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  1. Rocket 22 Wanted

    I sent you a note I own hull # 9 in Chicago and I can give you some info
  2. J111 Sailing on the Great Lakes--Summer 2016

    Do not mention it Grinder, where else would I have been able to meet 120 great people ? It was a pleasure to be part of the team
  3. J111 Sailing on the Great Lakes--Summer 2016

    Humbling. Learned a ton. Loved it. Can't wait for the Mac! Hroth excellent, some boats have been sailed for quite some time. great seeing you guys on the line, enjoy the Mac. They are a pretty sweet boat for the run North. You guys stepped on to a great class of OD sail boat racing Great people, you mentioned you learned a lot, do not forget to ask, every one is willing to help Thank you to all the volunteers that helped putting 2016 J 111 NA event together, John Travis, Len Siegle, Chicago Yacht Club at Belmont just to name a few It was our third NA in the Class and one World regatta, we also learned a lot in this class . We learned that people are kind , we learned that in tough times every one in the class will give you a big hug Unfortunately it may have been our last regatta on the Mighty Wotton due to the circumstances Sail on Bill Smith Dorin Team Wooton
  4. Charleston Race Week

  5. Rocket 22 roller furling parts

    How to guide from CST might help some. http://www.cstcomposites.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/How-to-track-your-mast.pdf Thank you very much Much appreciated DC
  6. Rocket 22 roller furling parts

    I own Rocket 22 hull # 9 and taking a look at the mast when I put the boat away in the fall I noticed that the main sail track that is glued to the mast came unglued for about 4-5 ft at the top of the mast Can anyone tell me what glue should I use , seems that the track is some kind of plastic Thank you for your help in advance DC
  7. J111's KWRW?

    Jsmin, I think that by being the only class in Key West to step on the scale it means that 30 Lbs of crew weight more or less matters more to a 9500lbs J 111 boat than on a -2000 lbs J 70 with a sunken keel or without We are making the crew weight and been starving for the last 45 days and are all skipping Christmas dinners with family , all for the sport we love
  8. J111's KWRW?

    I am getting calls from more and more teams that are not happy with leaving a long term shipmate home
  9. J111's KWRW?

    It maybe the "J111 spring championship " sponsored by the California J 111 fleet Rocking the boat allowed !!
  10. J111's KWRW?

    Have your owner tell the 1 guy that we will all be racing PHRF and he can sail by himself
  11. J111's KWRW?

    Agree with The Wicked team, i will try to get a hold of Brad from the Utah team and the Spaceman Spiff from the Great Lake , can you guys contact the east coast teams I guess we all forgot to contact the West coast boats in Oct
  12. J111's KWRW?

    Don't sweat the little things, you do not need to be pigging out ( it is not healthy) our team will come in and help out ,we will all get on the scale at once and we will be at 1300 KG We are team players and we will rescue
  13. J111's KWRW?

    12345 What bone do you have in this ? Is this a national regatta that you are attending ? Is anyone advocating that we change the class rules for J 111 NA and the worlds This tread started with people that are doing Key west, last I looked you guys were not on the list . I would check back with the J 70 class and see when was the last time the class sailed at 280 kgs. Not likely , all boats have 4 people . Ask the guy that you sail with , no need to go digging around Ps , love the women are your boat -