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  1. BayRacer

    The Great Lakes System

    For more fun related to the Great Lakes.......... The Chicago area and parts of southern Lake Michigan, where glaciers disappeared 10,000 years ago, are sinking about 4 to 8 inches each century.
  2. BayRacer

    Collegiate sailing ....

    I was there in the 80's, heck was even commodore and treasurer a couple years. Involved with the sailing team but we had a few guys at the time (couple All-Americans) with dinghy skills way better than me, so I only raced in a few regattas a year. At that time, we had enough bodies to occasionally send teams to 2 regattas the same weekend. The team was/is a club sport, volunteer coaches. We used UW/state motor pool vehicles, but had to pay mileage for use. Not sure what they do now, there might have been some liability "concerns" after some trips. Not us, we didn't do anything like drive to Trux Umsted regatta with a keg in the van............ 470's were still there when I was there ((about 12), but that was kind of the beginning of switch to 420's and FJ's in the college racing scene. But we would have fun from time to time going out with kites and traps which you didn't use in ICSA. Techs, Interlakes, M-20's, C-scows and some E-scows, and 50+ sailboards. I was more involved with keelboat program. At that time, we had couple j-22's, donated Santa Cruz 33 (arrived a few years before I got there from west coast alum family) and Mull 3/4 tonner (donated when I was commodore by Detroit area family of our maintenance director at the time). SC33 I think I heard got hit on her mooring and no longer with us/them, the Mull is still there, I believe painted in "Holstein livery." Our keelboat training program hooked up with Port Washington YC and lots of us raced over there on various boats. My head instructor at the time was from there and raced with Schanen (Sailing Magazine) on his various boats. But yeah, club definitely geared toward teaching. We had 1600-2000 club members a year, 30-40 instructors running classes in various fleets basically 12 hours a day, 7 days a week May-September. Slightly off-topic from college racing, but think the club must still be doing good job in getting a fair number of people introduced to sailing.
  3. BayRacer

    WEATHER - WINTER 2019 - Good, Bad, UGLY

    Meanwhile in the upper Midwest, wind chill advisories and warnings will be the norm starting this evening and well into next week. Lows in the teens below zero and highs around 0F. Cold snap is currently progged to release its grip next weekend (Feb 2/3). We can't complain too much, up until this point have had minimal snow and relatively mild temps for this time of year (30's and occasionally warmer). We can survive a week or so. From local NOAA AFD today: Behind this system, models continue to advertise the polar vortex dropping into the state on Tuesday and Wednesday. If this occurs, temperatures may struggle to rise above 10 below at many locations. The arctic outbreak for the middle of next week could be one of the most severe in several years. Stay tuned!
  4. BayRacer

    AMAZON Prime. Good Luck With That

    I'm in Wisconsin, we use FIB, too. LOL. F*****g Illinois bastards that jam up our highways on their weekend getaways to points north. NWLP I'm pretty sure he means northwest lower peninsula of Michigan. There is a big bridge over the straits of Mackinac where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet that connects the upper peninsula of MI to the lower peninsula. Trolls live under bridges, so therefore troll=lower peninsula resident.......... Not that complicated, but guess it is kind of a Midwest USA code....
  5. BayRacer

    anyone know of any peterson 34's floating around?

    There is on in NE Wisconsin. Now named "Thunder." Not sure where it might have been before. Has extensive record in single and double handed racing on Great Lakes.
  6. BayRacer

    Bob Perry to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award

    Congrats and well deserved! As Midwest USA sailor, won’t make it, but look forward to pics and recaps.
  7. BayRacer

    local knowledge - lake minnetonka

    Not in Minneapolis, though did live there for a year or so many moons ago. Is this for a regatta or just cruising? We did race S2 7.9 nationals there maybe 12 years ago or so. Temps that time of year can range anywhere from 50's to low 80's depending on weather patterns at the time. Probably too early to worry about snow..... It is an inland lake, so shifts can be huge. If racing try to figure out timing of shifts, pick a side and pretty much commit to it, as it will shift back eventually. I think we averaged 3 tacks on 1.5 - 2 mile legs. Tacking on every small (5-10 degree) will get you no where fast. Not sure if it is still an issue, but weeds (millfoil?) were a big deal when we raced there, and regatta was in September, so same time of year. Had to raise the daggerboard and clean off rudder several times, which is annoying as hell when on the upwind leg, but not doing so would quickly spit you out the back of the fleet. You could try contacting Minnetonka Yacht club for more insight
  8. BayRacer

