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  1. overlay

    Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

    Ha thats funny. Thanks for posting.
  2. overlay

    A big project!

    Mmmmm Chops. Lamb or Pork?? Has she got apple sauce as well?
  3. overlay

    A big project!

    Hot chicks on Jack Hammers. This keeps getting better and better. Go Leo.
  4. I agree. If killing a Chinaman and then applying for redress is OK in the Volvo World then what chance has a black and white rule 69 got of flying? BWAHHAHAHAHA
  5. overlay

    Want to do a new design 30 square meter build

    There fixed it for ya.
  6. overlay

    Kleen Breeze

    As Denny's highly experienced "Apologist in Chief" care to share some of your vast library of videos showing YOURSELF building , weighing ,shunting and racing Dennys' proa thingys'.
  7. overlay

    Kleen Breeze

    Is this the design? http://harryproa.com/?p=1747 SPECIFICATIONS Loa/length leeward hull: 18m/60′ Length windward hull: 12m/40′ Beam: 9m/30′ Weight: 4,000 kgs/8,800 lbs Payload: 3,000 kgs/6,600 lbs Sail Area: 130 sq m/1,075 sq’ Draft rudders up: 400mm/18″ Draft rudders down: 2m/6’8″ Righting Moment: 32 tonne metres Berths: Master Cabins 2 x queen size, ensuite toilets/showers 2 x singles in the leeward hull; also the option of converting saloon table to double berth. Approximate Building Time: 2,000 hours. At 2000 hours build time, ( 4000 kg not 11000kg) it would only take a team of four 3 months to knock out another one apparently according to Denny. BWAHAHAHAHA.
  8. overlay

    Was Scallywag non-compliant in Leg 7?

    To The contrary Mr Randumb, but WTF have facts gotta do with this discussion? The VOR circus has been shown for what it is, A #UK"N CIRCUS. Whether boats are killing poor fisherman then applying for redress, or failing to wear PPE and falling overboard, or pressing on balls to the wall with faulty safety equipment which lead to a death, only the mentally impaired or trolls could see it as anything else. .
  9. overlay

    Was Scallywag non-compliant in Leg 7?

    Randumb, you are peerless when it comes to making the "monkeys" dance. You've goota love this place. WELL DONE More importantly, how many down votes does one require to be upgraded to a community reputation of ANARCHIST , oh great anarchist?
  10. overlay

    Hoyt Jib Boom

    As it is all set high to limit punter injury why not sheet off the mast as no vang action is needed through the sheet. Set the sheet point higher up the mast than the tack and you have a topping lift for the FrAT boys all in one when stowed. I am assuming the steps lower from the fore beam so the boom can be left amidships. Good luck with limiting the lynchings (coat hanger action) via the barber haulers though.
  11. overlay

    Hoyt Jib Boom

    Camber spa is a WAFTAM. C'ant reef the sail, can't use a roller furler. Worst of all worlds. Hoyt jib boom on a fifty foot charter boat is funny as #uck. I take it the punters will be kitted out with shin guards and PLB's. If 2 sheets is too many then one sheet and 2 barber haulers (for backing the headsail and stopping the slatting in the light sloppy stuff) should be much easier
  12. overlay

    Banque Pop capsize

    Me too. I wonder whether the wisdom gained from re-righting multihulls on a regular basis in Australia has spread to the rest of the world. Towing bow / stern over takes a little preparation but saves a lot in damage. Trying to recall what is the biggest multi in Aus to be righted like this. Did one of the Southern Ocean 50++ s get this treatment at some stage. Or maybe Umi Maru??
  13. overlay

    US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    Flick the Finn, Make em sail one of these solo. RULE 1. Must set Ringtail
  14. Do you have learning difficulties?

    Just ask'n.


    1. Christian


      Did you loose your boyfriend since you seem to have taken to stalk me you fuckwit?

  15. overlay

    Gunboat 68

    From your link.. The question arises WTF were you thinking? First and foremost, there is the undeniable fact that reverse bows are wet—very wet—as they go more through the waves than over them. On a race boat this can be disregarded, but for a cruiser it could make doing a passage in a steep chop a miserable experience—even if you don’t consider the increased risk of being swept off the bow of the boat! And if you happen to own a catamaran with a forward cockpit and wave-piercing bows, then you can be sure that the cockpit will at times become nearly uninhabitable.