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  1. I cannot add any info on this incident. I was commodore and instructor at UW Hoofer Sailing Club (way) back in the late 80's. UW Lifesaving (aka "Harvey") was always a well run and valuable service on the lake. We obviously worked closely with them on weather events and retrieving wayward folks just beginning to learn how to sail. Very sad to hear of this. Pretty sure they always ran with at least 2 people on board, so even harder to understand how lookout failed.
  2. Pretty sure your twin "booms" are dual spinnaker poles. I suspect gybing chutes was done by connecting pole to the soon to be new windward, luff and disconnecting pole from the new leeward side. There may also have been a reaching strut.
  3. I don't remember port of call, but I am pretty sure I saw Brassy in Leland, MI harbor a couple years ago when we were cruising N. Lake Michigan. As I recall, current owners had added basically a full enclosure around the cockpit.
  4. When at school at U of WI, we had a 33 that had been donated to the Hoofer Sailing Club on campus. Long time ago, but maybe Boness(?) family from somewhere on west coast donated it. "Mariah." As late teens and early 20 something's, we raced her hard in the Mendota Yacht Club series, and as a party boat in the evenings, docking at Edgewater hotel for sunset cocktails or post-race drinks, and a couple of fraternity docks for even later evenings. Lotsa fun. A few times the engine would be on the fritz, but could sail and park her at the dock like a dinghy. Long after I left, I think the story was she got hit by powerboat while on the mooring and suffered an untimely demise.
  5. When I hover over that on/off button in the SA notification settings, a pop-up says the administrator has disabled this from being toggled. Probably not the highest item on your list, I'll just close the box for now.
  6. With the update, I now get a popup notification on EVERY view, that says the site wants to send me notifications (Windows 10 Pro, yeah, yeah, but we are stuck with it at work). I don't really need to know what is going on when I am not on the site. I don't have notifications enabled on Windows and don't really want to just for this site. In the SA profile settings, I turned off all notifications except that "Profile, Someone posts on my profile," the ability to toggle on/off is disabled by the administrator. I don't know the purpose of this, but can this be changed so it can be turned off as well?
  7. Wisconsin based, but just read article about Allstates Rigging. They go all over the USA. Otherwise, some of the bigger mechanical contractor companies like Boldt (well, also WI based, but locations around the country).
  8. As a manufacturer and buyer of machinery from time to time, we get emails and mailings from auction houses all the time (several per week). I don't know how they get our name or particularly email addresses, but obviously there are a ton of databases for sale out there. We have never bought anything at auction, but they keep trying. Just got one for a plant in the UK, which is a little far for a midwest USA firm to get too excited about.
  9. Sounds like any possible suitor may just wait for auction...... Thursday, April 6, 2017, 1:00 PM (ET) Navtec Rigging Solutions - Machinery & Equipment Online Auction By Order of the Secured Creditor, Major Offering By Online Auction, Assets of Navtec Rigging Solutions, Including: CNC Machining Centers, CNC Turning Centers, Machine Tools, Finishing Equipment, Specialty Manufacturing Equipment, Material Handling, Raw Materials, etc. http://thomasauction.com/auction-details.asp?id=438
  10. Here is shot taken by a friend from shore (up on bluff) of us powered up in a race from couple of years ago.
  11. Probably depends on the market/industry. We are a privately held manufacturer in the Midwest USA. We sell capital and consumable equipment to a variety of industrial customers. In certain areas of the USA where customer density does not justify employees, we have manufacturer reps. We pay 12%. Our overseas sales agencies get 10-15% depending on the customary rate in each country. Capital equipment sales cycles can be long (3-6+ months) and manufacturing lead time can be 4 months. Our field people are also service folks, as our manufacturing customers have shrunk their headcount and rely more on suppliers for maintenance support. As I said, there is probably a difference between retail sales and industrial B-to-B sales.
  12. ? Since when? I know Mr. McCarthy is in the insurance business, but I too cannot recall a race where a copy of insurance cert was not required. I raced in the 7.9's for ~15 years or so until our owner moved to a cruising boat, and all of the regional regattas, NOOD regattas, and class champ required insurance. Races we do on my cruiser/racer require insurance as well. Granted, these are all MIdwest regattas/races, so I suppose this may not be representative of the enitre country. Also, while not related directly to racing, our club full of Lightnings and 25-30 foot boats requires insurance for the boat to be on/in the property/harbor, and the marina where I keep my boat requires insurance cert for summer and winter storage.
  13. I was in Russia a few years ago. This was for installation of equipment we exported from USA to a customer there. So I had a business visa. The visa process in Russia seems to be unique. In other countries we ship to, our local agent or the customer can provide an invitation letter sufficient to get a visa fairly rubber-stamped by the embassy/consulate. In Russia, our sales agency said we had to pay a fee to a separate company that generates the letter. In addition, Russia is fairly tight with visa duration. I have 5 year visas for other countries, but could only get a 6 month visa in Russia. Went through all 3 airports in Moscow on different legs of the trip. And of course Sheremetyevo (intl arrival) and Domodedovo are on completely opposites sides of the city. The cab ride from my hotel near Sheremetyevo to Domodedovo for a domestic flight was interesting. Chain smoking, no English whatsoever driver, occasionally driving on sidewalks to avoid the traffic jams. Mile after mile (or km after km if you prefer) of high-rise apartment buildings. My domestic flights were all on Boeing or Airbus airframes. No Soviet era 40+ year old Antonovs or Ilyushins, but I was told they are still used on a couple of the routes I was on. I'm sure you already realize, but Russia is HUGE. From Moscow to where our customer was located in freaking Siberia it was a 5 hour flight. Fortunately my trip was in June. But there was still snow and ice in the sluiceways of one their huge hydroelectric dams. I forget what it is called, but most of the markets will have vendors with a home-made soda of some sort in a tank trailer. Been a while, but I think it seemed like a very watery Coke. It is made from fermented bread I think. Does have a low alcohol content. Speaking of alcohol, you won't find a lot of Absolute vodka or the like except maybe in the hotel bars. Seems to be as many Russian vodka brands as the USA microbrew industry. But all the labels were in Cyrillic so I don't remember the names. And maybe also due to the quantity served at a typical Russian business dinner.............
  14. I have the full keel version. A while back someone else on SA asked about the boat and I posted some comments, but the new and improved forum apparently doesn't keep history as long as it used to as I can't find my post. Basically I noted, at least with a full keel, the boat goes upwind on rails and downwind does not "rock and roll" as much as other racer/cruisers of that era. I can't really comment on the CB version other than the usual caveat that a CB version will give up some upwind performance. PHRF rates the CB version about 10 sec/mile slower, depending on region. C&C boats from the 70's/80's were considered very well built. We have no issues with cabin doors not fitting when the hydraulic backstay is cranked on, unlike some other boats from then. That being said, the hull and deck are cored, so as with any 30 year old boat, make sure to have a reputable surveyor check for delam issues. Most of the boats have either replaced or will need to replace the glued-only main cabin windows, but this is not a complicated project, and adhesives have improved in 30+ years. 3/8" thick cast acrylic. This project has been covered in detail several times on the C&C owners forum. You and/or your friend should spend some time skimming through the email discussion list archives for additional insight on the boat, brand, and typical maintenance projects. www.cncphotoalbum.com
  15. 3874 HP??? Guess it will move along pretty well even when the wind dies..................