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  1. gn4478

    PFD Upgrade Time

    What percentage of failures were due to expired cartridges or bobbins? I've done 3 safety at sea seminars with in water training and I do not recall anyone in the class not inflating. My guess is that everyone had recent equipment or renewed.
  2. gn4478

    PFD Upgrade Time

    My boots actually add buoyancy. They do trap air as well. During in the water Safety at Sea Training, we were instructed not to remove the foots. Foam soles float.
  3. So I’m headed out for a coastal cruise. Down the Long Island Sound to Martha’s Vineyard. I’m thinking about towing my 14 ft O’day Javelin to have as a tender. As a kid we towed my Cape Dory 10 and sailed around every harbor. I have never towed a Sailing dinghy with the rig up. Has anyone here tried this?
  4. gn4478

    DeBond It for 5200

    I have used it on 4200. It works. Follow directions. Basically, spray, score, wait, score, spray, wait, ....
  5. gn4478

    Is Viking life raft still in business?

    Sea Safety International in Secaucus NJ is an authorized dealer and service center.
  6. I finished the work just before memorial day. The boat has been to Bermuda and Back and still looks good. I used Starbrite cleaner and brightener. On the toe rail and eyebrow teak trim over the ports, I used the starbrite oil/sealer.
  7. I stripped off some failing varnish from some teak trim around the cockpit on my boat. Scrapped, lightly sanded, cleaned and brightened. I applied one coat of the Petit Sealer followed by 3 coats of the Seagold. No sanding between coats. So far so good. I am fairly experienced doing this.
  8. gn4478

    Epic Boat Loss

    I have read this post with sorry and do not mean to criticize cruelly after such a loss, but many things clearly were not done properly. 1. The companionway hatch should have been secured in those conditions 2. Floor boards and other internal cabinet hatches must be positively secured including ice box lids 3. All heavy items must be secured to prevent damage in a roll over 4. Amazing that the helmsman was not lost without being tethered 5. As to the decision to abandon the ship, a tough call. If they did not have the ability to remove water, thats a problem. Small crews have to make decisions differently than large crews. Age, physical condition and fatigue can have a huge impact. Personally, I don't like the idea of jumping into the water when my boat is not actively taking on water, but being injured, fatigued and hypothermic changes things. 6. Storm tactics are very boat specific but, no boat that heaved to in the famous Fastnet Race foundered. In large following seas, a small crew that get fatigued may not be able to effective run. Contrary to prior posts, there are published success stories with drogues. I have personally been in similar conditions in the Atlantic during a gale. My heavy displacement boat likes to fore-reach in those conditions. Even though all do not race, look at the ISAF Category I requirements for boat preparation.
  9. gn4478

    Hazard to Navigation

    The shipping companies should be fined heavily. Maybe they would secure the cargo better.
  10. gn4478

    New Sails

    My approach would be to invite 3 different sailmakers to come out with you for a sail. Have them see the boat. Have them sail the boat. Have them come up with their recommendations for the budget and club racing that you are interested in pursuing. So many options out there.
  11. gn4478

    VHF Anarchy

    Simple test: Take the radio out of the boat, put it into another boat's system (power and antennae cable) and see how it works. Take a working radio from a friend and connect it to the boats system and see how it works.
  12. gn4478

    You sick of reading that anologue barometer??

    I agree. I have a casio pathfinder watch that has a graphing barometer page. It matches the trends of an old style weems and plath barometer on board.
  13. gn4478

    Stuffing Box

    Are you 100% sure the yard repacked it?
  14. gn4478

    Sirius Weather - anyone use it?

    I have one. Love it. I have used it in multiple Bermuda races. It has always been reliable. Great value.