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  1. PaulK

    jack the dull knife

    Three years to go on our 1981 J/36. Passed a J/120 in a race last month.
  2. PaulK

    jack the dull knife

    Someone called it a lead mine, so a prospector came in with a chain saw?
  3. PaulK

    You know someone really screwed up when...

    J/36. Went at it from inside. Not only under cockpit but also beneath quarterberth that had to be opened up for access. Dremeled bigger & bigger circles until the core & laminates were dry & solid. Then filled in new. Much easier than working on the overhead, which had issues from previous owner's cabintop gear installs.
  4. PaulK

    You know someone really screwed up when...

    We had a problem with a misplaced screw on our boat too. Builders put a screw-mounted cable tie into the inside of the hull underneath the cockpit to help keep the engine control cables & wiring out of the bilge. Nice, except that any condensation or spray that got onto the wires slid down to where the screw was and entered into the balsa core. Twenty years later: a 30" patch of wet, some rotted & delaminated balsacore that had to be cut out & replaced. Watch where you put those pointy things!
  5. PaulK

    Gybing centreboards

    A gybing board may be important in OD fleets where everyone has one and can get it to work for them. (Boats may pass you if you don't have one.) Are you racing in a fleet with boats that have them? Then you will likely want to fix this one. On the other hand, the "groove" that the boat needs to be in for the gybing board to work may be so narrow and difficult to stay in so that it doesn't work for you. A standard board might enable you to keep the boat moving better, because the "groove" is wider, and this would offset the advantage of the gybing board. Other D2 sailors might be able to tell you more..
  6. PaulK

    Outboard Engine Propeller Guards?

    This is what we installed, after looking at a variety of options. Their main impact on performance seems to be on speed. Prop Guard Proposition USPS.pdf MPG probably drops as well, though the study they did doesn't seem to have addressed that issue.
  7. PaulK

    Outboard Engine Propeller Guards?

    We've put prop guards on all 8 of the instructor boats at our club for this season. Will check on the brand, but it's a cage that surrounds the entire prop. Hoods/cowls can suck things (like hands. arms, feet?) in. Performance drops with a cage, but the safety factor is 'way up. Our insurance carrier is much happier, along with the treasurer who pays the insurance bills.
  8. PaulK

    Monocular for dinghy racing

    Our RC resolves the problem of seeing the class signal flags by using colored cylindrical shapes instead. They're visible 360ยบ and of a sufficient diameter (about 10") to be seen at more than 1/4 mile. The sound signals that accompany the shapes when they're hoisted are also helpful, even with your eyes closed.
  9. PaulK

    Race Committe Question

    ... during which I would suggest that one option would be to cancel the race and totally annul the results for everyone, and let everyone know it was because xxx says he missed the start because there was no postponement signal. If there was no postponement signal, all the more reason to be close to the line so as to be there for ANY signal - including the starting sequence.
  10. PaulK

    Five-O-Five fun on LIS

    So 'come on down!
  11. PaulK

    Five-O-Five fun on LIS

    Why do you think we're at the tail end of the fleet? Ya dance with who ya come with. I'm talking with my North guy about upgrading, but that's what I had. Boat needed auto spin poles, shroud setup, and mast ram before being ready for almost prime time. Happy campers trying out 505's
  12. PaulK

    Five-O-Five fun on LIS

    Saturday was overcast, but there was wind for a rendezvous of four 505's at Pequot YC on Long Island Sound June 23 and 24.. Interested sailors came from as far away as Croton NY and New Haven CT to try out the boats as both skipper and crew. Early on Saturday there was enough wind for some trapeze work. Sunday the breeze came in late and brought a rainsquall, but people still went out to put the boats through their paces. The club hopes to host weekend races if boats continue to gather. If you have a 505 on or near Long Island Sound, let's get together!
  13. PaulK

    Boat sling design-help!

    Alan H's idea sounds good: K.I.S.S. Our club uses a rectangular spreader frame about 10' x 6' made of 3" galvanized pipe with threaded elbows at the corners - about half an hour's work for a plumber with a threading tool. It has chain from the four corners going to a central hoist point shackle. The slings are straps that can be adjusted for length AND slid fore & aft along the pipes to accommodate different boats. Once you know where the slings need to go it works pretty well. We use it to haul the club launch - 20' x 7' and about 1500 lbs.
  14. Sounds like you think the wave action is lifting & flipping the dinghy. Is this actually the case, as opposed to wind shifts? I have seen boats - heavy dinghies like Lightnings- flip on their moorings in a well-protected harbor because of wind shifts. It seems to occur when the centerboard is down enough to keep the boat from swinging quickly to face into the breeze. The wind catches the boat side-to and blows it over before it can turn. Keeping the board up ny halep this situation.
  15. PaulK

    Best Race Committee Boats

    Being able to see signals from all directions is a major plus. We use cylindrical shapes on the RC boat for the starting sequence instead of flags because of this.