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  1. RS700 Newbie Video

    DTA, Couple of things that may help. When launching or landing make sure the vang is off. The main will not be powered up and the boat will be more docile. When launching in any breeze when you hold onto the racks head to wind the boat will keep trying to bear away. If you pull the rig over on top of you while holding the rack the bear away tendency is reduced. This lets you pick your moment to climb on and launch. Keep it up.
  2. RS700 Newbie Video

    If the sail has scooped up water then the vang needs to be off. Also main needs to be uncleated. Otherwise it will never right.
  3. Good boats for pre-teens

    +1 for the Feva and then in about four years time they will be ready for a 29er.
  4. RS700 Newbie Video

    Stand well forward when it's light to stop the transom dragging. Aim for a nice smooth flow off the back end. No turbulence or noise.
  5. RS700 Newbie Video

    Excellent. Let us know how it goes.
  6. RS700 Newbie Video

    DTA, In lights winds like the 5 mph you refer to I always helm our RS800 or 29er stood up. No crouching or kneeling ever. Far easier to balance the boat and respond to little puffs that come through. Come to think I am always stood up or wiring other than a quick sit on the racks on the way out on the wire. Try the standing up thing, much less tiring as easier to move around. Remember move like a cat with silk slippers.
  7. Quick release Trapeze Harnesses

    "Whatever you do, don't keep that stupid spring or rubber keeper on the hook." +1
  8. Quick release Trapeze Harnesses

    Never any problems with our QR hooks. Would not dream of skiffing without them.
  9. RS Neo

    Would probably need to add the price of ten years of ski lift passes to make the comparison fairer.
  10. RS700 Newbie Video

    DTA, Had exactly the same happen to a vang shackle on our RS800. Had not checked it for a long time though. Can you not get a shackle closer to home rather than from RS?
  11. Sounds like you are having fun. Time in the boat is everything. One thing we do in our 29er and RS800 if the wind is gusty is to lift the dagger board by 9 inches or so. Upwind the boat absorbs the gusts more so it is easier to react to them. Downwind steer for balance is less twitchy. Make sure it is tied on so it does not come out of the casing in a total inversion. Must be time for one of your videos soon. Have fun. Regards
  12. Good to read that your 700 is on the water. How are you finding it?
  13. Holy Crap! I own an RS700!!!!!

    DTA, in my experience of sailing an RS800 and 29er light winds is exactly when you can get to grips with the kite, even from the get go. The boat will be much better balanced downwind with the kite up. You can start learning steer for balance. In light winds you will be able to marginally trapeze downwind and get familiar with hooking on etc. It will be much less stressful than when the breeze is up.
  14. Holy Crap! I own an RS700!!!!!

    You will have a blast. Let us know how you get on.
  15. VG Tracker

    Forss, thanks for sticking with it.