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  1. sail(plane)

    Gill Thermoskin Vs Zhik Superwarm Skiff Suit

    I bought Sharkskin pants and jacket (and socks). I´ve tested it in 10-12 C temperatures (air and water). It is an amazing material. It fits tight and is as warm as a 2-3 mm wetsuit, but much better: - it is more flexible, more confortable - low wind days, when you don´t get splashed with water, the fabric breathes and you don´t get wet from your own sweat as in a wetsuit. Warm and dry. - if you get firehosed, it does hold a lot of water, but somehow you feel sort of dry on the inside, and keeps you warm. As soon as the firehose stops, it dries quite fast, first it drains by gravity and then dries - it will still protect you in the water if you swim - add a spray top and it´s an excellent solution. - I even use it inside dry-pants, and sharkskin will breathe and let the dry-pants do their breathing for a 100% dry solution
  2. sail(plane)

    9 yrs and no more attempts??

    my very experienced monohull sailing friend told me once that apparent wind sailing is a different sport! (as in skiffs, cats or anything that would not carry a symmetrical spinnaker DDW) in the end, I tend to agree, if it feels different enough that people would never entertain trying, then you can say it´s a different sport
  3. sail(plane)


    exactly! however, buyers are communicating privately with the sellers. We non buyers can kick tires here
  4. Cant help you, but had a chuckle about "spreadsheet guy"... I can relate
  5. sail(plane)


    Needs a new main according to the ad. How much would that be? (I have to ask...;-)
  6. sail(plane)

    Kleen Breeze

    I always knew my life was quite conventional, but damn!
  7. sail(plane)

    WTF is it?

    Is it called MOB Machine?
  8. sail(plane)

    Kleen Breeze

    If I was them I would have sold it for whatever you offered. They are going to regret that... at least from an economic perspective
  9. sail(plane)

    Yet another foiler

    If you want to learn to foil, why not get a UFO for half the price or an F101 for about the same price good thing about the Skeeter, you can see clear uninterrupted foiling video right off the bat
  10. sail(plane)

    Kleen Breeze

    Harryproa, by meaningful I meant that when I searched your website and YT for videos of your proas, most videos where of experimental or construction phases, little wind, not sailing, not shunting, but maybe I didn´t do the search right thanks for the collection, I will check out those videos during the weekend
  11. sail(plane)

    Kleen Breeze

    It amazes me how little meaningful video you can find about harryproas... people doing something out of the ordinary usually posts a video Solarbri, good luck, there will be many people watching
  12. sail(plane)

    Sail shape analysis

    The UK sails freeware works fine and is easy to use. It has a weird way of saving the work, though. This was done a couple months ago. The photos are out of a video I took with the phone.
  13. sail(plane)

    best 2018 Handheld?

    Beware of those full bars. My Icom M72 also showed full bars after many months off, and when I had to use it, the battery lasted a few minutes of TX. It´s only logical, after all. Charge often no matter the bars. Regarding general quality: very good tx/rx clarity. And I have jumped in the water several times with the handheld attached to my lifevest, and have had no problem. Truly waterproof.
  14. sail(plane)

    Caribbean 600

    I love this proa shitfights both for the entertainment and the information. Granted I don´t know much, but you learn a lot by reading the points and counterpoints