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  1. Isn't cellphone service essentially line-of-sight? How high are their towers? And if you want to talk, then we'd have to know how powerful the transmitter in your phone is. You may be able to receive data, but not transmit. Sounds like a boast good enough pull in some business. Has their stock taken off since then?
  2. Aluminium Fin Repair to Trailable Yacht

    What does the welder say about the repair adding any strength to it?
  3. We hold a 60-mile overnight race every year. Regular radio check-ins ---- with a f/up plan in case someone doesn't report --- might be a good idea.
  4. Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    With the forestays so close together, would it be easier to attach jib hanks to a loosened forestay , and then tighten it into position? If it loosened enough, you wouldn't have to go out to the very bow of the boat (slow, wet, dangerous) to change headsails. How loose do the forestays get?
  5. The space under the midships thwart is probably not big enough for all the gear you mention. It is also likely to get wet there, one way or another, with water sloshing around in the bilge. We put stuff forward of the bow thwart where it is out of the way, it might be drier, and there's enough room for it. A simple cover could be hinged on the forward edge of the forward thwart with stopper/support blocks glued to the inside of the hull to hold it up in the closed position, when it would cover all the stuff.We had squirrels get into the foam floatation under the seats on our Dyer so I'm working on cleaning that up before repainting.
  6. PHRF and the Parasailor

    I was under the impression that venturi slots were not race-legal. Isn't that what this parasail provides?
  7. Does your dinghy have a name?

  8. European Shantyboat?

    Downeast, anyone? https://www.robinhoodmarinecenter.com/riggs-cove-rentals/
  9. Best Race Committee Boats

    On Long Island Sound it seems that many clubs use lobsterboat types for RC duty. The large cockpit is good for handling signals and the hard canopy over the forward part of the cockpit provides good protection from the sun. They're fairly stable and not overly expensive to maintain.
  10. Connecticut-Puerto Rico

    Is there a reason that the Newport-Bermuda Race is held in June? Hmmmm.
  11. Marina Advice on LIS

    Norwalk Cove Marina (Norwalk) and Captain's Cove Seaport (Bridgeport) are not as far up the pike as Essex or Mystic. Both offer slips.
  12. Radar reflector

    Much of the discussion about radar reflector results seems to dwell on how the reflectors work best in lab conditions at specific angles of incidence to the radar beam being directed at them. The next time I'm out at sea with the radar reflector up I will be careful to make sure my mast is perfectly vertical and that no wind or waves make the boat heel, yaw, or pitch the slightest bit. Hopefully the boat using radar will be doing the same thing so that the beam will hit at precisely the right angle to provide him the blip on his screen (me) for him to avoid. Conditions at sea are obviously not static and boats under way are constantly moving all over the place. Given that the angles are never going to be optimal, getting a reflector that works over the broadest range of angles would seem to be the best bet. You also have to hope that the ship whose running lights you're seeing has his radar on and that someone is watching it
  13. Why paint topsides?

    If you're going to paint the topsides, please consider using 2-part polyurethane. It holds up much better than the 1-part paints and prep for both is essentially the same. Spending a bit more time mixing & applying the 2-part may add years to the longevity of the coating. It rolls and tips the same way the one-parts do and does not cost that much more. Painting once every ten years is much better than having to perhaps do it three times.
  14. Ultralight windvane selfsteer project

    You're using bicycle cables because you need both push and pull? (Just trying to understand setup - not familiar with self-steering.)
  15. We saw a hefty Etchells fleet racing out of Portland Y.C. this past summer. A good number of reasonably quick bigger boats as well. You should easily find something to keep both of you busy. Look for PYC race results to see what fleets they have.