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  1. cmilliken


    His conclusion is absolutely right - it really is up to the American people to decide if there's a statute of limitations on issues of character for people seeking public office.
  2. cmilliken

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    In general, I agree with the WSJ's assessment including giving Ford the benefit of a doubt on her recollection. Attacking her prima face is stupid and unfair. That being said, unless there's some sort of corroboration, the nomination should go forward. There are two sides to this and both sides deserve to be respected. My parents got divorced when I was 5 and my mom always said it was terrible and nasty and my dad said it was amiable. As an adult, I asked them both about it at some length and concluded they were both right. For my mom, it was the end of a dream she deeply wanted and the end of a lifestyle she's never get back. For my dad, he'd was in love with a different woman and gave my mom generous terms (they were, I checked) and virtually every possession for which she asked. I have no idea what happened 35 years ago between Mrs. Ford and Mr. Kavanaugh but I can absolutely understand how they have grossly different recollections. Were they the clumsy gropings of a 17 year old athlete or the aggressive domination of a potential sexual predator? Did the event even happen at all? Unless there's some actual physical evidence or a third party who can contribute something, then there's nothing to act on. I'd also point out that the weaponization of judicial appointments has been escalating for a while - particularly the ridiculous waiting backlogs. Perhaps the senate needs to come up with the equivalent of a peremptory strike system to keep the worst of the nuts and unqualified appointments to a minimum but move the rest along. There have been stupid political nominations so I'm not inclined to go carte blanche but in general, the president should get deference to his picks, be it Obama or Bush or Trump.
  3. cmilliken


    Mazie Hirono (D) asked him the question and specified the 'as an adult' condition. His answer was only 'yes' or 'no'. In this case 'no'. This suggests either Hirono knew about the letter and was intentionally trying to protect him from perjury (for some reason) or she was just asking canned questions (which is what it sounded like as she was clearly reading from notes). The weasel words - as spoken in the video - were hers, not his. I think the argument that he was dodging a secret past as a minor would be more compelling if the question were asked by a Republican. FWIW, i think both Kavanaugh and Hirono knew the allegation was out there and would come up later. Hirono said she asked that of every nominee and it would have looked weird if she didn't ask it.
  4. cmilliken


    Both Feinstein and Grassley knew this moment was coming and that it was going to be ugly. The timing was staged - that's politics. The fallout isn't although both political machines will be working their media minions furiously. All the votes that mater are going to be waiting for the phone calls to sniff the winds and pick accordingly. Unless the FBI can actually uncover some new forensic data or a new witness, it's going to come down to Kavenaugh and Judge's version versus Ford's version of what happened 35 years ago. The republicans tried to play politics and jam this through before the midterms and the democrats played politics and threw a sabo into the machine. Personally, i doubt there's going to be much in the way of fact about the facts - they'll be a TON of analysis about represessed memories, displacement, blah blah and suddenly everyone will be an expert on psychology. I think the republicans will push the vote to beyond the midterms and stick it right in front of the continuing resolution to keep the government going to keep the filibuster threat at bay. He'll get approved in the lame duck session. If, by chance, the republicans solidify their senate hold, there's a chance they'll actually withdraw Kavenaugh and nominate a MORE conservative judge. That's the danger that the Dems face. There is another political issue that's of debatable merit - by doing this now, the Dems can make this election about the Supreme court which I think will energize both bases. I think that's actually a mistake - they should be making this about Trump. Disaffected republicans may sit on their hands about a Trump referendum election but they're more inclined to vote if it's actually about the supreme court. Dems who aren't motivated at this point aren't going to get MORE motivated by this.
  5. cmilliken

    The NY Times is now in the business of lies and smears

    Haley's handlers have starting to float a future presidential run. The Times was doing a 'see what sticks' story and ham handed it a bit. In a few months, no one will remember the story but both sides now know if that line of attack fits a bias.
  6. cmilliken

    no evidence of collusion or espionage ... Trump and Russia.

