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  1. Radar Cows... Turn em into border patrol agents by day, nice steak dinner at night.
  2. The "hope" behind the block grant is that locals can vote out of office a crooked governor easier and faster than they can change a crooked congress or bend a federal program. So whatever he does, the hope is if you don't like it, you can replace him and get in someone who will do something useful with it.
  3. It is only once per fiscal year meaning it resets in October and they 'placeholdered' a repeal bill but that placeholder expires on Sept 30th. The other facet is that they were counting on the 'budget savings' by block granting Medicaid to pay for these fancy new tax cuts so without the Medicaid block grant, they can't pay for tax cuts next year.
  4. This is it. If this one doesn't pass, they lose reconciliation and will unlikely ever repeal the law in any significant way. The only alternative is they commit reconciliation again next year and lose tax reform. They can hope to win in 2018 and get another shot but I think that's long odds.
  5. I saw this the other day and though of you Time for a new tractor!
  6. I understand I don't honestly have a strong opinion. I haven't thought about it that much. On the language and 'cleaning it up' for modern understanding as sort of a book keeping exercise has been done on important documents before. We do have things like 'constitution for dummies' if people really wanted to understand what's there.
  7. To me, the 'constitutional overhaul' is pretty much a response to three groups - those that don't like abortion, those that don't like the 2nd amendment, and those that don't like the electoral college. There's some pushback on the 1st as it applies to corporations but that tends to be seasonal. Unless there's something structurally wrong, I see no reason not to just follow the rules and amend it according to it's rules.
  8. I tend to go for the 'deep pockets' theory. The reason the US is held to a higher standard is because we have to money and power to BE held to a higher standard. It comes with the territory. Morally, it's all splitting hairs. Slavery is evil and corrosive in any culture.
  9. It's a long way from perfect but the Big Short movie gives a pretty entertaining look at some of the moving pieces. When you're talking about crashing the entire world economy, there's plenty of blame to go around. Death by a thousand cuts - from government rules and oversight to nepotism to simple and complex greed, everyone had a hand in the failure, including voters who gleefully put most of their congressional assholes BACK into office. There use to be this old myth of the 'dirty old man' .. that somehow, 100,000 dirty old men were blowing $1,600,000 dollars a year each on porn and that really, it was just a minor fringe thing. Yea. The Meltdown was around 5 trillion dollars. With that much money, it's EVERYONE was getting paid off at some level - whether it was in property value, pension funds, whatever. Everyone had a hand in it. What's kinda scary is that every penny of that 5 trillion has been pumped back in, with interest, over the last 9 years but somehow it just doesn't matter.
  10. That would be a good idea for a book! Oh wait...
  11. I didn't say they were right You asked why someone would bring it up.
  12. The destruction of the buffalo is viewed by some as a form of systematic and intentional genocide. By wantonly destroying the herds, the plains Indians were effectively robbed of any possibility of maintaining their lifestyle and were therefore forced to assimilate and abandon their nomadic history or parish. Glorifying the destruction of the Buffalo, in that context, is not much different than putting up statues of Stalin in Kiev.
  13. I said prayer was relaxing, helped people through tough times, etc. and provided references justifying that position. You said they were nothing more than 'op ed' pieces and when on bashing. YOU refuted that position which you are now justifying because you've relaxed. You were so pissed at Dog that YOU didn't bother to read what I said before YOU launched into a tirade. YOU wigged out. The text is all still there. Never wrong eh? Be safe.
  14. My quote is attributed to Bent. I'm sorry if for some reason it says I was quoting you. I couldn't actually find anything to fix. Maybe it was just a hiccup cause my second quote was to you.
  15. I'll start booking marking them for you. And by the way, as I've repeatedly said, I'm essentially an atheist although I give some room to the deist point of view. Theists are nuts. No basis. That's part of why i notice it. It's actually kind of embarrassing to see how people who supposedly don't care get so emotional and want to hurt others just to 'be right'. I get it - Religious people fucked with you and now you want to fuck back - naked aggression. To me, I don't really give a shit. I've sat there in hospice with someone who's praying and kept my head down and let them do their thing. It made them feel better and cost me nothing. People who try and use the bible to justify stupid positions are the EASIEST to refute which is why very few biblical scholars even go in for that shit. "Fox and Friends" pop culture religion is about as deep as philosophy by the Kardasians.