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  1. Go for the stiffer material. If it's 1/2" pvc it is too flexible and you will only be able to bear off. With a little heal on and the rudder loaded up a bit the small diameter stuff just bends in an arc and you keep going straight, kinda like serious understeer I some cars I'm familiar with.. A caution; a capsize with tiller in hand makes for a long day and lots of swimming when it snaps over the gunwale. When you know you're going in, jettison the stick and hold on to the sheet, that way the canoe won't get very far and you can pull your self to it. If you're using a mainsheet cleat, as most do, you'll have to wrestle it our before attempting to right. Sometimes can be a bit of a struggle. On righting technique, there is no right or wrong one, just what is the most successful and quickest one for you. Larger people can pull the canoe up without hardly getting more than their torso out of the water. I've seen them edge alon the side grab the stick and help them selves aboard and onto the seat lighter types stand on the DB with their toes on the tip and then step right onto the deck. If you try that technique, if the jib is flogging pull in the sheet to say a broad reach setting as you get the mast out of the water , this keeps you from dialing up head to wind an re capsizing. the canoe is likely ideling along as the aforementioned shock cord tiller preventer has done its job and returned to centerline. Thank a breath, check that the extension isn't hung up on anything, like the mainsheet , resist scampering aft for the tiller, make sure there is absolutely no heal to leeward, a little to weather is ok, Then retrieve it. Also get your weight on the seat. You have a very small lever arm it you're sitting on the deck. PM me , might be coming thru your part of the world in a month. Del
  2. Looks like I needed the thread, Anyone buy the boat that started it? Possibly go sailing before the snow falls? Del
  3. I remember that old flat windshield Chevy Van. He also had a VW Super Bug without reverse. He'd tell stories about how he'd have to always park it with a forward exit strategy and laugh when it didn't work out. I sailed the Dillon Lake Fireball Nationals in '74', between races I sailed away from the start line traffic for a break when I looked up and everyone was on the beach tipping over their boats or making a beeline for the beach, I checked to weather and there was a very dark gray line heading our way fast. I bore off chasing the others, naturally I didn't make it. At something like 9000' elevation, the velocity of the gusts was huge but with the density altitude they were mostly Volts and not so many amps. Still enough for me to be the comic relief for the crowd on the beach. Somewhere I have a black and white picture of the Bay Fleet packing up in the rain. Looking like a really damp Adams Family portrait. Couldn't wait to do more. Del
  4. Yes, i can confirm it is a Sailnetics. Worked there after college. They started off building woodies, I had #2, US 3877 and is one reason I didn't finish grad school. Ron Stewart an Co. then built composites, like the well preserved one in the pix. 7626 would be toward the end of that run before starting the Mark 1 all glass boats from molds built by Chris Benedict around 1972. Shortly after I joined the fun on Atlantic Ave in Alameda we picked up a set of molds originally fabricated by Carl Eichenlaub. These later boats had a better hull and didn't have the thick side rails and with better materials and technique made a lighter boat. All the hulls in that series started life white as it made production faster. Not to say they were without fault, the mast gate was 1/2" off center and the deck/ bow transom joint was a weak point. A lot of those boats saw a lot of action on the Bay, in short it was a Golden Age of adult dinghy racing, with a bunch of young guys getting paid to make the toys they loved to play on. The MK 3 iteration had a integral spin launcher and fixed all the issues us production types had to deal with. Unfortunately the economy had changed and an interpretation of the Harborworkers act briefly classified every one working on boats as shipyard workers with near unlimited workers comp, insurance rates became unsustainable and by the time the situation was rectified the damage was done. Full scale production shifted to micro scale and not many 'Balls were built after about 1978. At the time the Harken Bros. Vanguard division was the competition. They produced 470s, FJs, Finns, and The nascent Optomist and I think the rare FD thou Lindsay seemed to have that market locked up. Sailnetics' lineup had the Fireball, FJ, Contender, ElToro, with the occasional Int.14. The late Bob Kesselring ( known to friends as "the FieldMarshall") served as a dealer and started the Colorado Fireball fleet, Lime green was a popular color and the one pictured could have been one of his. He tended to get a new boat most every year and sell the old one to build the fleet. He was a ski instructor at Alspen and his apartment always had room for a fellow sailor in the winter ski season. 10 or so years ago after I happened into an aspen area bar restaurant ( could have been Snowmass ) with all sorts of cool stuff hanging from the ceiling like a sailplane and low and behold a Fireball! Brings back memories of a fun boat for lighter people. Good luck Del
  5. Tell me the driver was on a cell phone and have they serious insurance coverage. DWO
  6. It's a small fleet but we seem to have a ridiculously high percentage of sailors named Eric , Steve or Chris.Gets worse when the are 2 Steve Clark's fortunately the one with the GBR on his sail spells his with an e at the end. More details on the races tomorrow on the Lay Day, far too beat to contemplate anything but an early sack time. DWO
  7. Only on the most dire or expedient way for a short distance.Boats with full batten sails don't tow well they tend to want to accelerate past the tow boat. So it's main down before the tow line pulls taught , either that or it's a very very slow ride. Today was challenging. The RC stated they were starting on time so everyone launched early, only to have the wind will in so we reached around for an hour before the start , almost as long and as much effort as a Race! At the start it was a solid 15 on a high tide. The first watcher mark saw Lt. Gay in the lead . Defending Champ Chris Maas lead at the gybe and then launched into a commanding lead. Lots of place changes on the ensuing reach , beat run and beat, and most not due to capsizes.it was a day where one small slip or mosque on a tack bear away or missing an ease of the sheet over a wave could mean the difference. It did for Chris at the last weather mark, when his grip on the sheet failed and he crashed into the Weather mark hooking the anchor line on his shroud. , with chris out the day belonged to the young, Mikey Radziejowski, a youth Americas Cub veteran blazed to the front and took the gun followed by Steve Gay and Alistair Warren. The RC reported a sustained 20kn with a few higher gusts. Some thought the going a bit difficult but the locals in first and second begged to differ. "You should be here when it ebbs!" They were heard to say. Another One race day tomorrow with 2 scheduled for Tues. The weather forecast is favorable so well see what the leader board looks like then.
