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  1. overlay

    shit show (front page)

    Hey Little Boy, I'm with you on this one. Fast is much better. Time to flick the slow old foil technology and hold the AC on Kiteboards. Nov 15, 2017 - The French kitesurfer sailed at 57.97 knots Oh, unless ya happy to turn the AC into a one tack drag race then we could dust off the old one trick pony in VESTAS SAIL ROCKET 2. Can't believe the AC has chosen such slow boats. How is it ever going to be exciting?
  2. overlay

    shit show (front page)

    Comprehension ain't Mambos' forte. Best to just ignore "it"
  3. overlay

    shit show (front page)

    Fuck me, you really have a CRONIC comprehension problem. PS Its probably best to not let LB et al do the translation of the Posts for you, but actually read the posts you are quoting before making a goose of your self.
  4. overlay

    shit show (front page)

    LB , as a casual observer ,may I just say that, your normal TROLLING techniques are not cutting the mustard. Curious is handing your arse to you on a plate. Please sharpen up your game. I expected more of a contest. I am becoming embarrassed for you. Continue
  5. Clearly jack you need to do the same. Cooks' accomplishments were fantastic. No one is denying that. I can completely understand how your views are ..... lets say obscured, from your vantage point behind Cookie whilst giving him a metaphorical reach-around. I have asked you to provide evidence for your claims in a previous post, Crickets. Been caught out have we Jack? Time to lash-out to hide your embarrassment? Dickhead.
  6. overlay

    Schock Catalina Catamaran History?

    Are you sure about that.?? Both first released in 1960.
  7. overlay

    Schock Catalina Catamaran History?

    Non original rudders from a Hobie..
  8. I hear what you are saying Jack, Flinders accomplishments were fantastic considering how poorly equipped and underfunded he was. His contribution to the charting of Australia was minimal in the scheme of things contrary to Australian accepted folklore.. Not only did King survey Tasmania's' Macquarie Harbour but many other Southern and Eastern Australian location including the "opening up "of the Great Barrier Reefs inner route. I know the thread is about Cook but I can't stand by while Cookie gets his tyres pumped up , possibly at the expense of others. Cookie by all accounts had a very large trumpet that not only did he enjoy blowing but many have continued to Blow as the years have passed. Cook was only a very small part of Australias charting history. Below is an indication of Kings prolific charting exploits in the North of Australia. Then there is his work in the Southern half but that is another story. Please continue.
  9. Jack , have you evidence for this. Phillip Parker King did a pretty thorough job (by the standards of the day) on the Australian coast from 1880-1820, including a pretty good job on Cooktowns Endeavour River. Kings efforts were certainly highlighted for us in the 1970's when a British Admiralty chart was still required to fill in some of the Gaps on the Kimberly Coast ( the Prince Reagent River area in particular.) Our copy of Kings chart shared much in common with the current BA chart of the time, with many of his sounding lines still completely intact. In comparison much of Cooks work was , shall we say , more general. A hell of a lot of charting went on in Australian waters between 1770 and the early 1900's, not to mention the quantum leaps in technology. I am genuinely interested in your evidence. Regards.
  10. overlay

    Airlie Hammo Maggie 2018

    No thoughts for the crew of Hammer, Mr Ostritch? Oh thats right its all part of offshore multihull racing. Our dirty little secret.
  11. overlay

    Airlie Hammo Maggie 2018

    Everything going well for the multihulls again. https://www.abrw.com.au/sailing/news/2018/trimaran-flips-airlie-beach-race-week-–-all-aboard-are-fine Trimaran flips at Airlie Beach Race Week – A big thank you to the guys who stopped racing their monohulls to render assistance.
  12. overlay

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

  13. overlay

    A big project!

    Note to self.... Must donate again. I wonder how Leo deals with the continual flow of rubberneckers, tyre kickers and interested observers that must be starting to roll up as word gets out. As I found, it can be a real nuisance when building. Or isn't this a Merican thingy?
  14. overlay

    Sobering accident report

    F### me, that guy must have been one tall SOB. I suspect if your 15 FT tall you really do have to keep ya head down. WTF was Ron thinking designing such a deck sweeper?
  15. overlay

    what is it?

    I'm not surprised. BWAHAHAHAHA