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  1. sailglobal

    plotter maps

    I have max nt for Raymarine for Mexico and Pacific what exactly are you looking for?
  2. sailglobal

    My newest project

    Headmaster of the Quaker school I attended was William Oats
  3. sailglobal

    Wooden boats thread

    Try this one on for size
  4. sailglobal

    Paul Whiting designs

    Paul's sister Penny and brother Tony can be located on Faceplant
  5. sailglobal

    Auckland, NZ vs. Newport, RI

    'Cracker night' when you're there,
  6. sailglobal

    My newest project

    Here's Rose of Sharon her surviving little sister
  7. sailglobal

    Coolboats to admire

    Yes, it looks kinda limp. Something's amiss. Look at that, "not a sheer". Drawn with a school ruler. JV = Johan Valentine
  8. sailglobal

    My newest project

    Austin, Good points you make about carbon vs steel vs titanium in bike frames. I have put a lot of recent study into the latest developments along these lines. I've hinted around here lately about a project for a boat in Titanium and it is amazing at how many misconceptions there are between a material being strong, stiff, and/or tough. My client was discouraged for a couple of years from even pursuing a Ti sailboat by the people who brought the project to me. He had worn out a ply/epoxy boat, an aluminum replacement, and is well on the way to wearing out its replacement which was built in composite. What he really wanted was a 'tough' maintenance free (as possible) boat that could be ridden hard and put away wet with a life cycle that would exceed his own. We looked hard at a project done in Ti by the US Navy in conjunction with the National Center for Advanced Materials in Michoud La. (the old NASA facility that did much of the Saturn rocket) and the Bell-Textron (Hovercraft) plant just up the bayou. They got a grant to build a mid-section of a Landing Craft prototype in Ti using friction stir welding and all sorts of the multitude of toys at the old rocketship factory. We considered building our project at Michoud but eventually chose a real world builder who just happens to be very near Bob. We have been finally getting some positive response from the Coast Guard on the use of the Ti and will be soon doing some lab testing of the welding and scantlings that have been a long and trying process so far. Here is a video I sent the client early on in the project. Just wanted him to see how we do the scientific process down here on the Redneck Riviera. Funny thing is that last week he did the same thing to a butt welded hull plate with stringer sample that the builder had sent him. Big honking SIlverado didn't phase it so he went to the boatyard and had the small forklift run over it and the the big forklift do the same with no damage. He finally had the small Travel Lift run over it and the the 100T Travel Lift give it a go. At 15 tons per wheel for the 100T, it finally flattened the stringer but didn't break any welds in the 1/8" Ti. Next stop, the police firing range! In the mid 80's there was a NM55 built in Japan using Titanium for the hull. It was to come to California for Transpac, maybe Longy recalls the story,,,,,
  9. sailglobal

    My newest project

    If he's an ex marine it may be wise to not mention Hillary,,,,,,
  10. sailglobal

    The cruising boats that make you dream thread...

    Unicorn was in Pittwater last year, looking good. If you're serious there is a sistership about ready to launch in Hobart. She is a masterpiece built by a true shipwright named Andrew (?) Wardrop over the last 10 or so years. I believe YMT has details.
  11. sailglobal

    Anchor Geekdom

    Thank you Steve for your very detailed research and excellent videos. Cool yacht to boot. Have you examined the Delta anchors? The Excell looks similar to the Delta and it would be handy to have a comparison. If you have an opinion I'd like to know.
  12. sailglobal

    Coolboats to admire

    Jody, this is quite similar in concept, not style. I'd be happy to get you an interior layout so you could see it as a starting point.
  13. sailglobal

    Coolboats to admire

    By chance have you done an interior layout for this yacht?
  14. sailglobal

    Coolboats to admire

    LFH would shudder at that reference.
  15. sailglobal

    Coolboats to admire

    Shannakee (?) cold molded Port Orford Cedar, built in Happy Valley, Santa Cruz by Dave Blair. Alan Blunt (formerly Seatek) has a near sistership and Paul's brother Tony Whiting also has a smaller model, all in Enzed. Great fast cruising yachts.