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  1. Our 29er has been stored outside in UK for 17 years. It looks like new. Always use a boat cover. Store bow up so any water drains out the back. And tie down is a must.
  2. cad99uk

    Eskimo Roll

    Had the chance to 'practice' the mast hovering technique yesterday. Rig directly into the wind. I think the secret is to make sure the vang is off completely and the mainsheet is free. As the mast came up off the water the boom sank so that the sail was coming out of the water hanging down almost vertically from the mast. This gives a big area for the wind to spin the boat.
  3. cad99uk

    Eskimo Roll

    Unless the boat is in danger of drifting onto a lee shore then I am happy to wait. Usually need a breather anyway.
  4. cad99uk

    Eskimo Roll

    Kurio99, I find that the hovering technique works in any orientation. If the rig is pointing directly into the wind then it takes longer for the boat to start to pivot. At first nothing seems to happen and then the boat does start pivoting. Best wishes though for finding a safe solution. Trapeze hooks, racks and control lines on the racks make it nothing like coping with a Laser or Aero.
  5. cad99uk

    Eskimo Roll

    No need for eskimo rolls. On our 29er or RS800 we do the following. If the rig is to windward somebody gets on the daggerboard and starts righting but stops when the tip of the mast is about a metre above the water. Keep the boat balanced in this position. The wind gets under the sail and the boat will then start to spin in the water so the rig ends up downwind. Then right in the normal way.
  6. cad99uk

    Windy RS200 racing... new boat, 7 years on

    Enjoyed that very much. Nice work. Thanks for posting.
  7. cad99uk

    Laser C5 Rig

    Julian, Thanks for taking the time to post up all this background. Fascinating. Still loving our 29er - Mr and Mrs cad age 64.
  8. cad99uk

    Laser C6 rig from the front page

    Do you have a link? Thanks.
  9. cad99uk

    rs aero

    Thanks. My Google skills have obviously deserted me. Photos would be good.
  10. cad99uk

    rs aero

    Are you able to share the name of the company that does the Aero manufacture?
  11. cad99uk

    rs aero

    + 1
  12. cad99uk

    rs aero

    WestCoast, Thanks for the update. Yes, when I looked at the early photos I thought that it needed some grab rails. Also useful for roll gybes if I remember rightly from my Laser days.
  13. cad99uk

    rs aero

    WestCoast, Looking forward to your report. Any chance of capsize recovery footage starting with someone in the water and then getting back in?