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  1. Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    And a big checkbook to pay for the new rudder foils, curved daggerboards, float design and rebuilding. That's before you work out how the loads paths are going to go for the canting rig adjustment. (Which is even harder on this as the mast base is higher than the forestay attachment so your rig rake turns to custard unless have some flash forestay length adjustment) not saying it can't be done, but you are generally better off spending the money on sails and concentrating on sailing the boat on short leg round the cans racing
  2. Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    Goes pretty well in bigger breeze as well, but it schooled the rest of the 8.5 multihull fleet at last years nationals in the light (day two which was 15-20kts saw the cats back at the front of the fleet). Likely not quite as comfortable in chop as a unmolested Farrier F82R as there is less rocker in the floats, but a foot longer and more sail so will be quicker overall. Its a great boat and someone is going to get a bargain....
  3. Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    That boat is an absolute weapon in under 10kts
  4. Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    That would be Charleston, a (significantly) modified seb schmidt F28 that gets raced as hard as anything else in NZ. Speed wise, it smashes Dragon (it , it's arguably the fastest multi in NZ under 50' bar the foilers (assuming they can ever actually foil consistantly), and its done plently of racing outside the harbour as well. You could do a lot worse.. Race history here http://racetrack.org.nz/boat.php?boatid=376341
  5. Affordable racing tris vs. cats (<35ft)

    Why wouldn't you shop off shore, lots of boat leaving NZ at the moment
  6. Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    They sure have... http://www.colligomarine.com/shop-all/soft-snatch-blocks-wsoftie
  7. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/bpo/d/56-carbon-mast-rigging-carbon/6477538555.html
  8. Tri for sale in NZ

    Race history is here, http://racetrack.org.nz/boat.php?boatid=2477 Been cruising for the last few years. Doesn't fold, and pretty sure it's not demountable
  9. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Thanks. We've got 1 diam over here in NZ which has gone for a more vmg suited kite as opposed to the one design more screecher type sail. Its got similar speed to the newer 8.5m multis so good racing.
  10. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Results make interesting reading, couple of questions, Were the diam's racing in their one design configuration, or have they been modified? And what were the courses, w/l or round the cans?
  11. Auckland multihulls

    Here's some of the shortly smaller multi's lurking around the edges of the harbour
  12. Smart Watch

    Technically not a smartwatch, but the garmin foretrex 301 does a lot of what people are generally looking for in a sailing watch,and pretty cheap at the moment
  13. Pond Sailing for Practice?

    Should've gone to draycote