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  1. j34035

    J34c for sale-Add in Classified

    If I remember right, there were a couple built with deep draft. I saw each for sale a few years ago on yachtworld. Don't know where they are now, but I would like to sail one.
  2. j34035

    Teak Sources

    boulter plywood in Ma. boulterplywood.com great folks DD
  3. j34035

    J22 Rudderhead - vertical cracks from tiler bolt?

    I suspect wet core, then frozen if you are from up north. I have had to deal with frozen core cracking before. DD
  4. Where can you buy a 2 bolt lifting eye for a J/22? Thanks DD
  5. j34035

    J22 bottom & keel refinishing questions

    Gouv, What do you think of Black Widow?
  6. j34035

    Sealing starboard to deck

    I need a bit of expert advise on sealing a new taff rail to my aft deck joint. I have cut and fit the new one from 1" King Starboard and plan to mechanically fasten from below with screws but what should I use to seal to the deck? All help is appreciated. DD
  7. J#,

    Do you have a link to that Main sail site for butyl rubber tape?