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  1. source for oval head bronze tapping screws

    I have looked at Jamestown, but will give them a call to see if I am just missing them. Never thought about Fawcetts; will check with them also. Thanks DD
  2. I am trying to find a source for oval head phillips bronze tapping screws as used on all jboats through the 80's and 90's. Looking for several sizes in small quantities of ~100. Any ideas? Thanks, DD
  3. R.I.P. Dr. Walter

    Thank all of you................
  4. J/22 rules changes

    Good for the economy :-)
  5. J/22 rules changes

    New rule changes for J/22's will allow loose footed mains and full top batten jibs. What impact will this be? Big advantages for either?
  6. New North J/22 tuning guide

    I talked with Mike Marshall last year at the J22 Midwinters about rig setup. He spent about 30 minutes on our boat looking, measuring, and discussing how to set up these boats. Production boats are not all alike as everyone knows and as such, adjustments have to be made to accommodate these differences in keel location, mast location, and crew. His point about lee helm in 5-6 knots of breeze is just an indicator for correct forestay length to establish rig/blade balance. As breeze builds so does weather helm. I am no expert in the J22 but I will tell you I learned more about rig tune in 30 minutes with Mike than in all my previous studies. I will tell you this also, as a newbie in the J/22 class I have been impressed with these class experts that are willing to spend time on the boat getting us out of the back. Over the last 3 years we have had Mike, Allan Terhune, Terry Flynn, Galen Freeman, Benz Faget and others take time from their days at regattas to help and answer questions to improve our skillset. There are not many sports in the world where a total amateur can compete in the same events with national/world champions and get help and attention from these top people. BTW, none of these guys ever promoted their own sails unless I asked them to give feedback on why North, Quantum, etc. were better than others. Just my 2 cents..........
  7. New toe rails for J/22

    I did get a reply from Chris Howell and Jeff Johnstone. As long as they are dimensionally correct, we can replace with a material such as starboard and still be within the rules. That said, I am still not pulling the trigger on removing and replacing just yet. This boat will be at FWB unless disaster strikes. For all you out there that have not sailed Choctowhatchee Bay from FWB you should make the trip. Great sailing club and super sailing conditions! DD
  8. New toe rails for J/22

    I have talked to a couple of class measurers and they did not have objections to making replacement coamings from a material such as starboard, but the boat would have to be reweighed. Having said that, without an official statement from the class, I fear I would have a non-compliant boat, so will probably put this project on the back burner. I just want to get rid of the maintenance issues and give the boat that late model "clean" look. Oh well................... DD
  9. Measure the pumps on Yanmars. Should not be that difficult to adapt if the inlet/outlet are not too different than Volvo. Yanmar parts are easy to get also. I have had two boat with 2003's and never had issues with them, but never did like them that much partly due to service/pricing from Volvo. Good luck to you. DD
  10. New toe rails for J/22

    Who has installed the new plastic toe rails on a J/22? I know the teak ones are a pain to get off, but how do the new ones fasten? How do you seal them? Any recommendations from anyone experienced? Thanks DD
  11. J#,

    Do you have a link to that Main sail site for butyl rubber tape?