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  1. John D

    Singlehanded rig suggestions

    When your in West N.C. PM me. Basically U could use basic rig as is with smaller dinghy sails (used or free) from a 420 or similar to get the feel of the boat. Sure, it won't be a ride like with the standard setup, but U have the boat....use it. Might be fun. Don't need the spinny for a test sail. Sounds like U get enough swimming anyhow. Take the dog out for a second opinion.
  2. John D

    Singlehanded rig suggestions

    Consider a furler for the jib . That way you can attack the demons one at a time.
  3. +1 with xonk on this. Get her out on larger more stable OPB's if available if she's not a water rat already. If U get to Fl. for vacation check They have built over thirty optis and run a good youth sailing program and could probably arrange a ride for her. Maybe they have some that are ready to part with.
  4. John D

    Square top and plastic mast track

    There is a shop in Mass. that makes light weight rowing skulls etc that has a polycarbonate (Lexan) extrusion that matches up pretty well with the pvc section. Higher MOE that PVC therefore stiffer & works well with Plexus. A little heavier than PVC but the extrusion section is so small would make little difference if just using a short piece at the top.
  5. John D

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    You both have fair points. I agree with the many that state US portsmouth regattas will live as is. Could it be better. Hell yes. Should it be better, Hell yes. Are we loosing participation because its not better? Hell yes. Long term, if it was better could it also improve OD participation. OD competition is probably as good as it gets to even out the playing field but the U.S. OD crowd has some ideologues that greatly discourage any other form of sailing competition. All too often these "empty barrels make the most noise" drown out what we should have as the goal of increasing any participation in our sport. OD competition is not for everyone and the OD classes available in many areas do NOT satisfy the area sailors desires or needs. By improving and supporting handicap racing US Sailing has the foundation to improve the overall picture here. Could an organization that does support your goals grow? Hell yes! my $.02 BTW, Development classes have improved our sport and are necessary to incorporate at least technology improvements.
  6. John D

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    All we need is for US Sailing or a credible organization with a little promotion to get behind handicap racing and these threads would be a non issue. The market is there. The brainpower is available, scoring, handicaps and info availability can be distributed with the speed of light along with details and the input for solving problems. May not even need a symposium in Martha's Vinyard. Pay the fee or you don't get your handicap would support it. Small boat sailing and racing is shrinking. Lots of non active class boats are available and more on the way. Dosen't take a math major to paint the picture.
  7. John D

    Racing/family dinghy

    Look at At 125 you would be limited to about 13/15 solo, a little higher with the jib furled. With equal weight crew, you would fly!
  8. John D

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    +1. dburchfiel, Do you use any scoring soft ware or longhand? Where can we see results? eyeshotpar, Congrats on your par. If you have any interaction with USS re: reporting results please pass it on.
  9. John D

    Why does my mast do this?

    Hardwood form about 4" long with a taper on one end to ease entry. Smooth sanded finish with grease. Knock it in with a length of 1" steel water pipe and 5# sledge. Knock it out the same way (from opposite end). I only have two 10 ' lengths but that has always been enough. If the kink is too severe heat the kink to about 400F. If it still won't come out its time to cut, sleeve and re weld.
  10. John D

    Self Christmas Present For Your Dinghy??

    This probably needs another thread to continue with traction. But, I've seen it tried before and unless the plank breaks the surface at the correct AoA, it can become a big water break.
  11. John D

    Why does my mast do this?

    I've done this way more than once. Here's what has worked for me. Use oxy/acetylene on acetylene only and blacken the area to be annealed...go a little beyond the area to be straightened. Using both oxy/ace heat the area till the black carbon burns away. When the spar is cooled rebend the area using soft forms IE: 55 gallon drum on its side with a soft cover (blanket etc.) Don't re bend all in the same spot taking the rebend in small increments. The rebend will work harden the affected area. There isn't any pat answer as each case is different. For small kinks I have made a hard wood form and pounded it through the spar with long steel pipe. This is done with the spar reheated and is still very warm. Bend the spar slightly in the repaired area till it takes a set and then straighten. Larger kinks, replace it or cut and weld with internal reinforcements. I've never done this on anything larger than J24's but been successful. Doug, on CF spars they usually stay straight or broken, but can all be repaired.
  12. John D

    Vector rudder upgrade

    I used to use a shear pin but found that it really didn't ground ( lock down) the rudder to the rudder head.
  13. John D

    Vector rudder upgrade

    My experience is with both kick up and dagger style. I've added a 7" handle to the kick up design for more torque (clamping force)and ease of tightening. I don't fully tighten till I have adequate water depth. Also, better for manouvering and control (skulling etc.) in shallow water in a partial down position than the dagger is. ie: beach launch and retrieval. The cost for operator error with dagger style is much higher. When you feel the first bump its a lot easier to get the keel blade up than it is to turn and tend to the rudder blade. My $.02. I've spent less repair time with the kick up. The dagger has proved to be about 1lb. less weight.