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    Multihull Insurance Australia (again)

    I am just going to go on record again as someone who has lived this insurance nightmare for the last couple of years. This is not going to get any easier until the Multihull Association(in whatever form that takes) gets off the ground and we are able to remove the terms "catamaran" and "trimaran" and replace them with "performance multihull" or similar. Its a strength in numbers thing and it has to happen for insurance companies to even look at the issue again. I have been banging on about it for a year now but its now at a critical point. Given the events at RQYS last night, the few remaining avenues that I had for liability will probably dry up pretty quickly I think.
  2. newbiesporty

    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    No but he might be "sure"..... Forget what website you were on Pulpit? This is "Sailing" Anarchy where all forms of sailing can be discussed.....
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    Absolutely incredible reading really! Bottman, you are crazy man.... the conspiracy theory stuff is so full on. I remember having a text conversation with Jason the day after he was on board and he would in no way be led on bagging the boat or being negative about the works that had been done. To be honest, I reckon he did really well to not react to your absolutely over the top, bordering on defamatory statements about him until now. RIP Bullfrog... would have loved to see you back in full flight. But I am glad that Indian Chief made the choice that he did with Top Gun. Faster and faster all the time!
  4. newbiesporty

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Is there any start coverage?
  5. newbiesporty

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Considering that broker had nothing to do with either of those sales, it is opportunistic advertising at best, Questionable ethics at worst
  6. newbiesporty

    Grainger R42 - 12.8mts Performance Cruiser Trimaran

    Hi Vincent, Ill let Low Groove get his teeth into answering this however I will say that all of the big companies have their own versions of this system now. The term "cableless" is a bit of a misnomer and the system has a by product of not being suitable for a large percentage of applications. Ill let the full-time sailmaker take that further... I'm just the part time guy
  7. newbiesporty

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Hmm, You said charter... he didn't but regardless, I apologise for the offence that you took
  8. newbiesporty

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    I have two First 40s available Both the right price. One Carbon rig, one alloy.
  9. newbiesporty

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Don't forget that Voodoo(as Limit) beat Alive(As BJ66) over the line in the 2008 Hobart
  10. newbiesporty

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Wasn't that Limit that just returned?
  11. newbiesporty

    TF10 foiler... what could possibly go wrong!?.....

    2 masts? i am pretty close to one of the projects and only saw one..
  12. newbiesporty

    Bavaria in administration

    I’ve been a dealer for all the big brands and for some really cool custom brands so I consider myself pretty well informed.... That experience leads me to have absolute belief in my view that you are a compete tool.
  13. newbiesporty

    Bavaria in administration

    Really? Care to elaborate based on your wealth of multihull experience?
  14. newbiesporty

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Anyone notice the 20%scoring penalty to be applied to Infotrack and Wot Eva? Infringment of SI26.... Declarations, Uh oh, Rookie error!
  15. newbiesporty

    Corsair Pulse 600

    We did quite a few test kites for the 49ers back in the day with tighter luffs and flatter shapes... the loads were off the charts compared to the standard 9er kite. Pretty logical given you are sailing tighter apparent angles Similar when we mucked around with F18s but the differential was not as much... sheet load was already pretty high
  16. newbiesporty

    Corsair Pulse 600

    PPPhhh.... even you don't believe that right?
  17. newbiesporty

    Farrier F-85SR

    You two are so cute quote name="Peter Hackett" post="5346317" timestamp="1465380287"] If you can tow a Jayco around Australia you can tow a boat to Wangi.I could never compare to you Pete, you tow with a Jeep which is illegal (and unlikely to go anywhere) other than in South Aus.
  18. newbiesporty

    New imoca boats

    Don't know if its been mentioned.... But WOW that bow is fat.... nearly Farr400 fat...maybe more
  19. newbiesporty

    New Rambler

    For fucks sake He runs a sailing website!!!! Kinda expected. Would you have been slobbering all over speedboat if you had have had access? Do you think the boats been successful since it's launch in 2008? Cool as it is
  20. newbiesporty

    Older fast Aus multies

    Pppfffft what an offer Peter!!! My advice, skippers should stay at the back where they belong, leave frontier land to the professionals
  21. newbiesporty

    Radio Control Multihulls

    Is anyone else just waiting for Chris O to chime in?
  22. newbiesporty

    Radio Control Multihulls

    Would be fair to say that one Douglas Lord is, on some level, just an instrument that allows Chris O to yak, incessantly, about how much he dislikes the man and his design path(however misguided) Whilst I don't disagree about the probable outcome, it might be time to up the meds and retire the pitchfork and noose..... DL will always be his own worst enemy but you are coming across as a nutter ChrisO
  23. newbiesporty

    Radio Control Multihulls

    So, I know I got shouted down the other day.....but You proclaim to be trying to rid this thread of DL yet you're the one bringing him up again.. He's been gone for two weeks and you keep going
  24. newbiesporty

    Radio Control Multihulls

    Dude, get some help It's really an obsession that you have with DL! You just can't help bringing up his name
  25. newbiesporty

    F-22 Update

    No successful race boat has a boom less mainsail and there are people / designers / teams throwing plenty of money at development. Alinghi5, leblack, groupama, D35's, Seacart, European lake boats, Oracle BOR90 with soft rig, Offshore multis, Orma 60's, F18's and off the beach boats. Someone mentioned that the Nacra guys use the boomless mainsail. Have a look at the Nacra range. The boats without booms are the ones sold to resort's for punters to take out for a sail. The pictures someone posted above showing how boomless mainsails are used on race boats are interesting. Have a look at the mainsail shapes. Hideous to say the least. Anyway good luck with your racing boomless mainsail. Certainly is entertaining to read. Keep it coming. Ah earth to eyes closed guy, Nacra 5.8 Nacra 16sq to name a couple I have no particular love for boom less set up but can appreciate both merits and the inevitable shortcomings. Would be handy for some of you to check your supporting info though