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  1. maxstaylock

    Brexit, WTF

    Oh for the love of christ, please, someone please give me some good news. In Scotland, it currently feels like we are tied to a blind, destructive fool, and all of the checks and balances of an ancient system are proving worthless, do we really deserve the current moronic, veep style, media led, circus of clowns we have now? How can a leaderless, minority party hold such a destructive power over the country? Where is the will of parliament in all this? Pottering down the allotment? Is there any way we can just close the current program, restart, and hope we haven't done too much damage to our long term relationship with the worldwide community?
  2. maxstaylock

    Medal race hell

    Was at a recent olympic class event, with a complex arrangement of flights, followed by a medal race. The flights were 30 boat affairs, lots of boats crashing about in wide open racetracks, then most of the boats pack up and go home, leaving the only televised action, a light and shitty 10 boat medal race, on an inshore 'stadium' course, as the imagery record of the event. The 'Event' ends with a damp thump, instead of a crescendo. Compare to the Tour de France, where again the last day is a procession, but played as a monuments and colourful celebration of sport? Why would World Sailing pass up making 100 boat visuals, all charging till the end? It seems ironic if the aim is to make the sport more TV friendly, TV only uses the edited highlights anyway, the informed audience will watch the full replay online anyway, but would mostly prefer to watch a proper race. Rant over, just had to get it out.
  3. maxstaylock

    Keel Failure

    Drum and Ron Holland had separated long before the keel fell off, I think it's fair to credit him with the lines plan, but the eventual fit out was a more on the hoof affair, not the designers fault. The keel manufacturer blamed the flexibility of the hull, an early kevlar carbon nomex affair, with possibly under spec'ed / not to plan fore and aft stiffness in the keel pan / mast step. This caused a further problem with the (bomb proof) re-made aluminium spacer partially failing on the first leg, the short term solution to complete their lap being a fuck off big mild steel keel pan being bolted into the boat, which still keeps the keel on to this day. Still miss the Whitbread, fastest finisher wins, the all or nothing glory days, pre volvo global trade rally. (ref: Skip Novaks book, "One Watch at a Time" brilliant read, available on amazon, great man I would like to meet one day)
  4. maxstaylock

    pumping while out on a trapeze

    Happy that you enjoy classes that allow free pumping, some of the best dinghy sailing I've ever seen is windy finn racing, true artists. But for me, my bliss is trying to keep it super smooth, and make best use of all natural forces acting on the boat, if I wanted to row, I would buy a rowing boat. It's just disappointing to see competitors you once maybe respected knowingly break 42, they say you should never meet your heroes.
  5. maxstaylock

    pumping while out on a trapeze

    Making kinetics legal is just because policing the fine line is too difficult, at a professional level, the alternative is the competitor who chats up the judges the best to always JUST stay on the right side of 'cheating' wins. Just completed a drifter club race where the finishing order was simply who had the least shame with rocking, like slow mo air rowing. Somehow the winner failed to win my respect. I was happy to be last finisher, but use only wind. Bring back sailing. One pump per wave, one roll per tack, anything more is playing with yourself.
  6. maxstaylock

    Brexit, WTF

    I wish I was Dutch. This whole brexit thing gives me a kind of roaring sound in my head these days. The local economy seems to be stuttering, with all investment and borrowing stopped pending a moment of clarity, which never seems to come. Bankruptcies are up, exporters and importers are fucked, nobody is committing to the future, unless stockpiling beans and batteries counts. These mounting short delays are making it worse. Can't see how any delay for a peoples vote will help, unless the threat of article 50 is withdrawn first, 6 more months of uncertainty will have us all eating rodents and berries, even before (if) we leave. Every day brings new stories of John Bercow making the funniest sounds, the Houses of Parliament roof falling in, the same old pointless posturing intended only to boost name recognition post apocalypse, by a generation of politicians that has never worked a day in their lives, or made a single hard decision in their political careers. The que at the food bank just keeps getting longer. The Xenophobic chanting gets louder. The media circus is in overdrive, churning out any old shit for clickbait. The tiny right wing has a megaphone right now, (similar to the MAGA crowd in the states?), honestly, just what the fuck is going on? Russian backed facebook conspiracy? or are we just so fucking stupid we walked straight into a low beam, and are too vain to admit it? Was chatting with a Greek guy recently, I had expected him to hate Brussels, they had 5 good years, then 10 years of shit. I was surprised to find he had much respect for the EU, as he had more faith in the European leaders than he did in his own 5 minute wonders, to sort it out. I kind of feel the same now, our parliamentary system seems broken, and Donald Tusk seems to have more affinity for and trust of the people of Britain than our own prime minister, meanwhile the leader of HM opposition is out digging potatoes, and wondering why everyone keeps looking at him. They say we end up with the leaders we deserve, but surely there is a limit? Come back Guy Fawkes, we need you now.
  7. maxstaylock

    Brexit, WTF

    Same guy said the best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter. Thanks all for the updates, have given up on BBC news.
  8. maxstaylock

