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  1. As for scaled up moth designs, come on guys, get off the coolaid. We are going to get boats that are similar to VOR70s (or 65s), or IMOCA60s. In all reality, I am gutted they aren't simply using IMOCA60. The ROI for having a boat that can be used again and again would make the race finally relevant to sailing. Joining the global circuit of fastnet, vendee, hobart, etc. Finally getting a proper professional circuit embedded into the existing events - and getting a 20 boats faster then Oats and Comanche,,, f'n priceless!
  2. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    ya, the guys really seemed to be stuck in the old media world of "TV". As if you can't sell ads or make money off youtube free broadcast. People don't realize that the show itself is the ad. as for old guys, JS looks in better condition than 99% of the guys out there on the pro circuit. That is something that clean noted in the preshow, the AC crews are so beyond anything sailing has ever seen (or currently sees in other programmes). They are definitely not dropping off the earth. Quite the contrary, they are the pinnacle of the sport.
  3. AC36 When?

    Early 2021, I believe they will be going towards a open 60 concept and should align with the VOR. Dalts made it clear he is pissed with the fragmented sport. They will also get amazing press with late 2020 events that can dovetail with the Vendee Globe. I doubt they will poach the vendee skippers, but they have to take that into consideration. The VOR has specifically scheduled their event to avoid the vendee. THe biggest issue I see is the boat, not the timing. They know when they will be doing it, they know how it fits with other events, they know they can grow real teams that can integrate VOR, Vendee, and AC. The crux is that the 60s won't match race good. so they need to figure something out. Perhaps the VOR inshore cat venture might be the key. Not sure. The 2 year circuit of the VOR can integrate perfectly with the AC. From VOR "The 2017-18 edition starts 22 October from Alicante and will finish at the end of June next year in The Hague, Netherlands. The three races after that will run 2019-20, 2021-22 and 2023-24 and the tender process for Host Cities is now open for all 3 editions."
  4. Poll: Next AC Boat

    Foiling - Does not make good sailing and races Wings - reduces the skill in trimming Cats - Require reaching starts.. boring Foiling, Winged cats make great FLEET racing, but boring match racing. The AC is a match racing regatta. Ya, flame away with what world match racing has done. I don't buy it. But, again, I want proper consolidation of fleets. AC can either choose to go towards VOR/Vendee or they can choose to go towards WMRT, or towards TP52 or stay status quo. I"d put a buck it will end up being one of those options and not something outside of the box
  5. Why was TNZ faster ?

    NZL optimized their high (and low soak) mode better then anyone. This is why they won. Everyone knows how sails just stall leaving no power. The drop off is severe. NZL could only achieve this by a flatter main trim which is a lower power mode,,,, unless they have speed and it becomes walking a knife edge. Everyone saw the effortless driving by PB, so HE WAS NOT THE GUY DOING IT! The high mode, in my mind, could only be achieved by the foil control. Not the rudder, not the main. Again, do by simply what we saw,, effortless driving, and flat main. Thus i suspect that when the nuts and bolts are analyzed, BT role will finally be shown to have been the winning role. Ya, the main control was nice. North Sails CEO (wtf is he commentating for, doesn't he run a company????) always mentioned the different trim characteristics between the team, but I don't buy it. When in a high mode, you simply can't let the "main sheet" off, because you instantly stall. Everyone know in the high mode you are all backstay to control the top. A little surprised CEO never got into that. What is odd, is that everyone said that NZL was faster downwind and 17 was faster upwind. Again, totally don't buy it. 17 was sailing too deep and never optimized the high mode, and in THAT is why NZL won
  6. What will Jimmy try tomorrow, his last ace ?

