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  1. gn4478

    chain and rope lock

    I have used a 30 foot piece of 3 strand nylon, 1/2 inch diameter tied to the chain with a simple rolling hitch for a 41 ft. boat. Worked very well. Easy. I like the idea of a soft shackle as well. I have had bad luck with a fancy and expensive wichard chain hook with the captive pin bending the first time I used it.
  2. gn4478

    ICOM 710

    I have a gam antennae with an ICOM 700. I can receive and transmit just fine. It was much cheaper than buying new insulators when I re-rigged the boat. I was able to talk with someone in Florida from NJ mid day. I have another friend with one and it works just fine.
  3. When I installed a B&G wind instrument a couple of years ago on top of a 65 foot mast, it was installed as a drop cable to the backbone. No problem with it giving information to the Triton 2 displays or my laptop running expedition.
  4. gn4478


    Meaning chop the halyard?
  5. gn4478


    So, what would be the best move to recover from this cluster..?
  6. gn4478

    iPad for nav

    I have the big 12.9. iNavX and a link program to my Zeus 3. Battery power is an issue if you leave the screen on. I have a backup battery for it. I have a waterproof case. There were not the best mounting options that have waterproof cases when I bought it.
  7. I have B&G Hydra 2000 displays and Zeus 2 and 3 plotters. My autopilot is an Raymarine ST70 control head to a raymarine spx30 autopilot brain. I recommend talking with Selig Berman at Yachtsoft. I purchased a fastnet to NMEA 2000 converter from him. I am able to get data from the fastnet to the Zeus. The Zeus has the ability to put out NMEA 0183 from a video cable. IF the Raymarine ST6000 has a NMEA 0183 input it may be able to give your autopilot the needed nav data to follow a track. That worked in the past for me on a different boat with the ST7000 controller. It does not work on my ST70 since it does not have a NMEA 0183 input. It talks to the SPX30 via Seatalk NG. I might be able to connect the SPX30 with a drop down cable.
  8. gn4478

    B&G H2000 update polar from FFD

    Have you tried emailing B&G?
  9. gn4478

    Help me out with some MORC History

    My dad had hull 44. Great sailing boat!
  10. gn4478

    Looking for 25-27 ft phrf rocket...

    I think this Evelyn 26 is still for sale from my club. This is a very well tuned boat with great sails. It was very competitive against top boats at our club.
  11. gn4478

    Lee cloths

    I bought the ones from defender. They have been excellent for the last 10 seasons. 5 Bermuda races. Worth every penny. The pocket is useful.
  12. gn4478

    Hood StowAway mast manual

    No visible rod or lever. It must be hidden under a cover. Not sure which and one is for lube I think. I have a manual crank for it. Someone should have had the experience. Lol.
  13. gn4478

    Hood StowAway mast manual

    I have a vintage 1985 hood stowaway mast but no manual. Electric version. Anyone have a PDF? I’m looking for info on how to disengage motor for emergency manual operation just in case.