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  1. SC27

    Great deal on a 2003 Cosair 31 RS

    This is the response I received from Jane on sailboatlistings ($20 000) before finding these two posts.... I'm replying you regarding the boat that I have for sale. The condition of the boat is excellent, no problems, very well maintained, never wrecked or involved in an kind of accident,clean registration,legally under our name, no leaks and you can find the pics attached to this email. I am selling it for $25,000. Because we've retired and relocated in Europe(Spain) and it is too expensive to import it here.. I let the boat to a shipping company in Topeka, KS who will deliver it to the next owner. The transaction will be made through eBay for our own safety. The best part about this is that you'll get 5 days of inspection and shipping for free. If you're interested in purchasing it just e-mail me your full name, shipping address and phone # so I can initiate the transaction through eBay and they will contact you to explain the entire procedure. Regards, Jane Lopez Specifications: LOA 30' 10" LWL 30' 0" Beam 22' 5" Beam (folded) 8' 2" Draft (hull only) 1' 4" Draft (daggerboard down) 5' 6" Mast length 42' 6" Weight 3,850 lbs Sail area: Mainsail 427 sq ft Jib 217 sq ft Asymmetrical spinnaker 992 sq ft Screacher 448 sq ft Electronics: New 2017 Raymarine Wireless (Wind/Speed/Depth/Temp), with Mast Rotation Correction and NMEA 0183 Box link to Autopilot (steer by wind and course) and VHF Radio (DSC). Raymarine T104, Raymarine T221, Raymarine T909, New 2017 Garmin 547 Chartplotter 2016, Simrad TP 20 auto-pilot, Standard Horizon Eclipse VHF radio, Kenwood AM/FM receiver with CD player and waterproof marine speakers, Unisolar smart charge solar charging system. Sails & Equipment: New 2017 Colligo Marine Dux Side Stays/Shrouds and Bob Stay on Bowsprit. Harken Mk III jib-reefing and furling system, Harken two-speed winches. New 2017 Calvert Triradial cut PXB20/SP15 50/50 Black Polyester and Carbon Fiber. Set 2011-2012 UK Halesy Tape Drive main, screecher & asymmetrical spinnaker). Original Set 2003 Calvert Kevlar mainsail, North roller-furling headsail, Calvert asymmetrical spinnaker. Assorted safety equipment and Fortress anchor with rode.Trailer: 2003 Trailex dual axle trailer with hydraulic surge brakes with New axles, suspension and dual hydraulic brakes. Tires replaced New 2017. Electrical: (2) batteries, selector switch
  2. SC27

    Dragonfly 25 MKI

    That was actually an easy problem to fix - welding. Two bigger problems occurred before and after the waterstay issue. The first is that when I bought the boat it was on it's trailer and the amas were upside down - so I missed that the balsa core in one of the ama decks was rotted - think oil can on the ama deck. FWIW, the surveyors missed this with their moisture meter. I fixed the cockpit coaming of rot last year, and 'll be doing the ama as soon as the weather warms. The second issue arose when the boat was being hauled to weld the crossbeam: the rudder dropped on the pavement and cracked it along the seam. That is about half-way fixed.
  3. SC27

    Dragonfly 25 MKI

    Just wondering where people are in this thread in concern to two questions: 1. Those that have success raising and lowering their mast using the guidance provided, or some other way without a crane. 2. What are people using for sailing instruments such as wind/depth/speed? I bought my DF25 (fixed amas) about this time last year, but tore a waterstay out of the beam on day 2 of sailing. Day 3 of sailing has yet to happen.
  4. SC27

    Navigation Instrument Suggestions

    THAT sounds like a fun trip. Most (all?) of the coastal cruising I would do would be island hopping for night stays- of course, undoubtedly, at some point I'll be caught by the night at some point. There is a local seller of a brand new AdvanSea s400 speed/depth/wind and all transducers (never used) all for $700. I don't think that Plastimo makes a transducer to compensate for mast rotation (I've contacted them), but might there be another manufacturer that is compatible? I understand the simplicity of going without, but, for the right price I wouldn't mind the convenience of an instrument read out.
  5. SC27

    Navigation Instrument Suggestions

    Alex W: thank you - I was kind of hoping someone would confirm my thoughts on the expense. Sparrow 50: I was thinking that I would at least use the Auothelm for a bit, or at least break it, before buying a new one. it worked fine when I used it last year. For various reasons I'm going to skip the radar, but I need a fixed VHF radio and I figured that I would look for a dual VHF / AIS set-up. Current is not much of an issue on the side of Nova Scotia that I sail - certainly not like SF Bay or the Bay of Fundy.
  6. SC27

    Navigation Instrument Suggestions

    If you want "Sailing" instruments to quantify your performance, then that's perhaps a different question. and a set that has a mast sensor etc makes most sense. Yes on sailing instruments. I tried to edit the title to reflect this, but I don't see how - is there a way? No on radar, and forward scanning depth sounder, no for Fundy side, but yes on Atlantic side. As for B393capt and stumblingthunder - I'll check out those links, thank you.
  7. I have a year old new-to-me 25 foot trimaran with a rotating mast and no instruments of any kind. Well, I do have a Raymarine ST1000+ AutoHelm. A local ad has for sale a Raymarine ST60 wind display (and cable, but no transducer) for $200, and an ST60 Mulitdisplay ($200) and a brand new Airmar DST800 with cable, seal and deadplug for $100. Then I got to searching around the forums and see that there are a lot more choices. Last summer I just used a handheld GPS, but I would rather go the display route. I'm rather sure that I would like to go to a chartplotter as well, but I could also stick with an Android tablet. The true wind and apparent wind I most miss - and the rotating mast adds an expensive complication. No racing any longer, but yes to day trip coastal cruising. Suggestions?