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  1. Chicago Area III

    I had heard that they said over the radio that they would stay on till 5:30, but then they were gone off station earlier than that, 5:15 - 5:20... But agreed, why change it to something that still isn't realistic for the majority of the fleet.
  2. Chicago Area III

    Since we are talking about the Tri/ Bi State. And I know I saw MANY boats going to the original finish on the Bi-State Leg back to Chicago... I'm curious how many people naturally (right, wrong, or indifferent) Considered the Regatta to have started when we left Chicago, and therefor were not aware of altered finish line location, which was reasonably far from the original line. Anyone have any idea as to why it was changed from the original SI's? Just a little curiosity here And yes, I know the leg home is technically considered a fully separate regatta. I think there was a decent amount of confusion, and I'm just trying to sort through what other people observed.
  3. Chicago Area III

    As I understand it, the uptick in fun at the Pink Pony party coincides with the CYC Associates Committee taking it over. This might have been answered, as I didn't keep reading all the way through the thread, but when the Associates Committee took over the Pink Pony party at CYC we opened it up and invited members of other city clubs outside of yacht clubs (because they all should know about it) that we have relationships with, think Union League and I think the Chicago Athletic Club. Both those clubs have a great associate level membership base, that is certainly interested in sailing. At CYC we do a couple different events with them including a Club Crawl and a Women's networking event.
  4. Chicago Area III

    For too long we have had paralysis by analysis. What single factor has been missing? S-a-l-e-s. No one (across the entire U.S. too) is selling sailboat racing. Pick up a sales book, a marketing book, none of these are occurring. How do thousands of boats in the harbors just sit there week in and week out. How do they even have a clue that they can come out and play with the racing crowd? Of course it isn't for everybody, but even 50 boats or 100 boats new to racing than sit back and just expect new customers to walk up and say, "Hi!" And taking a novice and throwing them to the wolves on the A3 course just doesn't make a lot of sense. Whereby using the attitude of "Bring whatchya got" in the way of sails and a boat, have single race on Saturdays only, go on a long reach out to a government mark and back for 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 hours, no US Sailing dues, no yacht club membership requirement 1st year, no LMSRF membership requirement 1st year, and have a handicap assigned by the A3 RGC at no cost, makes it as easy as enter online with the regular race entry fee, cross a starting line, round a mark or two, cross a finish line and possibly get a trophy. It makes it as easy as possible for someone who owns a boat and never raced before to get experience. Then the clubs at the end of the season get to market to these new racers and offer their membership to them. I like this approach. Racers already race. What Glenn appears to be doing is growing the sport by getting as many people into racing as possible. I don't know you personally, but if anyone gives you shit, tell them to fuck off. I constantly see you trying to expand the sport while many others do nothing but complain. Good job. I have to agree! When I first read the statement from LMSRF, I was admittedly confused, and I think a lot of people were/are (not to point fingers or gripe, but I don't think the ideas came across as clearly as the authors intended, which happens a ton when you try to edit your own statement, I get it!). However, I think this approach is a good start. Let's face it, those of us that race, we know we are going to get out there regardless of who is running our races, and when. Fleets make those calls, and we are on the line. But if I'm new to racing, new to my boat, didn't grow up here, I might not know, and it's our responsibility as people passionate about the sport to encourage these people to get out on the water, and maybe critically, not intimidate them! In Milwaukee we had Friday night Mast Racing, kind of a similar concept where people new to the sport, or their boats, or racing could go out in a conducive environment, have fun, and work on the craft of sailing. People love it! I'm interested to know more about the mentoring aspect as well, I think this is something many of us One Design sailors are lucky to have in a very organic manner (we all want our fleets to get better, and everyone to be competitive), how would it work in this atmosphere? I actually think this could be a critical point of this programs success. Well done Glenn!
  5. Chicago Mac Race

    Was this the collision that was reported by Liberty after I want to say the first big cell blew through on Sat? I heard the call on the radio but no one seemed to know anything on the Island, not even CYC. Was curious about the situation, but at least it doesn't sound like anyone got hurt.
  6. Chicago Area III

    +1 This is a legit awesome idea