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  1. Steve is a great guy, a real asset to the sailing world. This review is probably the fairest you are likely to see. As with anything getting your own bum wet is the best way of finding out which boat is for you. As for the trolling, please guys don't think its a reflection of the Zero fleet. I have no idea who the troll is. Sure there has been a fair old sh!t fight between owners of both boats. But that's all calmed down now. I have had some great races over the winter with Aero sailors and I hope they the same. I have had some banter on and off the water with them too. I have also fallen out with a couple on the race track due to dodgy rule observance. But that's racing and nothing to do with the boat. The Zero class is heading in a good direction, a different direction to that of the Aero. Which from where I'm standing is yet to establish where it really sits. This will take time and i would suggest by the end of this year we will see the long term future of the Aero. It looks to me like an excellent step through class for youngsters moving out of the Terra and i think the 7 will be a popular choice. I (personally) am just not sure about the 9. I suspect it will a club 'Wednesday night drifter' rig. But who really knows...Only time will tell.
  2. Hi, Can we please just leave the shit fight? I am absolutely sick to the high teeth of it. I'm also not the only one. Its mainly fuelled by people who have no interest in either class. I purchased a D-Zero and having since raced against the Aero, it was the right call for me. I understand why others have decided the other way and i get on with it. Even if i don't agree with their decision. With limited resources the D-Zero has moved from strength to strength this year. We have a fully RYA affiliated class association, with elected committee, we have a class bank account (what a nightmare that is to set up by the way) we have probably the most active facebook community and page in dinghy sailing, we have a website (which is fantastic) we have a dealer which supports more than we could possibly even dream of. We have Nationals, Inland championships and full calender with sailing clubs asking and pushing us to hold our 2016 nationals. We have a boat that has a huge competitive weight window, meaning for the first time i am racing people different weights and even sex to me. Most of all we have active interest in us as a class and as a boat with more and more exciting news over the months to come. Its a really good place to be. Sure there are not US dealers yet, however Suntouched and Devoti have been exporting Finns to the US for years, with the advent of Finntastica, this is unlikely to change. Spare parts are available off the shelf so unlikely you will be out for the whole season. However i understand the lack of dealer is an issue for some. Which is interesting as in the UK the fastest growing sales channel for my other sports is direct purchase.....Maybe there is a business opportunity for you guys stateside? Why not speak with Suntouched ???
  3. Woodman, James was talking about the laser rig pal. I believe.
  4. On another note and I don't mean a disrespect to any sailing website, but are any sailing websites successful? How do you define success? Genuine question? My employer develops some of the most complexed websites and web based solutions in the world for the worlds biggest companies and I am always interested in how people percieve a website to be a successful?
  5. Jesus, this is getting silly guys. I have kept fairly out of this of late because I understand and respect that people see me as impartial. Hell I am impartial, the designer and retailer are friends of mine. The facts remain I have my opinions about how RS market their products. But like most forum conjecture they are just opinions. Whilst owners or prospective owners of both *eros will obviously have a biased for their chosen craft this thread was started for people's opinions about either boat. The zero has been customer ready for longer so it's no wonder more owners have something to say about their boat. No doubt now there are over 100 aeros delivered we will start hearing from more aero owners. Perhaps to redress the balance. There really is no need for a cock waving contest. It's disapointing for everything to turn to school boy name calling, especially from an admin clean. I know this is sailing anarchy but it does make you sound slightly less impartial.
  6. In principle it should help, however it will alter the boom hight and alter the amount of sheet tension you can apply. i dont think i will adjust it more than one slip chock either way. Sure its goign to be quicker to depower the traditional way of slapping the cunno on raisin the board and dropping the traveller slightly. Anyway looking at the forecast we will see this weekend! Once i have my trim sorted through tacks i will start tuning the rig, time to buy a new note book! I don't know what traveller arrangement a Tasar has, but i am obviously pretty used to the D1, which again although has a full length track you shouldnt use more than about 12 inch of movement, or so i was told by Jim Hunt when asking him about rig dynamics in my early days in the class. It always felt fast to drop the traveller and foot off but rarely paid on the track! But you are right a transom traveller is very different to a centre traveller system. Anyway, D0 Tuning aside. I will be good to see some Aero's turning up around the UK next year. its exciting times seeing these two new single handers. Both with very different ways of achieving similar design briefs.
