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  1. cmilliken

    The Pentagon speaks about climate change

    Truth. The foundation of the eschewing technology tenant is the idea that God has provided you with what you need to excel and through personal effort, sacrifice, sweat, and blood, you honor that gift. That can take on a wide range of interpretation.
  2. cmilliken

    The Pentagon speaks about climate change

    They're Amish, not Jewish?
  3. cmilliken

    The Pentagon speaks about climate change

  4. cmilliken

    The Pentagon speaks about climate change

    I think that's spot on, actually. I don't think the Chinese as interested in 'extracting' wealth as the Europeans - that was more of a colonial thing. From everything I've ever read of Chinese history, change is often violent and unpredictable so they tend to put a huge premium on stability, and one of the major friction points with the USA. They just don't do creative destruction very well whereas the average American rarely thinks about where they're going to be 6 months, 12, months, or 20 years from now. Just different cultures. That being said, there is a certain 'turn and burn' attitude to the modern China that I think may be a newish thing, brought on by the incredibly fast industrialization. I was reading about the 'empty cities' that the Chinese have built - the half-million unoccupied condos and such. One of the hard truths is that apparently, much of this construction isn't uninhabited because of lack of demand - it's uninhabitable. The buildings were created using paper/straw fillers, design changes were never analyzed for structural integrity, materials were substandard, many of the buildings don't actually have wiring or plumbing, etc. The goal was to get the buildings up and flip the paper to someone else. Smoke and mirrors that would make the most aspiring American slumlord blush at the audacity.
  5. cmilliken

    Uber could be The Democrats undoing.

    The law that was enacted doesn't impact you either as far as I can tell? Wasn't it DC only?
  6. cmilliken

    The Pentagon speaks about climate change

    Like these guys?
  7. cmilliken

    Uber could be The Democrats undoing.

    To your latter point, this part: "The new regulations allow D.C. residents to rent out spare bedrooms or basements via platforms like Airbnb and HomeAway, but the rules limit those rentals to a maximum of 90 days per year. They also ban all rentals of secondary homes—that is, homes that are not occupied by the landlord listing them." I'm REALLLLLLY glad that's in there because of the REIT problem. These are the financial vehicles wherein big investors buy up blocks of real estate as an investment hedge against inflation and as an income scheme. For most of their existence, they were a nice, safe way to invest in infrastructure. But that was then. After the bust of 2008, they became a primary vehicle for all the same forces that underpinned the subprime crisis. They ARE the foundation for much of the explosion in housing costs in the major cities. That's great in the short tun but like any bubble, there are lasting problems that 'the next guy' is going to have to clean up. They ARE the primary vehicle whereby drug money gets laundered and oligarchs get to protect their assets. The ONLY thing that has slowed them down is the owner occupancy restriction.
  8. cmilliken

    Reagan was ‘a dimwit’

    I have no doubt that the world of spooks is full of bad and unsavory things. Hersh's summary is interesting but version does impress me as a bit biased - one side is all brilliance, patriotism, and hard deeds being done while the other side is all dimwits and scoundrels. I do appreciate the post though. Thanks.
  9. Those kids are douche bags.
  10. cmilliken

    Stupidest Shutdown in History

    Fearless 3 pm prediction - the Wall for DACA exchange gets new legs. Trump will try and include some language about somehow amending the 14th (he won't say it that way but that's what would be required) but will ultimately settle for some sort of escalators to border funding.
  11. cmilliken

    Social Spooks

    My problem is that I feel if you share something, you should also have the ability to retract something. That's where the asymmetry of our current system doesn't work for me. The current system doesn't allow for redemption. Part of the whole idea of America was the ability to 'reset' the clock and start over. That includes good and bad.
  12. cmilliken

    Social Spooks

    And, of course, people will eventually started quantifying you based on that history. Maybe even create a database. Almost like a credit score based on past behavior. Naw.. that could never happen.
  13. cmilliken

    Social Spooks

  14. cmilliken

    Social Spooks

    It's bad for the same reason you just said. The stories that get shared are stories that YOU chose to share today. That's still adult YOU creating the narrative. I happened across an interview of Mike Tyson and why he doesn't work out anymore. Should people be allowed to move on and become different or is he always 'Iron Mike', even though that person was filled with anger and violence, directed at everyone around him? To cross metaphors, what does a world look like where Red dies, hanging from a rafter in a transition house instead of fleeing to Mexico? What does a world that doesn't forget actually look like?