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  1. Is there a replay of the presser available?
  2. Thanks for the follow up. The website indicates you may need the H5000 computer for the race panel to work. Is this the case, and since I won't have an H5000 computer what features would we be able to use on the Zeus2 for racing?
  3. Our recently purchased '15 Jenneau 349 came with a Zeus T7 on starboard, with nothing installed on port (twin wheels). We are going to install B&G something on port, however we are weighing our options between a Zeus2 and Vulcan. It appears the Zeus2 is a significant upgrade over the Zeus T7, so we are thinking of swapping out the T7 on starboard for a Zeus2. Then, to save some money, we would install the Vulcan 7 on the port side instead of an entirely new Zeus2, which seems redundant and unlessary given the cost premium. We want chartplotting capabilities on both sides (hence no interest in the triton). The Vulcan appears to be essentially a repeater screen to the Zeus2, and given the fact it renders full charts/read outs and can be used for plotting purposes, it would fit our needs. Can anyone with experience on the Vulcan/Zeus2 confirm this would be adequate and/or a possibility?
  4. Thanks! All save for Gitana, they really lifted up their skirt!
  5. Yes, Hugo Boss a foiler. I think they - most of th different racing teams with foiling imocas - are carefully showing very little of the foils for the moment.
  6. Is the new HB a foiler? Haven't seen any images with foils installed.
  7. Awesome pictures photoboy, and congratulations on the new ride Rag. I've been following this thread for awhile however haven't posted, until now after seeing the pictures. I'm a 30 year old who will be looking to go partners on a boat with my bro in 5 years or so. Based on all the info i've read and with the firsthand accounts rolling in, i think i've found my pin up girl to look at. Throw in the fact that over the next decade a OD will without a doubt grow here in the great lakes, and the decision becomes that much easier. A lot of people like to hate on J-Boats, you gotta admit they really nailed it with the 111. Congrats again ragbag, looks awesome.
  8. my vote: (310): i broke my thumb. i no longer have 2 opposable thumbs. i'm sub-human. i love vicodin.
  9. Roy Williams is a loudmout prick. I remember when he said something along the lines of 'we could have scored 40 more points today' Well, then why the 'f' didn't you? Do you try to loose?