  8. At the risk of embarrassing a fellow sailor, and that NEVER happens on SA, a Little video from yesterday's IC World Championship Opening Ceremony . One of the Canadians who's initials are B.L. Went for a check ride hoping to make it back for the Opening, He made it but nobody could scripted his entrance. You can't make up this stuff! DWO
  9. The news in brief.Final measurement checks for the last of the 34 canoes this morning followed by the Practice Race. Naturally few starters finish the course but defending Champ Chris Maas served notice that he intends to retain the crown. 3 time Champ Robin Wood sailing smooth as ever was first at the finish , followed by fellow GBR. Team member Alistair Warren and Mikey Radziejowski of the USA. Also showing good speed were Lt. Steve Gay USN, and Peter Ullman of Germany. Ther are 5 returning Current and former World champions racing and 11 of the 34 are returning veterans of the '93 Worlds also sailed at RYC. But if you think its a bunch of old guys on the water, a large part of the upcoming talent wasn't even in kindergarten last time. The usual opening ceremony , complete with flag raising and anthems and speaches was followed by the competitors briefing , dinner and videos of the day and then the start of the first boat repairs. First race start is at 12:30 tomorrow, let the Hurting Begin! DWO
  10. this elegant piece of Comstock Load silverware will be on display at the Worlds, it's even more impressive in person.The Challenge Cup has a long and storied past, with some repeat winners , the most being 11 including one reading " World War , No Races, 1917-18" DWO
  11. Indeed you have a part of Canoe Sailing history. It does look like, and the plans suggest, it is one of the "East Anglian" designs that he sailed when he won the ACA Challenge Cup and the New York Cup in 1933. Those events were the Genesis of the international class rule that we have today. Fascinating to know how she got to South Africa. Are there any identifying marks , builders plaques or perhaps a sail number to be had? If it is East Anglian she belongs in a museum somewhere on the Isle of Wight. DWO
  12. If you have 20 min.or so to watch a couple of ICs blast around SF Bay check out the go pro video. It's edited down from the 21/2+ hrs of raw footage but we left the good stuff like flubbed tacks and capsizes. Was an experiment with the speed puck as well, tho its sometimes hard to read in the shadows. Something else to think about out there. Lets see , wind from 230 degrees , blowing 17, giving a reach angle of 95, its 1330 hrs the 28th of may so the sun angle will put a shadow....... Na, TMI it was too good day to go there, The other canoes are Chris Maas, and Mikey Radziejowski Enjoy, DWO
  13. Credit DP and Editor Gail Yando for the work. Sailing wives are the best. More to come! DWO
  14. So the Americas Cup is supposedly going to Bermuda or somewhere between here and the international dateline ..... BUT The ICs are still coming to the XIX World Championships at Richmond YC on SF Bay this Sept., 15 sign ups so far. Registration is easy thru the link on the richmondyc.org site. You can sign up ,make housing requests ,order meals in advance or warm things to wear if/when the fog rolls in. Credit cards accepted, but the paying can be done later so you don't carry a balance before you even get on the plane or in the car. All this hype is to encourage the determined and coax the hesitant into letting us know if your coming so we can put on the best regatta possible. We put together a You Tube video a while ago, search: International Canoe Worlds 2014 Promo And it should play, along with the soundtrack, at least it did. Some early Spring shots and some clips from the '93 Worlds , complete with the requisite crashes. DWO
  15. Don't worry, the new lime green weapons first engagement is set for the Whiskeytown Regatta weekend after this. Well give you the full report. I seem to recall Erich Chase's flapper from , oh about '99 , and what it did at the NAs that year. Only this one has a bit of Moth tech and of course the Maas touch. Stay tuned. As for competitiveness, for some of us , getting to the start line is a victory in itself! DWO