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  1. gn4478

    Hazard to Navigation

    The shipping companies should be fined heavily. Maybe they would secure the cargo better.
  2. gn4478

    New Sails

    My approach would be to invite 3 different sailmakers to come out with you for a sail. Have them see the boat. Have them sail the boat. Have them come up with their recommendations for the budget and club racing that you are interested in pursuing. So many options out there.
  3. gn4478

    VHF Anarchy

    Simple test: Take the radio out of the boat, put it into another boat's system (power and antennae cable) and see how it works. Take a working radio from a friend and connect it to the boats system and see how it works.
  4. gn4478

    You sick of reading that anologue barometer??

    I agree. I have a casio pathfinder watch that has a graphing barometer page. It matches the trends of an old style weems and plath barometer on board.
  5. gn4478

    Stuffing Box

    Are you 100% sure the yard repacked it?
  6. gn4478

    Sirius Weather - anyone use it?

    I have one. Love it. I have used it in multiple Bermuda races. It has always been reliable. Great value.
  7. gn4478

    My newest project

    Question: How do you spec out the strength of the large windows in a pilot house? I have always been fearful of what might happen if something that large broke in a storm, and the boat flooded.
  8. gn4478

    Life raft Rentals for Noobs

    You sure about that? When a liferaft needs to be re packed virtually everything inside the raft gets replaced. All those $50-$100 SOLAS flares - replaced. The water packets - replaced. CO2 inflator - replaced. Then there is the inflation test. The recertification... It all adds up to nothing close to cheap. You need to figure about 1/3rd of cost of raft for repack
  9. gn4478

    lucky number

    Honey, did you remember to close the screen door?
  10. gn4478


    Thanks! Excellent points
  11. gn4478


    Never did this race/party before. Question: Where do most boats stay in Hyannis?
  12. gn4478

    Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    During one evening half way to Bermuda during the race, I hear from the cockpit, "we have lost the rudder". I pop up from the cabin an realize they started the engine to charge the batteries while the engine was in reverse. It is now known as the Chet maneuver.
  13. gn4478

    Stolen Designs

    I owned hull #4478 for about 15 years. Loved that boat. Very stable. Will get up on a plane in decent wind. Sorry I ended up selling her
  14. gn4478

    Stolen Designs

    The Flying Scot knock offs were not sanctioned by the Flying Scot boat builder, who owns the rights. I spoke with Harry Carpenter about this years ago.
  15. gn4478

    Replacing Standing Rigging

    It is fairly simple to install sta-lock, norseman, etc fittings if you can follow the directions. It is more expensive than swaged fittings. You may not know the exact length, so you could order the wire with swaged fittings up top, have them made a bit long, cut them and do your own fitting on the bottom. I am a fan of They are the outfit that used to make up defender's rigging jobs.