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  1. Gone quiet? It was the wee hours of the morning, when most of us are sawing logs. Yes, our fearless leader is an ignorant psychopath, but WTF can we do about it??
  2. Had the DNC had not screwed over Bernie, we might have a very different Country right now.
  3. Was it Dan Taylor that sued SA for shaming, ************ CEO ***********??? That's not DT??? Mike Myers cousin Dan... 1st Marblehead Corp.
  4. Well done, Oliver! How does one in the US buy your book?
  5. I reckon Sunday evening comes to OZ, a half a day earlier than the East Coast, USA...
  6. Chip off the old block! Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.................
  7. Apparently Sinbad Troller does not consider calling BHO a "boy", is race baiting here?
  8. You have gleefully embraced trolling with racist bait on many threads, are you denying it now? I was only inquiring as to what other users do similar?
  9. As long as there is Faux Gnus, Breitbart, Limbaugh and Alex Jones, et aux; these people will have the oxygen they need to survive, and to recruit and procreate more of them. My youngest brother won't talk about it, but I am pretty certain that he, and the lone wolf plumber, that he works for, listen to Fox all day, every day, and they believe all of that dogma, hook, line and sinker. He has a college degree, and is smart and very capable, in many ways. They would not have an open enough mind to ever consider any alternative to Fox. I occasionally sample the alt-right Kool-Aid, just to see what they are preaching. Hold your allies very close, but your enemies even closer.. The cafeteria TV's here at this Union Shop Mil-Spec contractor are nearly always tuned to Fox, although for a while last month they alternated with CNN. Never MSNBC!!!
  10. A couple of folks? Who else, besides Sinbad The Troller Man??
  11. I presume those are sequential Trump tweets? He has been bi-polar for decades, many of us were aware of that way back in the 80's, or before then. Who else calls up a reporter, pretending to be his own spokesperson, regaling and bragging of his own dating successes?
  12. How mature, and professional!! NOT....
  13. So you are relying on him stroking out, or suffering a massive coronary, to save us from this Crazy, "Short Bus" Ride? I sure hope you know something the rest of don't, because only the Good Die Young, and he is neither.
  14. I guess he meant Blackman V Whiteman............ Saturday , August 26 Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor 2017
  15. If he shoots someone on Fifth Avenue?