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  1. maxstaylock

    AC50 Boat Porn

    Poor Kiwis, all they smell is ass. No beans allowed before sailing day.
  2. maxstaylock

    British warship rescues yacht crew

    Glad they all made it off safe. Good solid boat, top team aboard who knew the boat well. Do you ever think there is a wave somewhere in the world with your name on it? Na luck boys, will miss the boat adding to the clyde sea scape. An organisation that does much good for young people, will be giving towards a replacement boat, if possible.
  3. maxstaylock

    The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Looking great. Kind of like a pilot cutter, surroundings to make you feel calm and relaxed, but without the waterlogged whale sailing performance. Love the ninja death star feature, one for the tiller too? Those props are going to pick up everything, I would want inspection windows in the hull, for pre start checks after a long sail. Still, always lovely to have a second backup plan.
  4. maxstaylock

    SV America

    Ahhh, the 'skimming dish'
  5. maxstaylock

    death threat, anyone?

    I choose to wear a lifejacket when outdoors, I chose to wear a harness with 2 lifelines for effective restraint when the conditions warrant. I chose to get crew I am responsible for to do likewise. When I am crew, I see the skippers prescription on PPE as a base line, to be added to as required. PPE is the last line of defence, accepted, and is not a direct replacement for not paying attention or using best practice, but the sea is strong, I am weak, and lack gills. Why make it harder for myself. You choose whatever strategy you like, I will not judge you for it. RIP Eric
  6. maxstaylock

    Club Swan 50

    Would that be cash or account sir? I like it, its stark and modern, 45 was glamour and extreme for its time, the CS42 was a bendytoy yawnfest, this seems right for a successor. Hope it goes, this bow still needs proving. Sometimes think that if you were to fill the triangle between the knuckle and the end of the sprit with 'boat', it might be an even nicer/faster/drier boat to sail.
  7. maxstaylock

    Self-tailing winches vs. non-self-tailing

    For offshore cruising, can't think of a less important upgrade. Nice to have, would upgrade to them as the winches wear out/can't get parts, but in the nice, rather than essential, list. If either of you can't sheet it in with current winches, carry less sail? Good winch handles almost make as much difference as good winches. Maybe one of those battery winch handles is another option, if you're worried about strength.
  8. maxstaylock

    Excessive twist in self-tacking jib

    It may be that the sail maker did not get it right, or the mast has more rake than the sail was designed for. You could try raising the tack with a short lashing, to make the sheet pull more down and less aft, if this fixes it, then a sailmaker should be able to change the clew hight, or put a range of different clew attachments to give you a range of sheeting positions, changing the attachment point is like moving a jib car with traditional sheets.
  9. Bingo, broken arm. Usually wait till the following day, and fast forward the interviews, postponements and procession races, but still, the number of races they get through is impressive, and some of the pairings are golden. Chicago, this is ACWS last chance for me, its just another cat race, but with the distinction that none of the competitors give a shit.
  10. 3 hours of good racing footage a day, for 5 days, showing top quality racing, in good venues, per event, for free. Versus 10 mins of dog and pony shows, where the interviews/hype have more prominence than the racing, because the racing sucks ass. Buy if you pays, you get to watch the whole tortuous mickey mouse lotto races in daft places. Don't know why am enjoying the WMRS so.
  11. maxstaylock

    Tug boat anarchy

    Nice Shoalbuster, what does it rate?
  12. maxstaylock

    Best Sailing Knife

    leatherman OHT (one handed tool), the knives are on the outside, but the pliars slide out, a la gerber, with less hassle than opening a wave/surge. For when the back don't give you enough halyard, and you have to have pliars while still holding on. Leatherman quality, so you can still use them as a hammer....
  13. maxstaylock

    DNA 2016 F1 A-Class from Holland Composites

    This is Darth Vaders catamaran. love it.
  14. maxstaylock

    Ever heard about Coppercoat? Is it effective?

    Have you tried wet scrubbing, hard, with scotchbrite pads, to expose the new copper, before launching? Think you have to expose some new copper, every so often. Don't think anyone has said it's a no maintenance product, just no annual top ups, and better at barnacles than hard antifouling. You let the slime build up on any underwater surface... Jhiller, have you any idea how much weight it adds?
  15. maxstaylock

    This looks bad...

    Incredible, this looks pealed like an orange. Could you use epoxy to bond structure to a green polyester moulding, or is the whole structure epoxy? Have always thought oysters were overcomplicated and underperforming pigs, but always assumed that with their heavy displacement and conservative hulls, that they were at least safe. One hull failing after an unknown accident will not change my opinion on this brand, probably similar to the cheeky rafiki thing, it is not usually about how they are built, more about how they are opperated.