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  1. CapnK

    Reducing Anchor Swinging

    +1. Works great. WRT stern anchoring, anchor from bow and confirm good set. Now, think of point on rode where snubbed at bow as point A. One LOA + couple feet further along the rode think of as point B, one more LOA is point C. Take B back to stern, leading it outboard of stanchions and shrouds, cleat off. Back up to bow, release A, and secure rode at C. Boat is now anchored stern-to, yet you can easily/quickly release rode at stern to swing bow-to-wind for storms or up-anchoring. I also always keep a smaller anchor rigged and ready to launch at stern, for lunch hooks or a quick stop. If swinging, drop that at far point of swing and you can snub up on it to stop swinging.
  2. Umas and La Vags in the same marina now. In the screenie below, you can see the Vag bow logo on the cat to Girl Uma's right. More 'meetup' Patreonage coming soon I'd betcha.
  3. CapnK

    Exemplary Cruising Videos

    "Sailing Frenchman", starts at refit of his Ecume de Mer 24'er a bit over a year ago. There are a dozen episodes of that, another dozen sailing it & starting out, & now he is crossing the Atlantic. Pretty good production quality. Minimal bikinis, if any. So far at least.
  4. CapnK

    Exemplary Cruising Videos

    Well, he showed us lots of boobies on his first post. Guess that makes it alright... Nice foley work.
  5. CapnK

    Exemplary Cruising Videos

    A couple of 1980 OSTAR contestants - "Singlehanders".
  6. CapnK

    Exemplary Cruising Videos

    These next 2 are older, so production values aren't quite what we've become used to seeing. That said - great stories both. Ant Steward, around alone in an open boat:
  7. CapnK

    Exemplary Cruising Videos

    Wow, thanks y'all - really enjoying some content I hadn't been exposed to before this. Great!!!
  8. How about a list of the 'best of all the rest' in one place? Videos with (as much as I love 'em) less emphasis on bikinis, and more on good film making, imagery, or quality sailing/cruising related information. Videos with high signal to noise, and little to no pandering. Are there many out there? Of course, there's our own highly-regarded Dylan at KTL Looking for others, though, like this one I ran across today. The guy has only done one video but it is better than most, IMO. No speaking, just imagery and music. YT username "Pandorak" , Sailing solo to the Faroe Islands
  9. Holy shit! There's *plastic in our oceans*??? Tell me you're joking... Please! PS - There is a certain requirement for posting here which you have not yet satisfied...
  10. Someone had an accidental jibe and broke their gooseneck... I'm glad they are finally getting some sailing lessons. IMO, they've been *very* lucky to have made it so far with so little experience. Dylan - I get some moolah this week, will be slinging some of it your way. I used to have a sub when you did that, but its been a few years, and I don't want you to go away.
  11. I've been looking in to powering my 25' Pearson Ariel with something other than the gas 6hp 4strk Mercury she currently has. I found this company, based out of the Czech Republic. Would love to try one of their 9.5hp motors as it looks like an ideal solution. Being from the US, they are a long way away, but perhaps Dylan might find it easier to get one of their systems for a test...?
  12. See bandwagon. Jump on it... (Maybe there was some actual, decent content. I fast-forwarded through it after a few minutes, only stopping when there was an actual boat in the picture. That was not very often...) Sailing blah blah..."around the world" blah blah chick and a git shop Beneteau lookalikes
  13. CapnK

    what was it?

    Sunfish, mid-70's based on the direction of the go-fast stripe...