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  1. The Prius just isn't doing it for me ......the UFO though ...send one to BELFAST and I'll demo it
  2. tdarcy

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Love all these stories of Imp etc. I started my big boat racing in the late eighties on wild goose another swan version imp that time in Carrickfergus Northern Ireland we had both Imp and wild goose racing together, obviously some time after their hey day but we had great racing on them . Did my first cork week on wild goose 1990 I think (us young guys all about 18 lol) .....couple of days in we were leading the big boat class and 2 handed drinking every night lol.....think we ended up about 7th but managed to beat our mates on Imp so we're happy with our bragging rights ......I remember one port layline flyer we had taken which paid big time as we lead round the weather mark ahead of fifty footers etc . .....great times!
  3. tdarcy

    What's happened to the VX One ?

    I owned an sb20 in ireland for a few years and the main reasons for buying it were - 1. the second hand market was very healthy and good boats were a very resonable price 2. there was a large fleet in Ireland when i decided to buy 60+ boats 3. They were the best sporty thing around other than a dinghy at the time it didnt matter if there was hiking or not as long as you got well into the teens with the kite up :-) These days i would really love to be sailing a VX one ..... reasons being- 1. they are a good bit lighter than the sb20 2. Need only 2 people to race which is a plus 3. Like the idea of the carbon mast 4. by all accounts are really quick in a blow :-). 5. Look like they are easier to launch 6. Build quality looks really good too. Unfortunately it will be a while before there is any second hand market around here :-( ......unless somebody wants to send over a demo boat ;-) TD
  4. tdarcy

    J35 Anarchist

    Bengal Magic to give her her full name is lying in Carrickfergus N.Ireland and undergoing some refurbishment including a new rudder and a shallower cockpit. She was a very successful J35 for the last 15 years or so with many wins under her current owner and previous owner including cork weeks, scottish series etc. I sailed on her for about 6 years or so back in the late 90s and still remember the day we lost cork week on the final day final race back in 96 (it still hurts ahhhhh). At one time on belfast lough there was Bengal magic, Jackpot, Ninja, Jacana and jumpin Jack flash would come over from the Isle of man frequently. The year we took Jackpot to the scottish series 1995 i think there were 10 j35s in our class, needless to say the rest of the fleet didn't stand a chance that year. Good times and even now I still think a well sailed j35 is very hard to beat under IRC