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  1. Hi Sailorman,  I have been right into your design when Eric Sponberg started talking of the design process with Client. ,  Proboat was my monthly handbook for everything boatbuilding....  then to the build.    and the rig......always was interested to see the articulated spinaker poles in action....but loved the centerboard and the lifting rudder in its pivot housing...loved the style of rig....I would follow up doing a google on Erics site.   then he went sailing. .....then I found the Ad for sale. ..and for hours [months] I studied the photos.  she is narrow but then I had sailed half way around the world on a 9'6  56' cold molded staysal schooner uk built boat....very easy to sail in storms and 240 miles would be reeled of regularly. even sailed big miles after tiller rudder join failed ....     I am very happy to see this photo with assymetric up on that tall rig...a highlight.  and a surprise.  and you are here on SA    This is a great design.    Thankyou   Kind regards Huey