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  1. Stop eating beef?

    Only here for another day and a half, then onto the cruise down Croatian coast to Athens. St. Marks Square tomorrow for sure, and maybe Grand Canal gondola ride, which is supposed to be a ripoff, and whatever is nearby. It was a very good call to take the Water Taxi from the airport to the canal where the apartment is. Way faster than driving around the Grand Canal, and nice to be moving fast in waters and waves, instead of buses. Driver wanted us all inside on the lower level for safety, comfort, and staying dry in the dark. I explained that we were all long time, very experienced, water-people, so he demurred and most of us rode up front. Interesting evening at a canal-side local pub the last couple of hours. While the major tourism is slow, that are lots of Russians and French, Turkish, etc. And many are bundled up like winter, while we were quite comfortable in short sleeved golf shirt....... A few great pics but, don't know when I will get to posting them. Haven't had this much fun travelling, in a long time, must plan on more for next year.....
  2. Stop eating beef?

    Just got to funky but updated apartmet on a canal in Venice, will try to post a pic
  3. Stop eating beef?

    One of our party of 10 is a semi-pro photog with the latest equipment. She's a Bass from Maine, of the shoe company, which her family sold off long ago. She will send us all copies, and we will have coffee table books made from them. Leaving Logan at 11:30, six hours to Istanbul, then Venice arriving around 7PM tomorrow night. I have not taken 14 days in a row off work in about ten years. One of our couples upgraded to a suite on the Star Flyer, so that will be the party cabin!!
  4. Stop eating beef?

    Heading to Venice tonight, hopefully not so crowded in October? 2 days then onto the Star Flyer for 10 days down the Dalmation coast to Athens
  5. I am really impressed with Shooter Jeff and Tom

    It was not my "reaction to Sandy Hook", at all. It was my reaction to the new state law requiring me to register it. Nothing whatsoever to do with Sandy Hook.
  6. I am really impressed with Shooter Jeff and Tom

    When I took the training class to get my CCW, they told us to make sure we registered all of our long guns and shotties with the local town or State Police Dept. When I attempted to do that the local and State PD, said they were not interested in taking down the info. Reminds me, my CCW is up for renewal in December, and ten years on, and I still have not acquired a handgun.......
  7. Tax cuts, STAT!

    The entire GOP is touting this as a tax break for the Middle Class; but every single independent group that has looked at it, say that 80% of the benefits go the top .01 per-cent? We are well and truly fucked, people!
  8. Man-buns: finally a reason.....

    We know it, for sure! Well and Truly Fucked!! Not my SCROTUS! (Supreme Crotch-grabbing Ruler Of The US)
  10. Man-buns: finally a reason.....

    Some of these guys appear to be in their 30's and 40's!
  11. Vegas Shooting Gallery

    And people told me I should be careful in Istanbul later this week!!!
  12. Man-buns: finally a reason.....

    Couple big guys at work here with close cropped sides of the head, long on top with pigtail or braid at the back or bun on top. All look stupid to me!!
  13. F1 2017

    Awesome race, just finished watching. For some reason, Comcast did not work on office computer. Happy Birthday Max!! Awesome comeback by Vettel!
  14. Irma

    Very sad; but no boat or other physical object is worth dying over, for trying to save it......
  15. Man-buns: finally a reason.....

    I agree totally!! I am 62, and at work, I am constantly told that I look younger than guys who are 5 or 10 years younger, who wear scraggly long gray hair and scraggly beards. Keep my hair trimmed real short and mustache neat, not hanging below upper lip. I tell them it's my good Scandahoovian genes, certainly not "clean living"!