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  1. BeSafe

    RIP Austin1972 1972-2020

    He was a good man. Tough news and condolences.
  2. BeSafe

    Trump has it.

    I'm suspect some of Trump's inner circle are going to discover that they're not as important as they thought when it comes to cutting edge pharmaceutics with limited availability. They get the hydroxychloroquine.
  3. BeSafe

    Trump has it.

    His age and lifestyle count against him, but he's going to get loaded up with steroids, Redesivir, and whatever other magic cocktails exist right out of the gate. The most likely event is that he shows mild or no outward symptoms while his immune system get sherpa-ed across the finish line by the finest in pharmaceutical therapies. Its not April anymore. Just like Magic Johnson and AIDS, high profile case caught early with aggressive treatment creates a remarkably different course of the recovery than someone wandering in to an ER after hacking up a lung for a week. If there's justice in the world, Steven Miller is positive as well. But that's just me being snarky.
  4. BeSafe

    Missouri Hair Braiders

  5. BeSafe

    Presidential Debate #1

    It would be a cute stunt. I'm surprised he's doing three. I would have thought two would be enough. He does have to govern so its actually somewhat important to try and help down ballot candidates get elected too. The democratic party is his party - part of this whole effort is to articulate his vision of where he'd like to take the party and the country.
  6. BeSafe

    Police Militarization in the US

    I watched an interesting interview the other day with a local drug lord in the Sinaloa cartel. The interviewer asked "Are you more powerful than the Mexican Government?" His reply was "We're as powerful as they want us to be". There's a lot of money being made in the stupid drug war. That'll take a lot of political capital to change.
  7. Democrats on the committee aren't going to attack Barrett on her family or her religion. Those have been poll tested. Attacking the kids is bad optics. Judge Barrett has essentially written that Obamacare's Pre-Existing condition restrictions are, in fact, unconstitutional. That's why Trump is suddenlypushing out the Executive orders on pre-existing conditions BEFORE her senate confirmation. If they're unconstitutional, then Trump's EO is unconstitutional. Americans understand pre-existing conditions. It's literally the only part of Obamacare that's universally liked and polls well for both republicans and democrats. They'll follow up by attacking her on her worker right policies, vacation / leave times, etc. which are in opposition to the things Ivanka has pushed.
  8. BeSafe

    Your Question For The POTUS Debate

    I think 'invalidation' strategies and cancel culture is a bad world to live in, so I'm personally not really interested in why either is unqualified. The voters for their respective parties elected the person they wanted to represent them. I disagreed with both nominations, and voted against one of them, but I lost. For Biden, I'd like to know what policy position he hold in regards to Housing Regulation and residential REITs specifically, and how it might contrast with what he promoted for the eight years under Obama. I don't have any particular question for Trump. I'd just like him to sit there quietly, without Twitter, for 3 minutes.
  9. True. That's also why there is nine of them. I also suspect that they DO influence each other. Relative to ideology, I sincerely doubt that Roberts has suddenly gone all liberal for example - what he HAS done is routinely said 'Don't make us decide this shit" - YOU are the elected officials. I actually do have a lot of faith in the Supreme court. I think they're very smart people. I wish they came from broader backgrounds and weren't all out of the Harvard/Yale tradition but that's my own personal bias against elitism.
  10. It appears to flow from article 1 - section 3 The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services a Compensation which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office. "Tenure: The Constitution provides that judges "shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour." The term "good behaviour" is interpreted to mean that judges may serve for the remainder of their lives, although they may resign or retire voluntarily. A judge may also be removed by impeachment and conviction by congressional vote (hence the term good behaviour); this has occurred fourteen times. Three other judges, Mark W. Delahay,[5] George W. English,[6] and Samuel B. Kent,[7] chose to resign rather than go through the impeachment process. " Further clarification: Article III, Section 1 provides that federal judges hold their offices during good behavior.1 This standard, borrowed from English law, ensures that federal judges hold their seats for life, rather than set terms or at the will of a superior.2 The applicability of the Good Behavior Clause to the removal of federal judges has been the subject of debate; in particular, whether the phrase elucidates a distinct standard for removal apart from the high crimes and misdemeanors standard applicable to the impeachment of other federal officers.3 While this question has not been definitively resolved, historical practice indicates an understanding that the Good Behavior Clause protects federal judges from removal for congressional disagreement with legal or political opinions.4 From "Appearing at a law school forum in 2008, she noted with relief that there was no retirement age for U.S. judges. “We hold our offices during good behavior,” Ginsburg said, citing language from the Constitution. “So all of my colleagues behave very well.” "
  11. Unfortunately yea - The most obvious proof is suspending the party platform because Trump himself isn't consistent enough to really put anything down on paper. So they went with "RESOLVED, That the Republican Party has and will continue to enthusiastically support the President’s America-first agenda; " I'm not as negative about the 'cult' connotation - ideas often spread early through charisma before conviction. But I know its an easy pejorative. The best ideas take on a life of their own and the leaders BECOME charismatic because of the idea, not the other way. Personally, I've been curious about the difference between MAGA and America-first. They're not actually the same thing. There's a presupposition that the latter leads to the former which just gets glossed over. Enough ramblings.
  12. BeSafe

    2020 Election

    I made this prediction earlier but it's already gone amiss so ..there's that. I think Trump loses - closer than expected (the polls seem to undercount republicans) but outside the 2-3% margin. I think the Senate turns into a shit show with the balance hanging on states like Arizona - that's where the mail in / voter verification will be a big issue.