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  1. I put an autopilot in a Baltic 38, very similar. Once I squeezed in and installed the whole thing, I could not get out, had to disassemble the drive and then put it in hanging upside down. Best of luck, and keep your phone where you can reach it!
  2. Schnick

    Farr 920 - US Watercraft auction

    Compass Yachts in Canada built at least one of this design, with the intent of a production run. If its glass this could be one of those. The one I am familiar with originally had an omc saildrive, and the rudder was less elliptical than yours.
  3. Schnick

    J/35 vs J/36 vs J/105 Designs

    The 36 hull was modified to make the 35. The only difference between the two hulls is a reduction in freeboard on the 35, the underwater shape is identical. The same is true of the J/30 and J/29. The 35C was made into the 110 by adding a sprit and one of those bulb-ish keels that J does. The 105 shares its hull with no other models, and viewed from on deck it carries its max beam much further forward than the 35 and 36.
  4. Jim Donovan did this for the Farr 43 Flash Gordon, he posts here sometimes and probably has a website..
  5. Schnick

    Probably a bad idea: super cheap Farr 39 ML

    All the ads are gone - which one of us fell for it?
  6. Schnick

    Sweetest sailing old plastic?

    C&C designed Viking 28 is a sweetheart that still handles well with a proper fin keel.
  7. Broos is a M242, not a 243. Are you sure there were 14 made, I would have guessed 8-10, and Don was known to skip the occasional hull number.
  8. Furnace, refrigeration, and lower stretch lines for all halyards.
  9. Schnick

    Tilting the mast forward?

    Rig forward gets a bunch of weight forward (fast in light air), less rudder movement (always fast), more separation between spinnaker and main (always fast), and in theory can change the direction of flow on the mainsail in positive ways. Below is a modern 6 meter, on our next boat we took this concept quite a bit further but can't find a pic just now.
  10. Is W Shad Turner still alive? Anyone know where his design info would have all ended up? I am trying to get my hands on the aft stations and drawings for the Santana 35...
  11. Schnick

    Are topmast backstays obsolete?

    My first day sailing the Dash 34 Karma with the square headed main was in about 25 knots of breeze. This boat was done before Roadrunner was Guar. Karma had no standing backstay, twin runners to hounds with twin topmasts attached. Headed from QB to point grey downwind, we were side by side with Bullit, who had a permanent backstay with a long flicker, over standard runners to the hounds. I had time to notice that Bullits whip was still deflecting the backstay, which would mean the stay was not truly supporting the topmast. About the 3rd puff that came through we watched Bullits mast fold into 3 pieces. Long story short, no point in the fixed stay with flicker on a boat with runners, since you're doing the runners anyways. If you are going to a swept rig, flicker is ok on a medium large roach, just remember to pull it on when needed. True square top will require split backstay. The current popular compromise is the monster masthead crane as seen on new J boats like the 99. The guys on the SC70 Westerly have done the same. Easy on a carbon rig, harder to engineer on aluminum. Westerly did put the huge crane on their aluminum rig and triangulated the whole thing with threaded struts on each side.
  12. Schnick

    Old racers sitting unloved, what are they?

    The weird Silva Bay 45 footer Samatas was built locally as a 39 footer and was really quite nice. I recall it had a big spread in Pacific Ychting when new. Story I heard was he wanted to maybe do the BOC back when the div was 40 to 50 feet. So he extended pretty much everything, keel, rig, hull. That's why the mast looks too far forward now. The boat had a very close copy of the heel-adjustable rudder from Thursday's Child at one point, curved tracks etc. I think he did sail it to Mexico and back but not completely sure. I also think the boom was a round titanium tube at one point. Never really raced or won anything but seems a shame to see it unloved.
  13. Schnick

    Spinnaker Sheet Set Up

    We are more efficient jobbing in all wind conditions with sheets and guys on our Schock35 so as noted above, set up with T8 on guy and soft shackle on sheets. I run an A kite under 12 knots and have same setup.