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  1. gn4478

    Casio Watch Anarchy

    My casio pathfinder has served me very well for 10 years of good use. Digital but does everything. Has a graphing barometer too.
  2. gn4478

    Word to the wise?

    8 degrees of heeling too much? I understand the concept but say you are racing to Bermuda, I hope you are heeling more than 8 degrees. When would you charge your batteries?
  3. gn4478

    Coppercoat Redux

    Hi, The folks at Sea Hawk say that Biocop TF can be wet sanded smooth. Did you do that? Capable of a racing bottom?
  4. gn4478

    HDPE (RudderCraft) rudder without bottom paint

    Not sure why it is balanced. The factory rudder has more area forward of the rudder stock. I would think it would be less balanced?
  5. It all depends on the sailing instructions and the system they are racing under. ORR requirements, ORC, IRC etc. They are not beholden to any country's standards.
  6. gn4478

    Need a rigger in RI

    The 81 Whitbread boat was Skopbank of Finland. I bought the boat last winter. She was stored at Burr Bros and had been on the market for awhile. Her name was Reunited, now High Note.
  7. gn4478

    Need a rigger in RI

    I replaced my rod rigging on my Baltic 51 last winter with RigPro. They used BSI for the rod. Top notch service. Rasputin22: I have spoken to the navigator on the Baltic 51 that did the Whitbread in 1981. He said the boat was stock with the modification of a slightly shorter mast. He ended up being the captain of that boat for a few years.
  8. gn4478

    Davis Mk-25 sextant - worth it?

    I have used a Davis 25 and ended up buying a used Tamaya on ebay. One advantage in my mind with the Davis is weight. It is alot lighter. But you sacrifice optics.
  9. gn4478

    Racing Crew Management Software

    I started using Crew Manager and am very happy with it. The owner is very responsive to requests for modifications and it is helping significantly with logistics. It is a good value.
  10. I bought a boat last winter and found that I had about 300 ft of rusted chain that had a few long segments worth saving for a rope chain setup. A rusted congealed mess. I think that having some kind of grating for the chain to sit on in the forepeak that would allow it to drain and then rinsing with fresh water might do the job.
  11. gn4478

    Light Air Polars: How low do you go?

    I keep an eye at VMG. With my old Bristol 43.3, I'd try to build some speed, find some pressure and head down and then bring her back up. I'm happy if I can do 40-45% of the apparent wind at that speed range. I once did a regatta on my old Flying Scot. I had a great sailor who was a sail maker crewing with me and my 5 yr old son. It was drifting conditions on the Navasink River in NJ. He just kept on saying point the bow at the mark... We ended up winning.
  12. In many ways this thread is a reflection of the challenging economic environment that many yacht clubs are facing: Reduced membership numbers; Increased insurance costs; and Depleted emergency funds due to storm damage. I sail at a club where there are tons of non members who have sailed at the club for 20 yrs. Our club is very reasonably priced to be a member. For whatever reason, some people are just too damn cheap, or are not in a financial position to do so. But many, many really are.You can't race without crew, but you can't race if the club goes under either. Nonmembers may be making financial contribution to a club by eating or drinking at the bar, but many clubs have very reduced prices of food and drink so may not really be contributing much. I don't think there is a right answer that would work for every club.
  13. Might as well allow an oar or outboard.