make it harder for those who were thinking about racing to find crew. Are they trying to kill the racing fleet? USSailing tried to require all crew to be members in order to compete in any race. That died very quickly. Our club has a policy that ANYONE wishing to race on Wednesday nights is provided a spot on one of the boats. No one is left on the dock. You don’t have to be a member - it's a good way to recruit new ones.
  11. PaulK

    Another approach to casual racing

    Pursuit races at our club are based on PHRF handicap, and each boat is given their start time individually beforehand. Sometimes the RC gets crazy and calls for boats to start from being anchored. The slowest boat starts at 11:00, and the other boats follow at whatever time afterwards their rating calls for- a minute later, forty three seconds after that, eight seconds later.... We race over a course to a harbor about 20 miles away, and everyone seems to end up there just as the sun is getting past the yardarm. To make it more exciting, one race each season allows boats to use their engines for up to 20 minutes. That allows the little guys to spring a surprise finish on the gold-plated crowd. Boats raft up (a dozen 30-40’ boats is quite a raft) and sometimes there’s a prize for the best hors d’oeuvres. Kids go swimming, paddle boards and guitars come out, BBQ’s... it’s a great party. Powerboats in the fleet zip over for it as well. The next day people sail home at their leisure. Very popular.
  12. PaulK

    Rules -Tacking at the Windward mark

    Sounds like boat A tacked (came to a close-hauled course) and stopped. Current allowed him to turn his boat whichever way he wanted, but he was not advancing. Boat B passed his bow and continued on. Boat A could not have had contact with boat B if they had wanted to. No foul.
  13. PaulK


    Works better with a potato gun. Provides more reaction time and is less tiring.
  14. PaulK

    Comparing Rig Dimensions

    Sailboat has many of the dims, but their database is searchable by LOA, not rig dimensions.