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  1. billy backstay

    So who the hell leant on Murkowski?

    Fixed for you Trumptards....
  2. billy backstay

    Minimal Camping Trailers

    I'm sure some of you east coast yachties will remember the DC-3 fuselage houseboat that sat in a canal in Fort Lauderdale for years, in plain view of one of the main secondary north-south roads just east of Route 1??
  3. billy backstay

    The F1 2020 thread

    Thanks for the correction! Yes, I was gobsmacked that the Mercs were faster on Mediums than others on softs, which are supposed to be a second or more faster!!
  4. I think there are a helluva a lot more stick shift only people on this site than nolatom could have imagined, when he started this thread!! I'm tempted to join the club to get the the cool sick figure decal!!
  5. billy backstay

    Minimal Camping Trailers

    For some it's about the destination, not the journey!
  6. billy backstay

    The F1 2020 thread

    Wow!! Only a half a tenth a second between 1 and 5! Looks like a difficult track for passing?
  7. billy backstay

    Rudy Anticipates the Teenaged Blow Job

    Is that for real, or a good fake?
  8. billy backstay

    What's in your arsenal??

    I could not live in such a frozen wasteland, dunno how you do it? MIssus BB has a friend she used to work with/for, from Fargo, but when they both retired, they got a winter place in mid Florida... Our plan is to spend the 3rd week of January, February and maybe March, with our daughters in Charleston, SC, in the coming years, to break up the winter. And it's not terribly cold here next to the CT River and Long Island Sound, compared to just 50 miles north.....
  9. billy backstay

    The F1 2020 thread

    Wow, that's a lot compared to their time spreads on the previous 2 laps. Thanks Bob!!
  10. billy backstay

    Random PicThread

    It was!! The guy who built it was the managing mechanic at the Foreign Car repair shop, where I worked after high school, and he was a wizard with engine mods. But I spent more time working on the owners PT 30, Hull #1, that we modded with a flush Gougeon deck and taller rig. Sailed above our rating pretty regularly....
  11. billy backstay

    79 C&C 38 Questions

    Been years since I crewed on such a rig, but on the baby Boomerang, IIRC, we only used the babystay in bigger breeze and/or waves upwind. Downwind it's superflous and not needed at all, as you move the rig forward by letting off the backstay, so no problem dip pole jibing the kite.... Tight or close reaching with pole on headstay in big breeze and/or waves, is the possible exception, since you put backstay back on, and make sure the mast is not inverted.
  12. billy backstay

    Random PicThread

    First bike was a Yamaha 175 Enduro modded with a reed valve, ported and polished cylinder, expansion chamber, Ceriani forks and shocks and a shaved head for higher compression. Sweet ride on the forest trails and sand pits nearby. And street legal as well. After that was an RD 350, and a friends BMW R75/6.
  13. billy backstay

    YOU’RE FIRED!!!!

    What a turncoat Jeffro!! IN 2016 you were all in for Trump, burning the bitch down, what happened??
  14. billy backstay

    The F1 2020 thread

    Darn!! I missed Lewis final lap! Because they started late, my DVR stopped before completion. Must remember to always record and extra 30 minutes. How much was Bottas behind him at the end??
  15. billy backstay

    My tomb

    I agree with most others sentiments here, in this regard. Burn me and put me wherever you want, but preferably some in the river or ocean. When my Mom passed a few years ago, she had left specific instructions! Purchase the cheapest cardboard box to toast her in, not some thousand dollar pretty wooden coffin to impress people at a wake or reception. We still have some of her ashes, and I think Missus BB and I are going to sprinkle some around a statue we have of a Japanese woman from the garden of a friends deceased Mom. It was called "Dorothy San", after the friends Mom, but now she calls it Mama San, and it reminds us of my Mom.