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  1. American YC Fall Series and Leukemia Cup

    When I was campaigning a big boat, I thought I would need to move my family into Section 8 housing!!
  2. Vineyard Race 2017

    Decent fleet: https://yachtscoring.com/event_scratch_sheet.cfm?eID=4132 And good growth: 2017 - 112 2016 - 103 2015 - 98 2014 - 94 2013 - 91 2012 - 84
  3. NYYC One Design

    Absorbed or financed? One would assume that a portion of the $50K per year is to pay for the boat even though NYYC will front the cost. That doesn't diminish your point -- few other clubs have the capital to put up ~$4-5 million to build 20 boats but I wouldn't assume NYYC doesn't expect to recoup that cost over time.
  4. NYYC One Design

    NYYC ought to be applauded (loudly) for its innovation. This initiative may not work but it is calculated to address many of the issues that have caused boat owners to bow out of racing. And it seems to be better than anything being tried by other clubs/organizations. It will be interesting to see if the interests of NYYC and its partners (mills, North, Melges, Westerly Marine. etc.) diverge and how the conflict is managed. The partners will want to see a lot more than 20 hulls, including privately owned boats. That could lead to variations (e.g., hull fairing, rigging) that will test notions of absolute equality, not necessarily for the NYYC Invitational, but for other regattas. But that's both down the road and, ultimately, a high-class problem.
  5. NYYC One Design

    Given the NYYC's goals, its membership, its experience with the Club 42 and general trends in the sport, this program seems to be well targeted at the jaded and exhausted boat owner who has the $$ to compete in a boat of this size but not the time for the hassles of boat ownership. The only thing missing from your description is a crew development program focused on how to help BOs insure they can have a full competent crew every race weekend in Newport.
  6. NYYC One Design

    The lack of a closing quote is apparently very confusing. To me, "ensure a steady supply of boats available for purchase by private owners and other clubs starting in late 2018" means they want to sell you the SS Snazzy Snaggie.
  7. NYYC One Design

    That's an interesting point. Will this compete with the Melges 40 or one of their other projects? And, exactly what is their role as marketing partner? Will they be a sales channel? Marketing/PR agency? It seems like an odd use of the Melges brand.
  8. NYYC One Design

    While true for the first 20 boats, the closing sentence suggests the consortium has broader ambitions: "Westerly Marine is anticipating a production capacity of two boats per month, which should ensure a steady supply of boats available for purchase by private owners and other clubs starting in late 2018."
  9. NYYC One Design

    There doesn't seem to a thread on this topic: https://nyyc.org/news/2178-new-york-yacht-club-partners-with-leading-marine-brands-to-launch-ic37-keelboat Thoughts on the design, its pickup in other areas as a one-design platform, its potential cost, the strength of the design/manufacturing/marketing/sails and kit consortium, etc.?
  10. White Pride.

    His site, his rules, his soapbox. Nothing new here. Easy to ignore if you disagree.
  11. Most Valuable Anarchist

    Definitely wins both the Mighty Ducks and Lady Byng Trophies. A gentleman who realized his dream. Gone way too soon.
  12. Key West Dead

    The sponsorships didn't work because the sponsors gave away free stuff to the pros. They worked because family-guy-racing program decided to buy the sails/hardware/apparel the sponsors were selling out of envy, gratitude, hope or some other emotion. Once family-guy figured out the system is rigged and there is nothing in it for him, he resented or became indifferent to the sponsors and took his business elsewhere. Sponsors aren't dumb; they figured that out and stopped showing because there is no ROi And that's the way it is on the eve of June 2017.
  13. STC Block Island Race...who's In

    And it was a great report so that you very much and congratulations on a fine performance that you will remember for a long time!
  14. STC Block Island Race...who's In

    It looks like the race was relatively quick. Any reports?
  15. Key West Dead

    OPBs cost a lot to the OPs. As a former OP with a B, I looked around one day and said why am I doing this to my family? Resources that should have been available to them were being diverted to the B. Time that could have been spent with them was spent finding, cultivating and managing crew. Not to mention managing the B and all who worked on her. I too now sail on OPBs but the OPs are leaving the sport fast.