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  1. +1. At Schooner Creek. Sad state too. Can see it on Google Earth
  2. BCam Eight Bells

    Rarely if ever check into this sandbox anymore, but saw this and wish to add that Bruce was one heluva guy. He was still planning Swiftsure and Maple Bay with us when he was already sick, but kept super positive. I've known Bruce and Bobbi a long time and I will dearly miss him. His last words to me were along the lines of "I hope you have some better sea stories the next time you come by, I'm sick of all your old shit." There was no next time. TOG
  3. More racing, Seattle style

    Isn't the first rule of Duck Dodge "Don't hit anyone?" Thus why I quit going, maaaany years ago. TOG
  4. Swiftsure 2016

    Just a fun (bbq) race update. With me and two girls, we had to do NFS Inshore as spinnies were banned by wifey with so light a crew. Winds sucked (0-3), waves "square". No boat in any of the Inshore classes finished before the time limit. But enjoyed the fact that rounding times counted and the old war horse garnered a first. TOG
  5. The front is falling off...

    Not the first failure. These took "forever" and didn't meet specs http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/the-navys-long-overdue-smart-deadly-patrol-boat-has-a-1631598708 I worked in Tacoma and these were yanked out at our yard and fiddled with a lot. Lots of added weight. TOG
  6. are darwin award applications still open?

    Latest: Darwin candidates (many) keep going into the ice caves round about here. One more met their fate this week: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/collapse-at-ice-caves-kills-1-injures-4/
  7. home exchange in Brittany, France

    In July/Aug? Prolly kinda really hot and really muggy.
  8. Hottest Women

    "Hard" aground, or at anchor. And that's a whole lot of melanoma in progress given the color of those thighs, chest and tummy.
  9. Hottest Women

    Mac 26. HWSNBN's wife? Maybe let him back if a yes?
  10. Hottest Women

    Defying Newton
  11. Thoughts on engineless sailing

    As a bit of trivia, the Pardey's were sailing about Puget Sound maybe 8 or so years back and planned to go to Victoria probably to clear customs into Kanukistan. The Inner Harbor has an enforced regulation that you shall take down sails and motor in the designated transit lanes only. (Did I say it's enforced?) So they apparently were intercepted and informed of this regulation. I guess they said something about how the boat didn't have an engine and how they had sailed multiple times around the world blah blah blah. I heard the authorities didn't believe them (Larry looks a bit like an out of work hippie so . . ) and said go away. I never heard what the final outcome was but I think they got a tow. And the reason for this regulation? Very narrow fairway shared with seaplane landings and take-off's. So slowly tacking up the fairway might have been dodgy. Sometimes auxiliary power can be helpful.
  12. Best Marine window sealant?

    See Post #2. I agree, Sika has failed me too, so gave Gouv's system a try. See me next summer for how its doing.
  13. Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    I'm pushing. White Wing's on board. No feedback form SYC yet. Anyway, see you then.
  14. Random PicThread

    I had that bike as a kid. Won in a Piggly Wiggly raffle when I was still too young (read small) to ride it. So my dad, in his infinite wisdom, put wood blocks on the pedals, taught me how to get started by climbing aboard at the back steps and pushing off. The only way I could dismount was to do a controlled crash hopefully on a soft spot. The handle bars got pretty scratched up. Eventually grew into it and had it for quite a few years. Was a heavy mother though as I recall. TOG
  15. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Alert!!! Bob Perry reference!! Bob? Refute or??