    I want to see JS simply put together a flawless race (like what BAR did). The speed improvements that oracle has are frightening. They don't have the high mode, but damn do they have the speed mode, and in light weather, speed is all that counts. More speed->more wind-> more speed. I was a little pissed at NZL for always going to their high and slow mode. JS deserves to show his hook, his brutal luff, the oracle speed when not shadowed. I fully expect that tomorrow. But I also expect it to only happen 1 or 2 times before PB gets his turn. There is no SanFran difference in upwind foiling that allowed JS to run away for the last one. I want to watch more good racing. And, expect JS to be beyond grateful when he loses! This is the most important part. We have seen his walking around like a winner, with his ego attitude. But, he won that attitude and has had every right to act the way he has. In defeat, the dude is just as much a sportsman as everyone. All these guys are in the same fraternity of AC sailors. That is what I expect to see tomorrow.
  7. I"ll take odds on hell freezing over before we see WA ever getting onto the sailing map again. A lot of great sailors, but really WA is in the toilet right now and nothing looks to change that.
  8. everything boils down to boat selection. I can't imagine they will keep current platform. tactics suck, prestarts suck. The AC45 provided good action in WS events (where there was wind). The AC45 concept was copied from the Volvo40s. And now VOR has followed the path to copy the AC45. however, the key bit of understanding that VOR spent ages looking at.... The cats simply don't provide the right platform for the real deal. So for me, the solution is natural, we will have a special class of 60s and massive integration with VOR and Vendee globe. The WS events will be either AC 45s for 2018, before swapping to the VOR platform for future events, which will continue EVERY YEAR! Yes teams will have to sport up multiple team to staff the full time WS events, and the AC60s. But again, as they are naturally aligning with existing events, the pool of sailors is massive. the only problem, the integration will take at least a year to sort out, unless of course they have already made some decisions. The easy solution is 2019 AC in AC50s, with WS events in the AC45. But hopefully they make it clear that is the last round and if they win, the whole gameplan changes to VOR integration. That is what everyone wants, so I really hope they just bite the bullet is do it now for the sake of sailing. We need common platforms. VOR has seen the light, and now its AC turn
  9. Its all on the foil control system and the wing trim system. For some reason, Oracle is missing the proper feedback loop that NZL has. So Oracle is having trouble making adjustments that have positive feedback. I doubt the foils are the difference here. The difference is entirely in the control of the foils and the wing. I wonder if NZL was able to integrate the two where foil adjustments auto adjust trim parameters in the foil adjustments. Whereas the oracle systems are independent. This is the only area they can improve. Note this is exactly the situation they faces in SF. The angels and demons are in the control system details. Nothing else matters. I would not write off Oracle until we see the first race next week. We will know on the first 2 legs who will win the cup. And I am aghast that neither skipper provides the proper media response that the only reason they are so fast is because of the control systems.
  10. What new AC 36 Class boat would you like ?

    wow, so on the fence with this topic. I so want to see real match racing taylor canfield monohull style with prestarts that have you on your feet yelling. With dial downs that have your heart skip a beat. I don't want to see the current ac cats. FOr me, the excitement level of nill. Just tell me who wins. And ya, with races about 10 minutes long, that is about all you will remember. Watch taylor canfield monohull action and you will remember that for life.
  11. "Bashing" versus "Legitimate Criticism"

    Ok front page article about SHIT. The bloody ed blames it on orange dude. But completely forgets that god obama didnt give a rats ass either. Seriously the stupidity of Democrats is amazing
  12. 2016 Olympic Games

    Wondered at that. Had no sound on my CBC feed, so assumed they went wide to make penalty turns. But no? Dropped to eigth after crossing the Aussies bow & just sort of parking in front of the RC boat.... I had the exact same WtF? i too was watching the CBC feed.
  13. n2e coverage

    the days of SA are in decline. But that is another story As for N2E - ya, totally, a fricken PDF that looks like it was a latimes story. Only picture on the front page is medicine man. So some MOD70 comes screaming past the finish doing 30kts and all we get is crap. However, support where support due - organizing the race is a huge endeavour that never gets its due. Its like we just expect to show up, race and have everything delivered on a silver platter. We aren't professionals. finding the right balance with social media and the internet is tough. Twitter is the perfect medium, but having the right technology to link twitter to your website (in a good manner) isn't easy. Facebook event sites never seem to get the right balance with user generated content. Ultimately that is where we need to get to, user generated content. The race adopts the platform, promotes the platform and lets everyone else do the content. But hey, i'm so removed from socal sailing what the hell do i know
  14. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    Close the thread - this is crap. how would you feel reading through this, knowing your wife, mom or daughter just had her legs cut off by an ass hole? The personal drama involved here is so beyond what i'm reading here. Accidents and injury are part of the world we live in. You can never accept it, but it is reality. Similar to someone getting crushed under an AC72, similar to someone getting washed off the back of a VO70, similar to someone getting run over by a drunk on the road. Those are life changing events to all involved. The incident, quite irrelevant in the long run. All that is left is the impact to those who were personally involved. Our drivel is just that.