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  1. Furler: Harkin MK IV vs Fancor STG 3T

    I would always go Harken for furlers. Split drum not even 15 minutes to remove, about that to install. Never seen breeze that stopped me from getting a sail up or down at the dock.
  2. Laser 28?

    I would go for a bigger rudder immediately, before shopping around for a stiffer rig. But the boats are pretty great already.
  3. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    Thats kind of the whole point though. If a guy in Tacoma appeals the rating of say, the X-119, the X-119 owners up here want to have their say. You can't really just say that we will all use the same numbers. I think the video conferencing thing will come but remember these meetings are not being held in fancy corporate boardrooms.
  4. PHRF NW vs BC?? WTF

    I am a handicapper at BC. I was also born in '82 and missed the actual split of the two groups. Suffice to say that the remaining good reasons for two separate organizations center on the different appeals processes and particularly the appeals locations - NW appeals are always going to be hours away for Vancouverites. During the last attempted "uprising" BC was also doing some doublechecking of sail area formulas and took the opportunity to match their spinnaker measurement system and spinnaker code scheme to that of NW. Literally I came as close as possible to a cut and paste job. The huge side benefit of this is that you can now compare the base ratings of boats in both systems and make a real apples to apples comparison. My belief is that 3 or 6 seconds between regions doesnt matter much; any more and its quite likely that one region is wrong and the other is right. Someone somewhere most likely has such a comparison in spreadsheet form.. If you wanted a real detailed analysis. I built such a tool but it was before the change in spinnaker rules and the data was basically unusable.
  5. C&C 27MkV

    Big enough to be consistently faster than the mark 3 27s? Same fore triangle and 4' more main for starters..
  6. C&C 27MkV

    Would have been a great boat with a bigger rig. I liked sailing them but they were not really very quick.
  7. Manana (ex-Kahuna) will not be out. Both of our Safety at Sea certs expired last year so Trev spent the money on a hotel reservation somewhere warm instead. I might bring out the Schock but it is a terrible DH boat so I will bring crew.
  8. Schock 35 sailplan line drawing please

    Here's my homemade version. It' not bad for MS Paint but not pro quality. It looks ok on a shirt. You'd want to take my boat name off of course! Note: I tried Schock a nu.ber of times and never got anything. I don't think the drawings for this boat were done until after they built a few of them so...
  9. Schock 35 sailplan line drawing please

    I had to trace over the blurry little one found on the internet to get something printable. I have it somewhere but it is not perfect.
  10. Round The County 2017

    Day 1 update?? Anyone?
  11. I have Schock 35, similar rig just a bit taller. Same hydraulic unit. Ulman tuning guide for my boat says you want to get 3000 pounds or so at max. It would be a bit less for your shorter forestay. It's hard to beat hydraulic for power and non-stretch. However the integral hydraulic units are hard to adjust on the fly while steering and eapecially hard on whichever tack the handle faces away from you. For my boat a purchase system would probably require winches to have enough grunt. For a 30 footer I would probably go with a purchase led to the main trimmer.
  12. Stainless vs Aluminum - the struggle is real...

    The threaded spar fittings in my 30 year old Catalina 36 were all put in with clear silicon sealant. Not a single one gave me trouble at removal time and I never saw any significant corrosion.
  13. Heavy #1 vs #2

    Reefed main is slow. Code 4 jib would be about the size of a 2, say 145%. Code 6 main would be bigger (roach plus foot length) by about the same amount you gave up in the headsail. End goal would be more efficient sailplan, more downwind S.A., same rating. Look for it on my boat first.
  14. Heavy #1 vs #2

    My Schock has light 1 / heavy 1 / 3 / 5 jibs. My older heavy 1 is a full 153%. Newer heavy one is smaller, I'd say 10" shorter on foot. Exactly as you'd expect, the boat is lightning fast in the smaller sail when you are uprange. But, the overlap in ranges shrinks as you shrink the sail area - really this means the cost of picking wrong dail becomes unacceptably high... If I was starting from scratch I would get an AP#1 and probably a 2ish sized sail, rather than light and heavy #1 sails. The reason being, the Schock is a weapon upwind in light air anyways and I could afford to sacrifice a bit of light air oomph for a Genoa with a wider range and fewer sail changes. The 2 would help us find a low/fast mode that we are missing because you'd be able to drop traveller without the main backwinding immediately. But any discussion of sail design on this boat can not be complete without tossing in the option of a code 4 jib and code 6 main combination. Mmm mmm.
  15. Mastervolt makes a nice 100A charger that will also have two secondary lower current outputs to top up the start batteries. I think the last one I installed was feeding sixteen L16 6-volts. Also there is no reason you can't hook up multiple chargers to the same bank. Two of those 20 or 25A units would be better than one.