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  1. Raider or Raider II check all the boxes if U can find one.
  2. John D

    The Megabyte thread

    Have failures occurred in the same place? An insert for a repair and a little extra material on the O.D. ....who knows. A little extra weight aloft but if there is no class racing in the area and U enjoy the boat, it could work out.
  3. Standard 2" dia sounder display stopped working> Pulled boat for bottom job and other repairs. Found faulty 12v wiring to sounder and fixed. The transducer is epoxied into hull. Before re- launching is there a way to check it out? Sounder displays two ( -- --) on land.
  4. John D

    Boat of the year?

    Foiling kit available yet??
  5. John D

    Light weight traveller block - is this new?

    Looks light, neat and simple. If I'm seeing it right the friction/load point is between the sheave and the traveler line. Is it important in a gust on a laser to let out main quickly to avoid swimming? If so, its hard to beat ball bearings and a large sheave.
  6. Maybe there should be a symposium on it
  7. Usually very good deals on nice office equipment and furniture at the auction.
  8. everything what he said. For most dinghys, run the jib sheets forward of the barney pole(mainsheet block) and use a very different color between jib and main sheets
  9. John D

    Square top and plastic mast track

    Might be easier to check with the mast alone supported by saw horses with a tape measure and weight on end of mast.
  10. John D

    Mast Stepping Advice?

    Dave, i was to call U but this is just as easy. Dex is on to an idea that works, The lower the boat is the better Just un hook the hitch from the car to the ground is one way. OR leave the the hitch ATTACHED and raise the mast from the rear. I'm familiar with the trailer U are using and is ok to stand in the boat walking the mast forward (raising the flag IwoJima) style. Careful getting onto the trailer and make sure there is a clear path from the stern to mast step before walking the mast up. Some of the trailers supplied had the springs mounted under the axle and some were on top. Mounted below lowered the boat about 4" which will help out in any situation, even launching in shallower water. Take Daves tip on good padding on the bunks.
  11. John D

    Dyneema usage: good or bad idea?

    If your trying to replace the upper swivel and letting the halyard twist.....Bad idea. If using a swivel, good idea.
  12. If your talking sailing in one foot of water. dream on! You can go where the wind takes you but have no control of where your final destination will be. If sails are up, be prepared to jump out and guide the boat. If powering on outboard or paddle, probably some of the above mentioned. The sea pearl is going to be as good as you can do in the footage range you are looking for. A Mirage 236 (dagger keel and rudder) or the Santana would be good choices if you want to be able to have the features and creature comforts you desire and still be a worthwhile sailing vessel. Even a reworked highlander has 7" of draft to the bilge.
  13. John D

    Singlehanded rig suggestions

    When your in West N.C. PM me. Basically U could use basic rig as is with smaller dinghy sails (used or free) from a 420 or similar to get the feel of the boat. Sure, it won't be a ride like with the standard setup, but U have the boat....use it. Might be fun. Don't need the spinny for a test sail. Sounds like U get enough swimming anyhow. Take the dog out for a second opinion.
  14. John D

    Singlehanded rig suggestions

    Consider a furler for the jib . That way you can attack the demons one at a time.