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  1. DDW sailed SH should be as good as a Laser. Up wind with no roach, battens or sail controls not so much. Maybe start out in the 96/97 area and adjust as results show up.
  2. What is sail area?
  3. It should work good. We had similar cases where we used UK vs US ratings of laser to rate NS 14. Great starting point.
  4. Look at the finishing list for the 41 mile 2017 Mug Race. Wind avg. about 15 with gusts recorded to the low 30's.= lot of shallow river chop. 4 demastings, loosened bulkheads, beat up crew etc.took its toll on the boats with an almost 40 % attrition rate In the dinghy classes the listed starters ( one E class & 2 C scows, RS 100, Johnson 18, Thistle, SR 17, Precision 18.5, Raider Sport and Sunfish) Only the J 18 and the Raider finished in the dinghy div, with the Raider, sailing singlehanded, finished first.in the dinghy classes. Good on ya' D.Mackenzie! Recently, a Raider II sailed in a Dpn regatta which included 2 Aero 7's. In medium air and river chop the Raider took line honors in the 3 races. .. Hopefully, this will address some of the above comments. Getting to try one may still be a challenge. Contact the builder or Waters Sails. John D
  5. Mirage 236. 22" draft with dagger board up. Cassett rudder. Light air flyer, very solid boat. Rates 186 lotsa wins. PM for more. Sebastian Fl. In Pic,, finished ahead of 7.9 & SR Max in pic, corrected over M 24
  6. Thanks 5 0. I was look for results for regattas with aeros and Lasers. The Jan 22 results had it.
  7. Sure, all the time in the ninetys and before. More work for the R/C but helped level the playing field. Ratings for different wind speeds are published in the USS portsmouth handbook.
  8. Pm me the results if you can, or post them here....
  9. Last week end open class had 4 Bic's and 5 lasers to match against. Open bic avg. 116.07 vs Laser. Didn't keep track of wind speeds but range was 6 to 10. Margins grew wider as wind speed decreased.
  10. 505, not quite the boat to get fiancé started on. If there is a windmill fleet in your area, go for it. Great couples boat and very friendly fleet. Performance good enough to keep both racing and daysailing interesting. New built hulls are about 190 Lbs.
  11. Hurricanes, bugs, snakes, gators, no see'ums, warm beer, rude tourists etc. Not much good. I would stay away.
  12. Just a tip. I put a light layer (4 oz.) over the alum. before I start the carbon layup. Adds almost "0" weight. Oldest application about 14 years on a mast base sailed mostly in salt water. No degrading.
  13. Have to respectfully disagree about heat. I have straightened many masts, booms and poles etc. using heat. The process I've done is using a torch (Gas only .no oxy) blacken the area only to be straightened with carbon. Add oxy to the flame ( a lazey blue heating flame) to reheat the area till the carbon is burned off. After cooling slightly, straighten the area as required. This will work harden the affected area....not to full strength but close. Most of the repairs done were due to a failure of another system, mishandling or accident. If this was not the case here and the straightening were done cold then the stress levels are too high and the repair area will respond with a "snap" rather than just bending. Just normal use operating at lower stress levels will further the work hardening process. Works many time for me.
  14. Hey John D, thanks. I just picked up on that too. I guess I can get as high as "8" and looking it up more...am guessing to local float maker uses the light stuff. I did not know the material changes shape... Why a narrow thickness limit...was thinking of letting loose a batch inside the mold, like in a narrow trough...but sealed atop with packing wrap to force into cracks etc...trying to balance prep labor and finish labor compared to doing in wood on stations etc. Very good, and thanks. Keeping the thickness to a minimum keeps less entrapped air out of the equation(less entrapped air means less shape change due to temperature). Also keeps cost down and less "springingness" out of the finishing procedure. Sureform files work pretty good.
  15. Did several hulls with two part (sprayed) urethane. The higher the density the better results (4 lb better than 2 lb) Make a wood buck to take up as much area as possible,using thin ply wood or whatever keeping the foam thickness to about 2 " or so . Be prepared to apply resin and glass ASAP after long boarding. With all the encapsulated air in any foam U use as the shapes will change with temperature.