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  1. In my opinion round gotland is a very well managed offshore race....and there the rc checks ais signals...and does not let u start if u do not transmit....
  2. Could not still any yacht which is about to finish log a protest? Maybe the second line honours boat should convince someone......;-)
  3. ateam


    So 10 gramms lighter than the micro...but no tactical information - I.e no memory no class is not forbidding this so I will not I have to remember the numbers...does not work ;-)
  4. ateam

    New Rambler

    It's obviously not rigged yet but I'm guessing it will have a soft vang. Southern have been doing this for quite a while now, the booms are getting so bloody light these days they have no need for them. Some boats have a detachable strut to hold the boom up when the main is down but that's about it. Thanks! Like on racing dighys no vang - so the boom must be so light that it does not close the main at very light Winds - impressive.
  5. ateam

    New Rambler

    She does Not seeem to have a Kicker? No need anymore to Lift the Boom at light Winds? Does anybody know the reasoning behind this?
  6. ateam

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    does anybody know which made this rollable horizontal buttons are? am very keen to know.......