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  1. John D

    Vector rudder upgrade

    I used to use a shear pin but found that it really didn't ground ( lock down) the rudder to the rudder head.
  2. John D

    Vector rudder upgrade

    My experience is with both kick up and dagger style. I've added a 7" handle to the kick up design for more torque (clamping force)and ease of tightening. I don't fully tighten till I have adequate water depth. Also, better for manouvering and control (skulling etc.) in shallow water in a partial down position than the dagger is. ie: beach launch and retrieval. The cost for operator error with dagger style is much higher. When you feel the first bump its a lot easier to get the keel blade up than it is to turn and tend to the rudder blade. My $.02. I've spent less repair time with the kick up. The dagger has proved to be about 1lb. less weight.
  3. John D

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    I don't think the new ideas in the marketplace came from any development from the olympics. I agree that the olympics ( and training for) really help in developing sailing skills and techniques but not much in boat design or development. AN exception may be in the Tornado which sadly has gone the way of the dodo bird.
  4. John D

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Yes I think its so! Look at an I 14 or a 5oh from the 70's vs now and do the same for a Laser or Finn. The new OD classes are borrowing ideas from the development classes (rightfully so because they work) but the new OD classes arn't in the olympics either. If they were, most likely their development would stagnate also.
  5. John D

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    I don't think by open development we would loose that many and we may gain that many more back. Even the pole used in pole vaulting has developed more than the Finn and Laser. Look at how the jet ski has developed over the few years they have been around to take away potential sailors. Want to turn off a newbie sailor, take them out on a breezy day in a Thistle. ( however I love the people in the Thistle class). There is just something Neanderthal in the thinking in most Olympic classes that keeps any new design features from trickling down to the marketplace or even being developed to promote and help market to new sailors or gain interest in sailing. An 18 Foot Skiff race well choreographed & filmed would boost interest in sailing as an olympic sport. Oh well! The interest in curling isn't gaining much either. BTW, I can't seem to remember who won the silver in the last discus throw
  6. John D

    2018 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    In the S.E. USA my R 22 rated at 225 and the C22 (st'd keel) rated 206. The R22 was almost always first to the weather mark but on the down wind or reaching legs fell behind.
  7. John D

    JS 4.7 Sailing trials, Downunder

    with longevity of the product improved(that's an assumption), easier on the skippers bones and joints and better performance, whats not to like. There is nothing cheaper than a laser rig so it could come in at a great price. If it does well in chop, all it would need is marketing.....which is the toughest of all the other problem solving combined.
  8. PM for more info. I love talking about it, but would prefer contacting interested $ players. Your interest will remain confidential
  9. John D

    From Cats to Dinghies...Hopefully.

    Look at and click on the screecher option .they have also added a full size spinny to the list.
  10. John D

    From Cats to Dinghies...Hopefully.

    Look at vids on web site. Raider II ticks the boxes Furling jib & screecher. Comfy and fast for 1or 2 .... 3,s a crowd
  11. Been using this system on mainsheet blocks and vang attachment for about the last decade. No issues with load distribution or corrosion. Material is 2" polyester seatbelt webbing. Seatbelts are tested. to over 5000 lbs in lapbelt app only with 2" sewn overlap.
  12. John D

    The fine balance of Family and Sailing

    I taught adult (very beginner sailing for several years in the Mariner. Great boat for the purpose.....+1 for Doug. U need to add a lot more info for feed back. Storage, rigging, sailing location, is wife an athletic type, fond of water etc etc. I found that many wives would rather sail with instructors and other students than their mates. (mine included but I discovered that 20 years too late). How aggressive are U compared to her?. Going in the right direction now can make a lifetime of difference'. When my son was 17 and went sailing with me he asked " dad, can U put a 50 hP on the back"? He was NOT a candidate for sailing but a hell of a motocrosser.
  13. John D

    Toast or Roast

    Ahoy! I'd like to give a shout out and get some feed back about a dinghy sailor whose recent retirement from small boat sailing should attract some comments (+ or -) from the hoard. Dave Ellis (aka: "sailwriter") announced his regret that he is retiring from dinghy sailing. Sez Dave “ Its just too taxing on my bones to continue to beat myself up and the healing time is getting longer and longer. Beside that I’m getting lot of static from the Admiral”. Dave who is pretty fit for 75, went out a few hours later and won the 65th annual Mug Race, which can be a grueling 38 miles and is probably the largest non ocean regatta in the S E. Dave has given back a lot to the sport and some of his accomplishment that I know of include: Years as sailing coach at the St Pete YC where he retired from. Freelance writer for SouthWinds magazine National champion in Windmills and other notable dinghies Race director for several SE sailing clubs Dave has provided both coast to coast boat transportation and set up for National and International regattas held in the USA as well as a race management volunteer for same, An excellent PRO for many regattas in the SE. Again, the hoard can probably add a lot more. As I understand, Dave is going to continue his presence in race management but claims he will be hanging up his hiking shorts and kneepads. A plus for regatta organizers and participants and maybe a relief for us who often looked at his transom. On the other side, Dave has the ability to take a very attractive sailboat and in just a few hours turn it into the ugliest boat in the regatta. All it takes Dave is a roll of duct tape, some pre used wire and electrical tape and Dave would have it decorated to his taste……coyote ugly. However, the damn thing is usually in the winner’s circle. Lets hear it from ya!
  14. John D


    Dave Ellis is selling his. Its located at Johannsen Boat Works in Vero beach , FL. Dave in his Raider is the overall winner in this years Mug Race. Dave at 75 claims he is now retiring from dinghy racing. We'll see .
  15. John D

    Which way the wind blows

    +1 MT. Use Sailwriter's fly downwind and telltails on sails for up. Don't have to use them but they are there if you want to or don't have nose or ear skills required. Cassett tape is cheap and works well.