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  1. GC Sailor

    Great Circle Sails?

    If you go with Great Circle, let us know your experience.
  2. GC Sailor

    new stiletto? any news on this cat?

    https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/23842746/Stiletto_Manufacturing,_Inc Filed for Bankruptcy. Went thru 12 mill with only one boat produced? Something smells....
  3. GC Sailor

    Stiletto vs Warrior vs Viva?

    Viva is a much faster boat, well designed and engineered. A vary large sail plan, needs experienced crew in heavy winds. It folds so not too difficult to trailer once you get the hang of it. Heavier than the Stiletto, so not as easy to pull up on a beach but can handle big seas better than the light weight full bowed Stiletto. Warrior has to be taken apart to trailer, a heavy boat so slower than the Stiletto. Goes to weather better than the Stiletto because of the in-hull dagger boards and finer hull shape. Stiletto is very light, great boat to pull the bows up on the beach. Put a tent on the trampoline and you have a great cruiser. Fast on a reach or downwind (it planes in heavy air).You get used to the centerline dagger board, the Stiletto goes to weather just fine as long as you don't pinch. Except for real light air, it is a dog in light air upwind. The hard deck is a plus. Because of its light weight the Stiletto feels like a big beach cat. Not many Viva's or Warriors around. . .
  4. GC Sailor

    Raymarine Axiom, reviews?

    Anyone have the new Axiom multifunction display? Review? No where to touch one before buying.
  5. GC Sailor

    Raymarine Axiom, reviews?

    Anyone have the new Axiom multifunction display? Review? No where touch one before buying.
  6. GC Sailor

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    There was on the Gulf Coast named Creole Cooking.
  7. GC Sailor

    Race Replays

    THANK YOU RUDDER! You have made my week..
  8. GC Sailor

    ACWS Toulon - 9, 10 & 11 September

    I mis-communicated my request, any replays with English speaking commentators? Dopey Americans are acceptable.
  9. GC Sailor

    ACWS Toulon - 9, 10 & 11 September

    Replays on Canal2 in French, any replays with English commentator?
  10. GC Sailor

    F28R vs F31R - Speed?

    Sailed properly the 31R is significantly faster, with min. weight, carbon mast, race interior is 40+ seconds per mile faster. It is unlikely that a 28R can be modified to make up that difference.
  11. GC Sailor

    Corsair Pulse 600

    What's the scoop on this new Corsair?
  12. Yes, most of these A scowers are way to personal and not corrinthian. Just because Melges can doesn't justify what he has done! Enjoy the coming season!!