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  1. wow, that doesn't sound great. Today it's a battle between Nala and Fujin for 1st place, there's a good SE breeze blowing thro the VI's. What's up with no posting of elapsed times on the race results web site? It would be interesting to see the deltas.
  2. This was the 2012 rounding when hurricane Sandy was forming off Jamaica which fed strong, solid SE'leries into the BVI's
  3. http://nannycay.com/triple-jack-sets-new-round-tortola-record/
  4. Working on 'Triple Jack' in the Nanny Cay boatyard today Steve and I met Scott (who like us was wet sanding bottom paint on his GB 62 'Elvis') It was interesting to hear his take on the new ratings. Apparently there's no reason why Trimarans cannot use the same rule. Being data driven of course the data has to be available, but given that there should be no reason for excluding trimarans. We finally got our CSA multihull rating firmed up last year, it has just been updated for 2017. Racing 'Les Voiles' in St Barths is still CSA, we are headed there right after the BVI Spring Regatta. With regards to the 'weigh in' our CSA measurer used a Spinlock ZS Rope Sense 10 tonne load cell. ​We did this with a single point lift, it was a little unnerving but fairly straightforward. ​We have been racing in the BVI Spring Regatta for all but one of the last 18, in the late 90's we jousted with the likes of 'Virgin Fire', Wormwood 55 'Avalon' and the Shuttleworth 'Temporary Insanity'. ​More recently it's been 'Piglet' from St Croix and of course our nemesis 'Soma'. ​This year it looks like we will be in a class of 1 but sharing the start line with the most impressive line up of performance offshore multihulls ever assembled in the Caribbean. ​Fantastic. I believe that a 'data driven' ratings system for multihulls is the way to go. ​It's early days, but so long as the incoming data is valid and true it has to be the way forwards. A system that compensates for cruising or race trim, wind strengths, angles etc. once refined will encourage all manner of multihulls, 'turboed' or not to compete on a level playground. ​The word is that 'Elvis' will have full race crew on island Monday 27th onwards. ​They are looking to beat our Round Tortola Challenge time of 2h 33. ​Maybe Extreme h20 is lurking as well? ​Scott was asking us what the ideal conditions would be. ​'Hard out of the ENE' was our candid reply. ​Good luck with that one!
  5. Wow, racing in the 'Orphan Class' sounds grim! I guess our ST60's are not state of the art any more? We just hope that our courses are the same so we can gauge ourselves against the Johnny come lately 'on the line' fliers. Whatever happens it's all good, and there's always the 'Round Tortola' on the 28th March!
  6. all good replies, thanks v much. I'm opting for frequent oil changes after the boat launches and she works the gears. I never knew that simple green was so aggressive, that's the green stuff with a nice smell, right? There is another Simple Green product that I remember being a barnacle buster, maybe that's it? Anyway, job done, thanks for the inputs.
  7. So, here we have a Volvo saildrive with failed seals. Volvo/Yanmar, they are the same thing of late, both made by ZF. The normal reason for failure is high hours creating scoring on the shaft or fishing lines being drawn into the shaft ruining the lip seals. Anyhow, if was ATF filled (there's a debate right there!) the oil turns into a heavy pink mayonnaise. See pic. What is the best way to flush that stuff out? I tried 2 stroke petrol but it didn't touch it. I filled the drive with the preferred 15W40 engine oil and ran the engine for 20 mins in and out of gear. Drained the oil and it still looks milky and nasty. I plan to do that a couple more times and call it a day. This is a 'cone clutch' saildrive, not an old SD20 type that was more like an outboard lower unit.
  8. OK, here's the teenagers with their take of St Barths 2016. Unfortunately there's no race coverage, day 1 was windy and the pre start was a spectacle of expensive sails and powered up boats. Mixed in is some old footage mainly from BVI Spring Regattas.
  9. Hey Lat 21, just 2 days after STIR it is the Spring Regatta round Tortola Race. Conditions may not be perfect for a record run on the day but you never know. Here is TJ rounding in 2h 40m in 2012. The BVI is on the way to St Barths, I can sort out dockage/caretaking for you or any other multis who are up for the S.Regatta. Tempted? Mr.Skosh, you never know your luck! ​
  10. OK, I can merrily post images but please, in layman's language, HOW do you post a link to an external website? Also, I don't get the process for posting U tube links, 'took less than a minute'. step by step, make the forums a linkier place! thanks techies
  11. Nils, that's a shame...Rosie and Jervis will have to wait a little longer to hang out with Anton! If one is allowed to read between the lines is that the best possible excuse?
  12. I saw the Aussie Multihull cup thread a while back and was jealous to see so many rocket ships signing up! It's racing season about to kick off here with the RBVIYC 'Round Tortola Race' sponsored by Nanny Cay Marina in 3 weeks time. Beyond that I'm just trying to get a feel for who is planning to do what. For us it's definitely the BVI Spring Regatta followed by Les Voiles but I se there is growing interest in the St Thomas International Regatta (STIR). Before any of the above there is the St Croix International regatta November 11-13 Beautiful sailing there inside Buck Island and oodles of multihull history. We've been there many times but can't make it this year. Then is the 600 in Feb, a pipe dream of ours, 'Triple Jack's' last RORC race was the 1979 Round Britain and Ireland, (or was that Plymouth Royal Western??) One day we'll be there. St Martin Heineken in March. We have raced there many times since 2000 and had some memorable moments. A great regatta. STIR?? March 23 See the yachts and yachting article. Knarly racing around St Thomas, more often than not it blows hard. A few Gunboats and Fujin?? The following weekend it's the BVISR Being home turf I am biased in saying this is a great regatta with huge variations in courses to suit everybody. AND there is the round tortola record to go for! After that it's les Voiles. Definitely will be there, we had a ball last year. It all rounds off with Antigua. I've never raced there, it's just a bit too far upwind and by that time of year home points are seriously low! I'll try and post some more links but will send this out now rather than lose it!