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  1. Trickle down

    Perfect example of the falsehood of "trickle down"!! The 5500 laid off people will no doubt pay taxes that they cannot afford to pay, while the shareholders and Execs who are cashing in BIG TIME, will have tax accountants and lawyers sheltering their profits, in tax free schemes only available to the wealthiest....
  2. "National Cleavage Day"

    +1,000!! Giant butts are not attractive......
  3. what's wrong with this picture

    Friends don't let friends race PHRF~!!!
  4. Sailors Powerboat

    Mister Yves Tanton, I have tremendous respect for your designs back in the IOR days, of the 1980's, when I was a young man running those boats. I would like to see more detail of this boats interior, as the double keel design is very different and makes sense, but I am having a hard time warming up to the aesthetics of this design? I hope that further information might bring me around to becoming a fan of this design... Warm Regards !!
  5. Sailing is cheap

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS!! Not to mention all the fantastic people you meet, many that become lifelong friendships!
  6. Sailing is cheap

    Thanks for the info! Not worth the hassle, haven't needed it for 22 years anyway.
  7. Sailing is cheap

    I picked up a 100 ton ticket in '83, I think it was, while in Fort Lauderdale. Renewed it after five years, but then it expired in the 90's, when I was too busy building up a business and raising two young daughters. I don't think I stepped on a sailboat for 10 years, just quit cold turkey. I think it's probably difficult at this point to get it reactivated, but would be curious, if any of you know? Friend is getting a license now so he can do charters on a Catamaran he and his wife just bought, must remember to ask him.
  8. Italy Anarchy

    We found many restaurants in Venice, well the few that we had time to visit over a couple days, were locally owned and operated in early October.
  9. Shipping motorhome CA to Europe - advice

    Right you are Ed! I was mixing it up with the Manta, which while not as boxy as the Ascona or 1900, was a bit less curvy than the GT.
  10. Sailing is cheap

    O. P. B.'S Other People's Boats..... Wife and I crew hundreds of races a year from March through December.. Cheap as chips.
  11. Oyster Yachts

    Go fuck off, arsehole! You probably voted for Trump!
  12. Shipping motorhome CA to Europe - advice

    Yes, I think that's right! My youngest brother Jon, has a Euro spec Ascona, that was converted to propane and raced in California, until he brought it to CT, and converted back to petrol. Exact same boxy body as the Opel 1900.
  13. Sailors Powerboat

    Interesting, but too small for camping with the Missus. We went from a 2400 sq. ft. Ranch house on the water with a large dock to a 960 sq. ft, Village apartment that does not even have a bedroom. It's a bunk room like a boat with full size mattress and just perfect for our needs. But, I think a Back Cove 26, or modernized version of a Dyer 29, would be the minimum to suit our needs for summer cruising. We both race tons on other peeps sailboats, so no need to own a cruising rag bagger...
  14. Sailors Powerboat

    I'm with you, Istream!! Show me 30 to 40 footer, like the Back Coves', with a single, fuel sipping diesel, that cruises at 15 knots, and doesn't cost us 300 grand, please?? In two years, we should be able to afford such a boat for summer use......