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  1. Bring Knut back, or at least get his opinion on anything. He was the dude who made the VOR (its current situation, and not counting the whitbread days). What makes this fail is lack of engagement of sailors.. ya thought I was going to say sponsors hey. Any big name sailor could walk up and get sponsorship $$ and run a campaign (just look at nearly every skipper in the race now). You are not reading stories about skippers who couldn't get $$$. We are not reading about cities not wanting to host it. Who will pick is up - Oracle or SAP in all likelihood (only sponsor with real global reach, its not like Groupama or Banc Pop will do it) What went wrong - The boat and still no good OBC action (I don't count drone video as OBC, drones are the future but still, OBC is meant for stories and we don't get any. like seriously they are hauling ass in the southern ocean and we get the same 10 second video clip everyday of water crashing over the bow). In port engagement is zero - the in port races are stupid. Once upon a time we had the Extreme40s, that was a winning idea and should have been leveraged. AC45!!!!! like seriously the AC45 world series events were awesome, and what happened to that? OK perhaps that was a different thread I missed What will it look like - more in-port action! More inshore racing. The race needs to engage fastnet and sydney hobart. The race needs to engage MAXI's. The race needs to be an open race where Corinthian competitors can race a specific leg. Whats happened is the management spent too much time focusing on boat details and sponsor details - and didn't give a damn about the general sailing world. They were so close in the IMOCA integration, but didn't do it. Ironically, the same issue exists with the AC which needed to go towards the IMOCA platform but not quite the extreme offshore end of the spectrum.