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  1. Schnick

    Tripp 47 In Seattle- Good Deal?

    That boat struggled with J120s boat for boat when I last saw it out.
  2. Express 37 just so good across all conditions, no real weakness.
  3. Schnick

    Blusail 24

    2 in the Vancouver BC area, red one is in Gibsons and the white one in deep cove.
  4. Schnick

    New Rudder for Martin 32 - Western Canada

    Don recently moved and doesn't seem to have a basement full of parts. Clint Currie would have tooling for the rudder on Bullit, which I think is the same one he built for Fortissimo after that boat lost it's original. You would end up with the least broach-ey Martin 32 ever, which is not saying a whole lot!
  5. Schnick

    Anyone actually cruised a Martin 242?

    My family owned 242 hull number 3 for 20 years, cruised up to 2 weeks in desolation with a family of 3, then 4, then later a group of 4 teenagers. Very do-able. We had a 5hp outboard and motored just over 6 knots, with a 9.9 the thing damn near planed. Bring a tarp for the rain!
  6. Schnick

    Jib Top for Cruising in the PNW?

    Same thing! If your LP is the same you will have, within a bit, the same area. That's why PHRF uses LP to calculate area.
  7. Schnick

    Jib Top for Cruising in the PNW?

    I end up sheeted in too far for a JT coming home from Silva Bay about 60% of the time. Also, cutting the bottom off your sail just makes the sail smaller, a real JT has the same area as your Genoa and would typically have a fuller shape than an all-purpose Genoa. What you are talking about is more of a Yankee jib.
  8. Schnick

    Mainsail halyard lock.

    We did a constrictor up the mast on our 6m. It was terrible, after a year or so we were going up the rig every single outing to get the sail down.
  9. I put an autopilot in a Baltic 38, very similar. Once I squeezed in and installed the whole thing, I could not get out, had to disassemble the drive and then put it in hanging upside down. Best of luck, and keep your phone where you can reach it!
  10. Schnick

    Farr 920 - US Watercraft auction

    Compass Yachts in Canada built at least one of this design, with the intent of a production run. If its glass this could be one of those. The one I am familiar with originally had an omc saildrive, and the rudder was less elliptical than yours.
  11. Schnick

    J/35 vs J/36 vs J/105 Designs

    The 36 hull was modified to make the 35. The only difference between the two hulls is a reduction in freeboard on the 35, the underwater shape is identical. The same is true of the J/30 and J/29. The 35C was made into the 110 by adding a sprit and one of those bulb-ish keels that J does. The 105 shares its hull with no other models, and viewed from on deck it carries its max beam much further forward than the 35 and 36.
  12. Jim Donovan did this for the Farr 43 Flash Gordon, he posts here sometimes and probably has a website..
  13. Schnick

    Probably a bad idea: super cheap Farr 39 ML

    All the ads are gone - which one of us fell for it?
  14. Schnick

    Sweetest sailing old plastic?

    C&C designed Viking 28 is a sweetheart that still handles well with a proper fin keel.
  15. Broos is a M242, not a 243. Are you sure there were 14 made, I would have guessed 8-10, and Don was known to skip the occasional hull number.