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  1. Hmmmm... well... umm... ME THINKS THAT SHOULDN'T BE TUFF... I expected that from you! You never know do ya Chup! How is the boat coming? You going to make it to the Oct 8th 1-dayer at DIYC -BIOTCH?
  2. Hmmmm... well... umm... ME THINKS THAT SHOULDN'T BE TUFF...
  3. OH shit - I just puked on myself.
  4. Major issues??? Well... um... okay, I imagine some might say that. But that is okay with me, I can deal. Being my first worlds, I would say it has absolutely been a pretty incredible experience. Unfortunately I really don't feel that we were nearly as prepared for this event as one should be. As a result, most of our races were clearly in the tank. However, today things started to come together and we pulled a 5th in the first race ahead of all the regatta leaders. Obviously we were pretty excited about that. The second race we finished 44th (I think), and ended the the regatta 53rd out of 75 boats. Thanks for asking. I think the idea of a little O.D. cross class racing is a great idea and something we should certainly expore. Matter of fact, I have sailed a 21 before and would agree they are kick ass boats. I think that we can certainly give you a run for your money on either boat, and definitely with the rum.... I would like to babble on but it is time for me to head out for cocktails. Adios muchachos~
  5. Flip wrote: Look pal, Don't put words in my mouth. I have sailed with Doug plenty and although I really don't know what role he was in on the 27 during that ONE RACE at the BYC kickoff "Regatta", I would say that every boat he steps on, he makes faster. Matter of fact, I probably really need to give the guy a call and apologize for making his U/S appear so slow up here in CT. But I will leave that for another day - and another rum... AST"HOMO"69 wrote: Blah Blah Blah... Quite simple, you don't recall correctly. Look dumbass, the 27 is a faster boat and you are sailing in PHRF!!!! The ONLY way you are going to beat the 27 is on corrected time. Even then, there will be NO following you anywhere... Ever. Is your crew really okay with backing you on such complete bullshit? (just curious) Congrats bro, that is all VERY notable... but I don't think you are going to be really impressing the masses with that long list of sailing achievements. Radials huh? So should I assume you did so well because you were sailing against all chicks and 13 year olds? UH wrong Flip. I have done nothing more than graciously reply to AST's original response which you really have to admit was a-bit exaggerated. Referring back to AST's original post: Killed? Spanked? This was a ONE race regatta? Give me a freaking break! You are right though, we will have plenty more opportunities to measure up. I understand very well that anonymity on this website is a very beneficial thing, and I can see why you would rather remain anonymous. It is very easy to be a tuff guy on the internet, especially when nobody knows who you are. You sure do sound cool though. By the way, just in case you want to discuss this further on a less personal level (or more)... My name is Chavez I am not tuff to find.
  6. F.Y.I.~ The 27 you "spanked" was missing a few of the regulars who have won with him in the past because they are currently at the J24 worlds. The crew you PHRF spanked was probably not entirely up to speed with the boat. Point being: it is an awesome boat! Hell of a lot of fun to sail and you can be very competitive. That same 27 has won lots of the Bay area races. He might be beat by the J29 Masthead in light air, but I don't think with his regular crew he will need to worry about the 21s. Especially not the wanker AST69 who’s only redeeming quality is his avaitar (although it is a damn good one!)… peace out Yo!