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  1. Don't you mean what DIDN'T happen to Waserman Schultz? Did she and others even get their wrists slapped for colluding to swing the nomination for Hillary rather than Bernie?
  2. Did 1982 SORC on Flirt of Paget with Shorty and crew; good times !! Crewed a bit later on the 48' Infinity, which BN Tony moved on to after Flirt.
  3. OMFG indeed!!! Haven't seen a "winch farm" like that since my IOR days back in the early 80's!!! LOL
  4. Love to watch the Vintage SCCA cars on the track! The 4 x 4 x 10 foot long, 1.3 liter minis, with ten-inch wheels, will pass the 5 litre Corvettes in the corners and are then passed by them on the straightaways. My last mini, that I would have kept forever, but for kid$ in college bill$, and the rece$$ion, was a '72 Morris Mini Cooper S Mk III, resto-mod with hi-compression, hot cam, twin 1.5 SU's, JK 5 speed, tricked out suspension, burl walnut 9 clock dash with magnolia Smiths gauges, and khaki leather with green piping. That car was more fun on the track, than I imagine my present '17 WRX would be, but I have yet to try it, and won't have the time or enough spare change anyway. Saw one of my long ago mates at the auto parts store recently, and he was on his way to a road track day with his Miata. He said it cost $350.00 for a track day, Holy Shit!!
  5. Briefly owned a triple black AMG version. Very powerful and fun to drive!! Did not experience the body flex mentioned, but my stewardship was very short lived, as I had purchased it to sell on. Very expensive to repair these cars. A check engine light can easily cost a grand. Previous owner had a kid rear end him at low speed, and the plastic bumper cover was 1,500 bucks to replace. And, manly men consider this a chicks car, or maybe a gay hairdresser; but that didn't bother me at all.......
  6. I am sure that we have the coordinates already; but are you prepared to have all of our soldiers and allies in S. Korea slaughtered???
  7. Looks medium rare to me, just perfect!! Can't wait to try Austin's preferred method for cooking beef!! Missus BB has several old, heavy, well seasoned cast iron frying pans. The marbling in Jeff's uncooked Wagyu, looks gorgeous!!! Missus gets prime filets sometimes from the kitchen where she works, but even though they buy the best ingredients for the very wealthy old people she feeds, they don't get Kobe, or Wagyu, or anything fancy like that.
  8. Preserved before you could hit delete, ha!!
  9. So positions after day 4 are final results, thanks!
  10. Thanks again for the inks Dan!! 8 new boats next year should be awesome!!! Final race should be over by now, when will the video be up?
  11. He means it was an honor to go to the White House, until Trump moved in....
  14. I know, and the 250 dollar high performance tires will last twice as long. I paid 500 for two year old steelies with aggressive ice-snow tires that cost 800, and they are like new.
  15. I see more people, even older people, in staid olde New England getting into multihulls. Personally, I will crew on just about any type.