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  1. Four Stars was profiled in Sailing World after they won the pro division (Gibbs Hill?) in the 2006 (?) Bermuda Race. She didn't have a Sprit, though, but ran asyms off an oversized pole. The sprits and smaller genoas came in about 2010 and a different 44.7 did very well that year in the Bermuda Race (St. David's and Class 6 (?), also using big asyms, including a code 0.
  2. TomTraubert

    Pay to play - amateur racing

    As an owner (40+ foot boat we sailed offshore and in weekend regattas) I never asked for a financial contribution. For those who offered to help, I asked them to do something that saved me time -- bring lunches, drinks, beer, etc., pick up something from the marine hardware store, assist with boat prep or deliveries - but never money. I expected experienced sailors to arrive with their own kit - foulies, pfds, harnesses, etc. - but I kept boat gear to help out less experienced crew and to keep them safe. I never asked for help financing sail or gear repairs, even when things were damaged due to crew negligence. As crew particularly on a distance race or a multi-day regatta, I looked for an item of gear or tool that the owner could use and tried to buy that as a gift. The feedback I got was the gift was unnecessary but very much appreciated. While now blissfully boatless, with much more disposable income, I don't regret a cent spent on the boat or racing program -- we had great times and the memories are not clouded by any ill feelings about money.
  3. TomTraubert

    Vineyard Race SI amendment #1

    Snags, you make me wish someone would run to MSAGA!!
  4. TomTraubert


    Great memories indeed. A little Googling reveals: 1. Copies to purchase are not available on EBay, Amazon or Able books. 2. The Parody has its own Wikipedia page: 3. It is also apparently available in the following two libraries: Displaying libraries 1-2 out of 2 (94568) Show libraries holding just this edition Library Held formats Distance 1. U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Schuyler Bland Memorial Library Kings Point, NY 11024 United States Book Library infoAdd to favorites 2. Noble, Inc Danvers, MA 01923 United States Book Library infoAdd to favorites There must be someone her from USMMA who knows how to find the library and a scanner.
  5. TomTraubert

    NYYC One Design

    Second builder added:
  6. TomTraubert

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Doesn't this discussion concern LIS -- more like 8-9 weeks of sailing once winter and the summer doldrums are excluded.
  7. TomTraubert

    NYYC One Design

    Absorbed or financed? One would assume that a portion of the $50K per year is to pay for the boat even though NYYC will front the cost. That doesn't diminish your point -- few other clubs have the capital to put up ~$4-5 million to build 20 boats but I wouldn't assume NYYC doesn't expect to recoup that cost over time.
  8. TomTraubert

    NYYC One Design

    NYYC ought to be applauded (loudly) for its innovation. This initiative may not work but it is calculated to address many of the issues that have caused boat owners to bow out of racing. And it seems to be better than anything being tried by other clubs/organizations. It will be interesting to see if the interests of NYYC and its partners (mills, North, Melges, Westerly Marine. etc.) diverge and how the conflict is managed. The partners will want to see a lot more than 20 hulls, including privately owned boats. That could lead to variations (e.g., hull fairing, rigging) that will test notions of absolute equality, not necessarily for the NYYC Invitational, but for other regattas. But that's both down the road and, ultimately, a high-class problem.
  9. TomTraubert

    NYYC One Design

    Given the NYYC's goals, its membership, its experience with the Club 42 and general trends in the sport, this program seems to be well targeted at the jaded and exhausted boat owner who has the $$ to compete in a boat of this size but not the time for the hassles of boat ownership. The only thing missing from your description is a crew development program focused on how to help BOs insure they can have a full competent crew every race weekend in Newport.
  10. TomTraubert

    NYYC One Design

    The lack of a closing quote is apparently very confusing. To me, "ensure a steady supply of boats available for purchase by private owners and other clubs starting in late 2018" means they want to sell you the SS Snazzy Snaggie.
  11. TomTraubert

    NYYC One Design

    That's an interesting point. Will this compete with the Melges 40 or one of their other projects? And, exactly what is their role as marketing partner? Will they be a sales channel? Marketing/PR agency? It seems like an odd use of the Melges brand.
  12. TomTraubert

    NYYC One Design

    While true for the first 20 boats, the closing sentence suggests the consortium has broader ambitions: "Westerly Marine is anticipating a production capacity of two boats per month, which should ensure a steady supply of boats available for purchase by private owners and other clubs starting in late 2018."
  13. TomTraubert

    NYYC One Design

    There doesn't seem to a thread on this topic: Thoughts on the design, its pickup in other areas as a one-design platform, its potential cost, the strength of the design/manufacturing/marketing/sails and kit consortium, etc.?
  14. TomTraubert

    espo is a dick

    We just celebrated an important anniversary of the Normans kicking Saxon ass and making them better for it.
  15. Don't blame the owner. When the claim was filed he likely tendered it to his insurance company who controlled the settle/litigate decision. Chances are the carrier had ample opportunity to get out of the case pre trial (maybe for less than the award but perhaps for more) but chose to take its chances with a litigated outcome. The carrier may be unhappy with its choice but may also be happy if the plaintiff or his lawyer was looking for more than $1.5 million. The plaintiff's lawyer will have invested months of lawyer time and tens of thousands of dollars on expert witness fees. In normal tort litigation, the plaintiff would end up with less than 2/3 of the award. (There may be different rules under the Jones Act). This is an imperfect system but given that we live in a country where rights are important, no one has offered a better system with a chance of being adopted. Most of the heated rhetoric here is uninformed and off the point.