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  1. I think the word you're looking for there is 'progress?'
  2. The question that has never been answered is why that plane was sent on the northern route when the 11 flights before it all went south to avoid the possibility of danger. Who made that call and why.
  3. cmilliken

    Are there any MEN in the NFL?

    Personally, I think the NFL and player's union should just cut a deal with the networks and not show kneeling players during the anthem. This isn't that hard. Players can then do whatever they want. They can post to instagram or whatever social media they use to keep in touch with their fans to express their personal opinions. The league can do the 'don't ask, don't tell' thing' or whatever to 'protect their brand'. And Colin Kapernick should hang out with Merrick Garland. They both got gangsta-ed by the establishment.
  4. cmilliken

    Conservatives will reject democracy

    I hope so! I generically prefer split government and would like to see the house or senate switch hands.
  5. cmilliken

    Conservatives will reject democracy

    Gerrymandering is definitely a thing and may be the single most powerful weapon in the conservative arsenal. (1.0 + 0.5 bonus points!) Voter Suppression is just the democratic equivalent of republicans griping about 'illegals' voting or voter fraud. Political symmetry and all that. Lots of anecdotes from both sides but not much evidence it impacts elections. (0 points) Attacking the Free Press? Yea, I think that's a thing but I don't see the free press rolling over and taking it. They seem to be happy to fight back. (0 points) Stacking the courts with partisan judges? Maybe. Except those partisan judges seem to be kinda middle of the road once they get appointed. There's fringy folks on both sides but I think the American judicial system is pretty robust. (0.5 points) On owning the media, I disagree. Disney/ESPN? CNN? NBC? ABC? CBS? Twitter? Facebook? Conservative? You've got FOX on one side and everyone else in the middle or on the other side. I vigorously disagree with conservatives owning the media. (serious? less than zero if that were possible). Groups like Paypal, Youtube, Patreon, are all actively cutting off anyone but the beautiful people (i..e, softcore porn, makeup sites, and cat videos). So i give conservatives 2.0 stars out of a possible 5.0 on the 'overthrow' democracy scale.
  6. cmilliken

    The most disturbing thing this week........

    I actually think Woopie Goldberg inadvertently summed up the issue quite effectively: “… Listen, I’m 62 years old, there have been a lot of people in office that I didn’t agree with, but I have never, ever seen anything like this. I’ve never seen anybody whip up such hate. I’ve never seen anybody be so dismissive … What I suffer from is the inability to figure out how to fix this. That’s my issue.” The obvious answer is 'vote him out of office' but that gets to the ugly truth. For all the ** angry fist ** and ** righteous outrage **, liberals don't actually vote with any particular enthusiasm compared to their conservative counterparts. How do you inspire action in people who say they're passionate but at the end of the day, won't spend 10 minutes once every two years or $0.98 in postage to actually make a change?
  7. cmilliken

    Talking to the translator

    I'm pretty sure executive privilege extends to translators, particularly in a one-on-one meeting.
  8. cmilliken

    Rand Paul - new tack on Russian hacking - so what!

    FWIW, I agree with Paul on expansion of NATO. No country wants a potential invader on it's boarder and the ones with enough power, such as Russia and China, and even lesser powers such as Turkey or Israel carve out 'DMZ'when they feel threatened. It sucks to be countries like Ukrane but that's an unfortunate bad luck of geography.
  9. cmilliken

    Trump world order

    Here's at least one root cause we can discuss. I believe that drugs, sex trafficking, and the desire for vice CREATES gangs, porous borders, and worse. I don't believe any country starts with porous borders. Their borders are fine for what they are. I think countries develop porous borders as a result of their own population demanding a service that their country can't or won't provide. From that, free market forces take over and create a porous border to serve the demand. But, since we're too polite to actually throw the people driving the demand in jail, we pretend that it's just a 'border security' issue and roll it all up in that rhetoric. To me, that's the disingenuous part, and root cause, of the 'immigration crisis'. We deport illegals. We arrest 'drug dealers' on the corners. Yea, that'll fix it!!! It's just like when we pretended that pornography was really just 10,000 dirty old men blowing $1,000,000 on playboy every month. Want to tighten the borders? Arrest employers. Arrest the nice rich white folks in nice suburban neighborhoods hiring Mexican help to do their yards and clean their dishes. Yea, but we won't do that. The plan, instead, is to waste money on walls that don't work, built on land seized by eminent domain, and paid for by money we borrow.
  10. cmilliken