    Yes I believe the collusion investigation is a "witch hunt". The Trump victory caused a deep tremor in the collective cognitive dissonance of the American political establishment. The power of social media. The ineptitude of the political bosses to accurately gauge 'voter sentiment'. The stark and hard realization that the USA is now three countries - a Northeast Old money elite, a west coast new money elite, and everyone else who doesn't live in New England or on the West Coast is actually kind of unhappy. I sincerely believe that there are groups of people that simply can't acknowledge the obvious - that THEY are out of touch. And, in absence of any self reflection , it must be 'the other'. History is replete with examples including the actual Salem Witch Hunt. Ironically, the Salem Witch Hunt was about 199 years shorter than the European witch hunts but that's another story. I have ZERO doubt - none - that the Trump campaign broke laws. I'm sure they did and I'm sure Mueller will put people in jail.
  7. cmilliken

    Kavanaugh confirmation hearings 5 Sep 18

    Probably Fundamentally, I'm really not a fan of 'universal' solutions which pushes me away from both big R and big D and into the libertarian camp. I tend to find that 'one size fits all' rarely fits anyone and just makes it easier for nefarious folks to hide. I'm also much more of an incrementalist. I'd like to see Medicare dropped to 55 years old for example. I think that's an awesome idea and worth trying out. Health care is one of those things where the free market has problems when left alone because the value on one side - human life - has 'infinite value'. I do not believe in the neo-con approach of trying to play wackamole with every possible threat but I do believe, for example, that the military itself is a decent jobs/education program for the middle and lower classes to get a leg up.
  8. cmilliken

    no evidence of collusion or espionage ... Trump and Russia.

    To pursue the 'invalidation argument' - that everything Trump has done including his election, changes in trade policy, a Supreme Court nomination and second in process etc. should be rolled back, Trump can't just be evil or incompetent. He HAS to be criminal. He can't "just be wrong". This will go on for YEARS unfortunately. Eventually, the democrats will win the house or senate or presidency and all this will come back up AGAIN and AGAIN. Invalidation requires finding SOMETHING. Fortunately for Trump (in regards to criminality), he doesn't really write stuff down and his verbal tirades are frequently meandering and garbled so 'mispoke' is more a mission statement than admission of guilt. The real problem (for Trump and for the constitutional process) is going to be when they go after his family. Jared / Ivanka in particular are exposed and not nearly so haphazard. And they WILL go after them.
  9. cmilliken

    Kavanaugh confirmation hearings 5 Sep 18

    Roe isn't going to get overturned. It's the foundation of Doc + Patient > State. It's far more likely to be overturned by extreme leftists than extreme rightists. That being said, i do expect that the US will be more inline with the Euro model since we all seem to hold that up as the ideal anyway () and some serious limits will exist > 20 weeks.
  10. cmilliken

    Kavanaugh confirmation hearings 5 Sep 18

    Personally, I'm proud of our judicial system and it's resiliency. I disagree with what happened to Garland and I disagree with the tactics used on Kavanaugh. None of these justices deserve the bullshit they get forced to endure but it's part of the job and they're ambitious as well - ambitious enough to put up with it. I think the electorate is lazy and our congress is spineless because of it. It starts with Americans.. get out and fucking vote. Don't like the duopoly in the fall? Vote in the summer and get YOUR choice for the duopoly sack race. That's where the power now resides.
  11. cmilliken

    Kavanaugh confirmation hearings 5 Sep 18

    Turtle should have gotten voted out of office for what he did to Garland. Garland deserved a vote. The Republicans were cowardly.
  12. cmilliken

    Kavanaugh confirmation hearings 5 Sep 18

    The true answer is because this is all staged. Both sides knew about the accusation. Both sides knew about the supporting testimonials. Both sides knew this would be used at the 11th hour, rather than at the beginning. Sharknado had better acting that this foolishness.
  13. cmilliken

    WTF? number 789.

    I'm not read up on the latest offers. From what little I've heard it's an updated version of the two-state solution with new branding (i.e., a new name) but the same generic parameters but I truly don't know. The US is shutting down the Palestinian mission in the US and tying up a bunch of their money and the Palestinians are pursuing war crimes, etc. If Trump is going to get a peace deal, it's gotta get done next year so they'll have to be movement in the next six months or no bueno till 2021 which is why the Bolton-Pit Bull routine is baaaack.
  14. cmilliken

    WTF? number 789.

    The Palestinians are pursuing ICC charges against Israeli officials. Bolton is teeing up an invalidation argument. The key part is "to protect our citizens and those of our allies..." That's what this is all about. We're trying to apply pressure to the Palestinians to cut a deal in the middle east and the Palestinians are trying to apply their own pressure against the US/Israel though their means.