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  1. Workers of the world unite! The only solution is a good old dictatorship run by soak_ed. Yes this one individual will control everything down to when you can take a shit. Marxism is alive and well. Works for me - as long as you have no input whatsoever. There in is the problem with socialism. There is always a controlling body. The controller only has its best interest in mind.
  2. Workers of the world unite! The only solution is a good old dictatorship run by soak_ed. Yes this one individual will control everything down to when you can take a shit. Marxism is alive and well.
  3. Sharia? You mean like forbidding abortion by removing clinics? locking up drug addicts? That sort of Sharia? That would work too, but I was thinking more of the complete lack of women's rights and throwing gays off of buildings type.. Either is wrong.but the latter is far more severe, and supported by the loudest whiners..
  4. Well, I, for one, am going to wait until either Dog or TMSail chimes in and tell us whether we should use the first 100 days as a legitimate barometer. Trump once saw it as valid. Now, he doesn't. Oh, they'll be around shortly, if nothing, they are predictable. I agree. I see you studied that list and gave it careful thought. Especially the Garland confirmation. It WAS funny wasn't it? I see you studied that list and gave it careful thought. Especially the Garland confirmation. The lack of that particular confirmation is a positive. Just sayin' Also, it may still be in the works as part of a deal to oust Ruthy girl. SNL is about to shut down. Of late, that is a good thing too.
  5. "These days, the whole idea of Western civ is assumed to be reactionary and oppressive. All I can say is, if you think that was reactionary and oppressive, wait until you get a load of the world that comes after it." Same article. I find it amazing that the socialists who claim to represent everyone, is singing the praises of the most radical religion of any concern. They scream for gay rights, they scream for women's rights. They scream for Sharia. Completely over the fuckin' edge. Then there is Trump, who lacks any form of civility. We are completely fucked.
  6. Bill Clinton, or is that Hillary? Never quite sure.
  7. I can't speak for others. I am finishing my last semester as a college instructor. I am working on an MBA and will soon be working directly with industry. I do not have the time nor the crayons to continue sparring with the hard core socialists here. I'll admit it can be fun. While most of you whine and bitch about the climate, I'm actually doing something about it. I'm designing the controls for a new breed of HVAC technology that has pretty good potential. I do find the newest breed of socialists amusing. The antifa freaks are more fun than the occupy freaks. For the most part, the left is over the edge at this point. They are fun to watch but interaction is pointless. If Mike is around: The geothermal thingy is proving to be worth while. That combined with better control strategies is pretty freaking awesome. I'm under contract so I can't say more. I am stoked though. Back to your regular programming.
  8. The planet is warmer? Airlie did you know that for the majority of the planets existence the entire Arctic Ocean has had no ice at all. And how about the rate, are you going to accept that the rate of this warming is greater than it has been and are you ever going to admit the rate is man created by man's activity? No, the rate of warming is not greater than it has ever been. If you say so, be happy believing it. Ignorance is bliss and you can't teach an old dog nothing. The Northwest Passage couldn't be navigated even 100 yrs. ago and its been frozen for eons.Men tried. In the last 50 yrs, it now is and there are soon going to be cruises going through it with loads of tourists. I think Viking has already scheduled some. So, fifty years and you say the rate of global warming is the same as its always been. I wonder how it came to be named a passage..... I suspect people thought there had to be a passage in the 1700's. Looked for years trying to get through by boat but, too much ice and it wasn't possible. Now, it's been shown that there is practically an ice free passage. Maybe they were looking in the wrong places or at the wrong time. The few who did try brought tales of disaster, greatly limiting the interest in attempting again and again. Also, were were in the middle of the mini ice age during the times of European exploration. The climate is changing. A certain group of so called scientists, who are really politicians, are pushing bad data on both sides of the scale. The science is certainly not settled. Scientific knowledge is never complete. If it were Aristotle would have ended the Earth is flat argument centuries ago. I am curious, did they build Amsterdam half sunken, or did the Earth change somehow? What about the cities that are now completely submerged in the Med and other places around the world. Mankind has the ability to adapt. Why can I find fossilized coral and marine life in my back yard? - A hundred miles inland. But then again, THE CLIMATE IS CHANGING!!!! We don't know whether it is warming or cooling but damnit its changing. Everybody panic so we can introduce world wide socialism. That is the only cure to too much C02. There is only cure. We must socialize.
  9. Climate Scientists
  10. The next time they launch a missile, shoot it out of the sky. Claim the trajectory would have put someone in harms way.
  11. You got any proof that Assad is behind the recent chemical attack? Right...... The three players operating fixed wing aircraft in the region are the Russians, Assad and ourselves. And since Obama took away Assad's chemical weapons that leaves the Russians or Trump. Or Obama lied about actually taking the chemical weapons from Assad. But then Obama never lied about anything, did he.
  12. The hypocrisy of politicians knows no bounds. Maybe it is not so much hypocrisy as it is being careful to whom you grant the power. Trump didn't ask. Obama knew that he would be opposed. Neither had to ask. Drone attacks? Obama didn't ask either, he just used drones instead of tomahawks. I'm sure that Trump is firmly in Putin's back pocket now... He must be. After all he just attacked one of Putin's most loyal allies. Assad has proven just how peaceful the religion of peace is. Trump proved that he will stand up to idiots like Assad and Putin.
  13. Is that the predicted rate of change, or the measured rate of change? No matter what the rate, what exactly can be done? I know, we all convert to islam and go back to a middle ages society. No more electricity, no internal combustion engines, no problem.
  14. Fortunately, we have used very few Medicare funds, hope it stays that way. The bowls are worth what we can sell them for, had a bit of a flurry right after President Trump was elected, but it has "Tapered off" since. I don't think raising the prices would stimulate sales, for now, anyway. Maybe when the tax cuts hit? "A Bombs"? If you keep your enemies believing you will turn them into glass, you likely won't have to use one. Drawing a red line in the sand appears not to have scared anybody If you think our economic enemies are afraid of our nukes, then you have lost the plot. We have to multitask and multisource our military, we just don't have a choice anymore. All this training for wars that don't come, and for wars that don't need to exist, burns through our resources. We need our military to work on national and strategic infrastructure, a helluva lot more than we need them to play wargames for a career or blow up brown people. This is where most people fail to understand the true value of the military. That training is some of the best technical training in the world. It helps us to compete in the manufacturing world. Military training is more than teaching someone to carry 60 pounds fifteen miles and shooting. Jet engines, vehicles, piped systems, power generation systems etc. all have to be maintained. Those are the exact skills needed in manufacturing. I think that's possible without building more planes, more warships and what ever else is one Trump's Christmas list! Yes and no. There is no way for the techniques, that were used to teach me in the Navy, to be used on my current students. That training includes responsibility and dedication at a level that cannot be duplicated in the private sector. That said, if the student has the motivation from the start, they will learn no matter what techniques are used. The problem is that we have a huge motivation problem in this country. Kids are told from day one that if they get a four year degree life will be a walk in the park. They believe the lies. The expect that minimal output will provide a wonderful living. In the military, output is expected above most other aspects of work. A sailor must produce. Often with limited resources. When a miss-aligned pump can make noises that will get you killed, you tend to get the alignment correct. When the difference is a A or B on a transcript, it carries very little weight. I have always said that there is a certain amount of waste in the military that should be cut. But the value of the military is far more than keeping China or Russia at bay. Obama has put our navy in the same exact position we were in pre Pearl Harbor. Nearly everything in the Atlantic is in Norfolk. Most of those ships are in poor repair due to spending cuts. If Russia and China joined forces they would kick our butt right now. Make no mistake about that.