    Trump world order

    Truly 'open borders' are a non-starter to me and a straw man. I don't truly believe that very many liberals actually believe that anymore than vast numbers of conservatives believe that abortion should be outlawed even in the case of rape or incest. Yes, there are some but i think both are boogie men used to scare the other side. We're a country of 330 MILLION people with a native population replacement rate that looks a lot like Japan. Immigration is one of the ways to offset the demographic bomb that Japan is merrily building. I don't want to be Japan. I believe we can be more open and more generous AND this will result in more successful businesses and more tax dollars a better standard of living for all Americans AND for people who's relatives live abroad. I'm a libertarian - not an anarchist. FWIW, i'm also in favor of things like 'learning English' - or at least trying - if you're going to immigrate. I think the Europeans have done it about as ass backwards as humanly possible. Creating non-integrated enclaves isn't cultural sensitivity, it's cultural stupidity. I also think High School should REQUIRE civics courses again but I'm just an old codger that way.
  11. cmilliken

    Trump world order

    Although I'm not an immigration lawyer, I believe the short answer is no - they're not set up to accomplish what I'm talking about. Imagine that you're from Guatemala and you come to the US on a student Visa to study business. Four years later, you graduate and go home - to discover you don't have a working regulatory system, that your capital markets are borked, that you have no contacts with any locals (you've been away after all), and have virtually no access to markets because of poor legal protections and minimal infrastructure. Now, use your 'US Business School Training" and create a business. GO! If you're really going to implement a 'teach a man to fish' mentality, you can't throw him out of the boat when YOU"RE ready to throw him out - you need to throw him out when you're BOTH ready. That actually requires a more sophistication and trust and support than 'following our laws' could hope to accomplish. It's hard and time consuming and we're lazy and rich so we don't have too! This problem exists throughout all complex societies. It exists in OUR OWN prison system. You don't have to go to far away countries and non-english speaking immigrants. It's cheep and easy to warehouse people - we do it better than any society on earth has EVER done it. We are fucking WIZARDS at locking people up. What's expensive is to actually improve a situation. The 'natural' thing is to build big walls, armed guards, guns, dogs, etc. That's what's happening all around. Gated communities. Private islands. That's the cheep, easy, solution. It's hard to change that.
  12. cmilliken

    Trump world order

    What, in any of those countries (US/Korea/Japan/Canada/etc., is inhibiting high achievers from achieving? To me, you're just clumping all the high achievers together so they can tell each other how great they are. For that, we already have the echo chamber of higher education. There have been some great studies done over the last 20 years. If you take 25% high achievers and stick em with 75% low achievers, the low achievers come up. The 25% don't suffer. That's the truth. The high achievers may not LIKE it, their parents in particular, may not LIKE it, but that's the way learning actually works. If you want to make the world a better place, what you need is to have the US tightly allied to Latin America or far more active in the Caribbean. We should be importing anyone who wants to work and learn and get ahead and then helping them go back and start businesses and schools and innovation. What you WANT is Japan, Korea (both!), Indonesia, etc. working together. Frankly, you WANT Israel to be working with its Arab neighbors so some kid from the West Bank or Lebanon can go to university in Tel Aviv and then go back and open a school or bike shop or just teach what he's learned.
  13. cmilliken

    Trump world order

    Ah.. I missed that intent.
  14. cmilliken

    Trump world order

    Sounds like a pretty traditional 'beautiful people' get together. Fine for a dinner party, but the countries you're talking about share nothing geographically in common and frankly, not that much culturally. For example, the Koreans still have very harsh anti-Japanese rules and Taiwan may want to hook up but China doesn't WANT them to hook up with the US so its not like they can say 'sure, we'll come!". Canada also may not really want to exclude France in such an arrangement.
  15. cmilliken


    Probably more accurate