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  1. Schnick

    Towing a 13' Whaler...

    My boat has a huge crack in the transom because the PO towed his 13' whaler and it surfed up and nailed the mothership.
  2. I actually think they were allowed to motor in the first race.
  3. Schnick

    Dyneema vs. German Shepherd

    10 minutes tops. Gave a piece of 1/2" amsteel blue to my buddys malinois, did not last a day.
  4. Schnick

    Durable NMEA2000 cables?

    I install a lot of these and I am a B&G certified tech/installer. I would go Maretron for the backbone cables and the micro tees. Spur cables you can probably use the supplied cheaper cables, which are lighter, as the voltage drop on a short spur should be pretty negligible.
  5. Schnick

    Kirby 30

    That boat has a way taller rig than Blue Otter and other stock K30s. Why jumpers and runners? Same as any boat, runners to hold the rig up and provide headstay tension, jumpers to prevent the top half of the main washing out when you sheet on in 10 knots of breeze. The NM29 you were looking at has same.
  6. Schnick

    Kirby 30

    Ultimately the K30 offers the speed of a J30 with the interior of a J29. Basically thats why I never owned one. I love the K25, anf the 30 like the 25 needs weight way forward to perform in light air. But with SJB's search parameters its not a bad choice. And cheap. Way faster than a half ton type boat.
  7. Schnick

    Kirby 30

    12 or 13 knots is possible, though rare. Rudder could be bigger and better, though its not way off. Tall rig version would be desirable. In bc the tall rigs were Crackerjack (green), Quick Brown Fox (brownish), Betty boop (red stick). Inboard nice to own, outboard much faster under sail and power. Cockpit kinda tight for helm, but workable.
  8. Schnick

    Floor Question

    Welcome to Schock 35 ownership. In 5 years I have never not arrived to find a bucket of water in the bilge at the galley. The smallest Whale pump will fit. Almost any float switch will need to be shimmed to make it trigger early. The water needs to get out of the bilge aft through the engine area I think. A dripless shaft seal will help quite a bit ($400). The mast will always leak. Great boat, mine has done absolutely everything I wanted it to.
  9. Schnick

    Southern Straits 2018

    Thanks guys we had a good race. I dont know if you guys saw from where you were but we were changing between light/med and heavy Genoas a lot to try to hang with the J boats, and we still slowly bled our early lead away by Entrance. The boat does like to go upwind though - high mode is almost always in effect. A really good start can make a surprising amount of difference in this race too, and we managed that pretty well. Even Daia didn't get past us until almost Pt. Atkinson.
  10. Schnick

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    I gotta be honest, having sailed these boats a bit. Sails or no sails, repeat sailing in 20+ knots of breeze will result in sinking your M243 sooner rather than later. You really ought to start by reinforcing and possibly increasing the size of the rudder, and then extend the racks aft another 2 feet. And then put a whole bunch of buoyancy bags inside. Then think about all the possible ways the rig could break, starting with inversion of the upper rig and ending with inversion of the entire boat somewhere near Berkley, and things you could do to prevent these scenarios. Then get better sails.
  11. Schnick

    Old One Ton

    Spica/Dauntless is still in Vancouver at Burrard Civic marina. Sporting a Blue paint job put on with a broom on a windy day, and out of sails. But still going. X one ton mk1 Delidate Balance is still in town at vrc and had a beautiful multi year refit. Looks great. Mad Max is also in good nick and available. My favourite was always the Briand / Beneteau 1T - not sure where Jazz ended up but those were great looking boats.
  12. Schnick

    Southern Straits 2018

    Long range today says slow and warm. Poor man's J109 Excalibur is in and stoked.
  13. Schnick

    How to rid spinnaker on Santana 30/30 pc

    schock 35 makes this work with only 4 winches - jib sheets to primary, spin sheets to cabintop, and if you're running separate guys they go to primaries with no conflict as they are loaded on opposite side from Genoa. Olson 30 typically has only 2 winches. Best method is a turning block on jib sheet with a built-in jammer so that it can be locked while spin is up. At 30' you can probably do something with a large Harken cam cleat on deck that you press the jib sheet down into to lock off and free the winch - we have done this on 6meters a few times.
  14. Schnick

    Furler: Harkin MK IV vs Fancor STG 3T

    I would always go Harken for furlers. Split drum not even 15 minutes to remove, about that to install. Never seen breeze that stopped me from getting a sail up or down at the dock.
  15. Schnick

    PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    Thats kind of the whole point though. If a guy in Tacoma appeals the rating of say, the X-119, the X-119 owners up here want to have their say. You can't really just say that we will all use the same numbers. I think the video conferencing thing will come but remember these meetings are not being held in fancy corporate boardrooms.