    Square top and plastic mast track

    Is there any advantage to moving the halyard attachment back on the headboard, an inch or so, so the headboard is being forced into the track at the top by luff tension, or does this just break the sheave/masthead?
  9. maxstaylock

    Brexit, WTF

    Should have said, the only 2 sensible options. Option 3, which seems most likely, is the deadline smacks us full in the face, Theresa and the torys still get lynched, but leaves a country starving and broken, with our grandchildren still paying the price 20 years from now. Please, someone, cheer me up, say it isn't so, feeling very sad at the moment. The whole country was conned by a handful of folk who lobbed a big steaming shit in the punch bowl just cause they could, then ran off to sunny tax havens and hid, shorting the whole fucking country.
  10. maxstaylock

    Brexit, WTF

    The mother of all democracies seems broken, a remainer in charge of the leave party, a brexiteer leading the remain party, neither with a clear majority. The only 2 options now are, withdraw article 50, change party leaders, and call an election, or to shoot ourselves in the face. The current crop of clowns have had their chance, and blown it due to lack of vision, leadership, and failure to put the country above their careers. Enough is enough.
  11. maxstaylock

    Brexit, WTF

    As Douglas Adams said: 'I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by'
  12. maxstaylock

    confidence, experience and risk

    'superior airmanship means not getting into situations that will require superior airmanship. I caught your meaning entirely, have heard the same phrase used many times, along with the 'there are old pilots, and bold pilots, but no old bold pilots' interchanged with sailors. Good sayings. Was recently told, the 4 stages of learning: Unconsciously Incompetent, Consciously Incompetent, Consciously Competent, Unconsciously Competent. I am guessing that most folk here with more than 10 years messing about with a variety of different boats and situations are in the Unconsciously Competent category, the OP sounds like they have enough experience to qualify. The Unconsciously Competent can still find their confidence lacking at times, I was very badly trying to suggest some internal strategies to increase confidence. Once you know the safe AND the risky way to approach a problem, you can choose from each menu as required, not so much to increase your risk tolerance, as to train your brain to still function effectively when not all of the risks can be mitigated. Quick and dirty can be just as valid as slow and safe, people very rarely lose an eye. Sometimes it just feels like it can be worth cashing in some luck credits on a risky endeavour, and maybe over rely on your sailor spider sense to get you out, as long as you don't push it. 'The officer shows great skill and ability getting out of situations he should never have got into in the first place'. 'Do you ever wonder, if the purpose of your life, is to act as a warning to others?'
  13. maxstaylock

    confidence, experience and risk

    Am loving this thread, have often thought about the confidence/competence curve, it's nice to see others views. I am a sailor who embraces the notion that worry is a natural self defence mechanism to avoid doing too much stupid shit. I enjoyed the Hornblower books growing up, as he is a character constantly unsure of his abilities, assuming he is always one decision away from death/ruin, but can still achieve great results, by channeling this uncertainty into extra thought and effort. Whenever I get too wrapped up in worry or uncertainty, I think on the quote, I think by Francis Chichester, 'you need a succession of small accidents, to help prevent the big one'. This encourages me to take controlled risks, to further learn about my own and my teams attitude to new situations and challenges, so as to increase readiness to the unavoidable things which can blindside you on a quiet Tuesday. 'superior airmanship means not getting into situations that will require superior airmanship' In developing and honing superior seamanship, you need to occasionally overstep the bounds of what your front brain is telling you is safe. Very few of us use sail purely for transport, if we wanted a quiet life, we wouldn't go to sea. Part of the attraction is the adventure, one of the few situations left on earth where we can live or die by our own decisions, and to deprive yourself of all risk is selling yourself short, in terms of looking back on a life richly lived. As a commercial sailor, when someone pays me to do something with a boat, I feel duty bound to keep danger for the deck crew down to a reasonable level, I find I can best increase my risk tolerance single handing. If I kill myself doing what I love, hey ho, but I couldn't look myself in the eye if I caused the death of another due to poor appreciation of danger. While I feel duty bound to avoid the storm when responsible for the lives of others, I can set out in 30 knots of breeze in a dinghy on my own, to build confidence, while honing the skills needed when I do find myself with a boat full of people, offshore, in a gale of wind. If that makes any sense? Live a little, all the local marinas are stuffed full of boats which never go anywhere, or one put up a sail when there is no danger of it filling, these 'Captains' are stuck at level one. Put too much sail up sometimes. Approach an unfamiliar coast in darkness. Set out on a borderline forecast. Try passages that are only just deep or wide enough. Sail onto/off your berth or anchor. Just not all at the same time. Ships are safe in port, but that's not what ships are built for.
  14. maxstaylock

    Sailing one-liners

    'Should be a nice easy run all the way there'
  15. maxstaylock

    The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Looking great. Kind of like a pilot cutter, surroundings to make you feel calm and relaxed, but without the waterlogged whale sailing performance. Love the ninja death star feature, one for the tiller too? Those props are going to pick up everything, I would want inspection windows in the hull, for pre start checks after a long sail. Still, always lovely to have a second backup plan.