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  1. gn4478

    B&G Nemesis

    I use my gnx 120s to display polar info from expedition
  2. gn4478

    Risk Assessment

    Risk is just half of the equation. The benefits must outweigh the risks!
  3. gn4478

    Spinlock Clutch Vs. Jammer

    I am having an overhaul of the mast on my Baltic 51. All hardware coming off for a paint job. It is a hood stowmast. Despite this type of mast, I race this boat offshore. I am looking to replace the vintage 1985 halyard clutches. There is one for the main and one for a jib halyard. I have a typical winch farm with 3 winches at the mast. 2 port and 1 starboard. I have 2 spinnaker, 2 jib, 1 staysail, a main halyard and a storm trysail halyard. My halyards are 11 and 12 mm dyneema with polyester covers. Questions: on an infrequently adjusted halyard, would you go with a jammer rather than the clutch? Which clutch? Would you have a clutch on a spin halyard?
  4. gn4478

    Ericson 32-3

    Anyone have experience or first hand thoughts about the shoal draft version of the Ericson 32, vintage 1990. My friend is looking at one in the North East. He plans on coastal cruising and maybe a trip to the Bahamas some day.
  5. gn4478

    faint oil sheen in diesel exhaust

    uncombusted fuel in exhaust can also mean an injector isn't working at spec.
  6. gn4478

    Anchor Geekdom

    Great video! I am always amazed at people talking about how bad the CQR is. My dad got one in 1972 and we used it up until a few years ago when he donated his Bristol 40. I had one for 10 years on my own boat. We cruised from the Chesapeake bay to Maine. We anchored a lot. Always took care to set the anchor at about 5:1 scope with rope and chain, backed down in reverse at half power, felt the anchor skip, then set. We then usually put out 7:1. We NEVER dragged. About 80% of the time, the anchor set on the first attempt. Always was able to get it to set on a second or rarely a third. If it didn't set, it was usually fouled with weeds. We anchored during numerous squalls with winds up to 60 kn and wind shifts. NEVER dragged. Not once. The bottoms were usually heavy sand and heavy thick mud. I think it is more about technique and adequate scope. Thanks so much for these videos!
  7. gn4478

    Storm jib vs. Heavy weather jib

    My Bristol liked more main and a smaller jib. Sometimes we would shake a reef and put up the #4. We were faster that way.
  8. gn4478

    Storm jib vs. Heavy weather jib

    In the 5 trips to Bermuda I have made (Marion Bermuda and Newport Bermuda) on a Bristol 43.3, I have used a heavy #4 at some point in each of the races.
  9. gn4478

    Caption Contest

    Paint it black
  10. gn4478

    Wired head exhaust fan
  11. gn4478

    New foulies?

    I got 10 years of good use out of a Henri Loyd Gortex set using their wash and waterproof restoration solution.
  12. I really don't understand why someone would question the "appropriateness" of someone else's choice of boat. Unless it is a Bayliner....There are so many choices out there. Support for the Editor from a Trumpster.
  13. gn4478

    chain and rope lock

    I have used a 30 foot piece of 3 strand nylon, 1/2 inch diameter tied to the chain with a simple rolling hitch for a 41 ft. boat. Worked very well. Easy. I like the idea of a soft shackle as well. I have had bad luck with a fancy and expensive wichard chain hook with the captive pin bending the first time I used it.
  14. gn4478

    ICOM 710

    I have a gam antennae with an ICOM 700. I can receive and transmit just fine. It was much cheaper than buying new insulators when I re-rigged the boat. I was able to talk with someone in Florida from NJ mid day. I have another friend with one and it works just fine.