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  1. Man saws AR15 in half

    Aye I was just making fun of it after I noticed the wrench. The 'Assault Rifle 15' thing was also totally trolling since, of course, that's not what AR stands for. I'm betting the oil filter wrench is some sort of 'age gauge' or at least a regional thing. I'm not sure how many people under 35 have ever actually changed their oil.
  2. Man saws AR15 in half

    The part of that gun that's a 'gun' - namely the lower receiver - is conspicuously missing from the picture. So we actually have a bunch of disassembled 'gun parts' and no evidence that he destroyed anything. At least the other guy chopped his barrel in half. And WTF do you need an oil filter wrench for? Why the hell would that even be in the picture?
  3. Man saws AR15 in half

  4. Man saws AR15 in half

    Head west! Seriously - Nevada is a good place to start. And yes, it's definitely a rich man sport which is probably why these guns aren't used in crimes. Uzi for less than 5K? uh.. maybe - depends on how janked up it is. Probably a lot more for anything in good shape. Online : https://machineguncentral.com/ Here's a nice video that summarizes the process
  5. Naw Raise taxes, pay for it as a normal course. it's worth it. Times have changed. One of the chronic complaints is that education doesn't work because of externalities. Fix the externalities. Use tragedy as a catalyst for change. Then work on tightening up the gun laws. The SCOTUS already defacto agreed to waiting periods in California. They smell the change. it's coming.
  6. Man saws AR15 in half

    I was being metaphorical for brevity I'm good with representative government and have no disagreement.
  7. There's 100,000 schools in America. Add one police officer, one social worker, and one psychologist to each school. = $250,000 K * 100,000 = $25,000,000,000 billion. Police officer protects students, cracks down on drugs, acts to support school discipline policy, and assist with parental interventions where necessary. Social worker connects low income students to services and performs general welfare assessments. Can assist with police for abuse / neglect interventions. Psychologist helps kids with personal and developmental issues. Assists with assessments, helps school with parental interventions, and assist with abuse/neglect interventions. Something for everyone - helps turn schools back into schools by intervening, connecting assistance, and providing coping skills to children and young adults.
  8. Man saws AR15 in half

    BTW. Why would I make such an issue? Generally speaking, I think laws are the practical embodiment of the moral code upon which we've built our society and should be respected as such. I make fun of stupid laws because they're stupid, not because I find the person who engaged the law was stupid or because I don't believe in what the 'hopeful' outcome might be. My more aspirational self hopes and believes we can come up with laws that we mostly all agree. I HATE HATE HATE it when laws are bent into a pretzel to fulfill some sort of alternative purpose just cause we don't have the testicular fortitude or attention span to just deal with the problem. I find that cowardly and dishonest. This guy is fine. What I find objectionable is the capricious and ridiculous nature of some 'gun laws'. If we want to ban automatics, then put it before the voters and decide. We KNOW HOW TO HOLD VOTES. The only reason we don't is because we're afraid of the outcome. If we want to ban assault weapons, great - define what you mean and PUT IT BEFORE THE VOTERS. It's the end-run because we're too fucking lazy or too fucking scared that I object too. That's about it. The ATF is trying to do what they can with the stupid playbook they've been given. I beat up on them a bit but the reality is they need a better playbook.
  9. Man saws AR15 in half

    I'll look up the gas tube exception just cause I'm curious! From my reading, that doesn't make it de-operable. It still shoots once and is still an SBR. If it was registered properly as a SBR, then he's fine. The ATF can sort it out. My bet is it was registered as an AOW because of a pistol grip or something but who knows I just looked up 'de-milling'. I don't think what he did even comes close to the actual definition. Still a felony. <edit>- Tom included the link so I got rid of mine. As Tom pointed out, slice with torch in specific locations (which he didn't do) or with prior written approval - maybe he's got it but I tend to doubt it.
  10. Man saws AR15 in half

    I was actually being sarcastic a bit It was more of a sense of irony... that this guy bent on virtue signaling would actually end up committing a felony, viewed by millions, and archived for posterity.
  11. Gropenfuhrer’s Market Today

    Truth His car venture is actually pretty plebeian. The 'sell it in the mall' marketing strategy was cool until the various anti-competition rules cracked his skull. Now it's just meh. Sports car meets Ipad.. who would have thunk... Cool but not exactly innovative. The Boring company could actually be pretty revolutionary into creating a '3d option' for development, beyond the hyperloop. Cities are totally hamstrung by their existing 2-d planar layout and the sky, although the limit, isn't practical for things like sewers and power lines, not to mention transportation.
  12. Gropenfuhrer’s Market Today

    I use to be harder on Musk until you realize he's the sacrificial buffalo. He's not selling cars. He's the pointy end of a technology push that all the other CEOs wish they could do but can't because they're castrated eunuchs hired for the expressed purpose of protecting quarterly profits. They NEED Musk out there pushing vision so they can corporate #metoo and pretend their innovators (oohhh.. shiny object!), while taking ZERO personal risk. That's why investors keep poring money into his ventures. Musk CAN'T fail. If he fails, another CEO would have to step up and assume that role and GOD FORBID should their golden parachutes be at risk. They'll quietly keep funneling money through various financial mechanisms to keep him going until he either spectacularly fails, succeeds, or grows too old and someone else has to go out there and actually risk something.
  13. Man saws AR15 in half

    It's kind of a throw back to shotguns I think but I'm not up on my 'gun rule etymology'. I know there's concern about short barreled weapons as 'assault' style in nature which is why weapons like "bullpups" are controversial, even though they have the required barrel length. It gets more weird when you understand the nature of the AR15 and the fact that the lower receiver is the 'gun' part of the gun. When you buy the receiver, you must declare if it's going to be a pistol, rifle, or other. If you declare it as a pistol (or other - I forget the actual term it's not other but its essentially declaring it as a part for manufacture), then it's a pistol and barrel length doesn't matter. However, if f you have a short barrel (below 16" if I recall but again, look it up!) and put a rifle stock on it, then it becomes a a short barrel rifle and you're a felon. If you put it back to a pistol brace, then it's a pistol again and you're ok. HOWEVER, if it was originally declared a rifle receiver and you subsequently put a pistol barrel length on it, it's a short barrel rifle and you're a felon again. There's also one other issue that can come up during use. If you're firing a pistol braced AR15 short barrel pistol and you 'shoulder' it as opposed to putting it up against your cheek, it can be viewed as being converted to a rifle, even if it doesn't have a rifle stock. That's a judgment call but the felony on your record won't include an asterisk. Relative to the original story, the guy committed a laudable act of "civil disobedience" by committed a felony and recording it but should be ready for the consequences.
  14. Man saws AR15 in half

    This. If it's the video I watched, he chopped the barrel. He is now in possession of a short barrel rifle and is guilty of a 2nd degree felony. https://www.crimdefend.com/790-221-possession-of-short-barreled-rifle-short-barreled-shotgu.html
  15. Taxpayer Bailout of Retirement Plans

    The road to hell may be paved with good intentions but it was financed by bankers and creative accounting. Parenthetically, Jack Nickelson was right - "You can't handle the truth...You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know". People lie to themselves all the time about the basic math and then embrace the 'grow the pie!' solution with both hands... only sometimes the pie is already as big as it's going to get. There isn't a greater fool. And then everything goes poof. Sixty years later people think "Oh those foolish people.. I'D never do that".. and start down the road again. It's easy to look back on history with disdain and say 'those ignorant people weren't like me... I know SOO much better."