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  1. That's not the guy You sure this isn't the guy who went back to the Larson dealer to complain that his boat wouldn't tow any skiers and he wanted his money back?
  2. PaulK

    Sailing Programs in the SARS-CoV2 Era

    Last I heard we had more than 100 kids in our sailing program. They've been going out for the past couple of weeks. Masks on at the club and in launches. They seem to be having a good time and progressing.
  3. PaulK

    505 Covid Project

    Looking very nice! Prep is what takes the time. We rolled Awlgrip with flattening agent on our deck (J/36) and they are right- it does come out with some shiny spots. We can live with them. Am planning to avoid painting the 505. Occasionally waxing the original gelcoat is much less work.
  4. PaulK

    Tourist Power Boat Anarchy

    Guard rails don't look like they meet OSHA standards and should be reworked. Kid or seasick crew could get his head stuck in the "V's" of those lines and strangle himself. Ronstan might be able to help:
  5. PaulK

    Vulcan 15 (My new boat design!)

    It's not a foiler? At that price I thought it was going to be a foiler. What about amas on the outriggers to help keep it upright when there's no wind? Or is the centerboard weighted a lot to keep it from being top-heavy?
  6. PaulK

    How to test if a dinghy will sink safely?

    Capsizing the hull in shallow water without the mast might work for a test. If it failed you could pull it out with a truck's bumper winch.
  7. PaulK

    V-berth anarchy

    We have those upper quarter berths. They're easier to use if you ease off the angle-adjusting tackles beforehand and snug it up after you're in, using the upward surge of the boat on a wave to really make it cozy. Makes it so we can sleep four to windward on either tack. With the pull-out settee making a double, and the lower quarter-berths being pretty wide, there's sleepover room for eleven, all told. Just one head though. Our v-berths have a deep enough V that you can sit and swing your feet up without kicking the other person. A rail to hang from is a good idea too, though it could reduce headroom.
  8. PaulK

    The search continues!

    Two guys at our club share a Wazp foiler and seem to like it. How well do you swim?
  9. PaulK

    J35 for family use

    Six would be tight for cruising on a J/35. Racing with eight works because watches keep some on deck while others sleep. It's maneuverable and the gear & sails aren't too big to handle, especially if there is family to help. Prices will depend a lot on condition. Some have been stripped down for racing. New cushions could make a big difference for comfort and aesthetics below and don't have to be that pricey.
  10. You want your cabin top to leak? You thought fasteners for cleats and winches were problematic? Water will find those wires and follow them wherever they go. Plus, they'll need connecting/disconnecting when the mast comes down, so you will have a junction of some sort that will provide another opportunity for the connection to cut out. Plus, do you run the wires across the overhead to get them back to the batteries/nav station.? Through the bilge? Around the cabin? Our instruments are wireless.
  11. PaulK

    Summer reading ideas

    If you like history, Hornblower and the Aubrey/Maturin series, you might enjoy The Nagle Journal. It is the journal/memoir of a Revolutionary War soldier who, after the battle of Brandywine, decides to crew on a privateer out of Philadelphia. They capture some good prizes but get caught by the British, so he ends up in a Caribbean prison. The French attack so he gets out. When the British counter attack he gets to choose between going back to prison or serving in His Majesty's navy. Some forty years later, after trips all over the world, (he was coxswain in the gig that determined where Sydney, Australia was built, for example) he ends up back in Ohio with relatives and obtains a pension from Congress for his service in the War. Quite a story, and it's true.
  12. PaulK

    Should WS consider dropping RRS 17?

    The point is that the boats have crossing courses, and the rule allows the leeward boat to maintain its course if it is coming up from more three boat lengths to leeward. The windward boat cannot force the leeward boat to head off. If the windward boat does not want to get carried up (resulting in an even worse angle for them, as coyotepup suggests) they should let the leeward boat get past them as quickly as possible and head off across the leeward boat's stern. transom.
  13. PaulK

    Mixing small batches of gelcoat

    use a teaspoon. A plastic teaspoon may be dissolved by the catalyst, so a metal one might be better. This chart may be helpful:
  14. Carbon neutral is not fake news in Europe. It is EU law. Beneteau, Renault and others are looking at sail cargo in order to reduce their carbon footprints.
  15. PaulK

    Tourist Power Boat Anarchy

    The echo effect off the cliff must be fantastic! If the music isn't loud it won't drown out the sound of the engines. Think about the diesel fumes as well, trapped right there by the cliff too. It would seem that the local authorities either allow this or don't know about it yet. I'd be calling town hall on my cellphone if these guys pulled up on my beach.