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  1. From Farrier FAQ What About Folding System Copies? The original folding patent has now expired and a few imitations have appeared in some countries. Usually old technology has been copied, and the folding geometry on some is such that it will be impossible for one person to fold. Some also do not even bother to use plastic bushings between the aluminum folding struts and stainless steel pivot pins. Custom made glass reinforced acetal bushes are always used for this purpose on Farrier designs, and these prevent any corrosion, or even seizure, should the boat not be folded for an extended period. Beware also of large aluminum structures being embedded in composite, as the different thermal expansion rates of aluminum and fiberglass can cause tremendous stresses within the structure itself. It would be wise to always see any unproven design launched and working before making a decision.
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    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    Bwahahahaha WHINER
  3. You are a douchebag just like your profile rank states


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    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    ^^^^^^^ Dear Mr Olfactory Fart, We understand that you meet all the criteria to be a Perry Poodle, and do a mighty fine job for him, but please can you step away from the keyboard until an adult explains the posts you have a bee in your bonnet over. Thanks in advance.
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    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    Gee that reads like one hell of a fUcKuP. Who is this Perry guy? WTF... When Jakatan was launched it was clear that it didn't lay to its lines. The stern was about five inches too high. It is the architect's job to estimate all the weights in the boat and to determine where the center of buoyancy is. Then the ballast is located to produce the correct trim. Throughout the design process Perry was concerned about too much weight being aft. For example he resisted making the aft fuel tank larger because of trim concerns. Well it turned out that something was forgotten. Eric found that it took 800lbs. extra weight at the transom to get the boat on its lines. ...... All sounds very familiar from the carbon cutter debarcle. It only gets worse. Perry stuffs up tankage calcs. Perry designs anchor locker that doubles as front load washer. ETC ETC. WTF
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    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    OOOHHHH, It looks awfully Brent Swain?? I take it the guy learnt from his previous efforts at unravelling the mystery of C of E and CLR and started with a pokey thing out the front (Do we call that the CLAW? or the CWAW depending on your pronounciation) just in case the forestay needed moving. Now thats innovative. Clever guy, he knew his limitations. Bwahahahahaha
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    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    Mr Air, To be perfectly fair you need to add that this was not the only modification made to try and get this ..... how you say.... "boat" to sail. They did hack a chunk off the end of the boom after they launched the first couple and realised how much the designer had actually f@ckKEed uP, allegedly. In fact it actually gets worse ,allegedly. From a Yachting world review........ although a few early boats had longer booms and end-boom sheeting -- a nuisance bordering on dangerous for the unaware helmsperson during a gybe. A mid-boom traveler was introduced with a shorter boom and slightly taller rig As shown below. May I tender exhibit "A" original backstay demolishing , mainsheet crew beheading, maximum weather helm version below. Who actually designed this? Just ask'n
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    When good designers produce ugly boats.

    Who is the designer Air? Nothing there that a full carbon lay-up and a lazarette ful of lead won't fix.
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    Boat on the Beach

    Time to draw your gun and shoot the f#cker,
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    Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    So that I may appreciate its beauty in full, will the scaffolding be removed before launching or is that some part of a weird hydroponics greenhouse arrangement ? I take it they hit the weed pretty hard.
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    Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    FXXk mE its looking beautiful. I take it were looking at the hull in the lefthand foreground? Any photos taken "latter this year"?
  12. I'm more surprised that offshore multihulls can't race in puffy conditions on a sheltered lake. See: https://wind.willyweather.com.au/nsw/hunter/wangi-wangi.html not showing averages over 20 for today. and http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDN60801/IDN60801.95767.shtml averages less than 20 with a few puffs . WTF ? Has OMR bred a bunch of unsafe boats? BWAHAHAHA
  13. Ha thats funny. In your words hj COMPLETELY INCORRECT. Taking special note of the date See https://syc.com.au/raceresults/2018/ayc/multi/series.htm
  14. I'm pretty sure we have already had the AUSTRALIAN MULTIHULL CHAMPIONSHIPS earlier in the year at Sandringham. WTF was this little shindig all about?