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  1. billy backstay

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    More bubble butt posts. These need a new properly named thread.........
  2. billy backstay

    Great Quotes

    Not sure what you are responding to/lashing out at? I didn't think Bull Gator, had posted here in a very long time, unless it's a sock puppet, that I have not ID'd yet????
  3. billy backstay

    "National Cleavage Day"

    And you would have a problem with that? I certainly would NOT!! How 6-pack hard are your abs, Lefty?
  4. billy backstay


    Both the Clinton and Baskin comments are even more dumberest!!
  5. billy backstay

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Yes, but I Think Kate Upton just above them is au nateural, ne'est ce pas?
  6. billy backstay

    "National Cleavage Day"

  7. billy backstay

    "National Cleavage Day"

    antonella montovano
  8. Another troll for the ignore list, off you go bessie... EDIT. Holy Crap, for years I had zero users on my ignore list, now it's up to 10!!!
  9. billy backstay

    Covid 19 Thread???

    Stupid trolling like this, is why you are on ignore...
  10. billy backstay

    Covid 19 Thread???

  11. billy backstay

    Covid 19 Thread???

    Thanks Snags! I Have the Troll, Bravo Bravo blocked, along with another half a dozen trolls......
  12. billy backstay

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    Antonella Mantovano..
  13. billy backstay

    Covid 19 Thread???

    Why can't I find this message thread?????? S. Korea has only 300 deaths, and the best contact tracing you could imagine and hope for. Why can't we do the same? I am very disappointed in our health care system, that should have been able to jump on this, in spite do Presidunce Dolt 45's ignoring it...
  14. billy backstay

    Random PicThread

    Really? Please give some details, praytell??