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    caption contest

    See, boats DO grow on trees! When the mighty travel lift plucked this specimen from the water, the roots came out with it.
  2. I've been down every road imaginable with the gas stuff. New 100% gas, always add stabilizer. Cleaned out internal tank on engine, threw away old external. Brand new mix can, filled through filter funnel. Carb drained after each use. Doesn't matter - must be cursed. To add insult to injury, I bought the boat from a widow and it had not been sailed in over a year. Engine started on second pull with old gas in the tank (Florida). At that moment, I thought to myself "maybe this will be a good little engine". Fail. For traveling stuff, I have no idea what we might run into, which is my issue with it. I will say I haven't been anywhere in two years and given my current work load it doesn't look good. I also don't have regular crew given my infrequent or odd sailing schedule so not really on the table anyway. But I'm sure as soon as I get one of these, that will all change. I own a whole pile of Honda EU series inverter generators for my business. We don't do anything special to them - they get ethanol gas, we don't run the carb out of fuel, they sometimes sit for months. They work - every stinking' time. Just got a new EU7000 that is fuel injected - so far it's been awesome. Wish they would hurry up and put that tech into a small outboard.
  3. I'm fed up with my Johnson 4hp 2 stroke - supposedly a really nice motor but my particular usage habits end up with it in a non-working state 99% of the time. I have my own business that is busy and sometimes don't touch the boat for a month or two. In that time, the motor bricks itself. At our club, the dry sailed boats have to maneuver out the furthest and you really need a motor for this - especially if you sail with newbies who barely know anything about sailing, nevermind trying to sail out of the docks. So this non-working motor situation means I don't get to take the boat out. Really depressing when you've been working for two months solid and just want to go for a damn sail and the f$&@#% motor won't fire. I'm out $500 from the last shop visit and again after one use it's bricked again. Low speed jet is clogged up and the starter cable guide broke. So, I've been considering a Torqeedo to remedy this situation. Keeping the battery charged would be easy - just plug it up right next to my Tack Tick that I set in a window to keep charged and grab both before headed out. Power wise, I'm a bit concerned the Torqeedo won't have anywhere near the same oomph, but at the same time I prefer to sail and really only use the motor for in and out of the docks, and the occasions jaunt back to the dock when the wind dies on the course. The boat is a 22', 2150lbs fully loaded plus people - so prob 2500lbs. Sailing on a lake with no appreciable current. So power wise it's probably not a big deal after all, just worried the occasional traveling regatta might be an issue. The tiller situation of the Torqeedo is a big problem - the boat is a closed transom with a lifting bracket - so the fixed tiller of the Torqeedo would certainly be in contact with the stern and prevent the motor from being straight out. I have talked myself into the remote throttle control to remedy this situation, although I wish I didn't have to spend the extra money for that. Dear Torqeedo, it would be nice if this had a way to angle up! So what are the current thoughts on the Torqeedos - specifically the Travel 1003? I read about some serious issues with early models but most of those seem to have been worked out over time. Lastly, who has the deals on these things? Barring terrible reviews, I will probably pull the trigger on this early next week. Obviously will want to verify a current serial number, I have seen the sellers moving older versions at steep discounts.
  4. proaudio22

    Rolex Wild Oats XI

    for some reasons I'm glad they are out.. f@@@ losers.. p.s. never liked Nothern Sails Guess you aren't a Comanche fan either? If I had to guess Ramber is carrying North as well?