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  1. Must have had some powerful evidence, for a judge to sign off on that? He was home, it was not an unoccupied place. And I have to agree with the poster who said it was likely he destroyed any incriminating evidence over a year ago, when the magazine articles came out detailing the evidence found an abandoned office in Russia, linking him to payoffs from crooked Oligarchs, and money laundering. This was public knowledge a long time ago.
  2. Wife appears to be on uppers, the son on downers,and the daughter wanting to crawl under her chair....
  3. That surprised me also? Never heard of a raid where the picked the locks, instead of banging on the door in the middle of the night. Lucky no one was shot by a Homeowner standing his ground!!
  4. Sleazy guy, mobbed up with Russkies, that bailed out Trump after his BK's ended his easy access to financing his development.This has all been hashed over for a couple years in magazine articles.
  5. That was my first thought as well....
  6. Lots of weird stuff, certainly no evidence of man-made global warming, eh??
  7. Then possibly south Florida, but might dodge some of the worst if it tracks east, as predicted....
  8. One of three of scooters recent "new" boats???? M-32, GP26, SC30-something?
  9. I would probably believe that of his addled-brain father-in-law, but not of Kushner....
  10. Kushner omitted 105 Russian contacts from his security clearance disclosures. He is dead-nuts guilty as sin.
  11. I watch nearly everything on replay from the flash memory in the Comcast box. Cannot fucking stand commercials, so I fast forward through them on delayed feed, even when watching live.
  12. Colluded with multiple parties to illegally influence the election.
  13. If you watched the Keith Olberman clip, what he is guilty of, is readily apparent.
  14. Manafort made millions cavorting, and/or consorting with the Russian Oligarchs of the Kleptocracy......
  15. Snake wake!!!