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  1. I don't know about your state, but in mine (Massachusetts), there are two mandatory background checks for people working with kids: CORI and SORI. Neither are expensive or onerous. You just check with the state to verify that someone has neither a criminal record nor a record as a sex offender by submitting two forms. This isn't hiring a private investigator, or a commercial background check firm, it's performing basic due diligence. Also, I'd recommend talking to your insurance company. Insurance providers for kids programs will have best practices recommendations. Heck, one program I ran watched a bunch of training videos provided by the insurance company. They really don't want you to screw up your hiring!
  2. Oh man. Restive was on the rhumb line, then turned 30 degrees, and missed the island by 100 miles. They have just turned, but may have to beat to get there. Rough. I'm going to assume their sextant was broken. The hazards of celestial navigation I guess... http://yb.tl/mb2015
  3. Sorry to say that the HOG's fearless leader is probably not going to be in stomping-uphill-across-the-stern shape this season. The future is unclear. We'll figure it out in the end, though! The boat may change hands, sit out a season, get converted to a cigarette boat....anything is possible!
  4. http://boston.craigslist.org/sob/boa/4110140984.html Comes with dolls for 20k, but not a trailer. Tough sell.
  5. seems to be odd years that have wind. 2011 was cancelled entirely because of a hurricane, and 2009 the middle day was canceled for the same reason. Last year was a drift fest punctuated on our line by a diving contest, won by Greenie who dove from the spreaders of a J105. 2010 was really light too. This year only Sunday was super light, at least on our line. However, our line got 8 races in over three days, where line 1 only got 6. Agreed...Marblehead is lame, but we do already have 2 Hendos racing there. There was great discussion this year of creating a Super-30 class, which would be the Hendos, a Farr 30 converted to Asym, and the Cone of Silence. In that case, the class is already up to 4 boats, and sticking another couple Hendersons in would be pretty sweet! Another option is Buzzard's Bay Regatta. This year is a Marion year, which means plenty of moorings, relatively convenient from Boston, and nice breeze. With 2 Hendersons from Boston and one from Naragansett Bay, that could be a good time...
  6. We're wrapping a solid 5th season on the Heart of Gold (#119) up in Boston. For anyone considering a Hendo, here's what we think we've learned: 1) Reefing sucks. 2) We got a big-foot #2. It's damn fast. 3) Sailing at 1450ish lbs is fast. Since we have ladies aboard, that means 8-9 bodies, with 8 as the sweet spot for rail real estate. 4) That 8-13ish kts of breeze pre-plane bracket sucks. We have a very tough time fighting IMX-40s etc. in those conditions. Regarding how the boat's holding up, I'd say remarkably well. We've had to address soft spots under the rear stanchion bases, caused by years of hiking, but beyond that, it's in great shape. The scariest day we've had was a big-breeze Buzzard's Bay Regatta, where we managed to take a massive amount of water in around the bowsprit port...that may be a design flaw, as we've tried lots of different gasket materials without a lot of luck.