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  1. billy backstay

    Carly OBD-11 plug-in Diagnostic app?

    Rock Auto has this one for 32 bucks, and another for 28.
  2. billy backstay

    Good Luck Getting Parler, Bullshitters.

    Trump is as evil as he is amoral.....
  3. billy backstay

    COVID Dreaming

    Wow! I haven' t had the childhood "flying dream" in many decades! I flew using the breast stroke from my days on a swim team at the local swim club, when I was 7 or 8 YO. I can't recall a dream with a large predator stalking or charging me or us, but that is very interesting? Do you live in an area with large possibly dangerous predators?
  4. billy backstay

    COVID Dreaming

    I have spent most of my working life solving problems, so I can relate to Missus PB's opinion. OTOH, I think there is probably a deeper psychological answer, and I am curious as to what it is????
  5. billy backstay

    COVID Dreaming

    What's up with that? Must be some psychological reason there??
  6. billy backstay

    tRump can't live at mar-a-lago

    Ye shall reap, as ye shall sow, has never been so obviously proven true!!!
  7. billy backstay

    COVID Dreaming

    I rarely remember my dreams, but the ones I do are mostly frustration dreams, where I am trying to do something but get thwarted constantly by something preventing me from doing it. And I used to have a dream when my neuropathy in my feet was painful. I would be removing metal splinters from my feet, and each one was replaced by two more, like the replicating broomsticks in the movie Fantasia! Or I'm walking barefoot on a shop floor littered with sharp objects to step on constantly. Fortunately, I have not had that one in quite a while!! Also, if I am about to die from a fall from a cliff or somewhere, I always wake myself up, before the ugly landing!! Dreams can be very strange, indeed!!!
  8. billy backstay

    Competent Women

    Brains are way sexier!!!
  9. billy backstay

    Competent Women

    Kim Jong Un's sister? What are her creds??
  10. billy backstay

    Random PicThread

    Jaguar popped into my head immediately also, but google image search finds polyester tires, LOL!
  11. billy backstay

    Photo op is over, now fuck off

    He's done a helluva a lot on Covid preparations, that should have been done a year ago, but Trumps joke of a "warp speed" program failed to pass go, and collect $200....
  12. billy backstay

    Photo op is over, now fuck off

    I know you used the purple satire font, but seriously, the GOP has no meaningful forethought. It's just divide and destroy and more power and money for us, and our rich pals, and big business....
  13. billy backstay

    Trump expected to pardon upwards of 100 Tuesday morning

    If what I have read is true, he charged 2 million per pardon, or 200 million total? Surely that is illegal, no??
  14. billy backstay

    The Patriot Party

    He did say hoax at one point, then claimed he was kidding....
  15. billy backstay

    Random PicThread

    More than a mouthful is wasted....