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  1. Scott was a great help when he worked for US Sailing. A true gentleman.
  2. I had lunch at Dick's home a week ago Saturday. It was great to see some of the old pictures.
  3. The Milgram stern had a dramatic effect on boat speed. Up my way he modified Westy Adam's C&C 35 and Stan Livingston's EP46 Hokulele. Hokulele, after modification, would no longer surf downwind. I was hired to redo the boat. Part of the problem is that the IOR rating did not go down as much as expected. That was caused by the boat not floating as designed. In redoing the stern I was able to both speed the boat up and reduce the IOR rating from the Milgram datum.
  4. Crocodile lives in Marblehead Harbor and is rarely off her mooring.
  5. Catherine's picture in her 12 January post clearly shows six levels.
  6. During WW2 the tower contained: Level 3 Command post for anti torpedo and old 3" batteries Level 4 Depression range finder for Group Command Level 5 Azimuth instrument for 6" Battery Jewell on Outer Brewster Island Level 6 Depression range finder for 16" Battery Long, Fort Duvall in Hull (now Spinnaker Island)
  7. The interior of the old Coast Defense artilliary towers was about 12 feet square. The bottom floors had concrete steps that were reasonable. The upper ones, where the sighting scopes had been, had wooden "ladders".
  8. Not enough space.
  9. I used to help Dick with IOR rating computer runs including reformating European data tapes so that the US Sailing office could read them. I would meet Dick in the evening, on the top floor of the tower. I always asked him how he got any work done as the view was something to behold.