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  1. Touch of Gray

    Dodge 1000 HP Hellephant Engine

    Late to this party, but, I had that car, same color, same everything, convertible, 383, 4 speed (340 auto was quicker though). Top was white which made it pretty sweet. Wish I still had her. Some issues for sure, but as a young buck, Nuke MM out of Pearl, picked up some mighty fine pussy in that car, and the cops never hassled my cause they loved it too. Now, well memories. . . TOG
  2. Touch of Gray

    Off on a four month trip...coming back empty.

    Yes. Guy I know picked her up for like $25k after insurance company expended agreed value and walked. Has new keel (bulb) and rig in town. Bulb sitting next to her. Lots of inside work to do I understand. Exterior mostly just dirty from sitting around.
  3. Touch of Gray

    Off on a four month trip...coming back empty.

    Hope Will enjoys Betts. They have some cool boats, including I think a new build Beiker 35. Also the Davidson 73 Cassiopeia is sitting in the yard without mast or keel both of which were lost when she grounded hard in Alaska. Have him give you an update. Kathleen is hoping you guys call and stop by. View is pretty nice here. TOG
  4. Touch of Gray

    Sinking car (DUKW ) Anarchy

    Freeboard wasn't a problem, people putting hands out were when on the road was an issue. Never required to don life jackets or hold any kind of "drill." I assume CG didn't require it for this type of operation. It seemed to me if people kept their head, that they would all be able to egress. But in the Seattle operation, if weather looked iffy on Lake Union (and 25 knots and up in the winter is possible) operations would either cease, go in the more protected location, or merely say "sorry folks the weather is tooo nasty." And no on those thunderstorm driven squall like midwest and eastern US. TOG
  5. Touch of Gray

    Sinking car (DUKW ) Anarchy

    I drove a duck in Seattle for a few months. Facts: Required a USCG Licenced Captain. Licence "restricted" to Lake Union, period. Also a CDL for "bus" but same person. After wreck, they went to a two person op, with second being the tour narrator. Pretty extensive training for both papers. Also had periodic on-water refreshers, and frequent piss testing. Rod Stephens was part of the design. They took a GM six-by and enclosed it. Seattle ducks exhaust in front (under water when in water). Vents on side are engine space vents, but can be closed. Engine hatch typically left cracked, but with pull of a handle it would close. And yes, incredibly slow and not at all maneuverable. But also very stable, they weighed a ton. Bow down due to weight of the engine. People don't make much of a difference. I had big waves over the bow and to windshield, with no issues. None are original WW II vessels. All were "new" build, but to same specs. Daily under vehicle inspections performed. No void was avoided, and all easily accessible. If weather looked rough, went in in Ballard ramp and looked at Deadliest Catch boats, vs Sleepless in Seattle houseboat. Safety briefings performed, including a life jacket show and tell. But like airplanes, nobody pays much attention. I hired on cause I thought it would be interesting after my regular retirement. I "retired" cause it was a grind and the management closely monitored every wrong turn you made (they had like six recording cams). TOG
  6. Touch of Gray

    Off on a four month trip...coming back empty.

    Geebers. Anything BJ goes all PA. That said, as from a waay back, if you ever get to the Northwest, the offer of a place, and a sail still stand. We owe you from my one visit years ago. TOG
  7. Touch of Gray

    No Swiftsure thread?

    Crossfire does the Bank in ORC. One other boat in the class. WTF? As per usual, we had a lovely Inshore Flying sail race, 19 miles, a little over 2 and a half hours. Didn't do so well as slow boats brought in a new westerly. But BBQ was great etc etc. TOG
  8. Touch of Gray

    PTSD and First Responders

    There was just a segment on one of the national news feeds about first responders and ptsd. So more in the open. And pyst can manifest itself in often odd ways. My wife and I were in Vegas during the shooting last year, took two couples in to shelter in place, one who's husband had been carted off, she was covered in blood. My wife had symptoms since, including hysterical response to the "noise" of an automatic rifle, which of course is always being run on evening news. She got into some interactive light and exposure program, that after two sessions did wonders. But jeeze, it was scary having her fall in a rabbit whole. Couldn't even walk past the guns in the Walmart/Fred Meyeres without shaking etc. TOG
  9. Touch of Gray

    Supplental dental insurance.

    Oooo, don't get me started. Have coverage, includes two checkups and cleanings a year. So go in first time to new dental office, double check at desk, "this all covered?" You betcha, xrays, pics, poke and prod, and cleaning. Go to leave and am presented with a bill. WTF? Oh, because of your gum situation, we had to perform an "enhanced" cleaning that is only covered at 50%. I go ballistic, with a pleasant reminder about my initial inquiry. Was told that they were ethically required to perform the enhanced cleaning or they could be subject to malpractice. Ummm, sure, but guess what, you didn't let me know this was about to happen. So I pay up and head home. That evening the practitioner calls and says yes, you should have been informed and I am waiving the extra charges. Great says I, but this whole thing sounds awfully like collusion between dentist and insurer, because now I can never have a cleaning, but am bumped to "periodontal maintenance" which is only covered at 50% and I kiss off my free semi annular cleaning. This insurance pays less, and dentist gets more. Hmmm TOG
  10. Touch of Gray

    Possible move to South Puget Sound

    I think I heard that Tacoma Corinthian has stuff going on at their outstation on Wallatchet (sp?) Bay, with oldie stars getting together in the summer. (Olympia does too, Stars that is as well as typical beer can Wednesdays) TOG
  11. Touch of Gray

    the grand tour premieres this week

    Spoiler alert Good show. But: Clarkson is fatter than ever, May looks like shit and cut his hair, and Hammond tried to kill himself.
  12. Touch of Gray

    complicated game

    Nah. Upwash upwash upwash. Or something. That said, I enjoyed this one, looking forward to the next episode. TOG
  13. +1. At Schooner Creek. Sad state too. Can see it on Google Earth
  14. Touch of Gray

    BCam Eight Bells

    Rarely if ever check into this sandbox anymore, but saw this and wish to add that Bruce was one heluva guy. He was still planning Swiftsure and Maple Bay with us when he was already sick, but kept super positive. I've known Bruce and Bobbi a long time and I will dearly miss him. His last words to me were along the lines of "I hope you have some better sea stories the next time you come by, I'm sick of all your old shit." There was no next time. TOG
  15. Touch of Gray

    More racing, Seattle style

    Isn't the first rule of Duck Dodge "Don't hit anyone?" Thus why I quit going, maaaany years ago. TOG