  7. It cant be Bowmoor they only have 2 racing in their Autumn series. One sailed by a former RS dealer. I can find out if needs be. Woodman, that's a good Summary, FWIW i dont think the rake control on the zero is going to have a wide range. It helps with universal fitments of parts as they are the same as the D1. I also think the traveller range will be fairly limied until the breeze really pics up. I have left mine in the factory position. Whilst i learn how to sail the boat. My tacking needs work as i am being too clumsy at the moment, the other Zero at my club is walking all over me in terms of tacking despite losing out to me in boat speed! I am currently being thrashed by a lad that i dont htink has ever beaten me before. My ego has taken a right kicking! But he has put man hours into sailing the Zero. I have taken a year out of sailing! Big wind forecast this weekend! I'm going to give it some salad! If its liek the D1 the windier it gets the better these boats are!!!!!!
  8. Sorry mate!
  9. Just with regards to the name thing. I had known about the Devoti project for a couple of years and from year dot it was project Zero. I no know one likes to believe it and the conspiracy theory is more fun. But I happen to know most people thought the Aero was going to be called the RS50. The D-Zero branding was because it was the D-Ones little sister. If that makes sense. Sure as hell was funny from the outside, both new classes launching with what seemed the same name! I like the idea of the open class rules Jimbo. We had similar racing at POSH with the D1's and RS100's a few years back, the py was irrelevant. However some numb-nut in the 100 fleet requested the following year that the 100's had their own start. Now looking at their turnouts perhaps they would of been better at seeking to befriend rather than push away!
  10. Its not fans really Marmalade, more that Devoti have been delivering boats to happy customers since the end of June. Where as even here in the UK (home of RS) there has been little seen of the Aero.....Which given the hype has led to questions. Its important to remember that people get a little tribal with their chosen dinghy brands, bit like football teams. The right thing to do if you cant decide is to sail both. If like me you have reasons for never buying an RS again, then the decision is easier. I am not saying the Aero is a bad boat, i'm sure its not. If you like the stickers and the branded water bottle then great. But in this instance even if Oman sailing had finished developing the boat instead of RS (they were the original developers i believe) I wouldn't buy one. Not for sailing reasons, but because i don't really understand the whole sales pitch/Marketed concept. In one breath its a racing dinghy, in the other its a stackable dinghy ideal for sailing schools, in one moment its super light then next its super strong, next its well mannered but then its super light and i hear twitchy. Perhaps its a jack of all trades, but removing my biased away from anything that isn't RS for one minute, its a confusing message for me. The boat is sold on price, but in the next sentence we are told there has been no compromise on spec and quality. Call me a pessimist, i just don't believe you can have ALL of these things. I do however understand why the murmurings of fleets of Aero's has developed. If i had 10 similar boats all agee to set up a new fleet, that would put a massive bearing on my buying decisions. Now i have to declare an interest. I own a D-Zero. I previously was Rodney's D-One Demo Donkey, so i know the Devoti Brand. But i am a consumer and i have tried most single handers here available in the UK, I wanted a simple boat with a single sail. That i would sail in ANYTHING. Be it Massive wind and waves or drifting around on my local river on a lazy summers evening. But I wanted a racing boat....A simple, lightweight, racing boat. A boat that carries crew weight! A boat that had the latest bells and whistles, but didn't take 45 minutes to rig and set up from trailer. I wanted a modern Laser, but lighter and more efficient. i was given two options and that was...The Laser or the Zero. Given my friendship with Dan and Rodney and the fact i had discounted the laser (which by the way is still a cracking boat 40 years on) the choice was clear to me.
  11. As soon as I have sailed somewhere deep enough to invert the boat I will strap my gopro on especially for you chuck. I don't however perceive any kind of problem. The boat is quite narrow in front of the board so swinging a leg over shouldn't be a problem. There is also the option of the rubber grip so you can right the old fashion way. As for the clip above of the laser...I would happily take my zero out in that. I don't percieve It being any more of a handful than a laser in breeze in fact the rig is so beautiful it would be much easier to de power! We will see over the winter as here in the UK we sail through and race major handicap events.
  12. Picked up my zero this morning, along with another 8 that were delivered at the same time. Quality and attention detail are frankly remarkable for the price point. Even things like the top regatta cover have really brilliant attention to details like vents and neat 'd0' logos.
  13. Ahh i know who you are now then!!
  14. Koops, there are two of us just up the road past cheltenham. Would be keen for us to join up at some point. We are planning on joining grafham for the winter and travelling up every other week, but if we can help build local fleets I'm sure that would be good value for everyone
  15. Sosoomii happy to come to chew, it's only about 30 minutes from my office, I believe there is zero already there.