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  1. I see a couple qualifiers there that should not be overlooked before jumping. The most important is "legally and constitutionally." If the justice department works within the boundaries of the Constitution I would say that they have done nothing wrong. If a member of the press resorts to knowingly false statements simply to damage the country or the administration, then that individual should be brought to justice. That is my take on what Sessions said. Sessions is staying within the confines of law. But if the almighty left deems the target of such callous behavior an enemy (of the left) then any actions are justified. Means, ends etc. :-\ In that case the Left will gladly push the Constitution and laws aside. Just hope you do not become their enemy. Laws cannot protect you from the left. The issue here is that the left has so little regard for the rule of law and the Constitution that they automatically assume that Conservatives will break the law to do them harm. But Conservatives by definition will uphold the law and abide by it. Funny how perspective changes things. A criminal will always assume that everyone else is out to get her. If she has no respect for the law, then it is perfectly reasonable to her that nobody has any respect for the law.
  2. Some test showed that death is a possibility.
  3. Thanks. We did. No damage and a day off work.
  4. There is a pill being developed right now that will prevent exaggerated ass pain due to high medical costs. There is also a hoard of lawyers waiting to sue the pill manufacturer's and the doctors who prescribe them. The FDA will fail to find any traces of actual effectiveness and then approve it in spite of the fact that it is laced with lead and mercury. Every media outlet will beg to advertise the pill. Every media outlet will pander to the lawyers in round two. The pill will sell for $3000 each. Doctors will gladly push patients aside to allow the pill sales crew access. The doctors will then happily prescribe the pill. The patients will beg for the pill. And people wonder why the pill costs so much.
  5. Bump Stocka

    Same here. The one thing I remember most about shooting .223 semis is that they have a forward recoil due to the action. I had never heard of these things until the shooting. They were approved under the Obama Administration due to the fact that they do not change the mechanics of the action its self. However, anything that allows that rate of fire should be regulated at the least. Last I heard, the NRA and most other gun folks are okay with crafting control legislation on this type of device. It is a shame that they were not properly vetted to begin with. I have shot an M60, a M14 and a M16. Not sure that I would ever feel the need to go full auto in civilian life. Hell it is expensive enough one shot at a time. I think this will move swiftly through Congress (in Congressional terms anyway.) As long as the Dems do not try to add needless and stupid riders for things like "pistol grip stocks." Willful ignorance from the gun control club is their biggest liability. Hillary's comments were a prime example. Lean first, then propose something that has valid research and possibilities.
  6. Last I heard Mike, they still had several pumps that are not working. Rains earlier this year gave them fits. In other news: How is 1200 Watts for a 2.5 ton HVAC Unit? Powered by 24VDC, Can convert to 48VDC. Battery banks can be charged during low demand hours and the utility can remotely control the charger. The Geothermal loop is significantly reduced, making the unit much less expensive to install and maintain. Southern Company is paying a third party to conduct three days worth of testing later this year. Variable speed compressors, variable speed fans, other stuff that I cannot mention due to a signed contract. I have spent the last three months refining the program. It will also have a Web Enabled HMI that allows the customer to control the system from anywhere. Also, should the customer choose to do so, provide information directly to the service company to narrow down issues before a truck even pulls into the driveway. I love my new job. I have other projects too, but this one is my favorite.
  7. It will most likely hit East of NO putting NO to its West. That means that the flooding will be far away from NO. I've been getting Hurricane warnings all day on my phone. I'll ride this one out.
  8. Fuck this Fucking Capitalist World

    Workers of the world unite! The only solution is a good old dictatorship run by soak_ed. Yes this one individual will control everything down to when you can take a shit. Marxism is alive and well. Works for me - as long as you have no input whatsoever. There in is the problem with socialism. There is always a controlling body. The controller only has its best interest in mind.
  9. Fuck this Fucking Capitalist World

    Workers of the world unite! The only solution is a good old dictatorship run by soak_ed. Yes this one individual will control everything down to when you can take a shit. Marxism is alive and well.
  10. The Crisis of Western Civilization

    Sharia? You mean like forbidding abortion by removing clinics? locking up drug addicts? That sort of Sharia? That would work too, but I was thinking more of the complete lack of women's rights and throwing gays off of buildings type.. Either is wrong.but the latter is far more severe, and supported by the loudest whiners..
  11. The Crisis of Western Civilization

    "These days, the whole idea of Western civ is assumed to be reactionary and oppressive. All I can say is, if you think that was reactionary and oppressive, wait until you get a load of the world that comes after it." Same article. I find it amazing that the socialists who claim to represent everyone, is singing the praises of the most radical religion of any concern. They scream for gay rights, they scream for women's rights. They scream for Sharia. Completely over the fuckin' edge. Then there is Trump, who lacks any form of civility. We are completely fucked.
  12. Bill Clinton, or is that Hillary? Never quite sure.
  13. Why be skeptical of climate models.

    The planet is warmer? Airlie did you know that for the majority of the planets existence the entire Arctic Ocean has had no ice at all. And how about the rate, are you going to accept that the rate of this warming is greater than it has been and are you ever going to admit the rate is man created by man's activity? No, the rate of warming is not greater than it has ever been. If you say so, be happy believing it. Ignorance is bliss and you can't teach an old dog nothing. The Northwest Passage couldn't be navigated even 100 yrs. ago and its been frozen for eons.Men tried. In the last 50 yrs, it now is and there are soon going to be cruises going through it with loads of tourists. I think Viking has already scheduled some. So, fifty years and you say the rate of global warming is the same as its always been. I wonder how it came to be named a passage..... I suspect people thought there had to be a passage in the 1700's. Looked for years trying to get through by boat but, too much ice and it wasn't possible. Now, it's been shown that there is practically an ice free passage. Maybe they were looking in the wrong places or at the wrong time. The few who did try brought tales of disaster, greatly limiting the interest in attempting again and again. Also, were were in the middle of the mini ice age during the times of European exploration. The climate is changing. A certain group of so called scientists, who are really politicians, are pushing bad data on both sides of the scale. The science is certainly not settled. Scientific knowledge is never complete. If it were Aristotle would have ended the Earth is flat argument centuries ago. I am curious, did they build Amsterdam half sunken, or did the Earth change somehow? What about the cities that are now completely submerged in the Med and other places around the world. Mankind has the ability to adapt. Why can I find fossilized coral and marine life in my back yard? - A hundred miles inland. But then again, THE CLIMATE IS CHANGING!!!! We don't know whether it is warming or cooling but damnit its changing. Everybody panic so we can introduce world wide socialism. That is the only cure to too much C02. There is only cure. We must socialize.
  14. Try to focus

    Climate Scientists
  15. The next time they launch a missile, shoot it out of the sky. Claim the trajectory would have put someone in harms way.