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  1. you make the call

  2. you make the call

    Yep, Karasu , Benny 40.7 scrubbed.
  3. Bravo. If more people like yourself speak up, then maybe we will see change. Its not just a few scumbag designers , but a large majority of the whole multihull industry publish misleading information. From misleading displacement and bridge deck clearance figures, to drawing small pillows on the beds on interior layout drawings to make them seem more roomy and highly exaggerated average expected cruising speeds. The whole industry is rotten.
  4. ARC 2017

  5. DESIGN QUESTI RAPIDO 60 OCTOBER 30, 2017 KURT 2 COMMENTS When the Rapido 60 trimaran first appeared, I figured it was some kind of a joke. The styling recalled an F27 from 20 years ago. I teased that they owed Ian royalties. It’s beam overall was just over 38’, which some of mine, and most modern 40’ + trimarans, equal. My GS 60 beam overall, from 25 years ago, in E-glass, was 44.5’. Everybody knows that when you push a multi, wide is what keeps you right side up. So making it not wide had to be something to push onto the unsuspecting, right? Almost all the pictures I saw of them had the crazy camouflage paint so it was never clear what was going on. I figured that they were not serious and didn’t think much more about them. It was just pointed out to me that the R60s don’t have continuous mainstrength beams. Blew me away. Followers of this over the years have seen the importance of continuous fibers, fiber orientation, co-curing of mission-critical parts, not forcing composites into sharp turns….. And here is one design that seems to ignore all that. What gives? And that explains the narrow overall beam. That’s the only way to keep the loads down, besides throwing carbon at the problem. Again, I have always declared that with enough carbon and enough money, one can have almost anything designed. This seems to be a prime example. If we assume 24,000 lbs sailing weight, and a 12’ cantilever of the beam, then hit it with a shock load on one of the beams. The moment at the root will be something like a quarter million foot pounds. If the bury is 3’, then the load to resist will be some 80,000 lbs. No wonder it is so heavy. Yes, heavy. 20,000 lbs. lightship. It is all carbon, right? That carbon has some 5 to 7 times the modulus of E-glass. Compare to my GS60 at 13,000 lbs., as designed, in mostly E-glass. Main point. You can’t beat a continuous D section for the most beam strength and stiffness, the least weight, and least cost to build. And again, all boats inhabit a place on a continuum between a habitat and a vehicle. The R60 seems a bit confused. All the carbon tells me vehicle, but chopping up the lightest, strongest possible connecting beams to get more cabin space is right back to a 1960s Horstman; habitat. None the less, I’m sure they will sell a lot of them. The owners can “Hey baby, I got a carbon boat.” I prefer direct, simple solutions to magical ones. The above from Kurt Hughes Blog. Do we Know if the retirement was due to structural problems. If their PR department works we may never know.
  6. Rushour on its roof.

    Nice guess..
  7. Rushour on its roof.

    Seeing we are posting Wednesday Arvo pics. Heres one from a little further south several weeks back. Gotta love the shallow water.
  8. Rushour on its roof.

    Superb example of why inshore multihulls shouldn't sail offshore. The closer they stay to outside assistance the better the outcome. Yet the custodians of the OMR encourages this style of boat. Clowns?.
  9. Five months "adrift"?!?

    What's it rate?
  10. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    Yes, But more evident from some Proa designers. Dennys' whole business model is based on dissing Russels proas. Ridicule of Denny (the DL of proas) is well deserved. see... http://www.pacificproa.com/articles/steven_callahan_reply_rob_denney.html
  11. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Yipee, I was getting concerned over the long break between multihull championships. From http://www.sailing.org.au/2018-australian-yachting-championships-incorporate-national-multihull-regatta/ "The multihull class was included at the Australian Yachting Championships in 2016 for the first time at Hamilton Island, but not contested in 2017." Dunno WTF was going on in QLD , does anybody?.
  12. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    Exactly, but some here are so insecure with their choices they seek validation from others. Its the herd mentality. I love my multi that I built around 20 years ago now, I keep it in good condition and we do lots of live-aboard miles. I personally couldn't give the proverbial what anyone thinks about my choice of boat. Maybe thats reflected in where we choose to sail. Very remote places where there ain't a herd to join. Quite obviously you don't have herding instincts . OH, wait a minute, we are members of the sailing anarchy herd. The multi/mono war is over. It finished long ago. Some are just a bit slow.
  13. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Yes yes, the rule is perfect we hear you. As multihull ownership increases , the percentage racing under OMR reduces. Keep sculling the cool-aid Peter. Those rose coloured glasses are working a treat.
  14. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Or you decide what type of boats you want to favour , for the future of the sport and bias the rule accordingly. Why a few INSHORE racers are favoured over thousands of comfortable performance cruisers is pretty short term thinking by a the OFFSHORE rules custodians. But hey , its their rule and they can F@@@ it up nowever they like , but FFS don't call it an AUSTRALIAN MULTIHULL CHAMPIONSHIPS when it clearly isn't a level playing field.