    Thoughts on old molds and new boats

    OK, I stand corrected. Maybe I recalled higher number figuring in sails, etc. plus assorted other gear that you would have to add that often comes with a used boat. It was a long time ago.
  9. BayRacer

    Thoughts on old molds and new boats

    A few years ago (10-15??), Tiara Yachts and the S2 7.9 class association looked at costs to do another run of maybe (15)--(20) 7.9s. Tiara is what S2 morphed into many years ago when they got out of sailboat building and switched exclusively to power boats. The 7.9 is a bit bigger than the Moore, but not by much at 26 feet. If I recall the 7.9 price was around $75-80K, and that was without a suit of sails, outboard, or trailer. The idea did not last long..........
  10. One other thing, there is probably a thermal/overheat switch on unit. On ours it is a mechanical button reset, but yours may be automated somehow. Leaving it off for a few hours probably allows thermal relay to reset and therefore start up fine next time.
  11. Have Mermaid Air 16500 BTU with reverse cycle heat with essentially same symptoms. Though our system has essentially a home-type thermostat that can be set to cool, heat or fan only. Fan would run fine for week at time with no issue. Tripped out when cycling on/off, and heat mode would trip breaker after 5-15 minutes. However, amp readings never spiked when tripping out. Had marine HVAC company troubleshoot it. Replaced breaker for system first at their suggestion. HVAC tested capacitor and numbers were good. Further analysis and consultation with Mermaid determined problem to be internal short in compressor. Now unit is in Florida being rebuilt by Mermaid. Hope to have it back in a week or so. About $750 plus freight from the Midwest. We have had 90's around here, too, but since wife was out of town and I had to run a Lightning regatta this past weekend plus take care of dog, haven't missed it. Yet.
  12. BayRacer

    Reducing Anchor Swinging

    A few weeks back we had to use a friend's O'Day 27 as a committee boat for a Lightning regatta (Great Lakes, no tidal changes to worry about). Winds 10-15. We added a small triangular canvas piece (maybe 3x4x5 feet) that was built as a rain shield for front hatch. Tied one corner to outhaul, one on main halyard above outhaul, and ran line from other corner up to tack, There were some grommets along each edge and we tied/lashed bottom edge to boom in a few spots. This GREATLY reduced swinging/hunting on an anchor that had maybe 10 feet of chain.
  13. BayRacer

    Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    Well, we managed to top that early April snow snowstorm. Unfortunately..... Over 23" of snow in last 2 days here in NE WI. Started Friday afternoon with sleet/rain/freezing rain, then change to snow and 12-15" by Saturday morning. Followed by a brief break and then another 8-10" Saturday night through Sunday, and all of this accompanied by 25-35 knot winds, gusting to near 50 at times. By end of week temps will be 45-50F, but after having almost all of the earlier season snow gone, it will take a couple weeks to get rid of this mess. I will need a shovel to even get near our outdoor stored boat to think about taking the cover off next weekend. This storm was fed by Gulf of Mexico moisture, so it will help continue the water level rise in Great Lakes we have seen last couple of years.
  14. BayRacer

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Sorry to bring up a year old post and detract from the Tartan restoration narrative. Ran across this post yesterday. I raced on "Fancy Free" back in the late 80's/early 90's on the Great Lakes (Port Huron and Chicago-Mac races) before the owner retired and moved to Florida and took a saw to the keel to adapt to the thin water down that way. That modification may explain why she looks a bit tender in this photo. She originally drew about 7-1/2 feet, which I gather is a bit much for most of Charlotte Harbor. Now back to your regularly scheduled Tartan updates..........
  15. BayRacer

    how long would it take

    Our C&C 37 was at Crowley's in Chicago when we bought it some 10 years ago. Moving it to Sturgeon Bay in pretty much no wind and fog the whole way we stopped at Milwaukee Yacht Club for fuel and spent the night. Made it to Sheboygan next day by 4ish and pulled in due to line of severe thunderstorms approaching. Made it from Sheboygan to Sturgeon Bay in about 9-10 hours (still motoring basically all the way). 30 footer will sail/motor a bit slower, unless you get breeze for a decent reach. It is about an hour from the Lake to downtown marinas. depending on which side of bridges you start from. You will burn up half hour just getting through bridges downtown if you are on the bay side, since they only open on half hour intervals (15 minutes apart).