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  1. plotter maps

    I have max nt for Raymarine for Mexico and Pacific what exactly are you looking for?
  2. My newest project

    Headmaster of the Quaker school I attended was William Oats
  3. How to discourage "campers"?

    I feel you are being unfair to the pricks in the Priuses. After all they are saving the planet and we owe them their right to cut in and hog the roads
  4. Wooden boats thread

    Try this one on for size
  5. BACK IN THE SADDLE-(Nav Station for 2017)

    welcome back Mark, hope the recovery continues full tilt and the search for a birth for 2017 is successful
  6. Paul Whiting designs

    Paul's sister Penny and brother Tony can be located on Faceplant
  7. Fuffa, you're correct about Robin coming from the yard to Newport just prior to the race, but that was 1972. In 1973 she sailed to Florida for SORC. I was sailing against her on Sorcery, the original C&C 61.
  8. Auckland, NZ vs. Newport, RI

    'Cracker night' when you're there,
  9. Fufkin: "The crew initially test sailed the boat with a modified mock up deck to revise sheeting angles and winch/block placements and then they had the actual deck built, brought her down the Hudson with her unstepped mast, got some prep time and let it rip." I think you've got your boats and dates mixed up Fuffa. Robon sailed around from California prior to SORC and Bermuda Race in 1972
  10. sexist,,,, I think one says "misogynist" these days. Or maybe that's different. Hard to keep track. yeah, just as you say. I thought misogany was just an olympic sport until the recent political run around
  11. You're right Bull, I posted last night after watching the idiots burning garbage in the road and stopping traffic just cause their nominee didn't win. I'll take it back. AGW is anthropogenic global warning or man made if you prefer. Does man effect the environment, sure but the hysteria of the liberal left "that's why I cited AlGore" is overblown with the intent of fear mongering. Bull, Al Gore was politicizing it when he made his prediction...after all, he is a politician... One the Global Warming front, I think most of us would agree the globe is warming...the earth has warmed and cooled many times before, and will likely continue to do so. I also think most of us would agree mankind is having an negative impact on global warming. The real question is how much of an impact, and how sure are we of our science? After all, at one point we were pretty sure the sun orbited the earth, we also thought the earth was flat. More recently we thought letting blood was the right way to treat high blood pressure (as well as other symptoms), now we know bleeding is not the correct approach. Just this year studies have shown flossing to be of no benefit in the prevention of periodontal disease after years of dentists telling us to floss... Scientifically, we learn more and more that we didn't know every year...and learn that some things we think we true (scientifically), are not true... Given that climate science is a relatively new field of study, why are we so sure we know how much of the warming is due to man, and how much of it is due to some other factor we haven't even discovered yet? Crash Well written,,,,
  12. Tasmania is very nice, lots of boating areas and very nice people. We're headed that way in April, but not for the reason you all think. PC in Australia is much like here unfortunately, and politics just as screwed up (so the left-wingers might feel right at home).
  13. My newest project

    Here's Rose of Sharon her surviving little sister
  14. Coolboats to admire

    Yes, it looks kinda limp. Something's amiss. Look at that, "not a sheer". Drawn with a school ruler. JV = Johan Valentine