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  1. I"ll take odds on hell freezing over before we see WA ever getting onto the sailing map again. A lot of great sailors, but really WA is in the toilet right now and nothing looks to change that.
  2. everything boils down to boat selection. I can't imagine they will keep current platform. tactics suck, prestarts suck. The AC45 provided good action in WS events (where there was wind). The AC45 concept was copied from the Volvo40s. And now VOR has followed the path to copy the AC45. however, the key bit of understanding that VOR spent ages looking at.... The cats simply don't provide the right platform for the real deal. So for me, the solution is natural, we will have a special class of 60s and massive integration with VOR and Vendee globe. The WS events will be either AC 45s for 2018, before swapping to the VOR platform for future events, which will continue EVERY YEAR! Yes teams will have to sport up multiple team to staff the full time WS events, and the AC60s. But again, as they are naturally aligning with existing events, the pool of sailors is massive. the only problem, the integration will take at least a year to sort out, unless of course they have already made some decisions. The easy solution is 2019 AC in AC50s, with WS events in the AC45. But hopefully they make it clear that is the last round and if they win, the whole gameplan changes to VOR integration. That is what everyone wants, so I really hope they just bite the bullet is do it now for the sake of sailing. We need common platforms. VOR has seen the light, and now its AC turn
  3. Its all on the foil control system and the wing trim system. For some reason, Oracle is missing the proper feedback loop that NZL has. So Oracle is having trouble making adjustments that have positive feedback. I doubt the foils are the difference here. The difference is entirely in the control of the foils and the wing. I wonder if NZL was able to integrate the two where foil adjustments auto adjust trim parameters in the foil adjustments. Whereas the oracle systems are independent. This is the only area they can improve. Note this is exactly the situation they faces in SF. The angels and demons are in the control system details. Nothing else matters. I would not write off Oracle until we see the first race next week. We will know on the first 2 legs who will win the cup. And I am aghast that neither skipper provides the proper media response that the only reason they are so fast is because of the control systems.
  4. wow, so on the fence with this topic. I so want to see real match racing taylor canfield monohull style with prestarts that have you on your feet yelling. With dial downs that have your heart skip a beat. I don't want to see the current ac cats. FOr me, the excitement level of nill. Just tell me who wins. And ya, with races about 10 minutes long, that is about all you will remember. Watch taylor canfield monohull action and you will remember that for life.
  5. Ok front page article about SHIT. The bloody ed blames it on orange dude. But completely forgets that god obama didnt give a rats ass either. Seriously the stupidity of Democrats is amazing
  6. Wondered at that. Had no sound on my CBC feed, so assumed they went wide to make penalty turns. But no? Dropped to eigth after crossing the Aussies bow & just sort of parking in front of the RC boat.... I had the exact same WtF? i too was watching the CBC feed.
  7. the days of SA are in decline. But that is another story As for N2E - ya, totally, a fricken PDF that looks like it was a latimes story. Only picture on the front page is medicine man. So some MOD70 comes screaming past the finish doing 30kts and all we get is crap. However, support where support due - organizing the race is a huge endeavour that never gets its due. Its like we just expect to show up, race and have everything delivered on a silver platter. We aren't professionals. finding the right balance with social media and the internet is tough. Twitter is the perfect medium, but having the right technology to link twitter to your website (in a good manner) isn't easy. Facebook event sites never seem to get the right balance with user generated content. Ultimately that is where we need to get to, user generated content. The race adopts the platform, promotes the platform and lets everyone else do the content. But hey, i'm so removed from socal sailing what the hell do i know
  8. Close the thread - this is crap. how would you feel reading through this, knowing your wife, mom or daughter just had her legs cut off by an ass hole? The personal drama involved here is so beyond what i'm reading here. Accidents and injury are part of the world we live in. You can never accept it, but it is reality. Similar to someone getting crushed under an AC72, similar to someone getting washed off the back of a VO70, similar to someone getting run over by a drunk on the road. Those are life changing events to all involved. The incident, quite irrelevant in the long run. All that is left is the impact to those who were personally involved. Our drivel is just that.
  9. Comment about the race I guess Boats were fine (apart from broken mast which was likely df fault) Genny T was fine (apart from the stupid looking vests she always wore) Starts and Finishes were BRILLIANT!!!! OBR's sucked as usual - how so little content comes off the boats is shocking. Ya they hired pro photographers so we got great photos but NO CONTENT, NO CONTEXT Don't dumb it down! Technical analysis - yes where was this. where is the discussion of the actual polars with sail combinations, winds, tides (WTF not one graph of tidal flows), halyard tensions, sheeting angles, trimming, driving, or I date suggest tactical decisions and trying to catch wind shifts, play cloud patterns. Ice Gates RUINED the southern legs - to see the boats drifting in the southern ocean was crap. I say ditch them altogether. MAPFRE finish comments were terrible, production company should have ended that, sore losers (and have them end up in hospital.. sad) Lack of coverage of Spindrift issue - come on guys, open, honesty, to pull that under the sheets is crap!