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  1. sail(plane)

    Weta anarchy

    Interesting, why not Wetas but beachcats ok? Weta too slow compared to beachcats and too exposed compared to monos?
  2. sail(plane)

    Tips For Being Rescued

    Can the coast guard helicopter Rimas in?
  3. sail(plane)

    Weta anarchy

    Of course this is the main con of inflatables. I check mine for leaks every 6months and every time I'm thinking if I should not just use the foamy and get done with it.
  4. sail(plane)

    Weta anarchy

    I suggest you put there the other side of the coin. There is video of someone getting tangled with the safety line and almost underwater... in my case that is why I chose the manual inflatable. To swim under with no flotation. I figured with no boom, I'm not concerned about falling to the water unconscious. Choose your venom
  5. sail(plane)

    Weta anarchy

    This is my setup. Inflatable spinlock with manual inflation only. Harness through it ( or just buy a combo). VHF clipped to one side of the belt plus lanyard, rescue knife on the other side. This is confortable, never snagged, I don't notice the VHF is there.
  6. sail(plane)

    Weta anarchy

    Thanks and glad you are ok. I knew this could happen, I've read about it before, but your tale is an excellent reminder. The weta is very safe but nothing is totally safe. You can still get in trouble in it. I wear the harness below a spinlock inflatable vest. The ring strop comes out just inside the lower part of the V, it's perfect. My netx one will be an integrated harness/vest.
  7. sail(plane)

    Corsair Pulse 600

    This question usually turns into a shitfight, with people claiming wingsail Am Cup tacking angles. Just to frame the numbers right, are you talking about the difference between compass readings, or average gps headings? Fwiw, my weta does 100deg (gps headings, no current) at best. More like 105 usually.
  8. sail(plane)

    Topic disappeared

    That's a new one...
  9. sail(plane)

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    Great story! Looking forward to part 2
  10. sail(plane)

    Rocket 44 by Grainger

    so Clissold did something different on the TC601 than the weta? regarding the Rocket44, this is one of my main doubts: can it have the load carrying capacity the Weta has? in my case, the weta┬┤s ability to sail solo AND take my wife and daughter for a spin with the same boat is great. Or will the Rocket be a pure-blood no compromise singlehander? Tom?
  11. sail(plane)

    Rocket 44 by Grainger

    Now I`m totally confused! What I see in the renders is a narrow high rocker hull (Diam 24, Multi 23, Mod 70- like). The opposite of a flatter, wider, hull (Weta, 49er in a more extreme case). I don`t know in which bucket to put the TC601?? What I think Grainger implies in the website is the Rocket44 will NOT work like a Weta. (confused emoji)
  12. sail(plane)

    Rocket 44 by Grainger

    supposedly it will have less wetted area. The rationale in their website says in light winds the high rocker of the main hull has less wetted areaa than a flatter skiff-like hull. And in higher winds, it will lift the main hull out of the water.
  13. sail(plane)

    Rocket 44 by Grainger

    if we start talking about 1K USD boats, this thread has drifted as far as it can from a Rocket 44 thread! it will be an expensive toy after all the discussion, I still have the same doubt. Why not an "F-14" Waynemarlow has a point. Compared to a weta, the Rocket has much bigger floats, taller rig, higher loads and more hardware (two rudders, traveller). I wouldnt be surprised if the all carbon construction is necessary to get the weight back to 120 kg.
  14. sail(plane)

    Rocket 44 by Grainger

    Better at what?
  15. sail(plane)

    Rocket 44 by Grainger

    The more I look at it, the more I think: why a trimaran? If you're going to have a massive rig, full weight floats and fly the main hull, why not just a cat?