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  1. maxstaylock

    31 does not go into 13

    Please, don't leave your kids anywhere near me, horrible loud stinky things generally.
  2. maxstaylock

    31 does not go into 13

    I feel sad reading this. His father Grant is a friend to all UK cat sailors, I can't imagine how this would feel, I hope there is a way through this that minimises suffering for all involved. Wanting to string em up by the balls is, I suppose, a natural reaction to, but can't help thinking it's a kind of illness, and treatment may be a more effective course. Also, I thought police entrapment was illegal in the UK? That said, touch any of my nieces, and I'll kill you.
  3. maxstaylock

    Moth or Musto Skiff

    Asking which is easier, Moth or Musto Skiff? Strange question, both are mind bogglingly hard to learn, and impossible without a fleet to join. Whatever is closer. Musto better in chop, Moth better in flat water. It's a long walk with much broken gear to become competent with either. Get a cat if you want 'easier', faster too in most cases.
  4. maxstaylock

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    Good luck, are you going to Hellecat in September? Likely to be a big classic contingent.
  5. maxstaylock

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    Are they straight boards? Canted?
  6. maxstaylock

    Is this what we have come to?

    That is just rancid. Someone got paid to design it? A professional designer? Doing it for a living? I just don't understand modern life.
  7. maxstaylock

    What is good helming?

    It's probably easier to isolate the traits of bad helming. Being distracted. Being antsy, jabbing it about. Keeping eyes in the boat. Trying to run a team and drive at the same time. Emotional tension within the team. Too much caffeine or other stimulants. Aggression. Get rid of these, and when the stars line up, the boat just feels like it wants to go fast. Many people learn how to drive boats when they first learn how to sail, then fail to regularly re-examine what they are actually doing with the stick. I've spent many a night watch trying to outsteer an autopilot, when you do, it is pure zen.
  8. maxstaylock

    To Foil or not to Foil, that is the question

    Fibrefoam know best, lots of boats of all classes leave carbon masts up in the sun. Some people paint their masts, or varnish, but the additional weight aloft is a bad thing, and paint can make it look like you are hiding damage if you ever sell. I use aerospace protectant 303 to keep the sun off, it's like sunscreen, applied monthly, seems to help. Wax polish works as well. Take your mast down, and cover, if you're not going to use for a while, or if a storm is coming, or during off season. Much bigger problem for me, my boat lives in a windy place. Firstly, like most people, I tie the trap lines down to strong points either side of the boat, secondly, lash up your rotation, to stop the mast flapping about, and finally, throwing a line around the mast over the spreader and tie off to the side seems to help control rig resonance. 30 knots plus can destroy an A cat mast, if it starts to flap around in the wind Outhaul, it's set and forget for the day. If you have a straight boom, tensioning the downhaul also flattens the bottom automatically, due to the angle of the boom, so that takes care of upwind / downwind changes. Make sure you calibrate and mark the tightest you would ever want the outhaul, as if it is too tight, when you pull on max downhaul, it can pull the tack out of the mast luff groove. Looser outhaul than you might expect is usually better anyway. Hope you get much fun from your new ride, post pictures please.
  9. maxstaylock

    To Foil or not to Foil, that is the question

    Don't understand, how can a 5,5m 75kg cat with 150 square foot sail area be boring? You should build some. If I buy any other foiling or high performance singlehanded cat, who do I race against?
  10. maxstaylock

    Great 35-footers

    Do you get penalised for changing to a tiller? Wheels on small boats are a bit 'Summer Rental'?
  11. maxstaylock

    Colregs ignorance

    "In testing alternative explanations for the cognitive bias of illusory superiority, the study "Why the Unskilled are Unaware: Further Explorations of (Absent) Self-insight Among the Incompetent" (2008), reached the same conclusions as previous studies of the Dunning–Kruger effect: that, in contrast to high performers, "poor performers do not learn from feedback suggesting a need to improve".[13] Individuals of relatively high social class are more overconfident than lower-class individuals.[14]" That's great, thanks, every day is a school day. Also now have better understanding of Donald Trump and Boris Johnston. Guess it's true that you can't fix stupid.
  12. maxstaylock

    Colregs ignorance

    Never understood why: the less folk know, the more sure they are. Some folk, you wish you could turn them off then back on again.
  13. maxstaylock

    Colregs ignorance

    In the UK, we've always resisted having compulsory qualification and licensing for leisure use. When I see countries that have this stuff, I understand why. (croatia, anyone?) The thought process is, if I have no licence, I must decide on the level of qualification, training, experience, contingency plans, safety kit, crew depth, weather limits etc myself, with the knowledge that if I damage or kill another human, I have to justify my decisions to a judge. But if I pass some piece of shit test that allows me to drive a 24m 4000HP vessel in a force 10 during hours of darkness across busy sea lanes, a certain proportion of the population takes this line as their limit, with disastrous / hilarious consequences. As a qualified sea user, while I see other professional sea users usually have a higher level of knowledge of the colregs than leisure sailors, I often see this does not universally translate into better executive decision making ability. So, the lesson I take from this is - there's idiots everywhere, regardless of qualifications. So why create another layer of self important, overpaid, chest puffed out, ignorant, bureaucratic, parasitic wankers to create and run another poorly designed and implemented licensing system? The coastguard here can not tell their arse from their elbow, I don't want them feeling like they're in charge of leisure boats too.
  14. maxstaylock

    Garmin quatix vs Apple Watch

    Like iphones, love the water, but they don't mix. The screens go crazy and can't be controlled when they get wet. My waterproof iPhone drowned last month due to a 6" 10 second immersion. Gutted. Avoid apple watches at all costs, for all things, they are shit. First one lasted 2 years before it fell apart, but was never useable, even as a race timer, for sailing, as the screen does not work with wet fingers. The second one failed within 3 months, screen just fell off, one hot day. Apple told me to go away, it wasn't their fault, despite it being a common fault, they said they would not honour the warranty, now go fuck yourself. Tossers. Don't buy an apple watch, or even accept one as a gift.
  15. maxstaylock

    Warps reels

    Ankarolina Flat Anchor Line