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  1. schooner27

    US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    Nothing wrong with a series, but those events you list are not within the Olympic Games. In the Games: Downhill Skiing - one race (only combined & slalom do you get two races - but the courses are different); Cycling Road Race - one race (I can't think of any round robin/series contests). No right to complain about the snow, the road, the weather, punctures, wax, falling over etc. If you don't get it right on the day, in the conditions presented, you don't win. Absolute misery for those that should have won but didn't, but they are the rules. The fan bases for those sports are also huge among people that practice the disciplines and those that don't. (Incidentally, Golf is a good comparison, but I'd argue the contest is easier to understand and you cannot win before the last round.) Keep the series format for the World Championships and other events that are for the purists, without the need for TV audiences. In the Olympics, use the series to determine the top ten and then let them slug it out. And thanks Dogwatch, I hadn't read the rule that you need to make a reasonable effort to race the medal race. But I still maintain that if one turns up, finishes last in the MR and still wins the gold any public imagination is completely lost. And, yes, in my view the Olympics are (now) as much about entertainment as they are about sport.
  2. schooner27

    US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    It is a trade off. The trend and tested series, where the best individual/crew should win. Good for the sport and aficionados, but totally boring and often unfathomable for the wider public, especially when the the gold medallist has won before the medal race and sits it out and even when the gold medallist finishes mid-fleet or worse in the medal race. Continue down this path and the likelihood is the sport's Olympic status & relevance reducing every cycle. A true medal race, with the best crews all in with a shout to win may introduce luck, but at least it is understandable. Apparently the sailors competing in the Star Sailors League, many of whom have won & lost at the Olympics, so have some experience of the highs, lows and frustrations, actually asked for a system whereby the SSL events would be determined by a winner takes all final race because it introduces the components of risk, reward, chance and excitement. And, it would be comprehensible to the average man. The very complaint we sailors make that a single race might be unfair because of the conditions is the exact reason the IOC struggles with sailing. Every Games the water is the wrong colour, the wind is the wrong shape etc etc. You rarely if ever have this problem with other sports. That does not make it right that the old methods have to get changed, but sailing needs to face up to the facts and decide what it wants. To be in and have to adapt or stick to principles and risk being flicked. Perhaps it is sad that sports have to prostitute themselves at the altar of the Olympics, but ask those sports that have been kicked out or have never been in whether they would conform to the demands (perceived or actual) of the IOC to get a place at the table and I am sure they would say yes. Sailing may just have to do the same. At least it has the option. So yes. Medal Races that determine the medals.
  3. schooner27

    US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    Sorry, I forgot the human story of Santiago Lange. That was special too.
  4. schooner27

    US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    The best race at the 2016 Olympics was the 49erFX medal race. Four boats had a chance to win, with winner taking all. Andy Rice, writing for World Sailing, wrote ahead of the race: "Sailing leapt into the entertainment age at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 with the introduction of the 49er skiff. Modelled on the 18 foot skiffs of Sydney Harbor, the 49er was an open skiff at that time and could be sailed by both men and women. It ultimately became male dominated due to the overpowered nature of the sailing. To keep relevant, the 49er has always progressed, continuously improving the boats with additions like carbon masts and square top mainsails along with ever tightening tolerances. However, no leap forward can be as significant as the addition of the 49erFX as an Olympic Event for women. On the eve of the first ever 49erFX medal race, what this progression has delivered is obvious. The gender equal event now features the best men and women skiff sailors on the planet, and it is the women delivering the drama. 4 teams are all tied heading into the final race, where all the medals will be decided head to head. It is sure to be a compelling 20 minutes of racing!" I understand the history and tradition, the good days and bad days, shifty days, breakages, the heavy-air and light wind experts, etc etc as a reason to keep the series scores, but the best Olympic contests are where someone has to nail it on the day and/or someone beats the odds. I watched one sailing race in 2016. I still find it extraordinary viewing today. The other sailing medal winners were undoubtedly worthy, but there was little in the way of sporting drama. My point: the kit is pretty irrelevant. If sailing wants to keep its place it needs to deliver something the public understands. A medal race where the gold medallist needs to turn up, race and win...on the day whatever the weather.
  5. schooner27

    J70, cheating and pros

    A second side to the story. Google translate will do the job adequately.