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  1. ZIP is in for the OLD. Just need to send in the cat 7 cert ( got it renewed today) and a copy of the insurance. details details details.
  2. OK, have you asked the Lake Macquarie council to be the patron ? Its a charitable organisation, that potentially brings a huge part of the local community together, it brilliantly showcases the area, while bringing in sporting/tourist dollars AND (heres the clincher bb) Hawko can run a Getaway spot tying it all together. I am sure ASBA will nominate at least the OLD to its ISBA international circuit. Visit your local counciller mate, and blackmail the bastard into supporting what could build into a huge Lake event.
  3. Yes, hopefully we'll see more involvement by the Lakes Clubs this year, as the HCW isn't a one hit wonder any more. without knowing how you are set up, how would a high profile local patron go with shaming the Newcastle/Lake clubs into participating ? My suggestion is Jennifer Hawkins. Make them look positively anti novocastrian if they don't register their full blooded support. I was lurking around the Lake when HCW was on last year, my read from the actual sailors is that they would compete if it was a part of or not clashing with their pointscores.
  4. I spent the weekend at the LMYC with the etchells and also catching up with a bunch of the people that race the saturday from the club. Many of these sailors were interested in the race, but the caveat seemed to be that it was not a LMYC pointscore race, or a pointscore race clashed with it. I am sure that there would be great support from the LMYC under the right circumstances. Maybe the OLD would be the right entry point to entice the clubs support. There is plenty of interest. And well done to all involved in the race
  5. Thats a lot of beer at the exchange rate !
  6. Team Z is giving it very close consideration. give frayed a bit of encouragement.
  7. they moved the suburb ?
  8. its not that bad is it ? Belmont is civilied now, not like when i was a boy