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  1. cmilliken

    Woodward gets it

    Honestly, I think the media would be better served using that approach but they're in it for the ratings. No one escapes a shit-fight with a poop-slinging monkey without getting covered in stink. From late night comedians to tight shirt pundits to bloggers/social media whores, Trump has been a GOD-SEND. And they LOVE HIM for it - and despite his occasional protestations, he loves them too.
  2. cmilliken

    Big upset in the Bronx.

    That's always the perverse correlation to our electorate. Imagine that you have five districts with 20% black voters each and these black voters always vote democrat and that these voters tend to be congregated around cities. If you want to 'guarantee' a black representative, you draw lines such that one district is 60% black. That means the other four districts - by math not by some big bad deep state ideology - become more republican, more white, and more rural. And then we whine that the electoral college gives rural voters too much power like it was some unexpected outcome. There are some stupid bad boundaries and people will immediately point out the half a dozen (out of 435) that are just awful and manipulative but the overall issue is 'just math' combined with ideological block voters and how they tend to self-sort.
  3. He was a good democrat back then
  4. cmilliken

    the good guy with a gun

    Naw From VOA's comment I thought there really might be something I was missing in the links. Knock yourself out, Julius! Edit - relative to the first thread, I know some CCW classes are now including the 'what to do if you've subdued a gunman' instructions and 'stand over them with a gun to their back' isn't on the list of 'do's'. As i recall, the basic instructions boil down to disarm them, put your gun away, wait for the police, and if they run away, then they run away.
  5. cmilliken

    the good guy with a gun

    Those aren't the same events. One was in a bar in Chicago and the other was a Kroger's in Kentucky. Or was this some sort of metaphor I missed?
  6. Get him off his bike? Hell, I'd vote for Penn Jilette if he ran.
  7. I'm a huge proponent of Democracy but Hillary v Trump round 2, would seriously tax my beliefs.
  8. That's the first time I've seen the 'doctored' video - what the hell, did they hire someone on fiverr? High School kids could do a better job. That was dumb. I had seen the other thread about 'speeding up frames' and blah blah and was really expecting a lot more.
  9. cmilliken

    FAIR Act to Reform Asset Seizure Laws

    John Oliver thinks it's kind of a big deal.. does that matter?
  10. cmilliken

    Migrant Caravan

    According to Voice for America ( the first tranche started moving again Friday. While looking that up, I ran into an interesting article from Mother Jones ( - mostly because it confirms my bias : "There’s always a chicken-and-egg problem with this stuff. Does public interest drive media coverage, which is perfectly normal, or does media coverage drive public interest? If the latter, what drives the media coverage in the first place? In this case, media coverage seems to mostly follow Trump, not the specific events that would be newsworthy on their own merits. This suggests that, in fact, they’re taking their cues from Trump and Fox News more than they are from their own independent news judgment. But honestly, it’s hard to say for sure, isn’t it?"
  11. cmilliken

    Trump has followers in Shithole countries it seems

    I don't personally believe economies are a the ponzi scheme but there are 'ponzi' games being played. I thought Ray Dalio called it right when he said finance is really just time travel - it brings future demand into the present. Borrowing doesn't create anything - it just shifts growth in time. In that regard, i think we're playing games by borrowing and pretending it's growth which is certainly ponzi-like. The 'growth' model is how modern economies deal with inequity. Lets say we create four units of growth and you get three and I get one. My 'one' is still better than what I had so I've 'won' even though I didn't win as much as you did. That's where people like Steven Pinker are right - the 'world' as a whole is better off now than it's ever been - by a wide margin. The problem with the "end of the growth model" is that the hard truths become more obvious and harder to paper over. No, you're NEVER going to get that boat you wanted. Your kids are NEVER going to a 'top school'. Sorry, but you ARE going to be working a menial job until you die. And by the way, through social media, you're going to get to watch other people live 'non-menial' lives. Have fun with that. FWIW, I think there's a correlation between the rise modern economic theory and the decline of theology. In their most abstract, both are trying to somehow deal with 'inequity' and 'justice'. For religion, the answer is pegged to some sort of afterlife. In economics, it's pegged to growth. The existential question becomes - "Ok, but what if there isn't any more growth?" Personally, I think that we're going to continue to see a big rise in nationalism, tribalism, and evangelicalism. I don't know where it ends. But it seems that 'this epoch' is just about done. Even if we froze our growth today, we're still looking at depletion of some critical resources within my kid's lives and the dramatic loss in mobility and freedom with a few decades.
  12. cmilliken

    Who Is The Attorney General?

    Without being all snarky, I could say you're right, they're not comparable. Obama blocked a known violation of the law. Trump is only blocking the possible violation of a law and innocence is still presumed in the USA. I don't trust ANY executive to expand their power base by fiat because there's no way to put that genie back in the bottle once they get out. I don't want ANY executive using the 'ends justify the means' approach to governance. That's why process matters. If you don't believe in and trust process, then it's just simple power and democracy is just a sham. I understand that argument but I'm not ready to go there. Some day, maybe. But for today, I still believe in process. Even the RICO/Civil Forfeiture/State sanctioned extortion part of it. The truth will come out. The congressional critters should introduce whatever legislation they need to protect Muller and then we can see who votes on what and decide if we chose to support those representatives from there.
  13. cmilliken

    Who Is The Attorney General?

    That is kinda interesting now that I think about it. Whitaker has to do something 'wrong' before you can have a victim and without a victim, our legal system doesn't really have any foundation to get involved. Although that's not always stopped the thought police, it might in this case. I suspect that's why the lawyer folk from the Democratic side have been talking about introducing legislation - that would probably smell an awful lot like "Muller gets XXX dollars" to conduct his investigations. I do think it's cute how people in favor of our last president using the power of the pen to eliminate enforcement of DACA are so suddenly concerned about the power of the pen being used to choke off Muller. Once you give power to a leader, they'll never give it back. In our case, where that power if vested in an office, that office never gives it back. That means the next occupant gets that power too. That was, of course, mentioned at the time but brushed off because the 'ends justified the means'. That's why I'm always very concerned about the 'means' even when I agree with the ends. Eventually, something I don't want will be subject to those means, too.
  14. cmilliken

    Just another shooting

    California has red flag laws. Maybe the clinician that said he wasn't a threat and therefore could keep his guns should be replaced or the state legislature could direct more money into hiring better mental health evaluation in the future?